What turns Cancer men on

Cancer male likes mature and aggressive woman, but she must act in cute way.

Build up confidence for him. Nurture him, advice him, make him laugh. But don't be superficial. Assure him you will be faithful and will not flirt with anyone.

He likes very sentimental, sensual woman. Perfume, flowers, nice underwear, long hair, and all feminine products are the favorite parts he looks for.

Above mentioned facts were essential when I seduced my boyfriend.

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pretty much right
by: sumchik

my cancer buddy agreed to be my ''other'' so monogamy isn't a deal-breaker as long as they know what's going on. mine is turned on by me being turned on. however, i don't recommend getting involved unless you're in it for the long haul. mine is in love now ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Cancer male
by: Anonymous

As a cancer male, i do not agree with the aggressive part of your comment... i dont like aggresive women... i infact, can NOT tolerate them. I find shy, soft spoken, extremely feminen women the most attractive. Although it must be ginuwine and not an act as we cancerians can sense when someone is just acting a certain way and are not being "real".

true for the most part
by: cancer guy

Yeah, i agree with whoever wrote this. A woman initiating or being forward definitely helps the process move forward, as i don't have to second guess small gestures or try to infer intentions. After we're dating and all that jazz, a sensual and aggressive yet still feminine woman is damn near irresistable...as long as she's got me in the mood and got the fire going.

Turn ons...
by: 7th month guy

I can only say what Floats My Boat. I speak for no one else here!

-Nice perfume, dresses, sexy jeans, jewlery, tight sweaters.
-Feminine and a bit kooky.
-Empathy, a spiritual side, emotional and spiritual depth.
- A little bit enigmatic (you can't force this: You are or you aren't)
-Takes 'ownership' of me. I need to know that I am 'hers'. Even better if done in public.
-Takes time to fix my grooming how she wants it (hair, tie, buttons on shirt etc).
- My woman (pisces) recently bought me a shirt as a gift - I fell in love with her just a little bit more when she did that.
-Tell us that you love us. Every day. And mean it!

What a Cancer man wants (written by a Taurus woman)
by: Anonymous

Cancerian men love a woman to be just that - a woman. She doesn't have to be tall or short or have long hair or short hair. Confidence in herself is sexy to a Cancerian man but femininity is a must! If you let him be your knight in shining armor (and amor) then he is your man for life. But be strong so you can be his rock to calm the emotional waters that swim within him and he will feel safe and secure - and in turn make you secure too. I love being with my Cancer man and hope it never ends!

Be with cancer male
by: Taurus sanguine choleric

Human doesn't only known by their zodiac but also their personalities. It supposed to be Sanguine Melancholic Cancer or Sanguine choleric cancer. That`s why it is different in one cancer to another. I have sanguine Melancholic cancer man who is turn on by aggressive and smart woman (which is me he..he..)but now he married with feminine melancholic Aquarius. Many people doubted the cancer love to the Aquarius one. Since their ages are old enough and its time for them to get married and don't have any choice then they got married.

by: Anonymous

I'm sooo frustrated I'm a Gemini in love with a cancer male. I have NO idea if he has the same feelings towards me though and I was hoping there would be some posts of a relationship with these two signs but there ain't any!!
I really want him to make the first move but I doubt he will since he has such a shy and protective nature (just like cancer) and so the load got put on to me. I'm completely terrified of what's going to happen once I confess. I've had reassurance from a few friends saying that they thought that he liked me and not the other way around (which completely calmed me because I thought I was being really obvious)

Oh and by the the way even though Gemini's have a reputation of being flirty and having no commitment whatsoever don't judge them based on that fact because it DOESN'T APPLY TO ALL OF THEM (well when it comes to me, especially the commitment part, I previously liked an Aries male LIKE, TO DEATH but I never made my feelings known since I knew long-term wise a relationship with him would go nowhere and the only reason I'm considering to make my feelings known to this Cancer is because I believe that, if both of us really want to, we could become long-term easily but after I read the article about compatibility with a Gemini and Cancer it kind of shook my confidence a bit... BUT I still have hope :) and it may surprise you to know that I recently turned 15 and I'm not a typical stereotypical teenager that thinks she's in love, trust me I thought I wouldn't even begin to notice boys until I was 18- 20 years old so this whole situation was a complete shocker for me and I can't stop thinking about him my friends call it cute. I call it PERVING and it's driving me NUTS!!!!)

from virgo woman
by: Anonymous

Cancer men are just a nightmare! They are complicated and hesitant, shy and honest, sweet but always cautious. They are also the best friends ever and very strong. Also very strong headed and pout when they don't get their way.

Sag with a Cancer man
by: Anonymous

It's so true. My man is a very sensitive person, laid back, extremely kind & understanding. He is very intuitive with my feelings. He's a very conservative person but when we are in the bedroom....WOW!!!!! He is an animal and you'd never think. All that energy is very well stored. He doesn't care about his needs until he knows my needs have been met. There is never a dull moment. I LOVE HIM!!!

from virgo woman
by: Anonymous

I so agree with you, I am a virgo woman, he is my best friend, but he is so cautious all the time, he loves me but says that he cares alot about me instead. So hard to understand but hard to resist also :(

Scorpio Woman
by: Jessica

I'm the same way i have this wonderful Cancer man he's got everything I want in a man but I don't know if I'm what he wants. I've recently been in a very emotianally abusive relationship with a Capricorn for years and now I'm trying not to compare the two. My cancer seems that he loves me but never tells me that? I have no idea how to know for sure, I guess that will be up to him to tell me.

Sag women wanting to date a cancer man
by: Anonymous

Maybe one of you Cancer guys can give me some advice..I have a cancer guy who I have had lunch with a couple of times. The last time was almost 3 weeks ago. He texts me every few days and we always have playful witty messages going back and forth. He says things that I can tell he is interested but he hasnt actually asked me out for another date. I have expressed my interest to him but never asked him out so I am not sure what to do. I know he has football practice everynight and is working overtime and says he is exhausted. I read dating tips all the time that says never ask a guy out so I keep waiting for him too but now that I am reading info about a cancer man it sounds like that might be the way to go, not sure. Does anyone have any advice? I dont want to seem to aggressive and scare him off. I can tell he has a shy side.

Sag women
by: Anonymous

Just ask the cancer male out, if he gives an excuse or blows you off, move on- he is not mature enough for a relationship yet or he is playing you- you're better than that. Cancer males can be shy at times but if you can get them over it- they love confident women who know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it, so ask.
The hard part for you is figuring out his emotions-work on reading others emotions then take what you have learned and your sensitivity to figure out your cancer male- it might drive you insane to learn how to read emotions from a cancer. It seems like a lot of work and it is but you will be rewarded with a loyal, protective, kind, and sensitive lover.
If you are not good or interested in or a natural at reading peoples emotions this is a tough match, a cancer male is a natural with others emotions but is constantly searching for someone to "read them" or "get them" to connect to someone. This searching is frustrating to others
as they just are not open enough to tell you what is going on with them.

All the best.

Cancer male.

Cancer male
by: Anonymous

Like Cancer man wrote.. i agree with u as im a cancer man myslef.. I do not agree with being agressive... I like really feminen woman, meaning soft spoken woman... a female being aggresive is such a turn off 4 me... however i agree with the rest of what is being said

Scorned aries trusting a cancer man
by: Anonymous

I am an aries woman who loves a cancer man. Yes he is very sensitive, is subject to mood swings, and is hard to figure out. But on the other hand he can be sweet, hes is very intuned to my emotions like he knows how im feeling about somethinng before i do. But he has a very devious side to him that i didnt know existed. He hurt me by cheating with another woman. I gave him everything a woman could give of herself and yet he hurt me. We broke up and I still want to be with him but right now i dont know if i can totally trust him. what to do. Plus our sex is so great i would hate for it to go to someone who is undeserving.

cancer and aries not a good match
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer female who has an Aries best friend and dated 2 Aries for 3 months each and let me tell you: Ares are NOT good matches for Cancers at all. Not to be mean, but I would move on. Aries are too aggressive and narcissistic for Cancers in romantic relationships. They get jealous if you steal their thunder, they want to be the better looking one and the star. As friends, they may work, but the cockiness and materialism of Aries almost always turns Cancer off. Also, Aries does not know how to leave us alone when we need our space instead they get aggressive and try to force us to talk when we just want to go in our shell and be alone. If you want any chance with the Cancer guy, back off completely. If he cares enough, trust me, he will reach out when he's ready.

cancer man is a rollercoster
by: miss leo in love

cool yet calm not too clingie stronge minded but yes with a fire side of fiminin tuch they dont like to say what they feel alot so dont force your cancer man to tell you how they feel if they dont wish to tell you it'll be very hard to prie them out of there shell once you push the issue on just stay your sassy a femaleish way ladies hes here for some reson and its not for your 21 quietions :)

by: Von

I do agree with this as a cancer man, I like for a woman to be aggressive but yet act like a woman suppose to. I guess it's because my moon and mercury sign is in Leo that I like the aggressiveness. I also like those things that appeal to my senses like the smell of lotions and perfumes. But I also am possessive I don't want a woman who is too loud and flamboyant

cancer woman married to cancer man
by: Anonymous

i am a cancer woman with cancer man best we hav a fun sexy and caring of one onother type relationship.its funny bc i swear were just like each other.a cancer man loves oral sex and for u to kinda take lead it really turns them on and ive notice the more turned on they are the more kinkyer they get.me and my husband are wild we both luv sex and he luvs to please me and same for me. im 26 and hes 28 hav and are highschool sweethearts been together for 12 years married for 5 years august 17 2012.ladies u no want to no what turns a cancer man on sexiness but classy touching and rubbing, complimenting him, he luvs for me to cook for him.being loyal and honest u lie r cheat u can forget it your don once u screw a cancer man over theres no coming bak they rememebr never forget.they luv foreplay and for u to tease them a lil and once he knows he can trust u omg sex is wonderful it is so eroctic and romantic and energetic it will drive u wild.there very simple sweet jelous easily loyal honest and passionate.hides there emotions i hav to basically beg him to tell me he eventually does he cares more about my feelings than his on they worship the ground your on.if your looking for a sweet but sexy and romantic cares more about his wife prince charming, wonderful father we hav 2 kids, and u lov someone to compliment u and your food and luvs to massage u after a long day at work r straighten up the house than a cancer man is the one.

by: Anonymous

iam a cancer man i love agressiveness idk what you guys are talking about we are shy and timid, its hard for us to take a step out of the shell to make the first move lol i was born on june 28 (23 y.o) if that has to do anything with i think thats a real turn on and shes a women of course she has a u know what so whatever tickles your pickle ;)

Aqua gurl love her Cancer BOO
by: Jada

WEll what can i say?...im a aqua gurl dating my 2nd Cancer guy and OMG he's so sweet, too quiet for me but he's a so caring. I had some rash on my body n felt insecure self conscious about how i look....he comforts me n he kiss my body, i tried to stopped him...he looked me dead in the face and say..."u still look beautiful baby" God knows i cried. he's faithful, loving caring and wonderful stepdad to my son. I cooked and dropped the food off at his job and spend the entire half n hour on his break with him. everytime a guy try to talk to me i tell him about it. I cuddle with him, play with his hair since he's a DREAD cancer, i twisted his hair N washed it. When he come an spend the night at my house since im a AQUA girl n love having my own shit, i make breakfast for him while he still sleeping naked in my bed and serve his food to him like a king cuz he's my king and i treat him a such with respect. They say cancer n aqua are not compatible but this 1? i got him wrapped around my finger. oh did i mention i cooked for him in heels? lol.....anything to turned my man im down for it.

lovin my cancer ladies!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Cancer man and Taurus woman rule iam soooo n love yall!!!!! They r the best 4 us

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