What do Aquarius girls think of Libra guys? Like them?

Personal experiences of dates with Libras and advices on developing a romantic relationship with Aquarius girls (asking for second, third dates) are appreciated.

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worst relationship
by: nay nay

At first he was intresting and fun but then he became to clingy and was not as smart as me and I as an aquarian I don't like that. Hope I helped <3 :)

Been madly in love with one libra
by: aquarius girl

Hi,We were madly in love with each other for 5 years.We knew eachother since I was 15 and he was 16.We were great friends and he helped me through difficult times.We fell in love when I turned 17 and he turned 18.It was match made in heaven at first.We couldn't stay away from eachother even for 2 minutes.Then later my possessiveness started to bug him.I was too controlling for him and he just wanted to be with his female friends.We still went on and off for about 5 years then eventually he broke up with me because I was cheating on him with a scorpio man.He had hurt me alot in those last 3 years by breaking promises( which is sin according to us), hiding his friendship with new females and ignoring me in the hour of need.So, when I met my scorpio man I fell hard for him because he was giving me everything that my libra man was depriving me of.So,once when we went for romantic weekend to the beach.There he saw the messages from my scorpio and he ended it then and there.We didn't speak for very long time but we know we are much better friends than lovers.We became friends again although my scorpio,being the over possessive man that he is never approved of our friendship because of the " ex " factor.The scorpio is long gone but I'm still best friends with my libra man and he does so much for me.We love to go to movies and window shopping.We love to cook together and he reads out to me.We love doing everything together.He does regert not dating me properly and giving me time like other couples.He loves bear hugs and he gets plenty of it from me.Now,he can see through me and read my silence and feel my pain better than any man.But sadly we have already seen the best and worst of being in relationship and we agreed on it that we are better off as friends than a couple.I've been involved with strings of men after him and recently broke up with my 3rd scorpio boyfriend (I'm nuts about scorpios) but he's been single all these years after breaking up with me.Although he had flings but he could not feel that attachment with anyone else.He's my 4 am friend.And it has been good long 10 years together.

aqua and libra, more friends
by: diaphane

My story is similar actually. Almost four years ago I have started my first ever relationship with a Libra. Crazy love, amazing passion, we even made it through 1 year long distance, even though visited eachoter 3 times during that year. We broke up a fewm onths ago because of his undecisiveness. It completely destroyed me. First he had a few behavioral issues, would yell at me but then apologize and then everything would get sticked together. But his latest one, when (while being away for a year) for almost two months he was pretending that everything was ok, changed forever the way i see him. We probably discovered that he was not ready to be committed to me in a more serious way like an engagement and kind of let me know that he does not want to stop me and my life because of him. I have cried for months thinking about the option of a break up and when I saw him I realised how much it would hurt me to just be with him and not trusting him anymore the way I did. I realised that I have to take the step. Surprisingly, a Scorpio came across and somehow it is thanks to him that I had the courage and another reason to break up with Libra. Libra bf always said that he hoped that we would go back together in the future, but cant imagine me with another man. What frustrated me most is that Libra never fought for me, he never tried to prove me that he is the one who he wants. I still love him but it is so different right now. I see him more like a friend that I care about than a potential bf. My Scorpio, I hope it will last because he really is giving a lot and makes me feel cared for. I would not go back on my decision. It is like this.

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