What Sagittarius women want!

by Karma

Sagittarians though very fun loving tend to think and act more maturely. I like honesty, eye contact, physical contact, humor, intelligence and "out of the box" thinking. Forget about comparing her to anyone else..you may find surface similarities...but forget about trying to package her up or treat her like the last one--you will find yourself alone with a quickness. Don't be afraid to express your opinions...also don't forget they are only opinions, and she has them too. They will only move into action once you both agree to them.

This woman believes in and wants partnership. If you are reasonable and willing to listen to her, she will listen to and seek your input, most dis-agreements are settled pretty quickly. This woman is pretty decisive and she will pick her battles, so many small mundane things don't even fall into her radar, however, if there is something she feels strongly about...I suggest you sit up and take notice, she will fight you to the death about things she holds dear.

This woman is definitely not for the caveman, you could find yourself being hit over the head and thrown off a cliff. This particular Saggi honors truth and honesty above all, yes even the painful, ugly stuff. How can you fix it, if you don't acknowledge it. She will always be truthful with you. In love, we are one man women, but don't dare try to control the flame...you will get burned. As long as you can hold your Saggi dear without suffocating her, you will have a lifelong, love, partner, cheerleader, champion and mate. Don't ever take her for granted!

Sex with a Sagittarius woman is all out no holds barred fun and exploration of all the human senses...there is nothing holding this woman back except for trust, if you are a prude, controlling, or judgmental...you have just lost her.

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by: Anonymous

I'm a Sagitarius women and agree with a lot you have said...I'm in love with a gemini...but seem to be smothering him which is crazy because I hate, hate when someone does this to me :S Do any other Sagitarius women do this???

by: XB

Yes.. I'm a Saggi girl and I'm kind of doing the same with my boyfriend and he's a gemini.... He is so unemotional and its puzzling. I can't read him like others..most times I know what to say to other guys but with him I have to tip toe because I'm afraid of losing him...We haven't been together long. Starting a little while ago I just started being myself and telling him the whole truth. He accepted how I'm feeling about him and he has returned the generous words. He won't always say sappy things like I miss you, you make me happy, but when he does I savor his words because i some way I believe him.. I told him he has to earn whatever I'm willing to give him. He's vowed to go my pace and has given me much control but what Sag woman/girl doesn't have control already. Apparently he loves control as well but I'm hard headed and easily can persuade him... We never fight and we both bring out the best in each other. On certain topics sometimes I tend to fire up but with his cool persona I think rationally and think of what he would do..He tells me "Being angry doesn't solve anything"..Oh well.. He's very shy though and kept to himself..When we're in public he is shy but when alone I become the shy one haha...mmm...We're a good match opposed to others I've dated. Good Luck girl!

by: Anonymous

I don't smother & I hate to be smothered. but one thing I do is pursue my SO, sometimes even others, who's not responding to my questions. I must have answers AND the honest truth is needed. I can handle the truth w/o attacking someone. Just please, be honest.

reply to smothering
by: Anonymous

Yep. Seems that that is exactly what I did with my Gemini shortly after we got together. He told me "please don't run me off because I can't breathe..." But I couldn't for the life of me understand how he could feel that way when for the month or so before and right after we got together, he wanted to see me whenever he could. I can see it now...3 years later, but then? I couldn't see it for anything.

So, yes, some of us Sag's will suffocate the one they love, without even knowing they are doing it.

I do!! ^^^
by: Anonymous

You are in love with a gemini and I am in love with a Taurus. I am also smothering him lol bit that is crazy because I get turned off when people smother me. Weird !!

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