What should a cancer girl do with a taurus boy?

by Miss Me

Ok I am a Cancer woman and I met a Taurus guy while out in my town. We talked forever and then I looked him up online and we talked even more. He asked me out But I really was unsure because he told me that he is trying to make things work with his childrens mother so I wasn't really interested in being the other woman so I blew him off a cpl times, then finally we hooked up and went out.
It was so nice we had fun I was shy he was talkative and at the end of the night he gave me a kiss. I was shocked because he has a girlfriend but ever since that day we went out we have been communicating everyday and I really have grown to like him. He says that he likes me too and there is not a day that goes by that we dont chat, But he still has his girlfriend and his family so I dont want to fall head over hills though thats what it really feels like and it seems like he really likes me too. But I don't know what to do.
At times I want to tell him I love him because everything seems so right between us like we were meant to be but I know that some things can just be too good to be true and so I try not to be so attached but I cant help myself!!! What should I do? We have only been talking for a cpl of months now we just started making out which feels so good but we never had sex which is fine with me. I just want to know if there is a chance he will leave her and just be there for his kids or he will just string me along and stay with her? I don't want to break up a home and I don't really like being the other woman but now my emotions and feelings are all caught up in this guy and I just cant shake it. If we could talk all day everyday I would and I think he wouldnt mind either. We really enjoy each others company but is this just a Fantasy? Please Help Me!!!!

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Run while u can!
by: Anonymous

I have been where you are now! This experience was nothing short of a heartache.. At the end of things he left his ex for me and broke it off with me to go back to the ex. Chances are he is in love with her and trust me as a fellow cancer women it will be nothing good.

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