When do Scorpio women become vindictive?

by Anila

When do Scorpio women usually begin to become vindictive to their lovers and when they do is it always as dramatic and heart wrenching as all other Scorpio based websites say it is?

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Why are Scorpio women vindictive?
by: David

When do Scorpio women become vindictive? Lets back up a little to answer that...

Why are Scorpio women vindictive? Is it a random and isolated trait? Absolutely not. It's part of a package which is called 'passion'. They care, they feel. They're real. Their emotions aren't fake or learned (unlike most other signs to varying degrees). Net result? They get hurt and ticked off more deeply than most.

Catch a Scorpio woman young enough, treat her well, and you may never see that vindictive side. On the other hand if you date a 40 year old Scorpio woman who has been let down by enough partners you'll find she has a rather large radar dish monitoring your every move, and a very low tolerance (which some signs find both intimidating and offensive). She's expecting more of the same - Scorpios tend to be pessimistic, not optimistic - they're realists, not day dreamers.

I've dealt with tens of thousands of astrology clients, and I've had more than one Scorpio woman in a happy relationship ask me why she isn't more vindictive!... that's kind of sad.

Bottom line, treat her feelings with respect, and you don't have to see that side of her, ever. It's the 'wrong' partners who tend to bring it out and then complain about the consequences.

All females are vindictive
by: Anonymous

All females are vindictive...and men can be so also.

I do agree about the eyes though.

I am a Scorpio and once worked with a group of men. At that time my boss was a Scorpio. He finally admitted to me after knowing me awhile that my 'stare' unnerved him.

He said I reminded him of a lioness observing its prey from a distance.

How amusing.

I admit, I do have a tendency to stare but not to intimidate.

Only to calculate.

And what I am calculating at the time is always.. a secret.

by: Gloria

Scorpio's are only vindictive and calculating when they know the other opponent is playing games. Other than that we are very open and straight to your face with it, nothing to hide. We only keep secret what we shouldn't have to tell and what we consider as 'none of your business'. You like prowling through people's lives and their personal', I'd advise you not to get evolved with a Scorpio because your feelings will get hurt in the process especially if your being a hypocrite - we can't stand those. Good luck :-) you'll need it...

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