What does it take to get a Scorpio woman back?

by Munk

I dated a Scorpio woman for about a year and a half. She is as Scorpio as they come. I am a Saggitarius male I don't seem to be a full Saggitarius. We had a very intense relationship. We had an amazing love for each other, one that both of us had never felt before, but when something when wrong, we both exploded, my efforts to keep a disagreement small and insignificant as they usually were almost always failed. She would explode or push the right buttons to make me explode and a war was created. I never cheated on this girl, I treated her like a queen and honestly all of our wars were unnecessary. One day it became too much for me and I walked away I needed a break (as I've read this is part of what makes scorps and sags not compatible). I really miss and still have very strong feelings for this girl its been almost 4 months since we split and I still want her back. She refuses to talk with me about us or how to maybe work things out. If I leave her alone for a while and have normal conversation then she'll talk to me a little. She's said a few things that make me have hope that she still has some sort of feelings, but she refuses to do anything to get the ball rolling again. How can I treat and talk to this Scorpio to see if she has a want or will to do try to sort things out? I'm willing to understand this Scorpio to the best of my ability and try to work things out and see what happens, how do I gain her trust back and show her I mean what I say to her? I want to give up but I can't forget how great she made me feel, but that's why I think she doesn't have a will in the first place, cuz I ran away. I feel like walking away is my only choice, but it's not what I want to do at all.

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As a scorpio..
by: Anonymous

What went wrong? Without knowing that it's hard to say for sure what it would take....

by: Anonymous

You give her time, let her know you're there. But agree with the other post, we need more info on what went wrong?

Earning Trust
by: Anonymous

The worst thing that you could do was walk away. As a Scorpio myself I know that if you would have walked away from me then I would have a hard time trusting you again. I know that Scorpios are confusing, but when you walked away that probably made her feel like you weren't as committed to the relationship as she was. The best thing I could suggest is that if she is talking to you now at some
extent than she probably doesn't want to cut you completely out of her life. If she doesn't want to sit down and talk about your relationship to work it out the best thing you can do is wait it out if you really care for her. Trust me, it may not be easy, but you can slowly gain some trust back. But don't be upset if you get back together and she still has some walls up because she doesn't want to get hurt.

I hate to be the bearer of bad new...
by: Anonymous

I'm very much a Scorpion woman, and I was in a very intense relationship with a Sagittarius man and it drove me crazy! I felt unappreciated and used. His oversized ego drove me insane, and I felt that I was too smart for him. What I mean by that is that he needed a girl who would listen to him and believe everything he would say with no opinion. We could never have a simple disagreement, every disagreement was a full on fight. He would try to keep his cool, but all hurt Scorpio women know that once we feel disrespected and put down we MUST sting him back. And this would just aid in fueling the fire already burning! Physically we were very compatible and passionate, but relationship wise I think my water put out his fire and all of you know what broke loose. It was hard because I did love him, but I had to let our unhealthy relationship go. He attempted to come back, but I had already made up my mind to remove myself from that world wind relationship. I did not like the way that relationship made me feel and act as a woman.

Question to all Sag men who find themselves wanting their Scorpio woman back: What aspect of the relationship are you really missing and wanting back?

If its not the whole packing (the good and the bad), then its best to let her heal and move on.

Its better to have loved and lost a Scorpio than to drive her crazy/mad!

Scorpio female
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other two comments. Without what you really argued about or a more specific general idea we can't give you actual advice other then give her space. You said yourself if you leave her alone for a little while she starts talking to you a little bit. Me being a scorpio female and having gone through your situation a little while i ago just in her position what she needs most is time. Also possibly instead of just flat out telling you miss her and want her back you could always try writing her a letter or email explaining how you feel and the situtation depending on the argument. Just the fact that you walked out before is probably the main reason why and she might feel like she can't trust you.

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