What does my Scorpio girl want from me?

I'm an Aquarius man from Spain (english is my second language) with moon and ascendant in scorpio and here is my story with a scorpio girl.
The story begins when we first met at school, she was having a trouble fighting with some classmates...

I still remember our first conversation, after that fight she was alone in the classroom crying alone so beautiful so intense she was the most amazing creature I've ever seen. I came close to her and I swear that I felt the pain she's suffering from, I felt it right away and tried to make her laugh, she looked at me and smiled at me, talked for a while then things went so quickly, we exchanged numbers and endless interesting conversations the things went bad beyond imagination.

I really feel bad about that and words cannot describe it. I rather keep the rest for myself

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what happened?
by: Anon Aqua Friend

Dear Aqua-Spaniard,

What happened? Is there any way you can patch things over with her?

what to do
by: Anonymous

When things feel like they "go bad" imagination does have a big part to play in how you perceive the situation.

If you like this girl, go after her. Let her know that you have loyalty to her and that you want to be with her.

You do not know what is really in her mind, and even if she 'tells you', it might not be the truth. If you want her, don't give up on her.

Don't do nothing, DO SOMETHING!!

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