What makes a man sexy?

In preparation for an upcoming article we're collecting comments on what makes the men of each sign sexy, and we want your opinion! Whether it's the fiery passion of your Aries, the dark moodiness of your Scorpio or the intuitive sensitivity of your Pisces, we want your vote!

For any ladies seeking inspiration, check out our friends at VerySexyMen.com

Watch this space for the survey results, coming soon!

Please be sure to include a note of the star sign you're referring to. The comment box will scroll if you need more space.

The sign I find the sexiest and why..


Feel free to base your comments on your partner, ideal partner, crush, ex or heart-throb.

If you want to include a note of the things that turn you off about them, that's okay too!

Please include a note of your name if you want to be credited if we quote your comment.

You can submit multiple votes, as long as each one lists the feature(s) which you find sexy about them.

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