Whats the key to a Libra womans heart?

I'm an Aries man and just started dating a Libra woman ( 1 month). I think she is really cool, she has this way about her, romantic, caring, a little deviant with a warped sense of humor. We go on dates and she suggests we have more.

I'm having a hard time reading her. I wear my heart on my sleeve, while she hides behind her beauty and light. I have told her I like her. We haven't kissed but have hugged.

How can i get her to open up on the outside???

Whats the key to a Libra womans heart???

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The key to a Libras heart...
by: Anonymous

The key to a Libras heart is being determined and
patient at the same time. Let her know about your feelings but also keep some mystery. If she looks great or has certain obvious features, don't compliment them (because she probably has heard it before), try to be inventive and say
something different. Also have manners, take care of yourself (bla, bla, this applies to everyone, but believe me a Libra girls observe and pay attention to everything, even if they don't let you know). Be funny and also a gentleman,
show you have a personality.

I am dating an Aries myself, we've been only talking, texting, emailing for
about 10 months before I let him kiss me and know me better. I've always asked
for patience, and not a fast rhythm, and although it's not his way, he agreed,
and I couldn't be more delighted. He appreciates me like no one else does, plus
he does things before I even say them, which is soooo ... We are both not ready
for a serious relationship, but we also don't want to lose each other :)

Sounds familiar?? And he's very witty and intelligent, but also childish at the
same time. And I'm like that too. And I could go on and on... the best partner
I had so far!

Re: Whats the key to a Libra womans heart?
by: Anonymous

Getting a Libra girl to say anything reassuring can be quite a challenge, unless of course you are good friends with her! The key is not to be too aggressive, they are turned off by that. If you have romantic intentions, you probably need to be very tactful and don't come on too strong, or you'll scare them off. The subtle approach, dropping an occasional hint, while leaving some mystique in the equation would probably be more effective.

I'm a Leo man, and this Libra girl that works with me really has my attention. I am very attracted to her but she is so quiet and shy that she is sometimes hard to approach. I really want to get to know her better, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'd like to meet her someplace outside of work someday so she and I can talk and maybe relieve some of the tension. I'm hoping that outside the work environment we can be a little more open with each other, without the others watching, or even knowing about it. I think she'll find out that I have her on a pedestal, and where it goes from there, it's up to her! I'd like to take it a little further, but only if I find out she feels the same way. I don't want to rush things, and I want her to feel comfortable around me. If we both like being with each other, that would be S-O-O-O awesome! (:

by: Anonymous

I am a libra (born September 30) and we love compliments. even thouqh we hear them a lot we can never qit enouqh. soo as for compliments keep them cominq. but don't just compliment her outer beauty , if you believe she is beautiful on the inside also ..let her kno! I recently started datinq a virqo nd he told me I seemed unnapproachable nd intimidatinq bc of my beauty ; but once he qot to kno me my personality was just as beautiful. I thouqht that was the sweetest thinq. anyone can be prtty but inner beauty means so much more. also , don't come on too stronq. we are afraid of people who want to "clinq nd control" us bc we hate feelinq tied dwn. althouqh we don't show It, libra woman are sooo very emotional. nd the way to qit her to open up is thru conversation. eventually all her feelinqs will come out. we are slow to show emotions in fear that the other person will not feel the same. the key to ANY libra relationship is laughture nd understandinq. we are not like most woman. no pda. no cryinq. arquinq. just lots of fun nd lauqhture. also ..we are very social soo take her out ..she'll LOVee that ..hope this helps ..

by: Bosslady


Key to a libra woman's heart
by: Anonymous

I am a libra woman (Oct 9) and the key to my heart is patience, honesty and intellect. I like men who are witty intellectual and classy. No vulgarity; and he must be subtle in his advances and generous(but truthful)with compliments. I love the arts (theatre, jazz, classical music etc.) and all things classy

be tender
by: Anonymous

I'm a libra woman (7 Oct). Hmm...for me, a man who is tender in the way he deals with me would be my first choice. He must be able to engage me in meaningful, intellectual conversations. In fact, I must see him as my intellectual equal before I can even think of spending the rest of my life with him. A date who is unable to stimulate my mind will not get a second date haha. I am also drawn to a man who is gentle in his demeanor and his words. He must also be witty and intelligent, preferably someone who can make me laugh. He doesn't have to be a looker but he must have a nice smile. A smile that can melt my heart. I cannot stand half-hearted feelings because I can easily discern insincerity, and will just walk away if I do. Pamper me, tell me that I matter in your life, romance me, and you will get an extremely devoted lover who will worship you till the day I die. Really. That's how you win a libra woman:)

libra women rock!
by: Libra girl 15

I am a libra girl (oct.15) and I can say the biggest turn on for me is class, interlect, money, fashion,and sense of humor. I am dating an aries man and he is all the above, im happy. The biggest turn off for me is being cheap. I hate cheapness! ugly scenary and rude people although sometimes i am rude if you make me. Libra women love to dress and look pretty even when our scale is off balance. So men a way to a libra girls heart is manners, money, and intelligence we hate dummies!!!:)

Your Mind
by: T

I am a Libra (Sept 25) and what gets the most weight when getting to know a man is his mind. I want someone who is like-minded (then we can balance). I have a genuine belief in mankinds potential and think people are generally good. I'm very idealistic. I want a man who has an optomistic, fun-loving outlook on life and who is adventurous! I am dating a Sag and it has been life changing. He is 10 yrs older and has matured into a loving caring exciting man (would never date a young sag!). I'm would be weary of ever dating an Aries since we are polar opposites.

by: Anonymous

Sept 30. Give us Affection, Appreciation, & Attention.

libra lady
by: Anonymous

libra woman love to be admired we like kind strong willed man who know who they are. we like to be treated with respect we are proud of who we are we are good partners and will work extremly hard in order to acheive what we want we like peace and harmony we like things clean we like to debate we like shopping we like food we like all kinds of things and above all we like to be told we are good at something

by: Anonymous

i am a libra girl born on 30 sep. One of the most important thing i demand in a relationship is, i want my partner to give me his maximum time. Secondly, i want him to treat me as a prncs. I need lots of romance. I need nice compliments regarding my dressing, my looks. my taste. In fact, every move i make, i need him to say u r fantastic darling. :) We librans need to be the center of attention. Our type of guy should praise us, should take us for shopping, without worrying of his poket and should not criticize us and should give us max time. In return he wd be getting love, sincerity, care, honesty, hugs, kisses. I assure libran women's company is best in da world. If u r luky nf to win her thn just enjoy!

by: Anonymous

I'm a Libra, born October 12. (:
I have feelings for this Capriocorn. He doesn't know it, but I know I make it obvious, and I think he likes me, too. It all depends on the girl. Many people regard Libras as mysterious, shy, outgoing, flirty. If you really think about it...Our traits are very contradicting.

Personally, I want a guy that's always there when I need him, has a twisted sense of humor, I can trust and not worry about him being dishonest or cheating on me. HIS FULL ATTENTION ON ME. If you're with a Libra woman, and you think she's GORGEOUS, that's great, but if another woman walks by who has a better body or facial appearance and you even SLIGHTLY glance at her, the Libra will notice, yet she won't say anything. Just know she'll peg you as a 'dog' and change her view on you.

by: Anonymous

All of the above is so true.. I'm a libra girl and recently I became friends with this cancer guy and now I notice that I've startefd having feelins for him. Though he used to be so sweet and kind and gave me lots of attention, of recent he began to ignore me kind of, even though he told me he was crushin on me., I'm really confused right now, I don't undestand the sudden loss of interest, help pls.. Anyone

Answer to the girl with the cancer guy problems :)
by: Cancer guy

A Cancer Guy here. I obviously have a Libra girl in my life that I like, and I'm not sure if she likes me, but it seems every time I do a step forward she takes one back, and when I stand still she takes a step forward, it's kinda confusing and fun at the same time but I don't know what to think?

And for the girl with the cancer guy "problem" the solution is very simple. He said he likes you. It took a lot (and I mean a lot!) of guts and it means he REALLY likes you. Why not try something yourself? You call him, you text him, whatever. He will surely appreciate any move you make, and no move is big enough cause he has a doubtful mind probably (at least I do). You want undevoted attention? Tell him. You want compliments? Tell him. You want everything? Tell him. He'll give it to you. He'll give even more. I would give the world to "my" Libra girl for sure :)

I want my libra ex girlfriend back
by: Anonymous

Im an aquarian n i was dating a libra girl i learned what was love with her she was the love of my life but i guess im not to much of a great boyfriend n i would try to control her in a way.....well not really but ill stress her out with conversetions about how she needs to stand up for her self n stuff that i thought she should improve....idk why i was doing this..i was just asking too much n i realise that too late...its been so long.....n i still love her n know she loved me like i do cuz even when we broke up she would tell me that...i know she just wanted me to change but i didnt see that..what can i do to b able to get a second chance?????? Please help me!!

by: Anonymous

afterall reading several comments I like to say they are all true. Duh of course they are written by the best, Librans ;) born on October 11. I enjoy the outdoors and believe there is good in everything. Definitely enjoy art and scenery. I always seem to be able to paint a pretty picture in my mind of what I want. I'm very tactful and think about pretty much everything. Sometimes I think I have minor OCD. Anyways but it's funny, the saying "adore those who ignores us and ignore those who adore us." TRUE. Personally I like someone that keeps me on my toes. I love adventure and discovering new objectives in life. I am very emotional but will do my very best to hide them. But once I open up, don't shut me down because I will rememebr and won't forget. Be honest, patient, and kind. I will noticed the slightest things from physical appeal to a mental connection. I want both sadly, sometimes we don't get the best of both worlds but I guess my sign has the tendency to overlook options and options. My first boyfriend was an Aries. We had a very great relationship that ended kind of suddenly but I was a few years older so we weren't on the same page. To this day when I see him around we still have the positive vibe radiating off of us but it's over. My recent relationship was with a Saggitarius. Oh my goodness he was annoying, loud, funny, sweet, smart, positive,obnoxious and was everything I wanted. I truely fell for him. He kept me on my toes. I think that's what drove me to get to know him and once I did it was great. Unfortunately I wasn't a saint and needed a lot of growing up to do. I reflect now and realize what I did wrong. As for him, he's happy now and that's all I wanted for him. But I guess the way to this libran girl is fun, adventure, sensitivity, mannerisms, optimistic outlook, be full of life and lots of love.

Ps) I was dating a Cancer and our story is pretty unbelievable . Definitely a beautiful story but yeah everything was great! He had admitted he really liked me and would constantly remind me that be did and suddenly he stopped? Maybe I should've opened up myself a little bit more but who knows. We keep I. Contact but I know we won't date again. Funny how we keep our attention and then lose it. Keep it and lose it. Finally it got old though. You emanuel will always be the mysterious one. Could've been the one.

how to win the heart of a libra woman
by: bernadette

I am a Libra my b'day is 23 sept and us librans love art and all things beauty. We are classy and very easy to attract but its hard to win our heart.we are classy and artistic, we make a good actress, lawyer and so on... To win our heart you should be intellectual, honest and sweet and most importantly truthful 'cause we don't play games when we're in love. For me I think a Sagittarius is a perfect one as we are heavenly made and a harmonious one.......

by: Hopeless romAntic

I'm a libra who doesn't lack attention from other suitors and can totally relate to the previous comment from HELP I too had fallen for a cancer who also showed a mutual interest in our connection but as of late has ignored me also

I would constantly try to force the relationship to the point of desperation and in the process hurt my self esteem because I wasn't getting the attention I wanted and deserved. My keen intuitions told me there was something up that I was just being played because he didn't want to stop getting all the compliments and attention he was getting from me. I soon realized I wasn't the only one and cut the ties to protect my heart. If he's not making ya feel good about yourself chances are he's making someone else feel good :( as libran I am proud to be independent and am quite disappointed in my self for feeling other wise. Stay strong. Your soul mate is out there ,,, it just may take a little more soul searching <3

Be patient
by: Anonymous

Cancer guys, though interested take time to revert, when they are in this phase.

They have a sense of insecurity , which is deep inside and only he knows about it...Trust me, no one will know about this.

He will become busy, if he feels he is giving a lot of attention and nothing in return..

I cannot comment in details, as I do not know any past events , where he felt something not right. May be too much of hard to get games, he hates this.

But be patient and speak to him, he will once again open up....

Best wishes

in love with a libra
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio madly in love with a libra. Im honest loyal I sacrifice I go out of my way but she seems to have alot of past hurt so she puts up this big wall. I wish I could just let it all go but my heart will not allow it. Id like to love her past all the pain but how do I do it without scaring her off again

My opinion
by: Libra woman!! Xx

I'm a Libra woman and I used to date an Aries man, god things were complicated. To be honest with you, to any Zodiac sign out there, Libra women hate it when mean come on too strong. Like we love flirting and touching... Etc, but when a guy you don't particularly like just randomly comes up to you and gets too close (physically) and starts trying to touch you too soon and rushes things... Then things won't go very well. Take it easy with a Libra woman!! If your trying to catch one's attention, don't be difficult. Just open up to her and she'll open up to you soon as well, Libra women love talking about love,feelings, the future etc. So take it nice and easy, don't rush things. Also if your in high school and wondering that...
1. Smell good at all times, Libra loves a guy that smells sweet but manly at the same time.
2. Make her laugh, Libra woman doesn't like an uninteresting person who bores them to death.
3. Flirt in a sweet way, if you flirt in a sexy manner too soon she'll just think of you as a player.
4. Be touchy with her in a playful way, I don't mean poke her in the eyes and then laugh at her. I mean lightly push her or tickle her, that is just sooo cute.
5. Dress nicely, good jeans, nice trainers, cool t-shirt, gelled up hair and shaved moustache or beered if you have any. Keep yourself clean and take good care of your skin!!
Now try all those things, also if you like a Libra woman and your 100% sure that she likes you too... Donbe afraid to say it to her face... Us Libra Women love straight-forward men... ;) XxxxX

Reassure her
by: Bonnie

Libra women are complicated in our own special way..The reason she doesn't reveal much about herself might be because she is not so sure of your intentions.. reassurance is needed with our type so we can be able to let you in a lil closer..keep in mind she wont wear her heart on her sleeve like you..She prefers to play it safe..Im also dating an aries man..what I love about him?his intelligent,confident,determined and my bestfriend..be her ride or die and maybe she might reveal more...which libra women can resist an aries man?hahaha goodluck

Need help to win back My libra woman
by: Anonymous

Everything was wonderful together. It was all I love you's and warmth and joy. And literally in one wknd she changed her kind. Told me she can't take this seriously. And went cold on me. I don't know what happened. We haven't talked in 2 weeks. I know she's overwhelmed with personal stuff but her silence breaks me. It's very painful. I don't know what to do. Any help??? I'm Aquarius man

libra girl n cancer man
by: Anonymous

ummm i know libras can't tolerate it if someone they love ignores them... what you have to do is tell him that he is not giving you enough time... if he still remains that way... talk to him less....text him just once n wait for his reply... then after 5 to 6 days stop talking to that cancer guy.... if he texts you reply late.... then after a week completely ignore him... n moveon

Tricky libras
by: Des

You could win me over by engaging in chivalrous acts. SUCH a turn on! Engage my mind, have a strong mind yourself, be passionate about something, anything really. I love when a man has a tough badboy exterior and shares his soft side with only me and close family. And having a sense of style and aesthetic knowledge is always a huge plus!

Cancer relations
by: Kojo Ryt

I am a Cancer and we are like that. Its not that we don't care but that is how we are. After getting what we want we unconsciously take it for granted. and in the end realize our stupidity after our loss.

how to win a libra's heart
by: Anonymous

Well libra's are really shy coming into relationships.. and they hate people who are not fair and honest. libras are very curious and love to share what they know.

If they love someone it is really strong. They are known for solving terrible matters. They are sensitive but can recover easily until unless its too serious.

They have a very big and pure heart and will stand for what they believe no matter what. To win her heart just be charming and funny adorable and romantic. Take it slow and don't be too pervy. If u are able to win her love... you're damn lucky.

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