Why are Virgo men so non sexual?

Why are Virgo men so non sexual?

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Don't believe everything you hear
by: David-admin

There are plenty of folks out there who would argue that Virgos are amongst the most exciting and adventurous lovers around.

With that said, Virgos do tend to be slow starters. A post on one of the Virgo woman boards here said it best - they need someone to occupy their minds as well as their bodies.

Without a strong mental connection or stimulation Virgos can be fairly reluctant to initiate anything sexually. With the right partner though... hold on to that headboard!

Don't believe every thing you hear!!
by: Anonymous

I agree with you David; Virgo is a very slow burning fuse because Virgo get nervous easily and full of butterflies in the stomach, so that causes her system to shut down. It needs to take time to warm up as you light up the candle. Virgo will gives it all up to the right partner at the right time and place when she feels relaxed. You know what I mean. I'm Virgo, it is hard to be Virgo. It doesn't mean Virgo is a non sexual; that not very true. I would say, yes he/she is-very hot but just for someone who know how to open her with the right words; she gives it all to the best lover who she loves deeply.

Plus Virgo doesn't fall in love easily; she takes it seriously for the right one. If you find the right Virgo, you will love her.

Virgo's response.

Ehhh it's kinda true
by: Scorpio

I don't think any sign is non sexual I mean every1 likes sex right? Hah but I have to say from experience!.... They kinda are prudes not totally tho. Virgo just doesn't do enough for me.. They' don't have that FUN,crazy,wild,rough,spontaneous sex itts veery blah.

Russ L ee
by: Anonymous

Russ Lee from Lincoln in England is your classic Virgo.. full of quick wit, energy, fun, warmth Ubba charming and oozes sex appeal .. loves the ladies, loves female company and everything else on here thats already being stated about the Virgo but Id like to add to my own uptake ..

Cowardly .. Spineless ..not sure why people claim Virgo men are good lookers, this one isnt, if he was an Elephant Id call him Nelly ... yes they lie, cheat, try and convince you that you're the problematic issue and underneath all the bravado lies a lonely loner who likes to keep secrets because it makes them feel superior and different from others, simply because they dont like to be judged .. trying to be flawless to Virgo's is important to them but running away when they dont want someone to know something makes them into a living Wimp ...They see themselves as innocent thats why they deny all the Heinous things they do and they hate anyone pointing this out .. Untill he met me :)) and thats excatly what I did .. pointed out and exposed him for what a scheming lying toerag he really was and what did he do? run to the Hills :)) He couldnt out-wit me .. if you cant take it Virgo's dont give it .. Gone forever and always forgotton :0 ))

by: Anonymous

Virgo men suffer from Madonna/Whore complexes. They can only truly let go sexually when the sex is extremely perverted. For this reason you see so many posts online about how Virgo men keep at least two realtionships going at once. He sees the wife as the Madonna and is very uptight with her. He must always have someone else on the side to maintain the dual life that all Virgo men live. Virgo men seem to get a very strong rush from lying and cheating. There is something for them about hiding facts and truth that is like a drug to their system. Due to their pathological lying they are often shockingly successful at keeping a mistress/escort for years on end without the wife ever finding out. Why? Who knows? I do think it has much to do with the fact that these Virgos cannot actually love anyone (including themselves). Rather they obsess or fixate which never allows them to have a conscience. Very sad beings!

Virgo men and very complex
by: Anonymous

I have been involved with a Virgo man and it is true that in my experience he told me from the very beginning before we had sex there had to be a mental connect before our bodies could physically connect. I waited patiently several agonizing months of talking until we were blue in the face about every topic under the sun. To make a long story short the sex was beyond belief. I am a Scorpio and we have a rep. of being "the sex sign" I told myself nothing could ever shock me sexually at this stage of my life approaching middle age. Well I was wrong, my virgo man is 9 years older than me and he has taken me to a sexual place that could be described as depraved, perverted, bizarre, titillating, debauchery and I could go on and on. He was real slick about introducing me to "his sexual world" all the while warning me that "other's in his past" said they were open minded only to later call him a creep and disappear. I too said I could handle whatever tickled his fancy and boy oh boy when we got down too it all I could say was "where have you been all my life" This post is about Virgo men and whether they are nonsexual...well strangely enough my virgo man retreats to periods where he swears off watching porno, masturbation and SEX...I know it's a RUSE...he is always telling me I am the nympho, and I am the one addicted to sex all the while I am constantly telling him I am faithful to him...I wouldnt doubt if he is screwing other random chicks but yet he owns his own business so I am pretty sure he is doing more work than play...this is just my take on this subject matter..I am more inclined to believe that if a virgo man trusts you and you two mentally connect almost anything goes...my virgo man told me he once had sex with a random woman he met while washing his car..their eyes met and before he knew it they were doing the deed against the car at the car wash!!!! and when it was done he walked away without any word of ever meeting up again it was just a random act...WOW!

It might just depend on the person and not what their zodiac sign is
by: Virgo lover

I am a 110% believer In astrology since my sign nearly reads me like a book. But sometimes you gotta rely on the individuals themselves and don't base how good they are in bed etc. on astrology. I am a virgo and my current boyfriend is also a virgo. Some people say virgos are the sexiest sign ,yet others say they're the least sexual. For me, my husband and I have the BEST sex! Never predictable, he's always keeping it mixed up! I love it and sometimes it's not just sex he makes love to me and we feel very connected!
Another thing my ex-husband was a Scorpio and I personally thought everything was going to be great including the sex of course, but it turns out he wasn't that good in bed like his zodiac clearly states of him. Never was he kinky he just had the same motions and same feelings everytime we made love and had sex. See here it seems like everything is mixed up and otta line but nope this is exactly how it is!
So don't just say virgos aren't good in bed when you haven't slept with every male virgo out there. Sometimes you have to think throughly and just think hmmm maybe not all virgos are bad in bed its just the one I'm with.

To Anonymous on Complexes
by: Anonymous

I'm a Cancer woman and I've intimately known two Virgo men in my life so far. Two very different men indeed. One not so slow to start and he was exactly as you described, a womanizing, sex addicted cad, yet somehow loveable. He had a heart and seemed to truly care about people. The other was very slow to start, very loyal, very prudish, but when we were together he was all there, body mind and soul, which made the sex amazing. Yet afterwards, he'd pull away some as if he were ashamed. I used to accuse him of thinking I wasn't good enough for him but he'd always assure me I was wrong. One thing I know for sure, they are truly beautifully complicated beings to which my curious Cancer personality is infinitely attracted.

Sex with virgo man
by: Anonymous

My virgo man is the most sexual being I've ever been with!! It was like this right from the start. Incredible!! So DO NOT stereotype too quickly. I would not swap him for the world!!

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