What are Sagittarius men looking for?

I'm a Pisces woman and here is the deal. I met a Sagittarius guy and instantly I liked him and wanted to get to know him better. We went out 6 times over the course of about 7 weeks. We both had tons of fun together but he never opened up to me at all.

His refusal to open up was perplexing me because he gave me all the "I like you" signals. I played this game with him - we had fun but didn't get too close. Well, on about the 6th date we finally ended up in bed - we were very hot for each other but didn't go all the way - mostly because I was confused about him not opening up to me. I was beginning to wonder if I liked him more than he liked me. The next date he acted like he was VERY interested in me and gave me all of the romantic signals.

So the last time I saw him we went out, had a great time and got back in bed together. This time we had sex. Afterward, he instantly acted very cold toward me. It was like "Okay, I've had you, now I'm bored" kind of attitude. I instantly sensed his reaction even though he tried to hide it by kissing me and such.

24 hours later he sent me a text saying that he didn't see us in an LTR and that friends with benefits never works. So lets just be friends. He really hurt me and I told him so. He replied saying that I'm a really fun girl and wants to hang out as friends. And I told him I just cant be friends with him now because he hurt me.

I was a wreck for 24 hours after that - he really wounded my self esteem for a few weeks. I had never been rejected after having sex with a guy before. Now I wish he would have left me alone from the beginning. I'll never date a Sag again. Friends only!

These guys are very confusing due to their mixed signals. They can't seem to make up their minds. What the heck are they looking for anyway?

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What are Sagittarius men looking for?
by: Anonymous

You don't mention how old your guy was, but especially if he's young then he wouldn't be the first one looking for nothing more than a conquest.

I wouldn't take it too personally (it's kind of a compliment.. in a really warped way). Guys of every sign can be guilty of it, it's certainly not a Sagittarius-only phenomenon.

What are Sagittarius men looking for?
by: Anonymous

27 year old Pisces female who has known a 25 year sag male for 2 years. We met on sports team at Uni and clicked instantly. We went out on a couple of dates (no intimacy) and he said that he was not ready for a relationship and wants to remain friends.

So I withdrew from him emotionally and accepted that we would only remain friends, so I pursued other men. We did however, become really good friends and did various sporting activities together just the two of us. He then started dropping hints that he really liked me but could not express it clearly. He invited me to meet his family and stay with him over Christmas and New years, which I refused. He also introduced me to his close friends and came along with me on my socials.

I found the mixed signals very confusing and convinced myself that he was being friendly and wanted nothing more due to being blown out the first time. We did sleep together once and I told him that it was a mistake because I have too much self respect for friends with benefits, it was awkward for a couple of weeks but then we became friends again. I recently told him that I still had feelings for him, however, at the moment he is out of the country for a few months and he said that if things are meant to be they will be and he does not want things to be forced.

We both have very busy independent lives and just seem to be like passing buses. However, there is something, call it a connection if you like, that is keeping us together after all this time. We could have easily drifted apart via our own personal commitments but he is always looking for things for us to do together. We are very comfortable around each other and I guess I'm the extrovert, conversation always flows, but despite this he is a commitment phobe. He said he has been like this since he his heart was badly broken in the past and since that his longest relationships has been 3 weeks.

I will remain friends with him but I am not prepared to wait around just because he is afraid to be honest with his feelings or encompasses fear, he needs to get over it. Oh he also states that he had realized that there is not many people he truly connects with but feels very comfortable with me. He is deep for a Sagittarius so maybe he has a lot of Scorpio in his sign. He is funny, outdoorsy, sporty, very attractive and very independent. Why won't he just let me go???

Get real
by: truthteller

You were "an emotional wreck" after recklessly having sex with a stranger for a whopping 24 hours because he didn't immediately propose marriage??? What, are you the Queen of Sheba? Your self esteem was hurt for "weeks" afterward??? Have you never been rejected in life? What a self-important, spoiled brat you must be. Look, he was honest. He could have carried on an affair with you for a longer time, and hurt you even worse. As it is, he was pretty up front with you. Men learn to deal with rejection from the time we're in our early teens. Why should women be exempt from that unfortunate fact of life? Are you really that special? You had sex ONCE. Get over it. No, men aren't messed up due to our mixed signals. Your expectations are literally out of this world. Seems to me he clearly made up his mind about you. So, it took a whole 6 weeks to decide about his future with you. At least he thought through it and, based on your pathetic whining, I can see why he made the choice he did princess. Maybe you should try getting to know men better before hopping into the sack. The "pain" you suffered was your own doing.

Get off the astro-hang up
by: truthteller

He was honest with you. How many men have you strung along in your life while you waited to decide if they were "Mr. Right?" Probably a hundred or so, right? I'm not into astrology much, but one of our predominant characteristics is honesty to the point of painful bluntness. Like most women, you expect to receive whatever you want, whether the man in question wants it as well. Why do women, Pisces, Scorpio, or Scorpion, seem to think that their wants and desires trump all else? Gee, I want to win a million dollars in the lottery and meet a kind, honest, non-psychotic, non-manipulative woman for the first time in my long life. That doesn't mean I'm entitled to it. Thus, I suggest you scale back your ridiculous sense of self-entitlement.

by: Anonymous

Wow, truthteller, you're a real douchebag! Lighten up and try to avoid commenting on people's experiences if you don't have something neutral or helpful to point out. Sheesh.

Sagittarius men in relationships
by: Lilly

I'm a Scorpio girl dating a Sagittarius guy for 2 years. He also has his ascendant in Sagittarius, as well as planet Venus.
But it was him chasing me all the time to get married, and first initiating a serious relationship, from the day we met.

It's true Sagittarius guys have to run after their interests and they take any constant attention and wanting to spend time together as a 'controlling' and 'trying to dominate him', but anyway he is always an optimist, capable of improving mood of everyone in the room with his smile and a good joke. He will help anyone, truly give his heart, but to his girl he will always turn critically and never will defend her. You're just always on the last place, after all his acquaintances, friends, people from internet, etc...They are also possessive, expecting that you will give up everything for them, but are very selfish of their time and plans - they will include you as a one day out of a month with others.

Jealous - yes, they have to know all your male friends and where you've been that and that night, but that doesn't mean they will not flirt on their side and try to hookup. Especially they can look very innocent and sweet so that you could never have a suspicion, but then you see, they simply often flirt...
Their type of girls...intelligent - they love you as an intelectual companion, too, because they are capable of philosophising for hours about some interest of theirs, let's say history for example. And if you like to travel, it's great for them...also they love pretty girls for serious relationships, although for flings they are not demanding at all)))
Sagittarius guys are not careful while choosing friends, they believe anything people say and usually can't see through if someone is obviously using them or trying to do something bad. (Warnings from real friends don't pass)They start conversations everywhere (in transport, on the street, internet) and are ready to bring those unknown people to his home or think of them as of friends after a vary few minutes of acquaintance.

In a relationship they can become too passive, do nothing, sit at home and not care about sex even, although it's expected that they are full of energy.

They are usually more likely to be diplomats than to seek for conflicts. If they really get mad, they easily return their good mood and forget everything. However, if a conflict happens, they can offend you quite well, using your weak points he knows about)))but they know to say they're sorry.
They are very attractive and a heart of every company.
A girl dating Sagittarius man should give him his space, and just let him be first to suggest every next step of relationship, so he will not feel loosing his freedom. And to be always a little bit mysterious, that turns them on and makes them mad about you)))

Attn Sag
by: SeZyPris

Ms Sag remember what goes around comes back around...and it says alot about your character that you had nothing else to do but hurt and use a Scorpio Man.....You probably was dump and thats why you had to keep going back to him...the other guys figured out you were just a hole to poke!!! be careful how you treat people.... you'll find the one you want and he'll cheat on you...laugh on that!!!! Get a Life

Pisces gal who lost Sagittarius man
by: Anonymous

The same thing happen to me. I am a pisces and I was with a Sag. Before we got together he would text me all day long. We met up, instantly had sex and then he became kind of standoff. He tried to text every now and then but I noticed the change. We met up again hoping to make it work. He would text me everymorning saying good morning. I became emotional wanting more but he just wanted to be friends. I demandingly expressed my emotions and he stated that I was "too much" He will not return my text or answer his calls. It hurts so bad because I really liked him. I wanted to be his best friend. I will never get with another sagittarius again.

by: AnotherSag

You loud mouthed Sag's are annoying the hell out of me. I hope you find any sense of love in your lives you douchebags.

As for the original poster, I am a Sag male and have dated a Pieces female. 'least to say In that relationship there was an almost instantaneous love between us. We both kind of knew it and she would freely admit it. I didn't like to admit it because of how easily she could (My Venus is in Scorpio, along with Moon in Scorpio and Pieces Ascendant). The love I felt was deep and intense. Bad communication may also be to blame as we just had problems with day to day conversations. I would misunderstand her, and vice-versa. We were on and off for 3-4 months, and sexually very attracted to each other. We never once did have sex and I do regret it now. What ended up killing our relationship was her just being an evil person for no reason - almost a darker side to her that I did not care for at all. After that side of her appeared, I turned off my feelings for her (ugh, didn't want to, she was fun) and rebuttled a few times without holding back on the truth (I try to keep people's feelings intact) and she promptly left. Haven't contacted her since. She's talked to me a few times after the back but general lack of respect for others, and evil side, and bad communication killed that relationship.

So, bottom line Sag + Pieces couple feels love but cannot express it well, and has horrible communication. Sag needs to curb his optimism (only seeing the good in this girl) and focus on the negatives, because they will end up being huge.

I am currently pursuing a very attractive Aquarius girl now, and it already feels better.

To the Pieces girl - If you love them set them free - you are both better with other people and consider this a life lesson that had to be learned before finding your soul mate.

Sag Man and Pisces Woman
by: Anonymous

Im a Pisces girl and my Sag Man and I get along fine. Im much older than him and I have learned to let him do what he wants. He calls me every day sometimes 2 or 3 times. The key for Pisces woman and Sag man is not to become too emotional. Have confidence in the relationship. Show him you can get along without him. When he becomes to agressive take a stand and let him know you will keep it movin. I have a good time with him. If I get upset he'll come around. The key is to let him know how you feel. If you cares for you--you'll see the adjustment. He is no fool. He dont want to miss the bus because he knows it doesn't come by that often.

Libra Woman Sag Man
by: Anonymous

Okay, so I am a libra woman and just started a relationship with a sag man about three months ago. The energy is awesome. We seem to have a little communication differences but nothing that we haven't been able to be open and get past. I think the best thing is to be up front and honest with a sag male and expect the same in return. I love the relationship that I am in because there is no question where we stand with each other. To all the ladies, (as I am one) try to control emotions a little bit. It is possible to do. Trust me I know what emotions are but I also know they can be controlled with your mind. Just be Happy....no matter what that's what I focus on.

by: Anonymous


Pisces Women & Sag Man
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a 20 year old Pisces & My Sag is 20 as well. Okay so here's the thing. I meet my sag man in the hood. We went to school together but I don't remember him like that. But we never had any words in school. But anywho I meet him in the farley homes. He kept trying to get my attention, but I was too busy watching the fights and being involved in one myself. But I was really interested in him wondering who the hell was that cute dred head guy that had the cute smile. I end up getting his number from a friend. I called him left a voice mail & he called back. He told me that he had to reply my voice mail like 7 times. Aww that showed he was interested. But anywho later that night we met at my spot with my friend & niece. The 4of us smoke together. Don't worry my niece is 19. But yeah so he asked me did I wanted to stay da night. I was like wow this soon, hell I'm scared but might of well have fun so I did. BOy was the sex GREAT!!!!!! I'm not gone lie it had me sprung/hooked. The next day he drop me at home & told me to call him. I did but our convo wasn't hitting on nothing. But yea I didn't hear from him until a week later. He was asking me could I stay the night again. So I said yea. Then he will drop me off & say call me. By then I caught on to the process. Sag men like people who are independent. They don't like clingy people. I did my research on them. So yeah I prepared my sensitive ass from a heartbreak. My sag man will call me every Sunday or Monday like every other week & ask will I stay the night. If I'm not busy with college work I'll say yeah. We will chill smoke & fuck. Lol I love it & enjoy it. I'm doing something right he comes back!

TIPS ---- "You know what's up if you fukin with a sag. DOn't be ready to commit. They like fun cute girls. Don't be TOO sensitive act tough. That's what I do. I be acting hard like a muthafka. It keeps him wondering. & lets him know I'm down, but I'm not too easy.

Last week 08/05/12 when I stayed the night I caught him checking every text or call that my phone was receiving. I didn't say nothing I pretend I didn't notice. Even when I was trying to take a call he pulled me back under his arms to cuddle. It shows he care a lil. He even tried to see what his name was saved under my phone as. LoL! He wanted me to stay the night again 08/13/12 but I didn't answer the call. I had class the next day. So yeah I'm playing my cards right. Just go with the flow!

maybe you can think again about sagg
by: i'am sag too

yep it's true if saggitarian is mean, selfish but i say to you, in your deepheart you still love with sagg yea? if you don't care, why you ask about "What are Sagittarius men looking for?"

sagg like a freedom, and freedom it's the first of all in sagg, and sagg is definitely the truthseeker. if the answer still mystery he never give up to looking the answer although he sacrifice his life, age, and all conditional sagg. but he don't want other people bound with his movement of the truth seeker.

So that's why the sagg leaving you..you got his part of his love journey for looking the truth he wanted..
as the sagg i say sorry

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