What an Aquarius Guy Wants

by Dajine
(Los Angeles,CA,United States)

I have been dating an Aquarius guy for about 15 months. This is what I have discovered. Before we began dating, he told me exactly what he looked for in a girl. He was shy at first only when it came to intimacy. He is very silly and loves to make people laugh especially his girl.

He wants a girl who is very intelligent and independent because he wants to hold down a deep conversation and wants a girl who can hold down a household and career. He does not like spoiling his girlfriends unless he is sprung over them.

In bed, he likes to try new positions that are wild and spontaneous. He basically has a freaky side. One way to attract him is to nibble on his ear or bite his neck. He likes to be rough and occasionally be gentle. He does not get jealous easily unless he has deep feelings for you. Jealousy may occur later into the relationship. He has a big ego and his pride may be really strong which may explain the reason for "acting like he does not care."

Overall, Aquarians and so fun to be with and once you have fallen for them it is hard to stop.

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