When to understand how to be Yourself in the company of a Virgo

by Melinda
(New Orleans)

Understanding where you are in your life can definitely keep you focused when dealing with mixed up Virgos. They will give you such a spiel in the beginning then go back into their own heads. I believe that they are very aware of what they do, it's just that they don't care. Their world is much more important than yours. (So they like to think). They are quick to place blame on someone,and never really look back. And when you tell them about themselves they declare that you can only be a friend. 95% of their waking moments are fantasy,and they expect you to be that fantasy. The other 5% is just ways to lie.It's best to be you, and never take the smack, nor believe the hype. They are not God,and never will be. They act as if you will not survive if you tell them about themselves. Been there in a marriage to one,and two other relationships. I am positive that I am done! Don't let anyone think anything less of you. Be who you are.

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