What is this Taurus man thinking?

by chameleon

One of my best male friends, a fellow Virgo, whom i spend a lot of time with socially, began bringing a very good friend of his out with us to the pub occasionally a good 4 or 5 months ago. It turned out at the age of 5 or 6years old me and this young Taurus guys paths had crossed briefly so i knew vaguely of him.

At first i found him a little arrogant, this may well have been mis-read on my part, as he was very quiet and not chatty like my fellow Virgo friend and i. After meeting numerous times in a small group, a real spark emerged as he started to open up more and became very friendly and chatty like something just clicked. On one of our first actual conversations during the day he began opening up about big things that have happened in his past, which surprised me but drew me in, that he was so in touch with his feelings and open. It was a strange situation. Almost as if he needed someone to talk to or felt he needed to tell me specifically.

Gradually, he became quite flirty, making compliments a lot and i would often feel him watching me. My older sister, 30 often mentioned he would gaze at me intently even when somebody else was talking or i was distracted with my phone or something. Something about him i find very intriguing and mysterious. Whilst i am left very confused. He makes great company and although we only ever meet in the safety of this group several times he will stay with me even when our friend and the obvious reason he joined us in the first place has gone home. One time my our friend had had drinks and then left to take his girlfriend for dinner. Me and Taurus were left at the pub, i was surprise he hadn't made his excuses to leave after an hour of chatting then i tried to make mine and he outright, wouldn't allow it. He refused to let me go home and instead demanded i come with his to the next town for drinks where are friends were. He paid for everything for me then as the night went on, we were getting on really well then more friends arrived and the group grew and we spoke to various people. At one point i was speaking to a male the group had just met who he had also been speaking to, after 5mins i looked and he had left. He had just gone home without saying goodbye or anything.

I also feel very vulnerable and slightly nervous around him sometimes as i know there is a strange chemistry there.

Among friends again at my home, he made it clear he wanted to kiss me, it wasn't the right situation so i brushed it off politely as if he was joking so no one would notice. And we still we ended up falling asleep on the sofa together cuddling and holding hands, which seems rare actions for most guys my age 24. I regretted this big time the next day , not taking him up on the kiss that is. He went back to uni. A month or more later he returned, after several times meeting in a group again he asked to walk me home. We chatted for hours and played music then he politely asked if he could kiss me, which after everything still came as a surprise, we just kissed for hours, and he left on really sweet note, seeming all smitten and starry eyed as he stumbled off down my drive he couldn't stop looking back and waving with a huge smile on his face. He went back to uni and i anticipated him returning for christmas a month or 2 later. But after one plan organized by me for the group to meet fell through as our mutual friend was away, i kind of canceled as i assumed he wouldn't want to meet up with me alone.

We have never really had good communication via text or anything through all this time, so it is not unusual not to hear from him unless i see him in person. But i am left very confused. Every sign, face to face he gives says he likes me. But then he gives mixed signals by not contacting me. i dont even know if he is interested or see's it as fun, or is nervous??? All i know is from what i have heard about him, he isn't into one night stands and has had a few girlfriends of which he has been hurt quite badly. Also that he is a really respectful,lovely genuine guy. I can't believe if this is true, considering he we have this mutual best friend, he would risk messing me around for the fun of it, in case he peeved of this mutual friend by upsetting me?? he is incredibly illusive, i wont hear from him for weeks so i conclude he has not interest in me, then every time he returns everything is flipped upside down again. I know its only been a kiss and some chemistry but for some reason there is something about this Taurus i can't put my finger on and am not quite ready to let go of just yet. there is definitely something there, or is it all just a show?? Any feedback or advice on this Taurus man would be much appreciated. Until then, i shall get on with it and put him to the back of my mind and see what arises next time he is back in town!

Confused of Surrey : )

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Your Taurus...
by: Aphrodite Bull

He's taking it slow
Feeling you out
And assessing the entire situation.

Judging by his actions, (and yours) he may think you don't feel the same way. Tauruses are a lot more intuitive and perceptive than people think. We can assess a person in one conversation!

He may also sense that you're protective of yourself, holding back for some reason, and may carry a bit of some baggage. A Taurus needs certainty before they can move forward. He's not an aggressor. But rather an extremely patient individual who would rather be 'safe' than 'sorry.' Yes, this man is VERY practical and realistic. He may be a hopeless romantic, but don't get it twisted, he does not live in a dreamworld....but very much in reality.

With a Taurus man, it's all or nothing, now and forever. Investing themselves emotionally for simply a 'possibility' is like waking up from a nightmare.

If you want to be his Woman. My advice, start making bolder moves! Put your insecurities and shyness aside. Be demonstrative, affectionate open & honest. Remember, the sun sign of Taurus is an affectionate sign. Taurus men require lots of it!

by: Anonymous

And what is your star sign, honey? Would be easier to give you advice if we knew it...BTW, what's new?

he's yours if you want him
by: Anonymous

I'm a taurus male, it's interesting to read your post because you don't understand whats going on with him and to me its as clear as a sunny day.

Your sending him mixed signals so he's unsure if your interested. Because he's been hurt in the past he's not going to jump into the deep end with someone unless he's 100% certain that the feeling is mutual. Pulling away when he tried to kiss you (regardless if he kissed you later) will leave him uncertain. He left that night because he was jealous. And you don't hear from him much inbetween because he's waiting for you to make the first move. Lastly he's probably going to these social gathering just to see you. So when you canceled because your friend wasn't going he would percieve that as you not wanting to see him.
We can take a long time to make our minds up about someone but every now and again someone comes along and we're instantly smitten. And this guy feels that way about you. If your miffed that he got jealous then don't get involved. If your interested then next time you see him be nice and friendly, pay him alot of attention then tell him that you really like him. Don't be scared of rejection because like i said he's yours if you want him :) good luck

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