What do men like in a Capricorn woman?

what do men like in a Capricorn woman? i have been only seen as a friend to all my small crushes and decided to ban love from my heart. but i want it unbanned. that's why i look for Virgo's. how do i make sure i find a Virgo? (MALE RESPONSES MOSTLY; women are allowed to have their say)
-thanks, coraline

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by: Virgo man

Virgo men over think things especially with Capricorn women, because we are attracted to them strongly without fully realizing why at first,make it simple for him, he probably thinks your just being kind and doesn't want to punish you for it or read to much into it even though he is probably burning for you inside.

Virgo man
by: Anonymous

Met this Capricorn woman, and it was she that started this whole thing. Sitting in my friend's she strolls in and asks to use his PC. I hardly acknowledge her (shyness, maybe?). She leaves and only later do I learn from my friend that she asked him why I was SO rude! I protest my innocence and get to ask her out as proof. That was 1 year ago. I cannot recall every being so happy in my life. Don't get me wrong: she can be formidable emotionally. I am 6 ft tall and she's 5ft2. But man, she is DINOmite (dynamite)! PS: I hadn't known about the perfect Virgo-Capricorn thing prior to now!

thats very helpful
by: coraline

thanks alot virgo man and i congradulate you in your sucess with capricorn women and anonomous speaker. also if anyone else has encounters with capricorn women i would surely be grateful
-thanks coraline

virgo and capricorn perfect
by: Anonymous

Yeah!! I agreed that virgo men and capricorn women are the perfect match!!.....forget all scorpion Virgo men and Gor with your true soulmate, your perfect mate.Scorpion only feeds you with sex a lot of sex thats all...then leave you when you cant able to give them a lot of sex anymore....

Virgo men and Capricorn woman
by: Bev

I dont know what it is about this combination but Vigo and Capricorn make the best match.....Capricorns can tolerate Virgo temper and control....in fact...they wont tell you this but most Capricorn women like it because they feel safe. Virgo men really only have one great love and the Capricorn seems to be thier soul mate once they meet one. As long as they stay together physically, they can last eternity. I know because I have had a very difficult childhood and my Virgo man is my best friend and sex is better than with any other sign for some reason. Just be kind to each other and let God do the rest.....and "OH MY!" its been over 30 years this comming April.

by: Cap chick

We just have a lot of things in common! The perfectionism thing, the slightly scared of your feelings thing, the deeprooted kindness that takes awhile to see (haha). We're just alike and that's why we're so attracted and feel so comfortable with each other :) I love it. They're awesome guy friends/brothers who can turn into awesome boyfriends!! They're so confident with a littttle bit of shyness which is just so lovable! Can be a little crude sometimes but at least you feel like you're family :)

Virgo men & Capricorn Women
by: Anonymous

Virgos are the best mates for capricorns HANDS DOWNNNNNN!! It's no way you can connect with a person on a extremely high level and NOT be attached for forever. My Virgo and I only been together for 8 months now and I have never wanted to walk away for good. I mean there will be arguments (what relationship doesn't) but there is never one that we can't get over. At first people just called it puppy love but it's really not. We have planned our whole future together.. He makes me feel safe and protected. My other half.. Mi amor.. My novio! My soulmate. We both had bad past relationships and we just so happen went on a limb and tried again.. I'm glad I did and I'm extremely glad he did too..
P.S. the sex is BOooOoOoOOmingggggg !

coming from bianca
by: Anonymous

I would have to say I love cancer men I'm a capricorn and me and my cancer keep each other on track we capricorn females need a man that can put us in check when needed other signs I feel just let me run over them and I don't like that I need a ike turner lol just playing or am I

Virgo man Cap girl
by: Pooky Montes

Its like magic...my virgo man is my best friend, we think alike, i know what he is thinking before he does, he understands me, loves me for who I am. We have fun together. I cannot explain it but its like we are connected, bonded as one. He likes that i challenge him, I tell him what he did wrong and vice versa...we agree to compromise instead of being right. We do not try to change each other, just accept each other as we are. He shows love by being by my side through everything. He is not emotional mushy type, but i would not question his love for me. He makes me feel so beautiful and sexy. He is honest to the point that i want to kill him at times ...lol but i wouldnt have it any other way. Best advice I can give for a virgo man is be patient, even when you may feel frustrated...he will do that to you...but try to understand his way of how he does things and it will work out.

Capricorn woman
by: Ashe

Virgos have always been strongly attracted to me to the point of obsession. I mean crazy, head over heels, flat out obsession. And apparently this is not a common trait for them to feel emotionally. One tells me he feels I'm the only person he can trust, another tells me he feels like I'm his soul mate, another tells me he feels a deep connection and sense of peace around me. I don't know why they obsess. What I do know is that I do my best to be polite, but remain uninvolved with them. Every Virgo man, while at once professing his deep emotional connection to me, suddenly turns cold and distant at the drop of a hat for no reason. As for me, I'm perfectly content to not put up with that sort of behavior, so I try to stay away from Virgos. I don't like it when someone's behavior towards me changes on a dime, but if you don't mind that sort of thing and actually believe/care when a Virgo guy tells you he thinks you're his soul mate, go for it.

by: Gibbs

I don't know what it is about a VIRGO man. This is my first time with one and he is so kind, gentle, and sweet! When he's around i get butterflies throughout my whole body and i don't know why. We are just friends but its something deep inside lets me know he is meant for me, i feel it in my soul

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