Why did my Scorpio woman break up with me?

I'm 26 and Taurus. She's 21 and Scorpio. We met online and soon we started a very promising relationship. After a while, we both fell in love. For both of us, it was the best experience of our lives. We even passed through hell, but still remained faithful and together. She told one thing, that even if we were to break up, somehow we would still get back, against the odds.

And then out of nowhere, after almost 2 years, she broke up with me, not excluding that we could get back who knows when. She even asked me if she could get back to me if she has another relationship and decides that the new man is not for her. At that time, I said yes, because I truly love her and I would understand, because she's just 21.

Then she told she went out a couple of times with somebody she met at another bank (she works in a bank also), the same person about she kept telling me when we were still together that she is not interested in him, even if he texted her often when we were together.

Anyway, after she broke up with me, she told me that she doesn't know how things will be, that she is unpredictable. I was stunned at first, knowing how loyal we were to each other.

She told me that the new guy is a Sag. After that, we remained friend for a short time, I helped her when she needed, she didn't want the new guy to help her. Then I told her I don't want to be friends and I want to stay alone.

And at the brink of 2010, NYE day ... she texts me and says she's said and lonely ... I was very happy but wanted to play hard to get and answered very simple next day. Then after 1 day, she tells me that she is terrible and that she misses me. I was stunned again, but again didn't replied. Next day ... I replied in a neutral way ... surprise was the next day ... she told me that she was true, but she didn't quite ended the relationship with her Sag. Anyway we met that day ... and she blew me away with her feelings ... she told me everything about this Sag and the fact that they moved together very quick after they met and argued ... she liked him but the guy played her and met his ex-girls and made her jealous with this. Anyway she seems to be a little fascinated with this type of behavior...weird, because when she is in the right minds, she can read people...and she never would engage with this type of untruthful guy.

Then she wanted me to say my opinion about this guy...I told her that the man just plays her, but that probably he is the guy for her now, given her age.

Anyway she gave me all the mix, saying that she still feels for me ... she is unbelievable.

She told me she's now separate with the Sag, but still wants to get back with him to really see if he deserves another chance. Later, same night, she spoke on the phone with her Sag and then told me their conversation ... and that she'll probably leave him because he lied her again anyway the Sag is really fucked up, had to say that).

Then next day, that is today, in the night, she called me for an advice related to her health...after I gave her that advice, she told that she is still not certain of her Sag, that he called and apologized ... and she will probably see how thing work out between them in the future...and that she wants to be faithful till the end. At this point, I remained calm and said that I admire her loyalty and that I don't wish to ruin other people's happiness. But I explained to her why I was sincere with my feelings for her, because she wanted my advice if she should pursue the Sag or not and that she had the feeling that somebody had stolen her senses and she can't see through.

I truly love her and in a way I am sure that she will get back to me ... what can I do more ?

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Why did my Scorpio woman break up with me?
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio and if your ex is true to the sign, she is waiting for you to speak up and express your love to her. Scorpio's are rather stubborn, and we hate putting our feelings on the line, especially if there is a chance of rejection. I am speaking from personal experience. Your ex wants to see if you have any feelings for her or if you moved on and will just be a friend. When she confides in you about her relationship she doesn't want you to be okay with it she want you to tell her that you want her back. And if you two have the true Scorpio Taurus connection she will come back. Sag men usually like to play the field and are quite the douche bags, and though we seem to like their spontaneity and charm, us Scorpio's prefer the security, charm, wit, unbreakable love, and loyalty of a Taurus.

Good Luck! Hope it all works out for you!

Why did my Scorpio woman break up with me?
by: Anonymous

Scorpio women, I need again your precious help ... because it's very complicated ... obviously my Scorp 2 weeks ago decided to break up with the Sag, saying to me that I was right and now they will have only professional issues.

Of course we met again, at first she was a bit cold, but then we had some great time, I was stunned and she told me that from now on we should really support each other and she asked me to move with her in the same home. I saw in her eyes the determination that I known she was so capable of. She even let her co-workers know that she is in a new relationship with me.

To poor Taurus guy
by: Anonymous

This Scorpio woman loves you and you're the man she wants to be with that's why she keeps revealing her encounters with her Sag player. Problem is, she's not sure if you still love her coz u not opening up. Next time she comes, give her an ultimatum. Tell her that you really love and miss her, that you want her to be you woman and that on condition she's not attached to any other man when she's with you. Tell her if she's hooked up to her Sag guy then she must leave you alone and allow u to move on. If you play this softly, wishy washy guy ur scorp gal wont come back. Be a bit tough and see how she jump right back to your arms. I'm a scorpio babe myself and know what am talking about. Besides, u stand a better chance coz Scorp and Taurus connect better that Scorp an Sag. All the best!

Taurus guy :D
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio girl. and I have a relationship with a taurus guy. Though we read between lines and find out things with our intuitions etc... We need assurance from your end that you really love. I see that you are just listening to her and she is trying to get the magical words out... She might have a sag guy in her life. But she wants you throughout the life thats why she is telling you and seeking your help / advice about her relationship with some other guy. Just tell her how much do you love her also assure that its gonna be a long term relationship. Thats what she is looking for ... So what are you waiting for ?! call her .... All the best dude

by: Anonymous

Ok - i am a scorpio woman. From what i've read. I personally think that she needs to be wanted and by having you around makes her feel secure and wanted..whatever situation she is in.

I suspect that she probably does love you and hold you dear to her heart. However i think that there must be a good reason shy she isn't back with you whilst having those strong feelings for you.

Perhaps she has decided that she doesn't want to go back to things being how they were, when you both broke up. Maybe she is hoping the thing that made you break up, has changed or will change over time...meaning she can come back to you.

I don't doubt that she might come back to you, because there is clearly something there, however i would suggest that whilst she is living her life, you should continue to live yours to the best of your ability...so that when your paths cross again, you will be both in a good place, to embark on another relationship.

I wish you the best...

The reason i say this, is through experience...

Remember i am going on what i've read, as you know her, you and her are truely the only people who really know what is going on, but i hope my experience will perhaps give you an insight of a scoprio mind..

Get a life then you'll be happy
by: Scorpion B.

Well, I'm a scorpio lady and I agree with what this website has written about Scorpio's personality but Mr. Taurus you should forget that everybody grows up in a diffrent context. One thing you may have notice of Scorpios is we're blunt and I just wanna be blunt to you. I think you should move on, I know you love her loads and think that there is a chance that you guys might get back together but leave it to time and clean break-up. You're a really nice guy and you deserve to be treated right and she, your Scorpio ex gf is just being unfair to you...she wants you to be there for you and hear all the shits of Mr. Sag with the realisation that you still love her, this is insane! As a scorpio girl, I might feel good that my ex would still be there for me but I won't go back to him as long as he does that. You just have to start to clean break-up. No contacting her, it's hard I know but if you want her back then that's what you need to do. Just tell her that it hurts you that you can't be there for her but you would need time to make sure that your feelings is recognized,too. Trust me once the scorpio girls really want to deal with the problem we can she just doesn't want it as she's blind by the crappy player but you should care more of yourself and move on. If she is really yours then don't worry she will come back but for now enjoy your single life with the clean break up to take care of your own feelings too. If you don't care for it yourself then no one gonna care and why would you wanna get hurted by listenin to someone you love who claimed that she loved you but never cared how hurt you feel to listen to those craps. Sorry I'm just blunt and being bitchy but this is for your own benefits. Think about it coz from wht I read you are the one who is chasing desperately while she's just playing games. I was once here that's why I know and the man who won me was the one who chose to love his life and I chose to chase and went back to him...

be honest
by: Anonymous

Taurus guy,i say this girl is not sure of herself n nor is she sure of u.i am a scorpion woman too,but that's besides the point,i din't read ur prob totally bt got the gist of it.one thing is for sure she does have feelings for u,probably she's not sure of u,u need to assure her that ull be there and tell her wht u feel truly,we like it straight as it is,no mind games,or she's just not that in to u,if she were he wld not consider dating the saggi guy.we r totally devoted to the ones we love,if we love them.Ask her to be honest to u.she cld also be playing games with u coz she knows u will take her back coe wht may.i say ask her outright,if she cares she'll be honest to u.
i for one wld not consider being with someone if i found the one i loved,my focus wld be tht person,not testing the waters with others.
hope it helped u.

get ur scorpio back
by: Anonymous

She mightve broken up with you because your soft. We scorpios like real men, night and shining armor men who are genuine but can still take control and protect us. Love us unconditionally and make us feel like the only women in the world (even though we already feel like that, lol) We can naturally do it on our own so we need someone stronger than us. She keeps coming to you because you are who she trusts. The Sag, is apologizing to her so shes going to think its okay knowing deep down inside he cant be trusted. Trust is a HUGE issue. You need to stand your ground and let her know how you stand not in a forceful way but you are going to have to put up a fight and you are going to have to win it. And win it with pride.

pisces needs help to make scorpio fall in love
by: Anonymous

hi im a pisces guy and met a scorpio girl on net we slowly got along and started a relationship..before me she had a b.f who was aries..even though they had breakup she still misses him and about him, they both are in the same city but im not..scorpio woman plz help and tell me how should i make her fall in love with me and make her completely mine..cuz i feel insecured when she talks about her past frequently..

Scorpio Men & Women Help! Heartbroken
by: MJL

I just ended a 9 yr long distant relationship with a Scorpio Male who is 12 years younger than me. I am his first girlfriend the first for everything. The arguement was partly my fault. Of course no cheating on my part just his in the begining but I forgave and took him back. Ever since then I have been an emotional roller coaster during our relationship I couldn't trust I was afraid he would do it again.Its been a working progress but up until this year. He has been manipulative emotionaly and so have I. We fight then we make up. I also hang up on him so I don't say anything regretful he becomes vengeful. I ignore his calls cause he doesn't answer mine. I broke up with him saying its over soo many times because the long distance was getting to me and him not answering my calls made me suspicious. So finally he kept calling till he was blue in the face everyday I just ignored it. He sent me flowers on Valentines Day and he called I ignored it and said just move on its over. I was angery and upset cause he wouldn't answer my calls..I also was tired of the long distance. I took all my frustrations out on him.

I thought he would try back like he normally did but he didn't. He change his status on fb to single. That's when I knew I pushed to far. I called and called he ignored me. I called his work several times he had his coworkers lie for him saying he wasn't there. I talked to his bf he said he had been crying his eyes out for me. I called his work back finally he spoke to me and said move on it gets easier with time..just like I said to him in a text. I said to him I'm soo sorry I didn't know it affected him that way and why I did what I did but it wasn't right. I was blinded by my own fears and hurt that I didn't realize I was doing that. I don't ever want to make anyone cry especially the ones I love He wasn't hearing me. I beg an pleaded for him to try to work things out. He said he needed time. Then he contrridicted himself. And said move on. I said tell me its over then don't leave me hanging he couldn't. He said just moveon so then I said so its over is that what your saying he said no I just need time meanwhile move on. I'm confused. We have always fought but we make up. This time I don't think so. Inspite of our dysfunctional relationship we both love each other soo much. He texted me and said he didn't hate me he is just hurt he has moved on and so should I . I asked him since I gave you a second chance when you cheated I asking for one he denied me. I want him back.. Scorpios once they're hurt I was told forget it your dead to them is this true?

She loves you... just wanted to experience the joys of youth.
by: Sarah

I know the title of my comment sounds horrible, but its true. She loves you, however she's young. She wanted to feel experiences with other guys, sleep with them and so forth before she stays 100% loyal to you for the rest of her life (and that's a long time boy!) What she did was not right (I'm a Taurus by the way... HAY HO!) however that is similar to what I would do (I'm young too). No way am I going in a life-long relationship at a young age without feeling the thrill of being young and beautiful BEFORE IT'S TOO GOD DAMNED LATE!! She loves you and believe me she does. She's testing you... wants you back, isn't direct with her feelings which is causing you confusion, doesn't know how to tell you she wants you back. Playing hard to get is really not going to work at this stage. You see it just doesn't work as well with men. Only women have mastered this skill. So be direct, talk about your emotions, how you feel about what she did, the fact that you still love her, that you can't trust her just spill the beans on the table. Then I'm sure she'll open up. She has no choice anyway... just be the one to initiate the 'emotional talk' because judging by her actions... she definitely wants you back and is running around in circles. I know it's not easy for you, however trust your intuition. By talking to her only then will you truly be able to analyse and see if she's actually serious about you. Good luck brother... you'll be needing it!

Response to MJL's comment
by: Sarah

Hey girl! Your relationship reminded me so much of my first relationship with my Scorpio (not mine anymore sadly). So we Taurus' tend to push the boundaries a little too far (extremely too far). You were testing him and as you said you both manipulated each other emotionally... this is so typical. You two are both signs with immense pride (especially for a first relationship... he lacked experience you lacked in patience). Here's what I think...

You're both in the wrong, both have pride, didn't want to lower you guard, constant arguing, not admitting you love each other (not wanting to show it because of pride and stubbornness), both caused arguments and unnecessary drama (and that is actually what happens between a Scorpio and Taurus... we start pointless arguments for fun, boredom or, well, because we can!) He is obviously very young. I'm still young, however there is a major gap between who I was before and the person I'm transforming into now. 12 years gap is a lot! About the vengeful part of his personality... well he's young and has a lot to learn about self control. He cheated... you being a Taurus you took him back out of love, but love just wasn't enough. You still resent him for cheating deep down (Conscious Love, unconscious hate!). At times like this you need to know when to say STOP! Force yourself to become emotionally distant (easily said than done... I know I know!), however you entered his game and was also manipulative. The relationship was destined for failure. Why? Because both of you have unfinished business. Lack of communication, understanding and power struggles right? Not wanting to be the one that falls first. Look... I'm going to be direct. Forget him. He cheated on you and face the fact that you'll never forgive him. So what's the point? The relationship will never heal if you can't forgive and if he can't grow up. Leave him, part ways, at least 'pretend' you not care (that's what I do!). What are you apologising for. He also has some corrections to make to himself. Let this be a lesson for both of you. Now all you need to do is ensure you do not repeat the same mistakes twice. That would be sincerely idiotic. I wouldn't have even taken him back... I mean he cheated! You have standards right? Still, good luck for the future and, more importantly, be strong! For yourself...

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