What's going on with this Aquarius Man?

by PiscesGirl

I met this Aquarius man 3 years ago, before we met, he stared at me across the room at a party with this penetrating stare. I stared at him back. He left the party early so I couldn't talk to him. In January of this year, I saw him again at a banquet. He saw me sitting with my date and he started talking to my parents. The whole evening, he kept his eye on me. Each time I got up from my table, he would follow me with his eyes. The 3rd time I got up, he followed me. When I got back to the ballroom entrance, he was already there. We were standing inches apart, he was staring deep into my eyes with puckered lips and I into his. I felt something like I never felt before. It was like we were the only ones there. I didn't know what to do so I went back inside.

Because of his profession, he has a website with a contact page. I sent him an email through there and he responded the next day telling me to add him facebook. I did just that and he accepted me. I saw him at a restaurant a few days later, he saw me too and did the penetrating stare. I thought he'd come up to me but he ignored me. I sent him a facebook message telling him I saw him. Before he replied my profile got hacked and deleted him and a few of my other friends. He replied an aloof message.

I made a new profile, messaged him about it, and never heard from him. It's been over a month. What's going on? Why is he acting so cold? Did I do something wrong?

Thank you for any advice you can give me. I really appreciate it.

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