what is the meaning of 'boring' for aquarius?

by uron
(bali, indo)

im an Aquarius. i have to admit that im easily get bored on something/ somewhere/ someone. for now i want to tell you especially get bored in the work . the longest period for me working in one company is just 2 years. im working in IT field as web+DB programmer.

i think i know the answer why, but need enlightenment more from you guys who think know this better.

what does the word 'boring' mean for aquarians? do you guys feel the same like me? please cure me.. :o)

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by: T

Hmm, I'm an aquarius male with a cancer moon. For me I tend to have a surge of interest in things and people and will become sort of obsessive about learning things about them. This process could last anywhere from a week to a few years. So I guess in my case boredom sets in when I feel like I have learned every possible thing or know how to do something so well it's no longer a challenge and then I drop whatever it is like a bad habit. This is not necessarily the best trait to have but for me the looming boredom almost feels like it's killing me from the inside LOL. Hope this was somewhat helpful.


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