What to do with an Aquarius

by Gen

Hi all, I'm new to this site! So here goes...
I'm a typical scorp, early on in Scorpio too so i think i have a touch of libra in me too? Whatever it means - (any ideas?) Anyway I've been dating aqua man since...end of August? It's now December. We used to see each other several times a week and just couldn't get enough of eachother! Was so romantic and wow! And now it's not so much..can go up to about a week and a bit without meeting now! But I guess that happens, I generally believe it's good to have that space. Keeps it fresh! This sounds a little silly, but a couple months ago i asked him how he felt about me and he replied saying he wanted to take it step by step with me. Which i didn't know how to take. But a couple months later (now) he seems to have changed, seeming more interested. We'll meet, go for dinner, cinema, i'll go back with him, stay at his for a couple/few days, have met a couple family members who live with him in the flat! When we're together he shows such interest, is very sweet, feels like a relationship should :D But after seeing eachother... there's times when he'll not show affection or little things like sending a little spontaneous text? Or random call? Sometimes yes the odd text but being a typical scorp it drives me crazy because I'm so passionate. Feels like i'm a mad woman or something! I can't figure this guy out!! I've read all this stuff about aqua men about them being cheaters and committment-phobes. Sometimes I'm paranoid that he's "keeping his options open" as they say, and is only with me for fun. Or are these just his typical ways! He can be quite shy too. When I talk, I really try to get the conversation flowing and find out a little more about him... and he just doesn't open up! Sorry this is long but interested to hear what other people think and their experiences with aquarius men. They say scorp and aqua "aren't compatible" in relationships. Is this always accurate? I'm half and half on the whole astrology thing. Would like to hear some opinions! Arrrrgh! Being a scorp is hard!

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