Why do Aries men get bored so easily?

I'm a Libra gal - sort of dating an Aries guy. well we met at a party and hit it off right away... we can talk and talk in person and it never gets boring.... and yes the sex for both of us is amazing!! but he keeps telling me don't fall in love.. and i laugh and tell him the same thing.. lately hes been kinda distant tho... and he would usually text either everyday or never go more than 2 days with a "how ya doing gorgeous" or " what you doin today?" but I haven't seen him in like 2 weeks or got a text in a week... so just wondering what could be up??? we met 2 months ago.. maybe hes just over me know reading how aries men get bored easily :(

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Have you tried ignoring him?
by: Anonymous

Have you tried ignoring him? Aries men can be weird in that if they think you're totally into them they do get bored - whereas if you play hard to get they're often a lot more interested. If for example you told him you love him, will always be together etc it could explain him losing interest pretty fast.

Try to make him a little jealous - talk about other male friends for example and he might be straight back!

by: Anonymous

Ive been really busy - so not really ignoring him but haven't texted or called him, its been a week with no contact... nothing yet. last time we talked he did say he was going thru some bullshit and ex-issues and said he was sorry. But I think IM over it... dont have time for mickymouse bs...lol

Why cant I just get him outta my head
by: Anonymous

Me again! i had actually erased his number from my phone and 2 weeks later he called from a new number. I didnt know whos number so i picked it up and he acted like no time had passed... and told me this is his new number.

We talked like such great friends. then he called again 2 days later asking if I wanted to come over and hang out.. only if i was bored and had nothing to do that I should "come on thru" well I know where this is going...

But damn i have to admit it is sooooo HOTTTT!! So I waited until the weeknd and called him back and we spent all night and the next day together.. and had so much fun together. But now nothing again... i guess i really do see where this is going ..Why cant I just get him outta my head! Lol

Aries man here.
by: Anonymous

I met a Libra over a month ago. She lives a long way out. True to form, she knows I like her, as I have already told her, I complement her often. I talk with her every day, mostly through text. If i don't text her for a while she will get moody. I think she likes me, she's said so before, but I just can't read women very well. She's playing hard to get, and it drives me crazy. So to Libra women, play hard to get and you will have an aries for as long as you sting him along...haha don't tell her that!

Aries Men are Jerks
by: Jack

I am an Aries male. A lot of these are very truthful in regards to an aries male personality. Other things are wrong. First when its over eg...(why you havent heard from him in awhile) is because he doesnt care about you its over.They have no respect for you! You will NOT know! He will not verbally say He will just dissapear leaving you hanging on to wonder what just happened. He has already moved onto his next quest. He will never come back to you and if he does its only for sex and if he doesnt get it than you really will never see him again. He doesnt care! He has sex for his pleasure only so don't think because its passion in the bedroom he loves you your wrong. He is so insecure that is part of his game. You will know if he truly loves you...believe me...he will stick with you through thick and thin (with a little of his own space)He will talk to you on a regular basis and will not cause you grief. He DOES NOT like beautiful strong independant women no matter what you read. HE likes doormats only. Only 5% of Male Aries are decent! That leaves the other 95%, no matter what age as being players and insecure jerks. Run fast or put out thats all we want! When you run and get caught expext to go through emotional hell...he will rip your hearts to shreds! Good luck ladies and let the games begin!

Jack is right!
by: Kat

I'm a leo female who was involved in a terrible mind altering relationship with an aries. He was married. I was at a vulnerable place I my life and got caught up. We were together 9 months. I'm very independent and I think he liked that. Things just never added up with him. I knew after 3 mths that he didn't really dig me but he would lie and say otherwise. I never disclosed my real feelings to him because he never took me out. He never even brought food over. I went through an extreme depression from march through currently and I finally ended it last week. The relationship shattered my self esteem because he would talk a good game and strung me along. I am now picking up the pieces to my emotional life. I missed him after purposely not seeing him for a month before I ended I but realized I missed the sex so wh bother. I may see him in passing one day. We are both Veterans and vissit the same VA. He was a charmer, chameleon, cassanova a sexual deviant, and a con artist. And he's with his new conquest now.........

yes or no??
by: Anonymous

I started to know aries man in one month only( we are different nationalities), what i observe his type is who talk straight forward, nice and kind person, likes activities, sports, fun and party guy, almost hang out with his friend but till now he try to find out the time to meet me and take initiative to see me in other ways during both of us are in conflict schedule. He told me his about ex,and he is the one started to say over his ex after one month because she is not his type and he doesn't want to waste her time. when i met in second time, we just discuss slightly about serious relationship,he is the one start open this conversation, if i am not match with him, he will say me directly and i can say to him straight can't be together, now we already in one month, i feel that he likes and respect to me. I care, nice, give compliment, respect , deal in cool but move with
my own way. Frankly, i like him but i afraid to have relationship with aries man, for me i want serious life and wanna build family life, for him, he wants to know more about his girlfriend in 2 years, when he feel compatible he will marry .. So should i be with him or ...???

Aries men are all the same
by: Anonymous

I've been dealing with a Aries man for 4 months and he keep dropping in and out of my life. Crazy! when he calls he acts like we just talked the day before and not a month ago! I dont get it!! I keep telling him to leave me alone and let me be but its like he's not listen. He's so true to his sign and thats why I dont wanna continue to see him. He already told me he gets bored easy and he's a very sexual person...In other words he just wants one thing and I'm not having it!

The Cat analogy again
by: Aries

It's something they can't help. You have to stimulate them or they get bored. With the common cat analogy after playing with the same toy over and over again, the cat's either gonna walk away from it or not even look up. You have to keep things interesting. However, if they love you they will try to please their partners (cat coming to rub on you )but they are not attached to you in the first place they will feel no qualms about leaving.

They are born with out hearts
by: Dated an Aries

It is so true. Heartless men, who only engage with their partner for attention. Date an Aries guy for two years I was practically his personal clown always trying to spice things up. In return he would shower me with attention, and buy me the world.

You can never count on them for emotional support. I think since they are the first since they skipped the heart department to run ahead to see the world.

Their impulsive decision making is so unhealthy. They are masters of ignoring. And are so self centered.

SEX WOW amazing. After two years he just found new meat and I was an old shoe.

Worse men to date if you are sensitive. The romancing is for a short time. Aries men need whores for women. Whores do not need any emotional attachment, love gifts in exchange and everyone is happy.

I feel sorry for these men

Hope none of these Aries are EDDIE MURPHY
by: Anonymous

B/c if it is RUN FOR THE HILLS. He rotates women on a weekly basis out of that 'compound' he lives in. Go park at the local Coffee Bean in the Valley during the week, and you'll see the slime ball pull up every 2 days with a different YOUNG, barely 21 chick on his arm lOOKING like he's "oh so in love." Only to show up the very next day with someone else.

Run like hell or risk being ruined.

C'mon now, there are jerks everywhere
by: Really now?

I know some of y'all are in a sensitive place now. There are douches everywhere. And people are going to hurt you as long as you're alive. One of you guys right though- you really can't be sensitive around us/ We really don't know we're hurting people sometimes. Some of y'all need to suck it up (there I go again)

Scorpios are manipulative and sneaky
Aquarians and Geminis disappear and are cold
Taurus and Pisces are boring
Virgos are controlling and nagging
Capricorns and Cancer?
Sagittarius -- rock, I really can't find fault with em.
Libras and Leos ok.

There ya go. But don't you think picking a mate based on astrology is kind of ridiculous?

by: realaries

picking a mate based on astrology is ridiculous. but using astrology to understand someone isn't so ridiculous.

i'll be the first to say i thought it was all a crock of sh*t but after flirting with my neighbor for 3 years and asking her out just to be turned down every time i started looking into it. ordered several astrology readings on the same day. 2 of them sucked balls but the one from the guy who runs this website... he knows his sh*t. told me what the problem was and how to get around it. less than 2 weeks later she was nekid. done. well worth the $ lol.

not saying all astrology is right but theres got to be something behind it because id tried everything i could think of to get her into a bedroom trust me. the funny part is that i only ordered the readings because she asked me what my dob and stuff was b/c she was into astrology. that still cracks me up :]

by: Aries

Most women know right away when they meet a guy whether she will have sex with him or not. What it will take before they do though varies (how many beers before they make out, how many dates before sex yadda yadda)?

Your neighbor was probably waiting for you to do a certain thing/fulfill a requirement (so to speak). And in typical Aries style, since it wasn't spelled out for you, you missed the signs (you might recognize them now in hindsight). That's where I guess the astrology report helped-to spell out what you needed to do to get her. Congrats?

**All speculation.

Aries play mind games,just to keep U!
by: Anonymous

I've been wit an Aries 4 four years off and on and I just cannot seem to realize that he's all about himself,I love him so much that my family is telling me that I'm willing to Crumble my heart and future over him!! He's very manipulative always saying when I decide to stop seeing him"Don't be surprise if i'm wit someone else when u decide to come back or I'm really ready to settle down"So if u leave ur messsing things up for yourself! I'm tired of his lies and all the females friends he has,it's one thing to have female friends that u haven't slept with or females friends that aren't trying to get wit u!! He's too much of a flirt and I don't know what to do??

the Aries Curse
by: stuck on Aries

Ive had 5Aries relationships. I'm not sure why they are the way they are. all Aries are compulsive liars, compulsive cheaters and r emotionally and verbally abusive. I've dated both women and men Aries. Theyre great @1st but after 2mo they are completely selfish and what's crazy is they really think they are the greatest people alive becus they are sharing themselves with every1 so there4 how could they be selfish? "Jacks" comment was raw but it was the most honest description I've heard so far. Aries will sweep you off your feet but its short lived and when they stray they don't have the guts to be honest so they hide until the new girl upsets them and they call u see if you're still game. Aries keeps every1 they've ever messed with on a back burner by never officially ending it w them. They disappear and act like it's your fault and then they reappear like nothing ever happened and if you bring it up youll run them off and on to the next or the last. Almost every woman friend they have theyve slept with or they flirt in regards to having sex in the future. I've been through so many things that its not appropriate to list them. trust that I have begged, pleaded, cried, been strong, retaliated, been passive, exciting, loving, overly attentive, ignored them, chased them, fought with them and all of their past lovers(becus they are mad and hurt2 so don't think that by him keeping them in the bkground, theyre not thr jus 2cause you turmoil) I'm a scorpio so I feel it and I investigate until I find the answrs and Aries cant handle the confrontation. They will never admit.to get the truth you have to dig it up and present it in a way they can't deny. After some time they will see you as their competition instead of their partner. They can't handle you getting more attention than them. The sex is great but the emotional b.s. that follows is unbearable. I've had to leave the state becus there was no othr way for me to b strong n not take him back. All u can count on is that theyll always string you along to use you again at their leisure. Aries are hateful when it comes 2 how they knw they are hurting you and the mor you let them know, the less they care.It's sad that they are so needy and selfish they entr a relationshp4 attention, sex and stability but then again have no loyalty to anything but themselves. They can be fun friends but nevr have I seen 1tht was an ideal mate. My sister,an Aries has admitted that it's all about her and she will never stop cheating or lying becus she doesn't care if she gets caught or if any1 gets hurt. Aries will take over your life and you will let them. Beware that you are entering a future of hartbreaks and confusion when you are left wonderin why u? And, what did I do wrong? Why doesn't he love me? The answer is...They love you to the best of their ability or as strong as their desire to get from you what they want. Whether its money, security, good credit,sex,a party friend,or whatever your role is in their movie.

Aries aka tha jerk
by: Anonymous

I was with an Aries for 6 years off and on and let me say i really did love him. I was willing to accept his family and his children in my life Yes, yes and there was more then 2 kids involved but that didn't matter because I loved him but he kept playing these games like he didn't want to commit. Yet it was okay 4 me 2 tell my family and friends that were in a relationship. He was really full of himself,I mean having these female friends that he previously slept with as friends and of course there buying him shyt and cleaning his appartment. I mean my family told me that he was not worthy of me,but all i would say is that I loved him. Then it didn't make better his mom still washing his damn clothes and cooking 4 him. I mean LOVE will make you look like a FOOL, and at the end I found myself being lied to and disgusted by his male nature. It's sad you find yourself giving chances after chances then u realize you know what IT's not worth it,I told him he needs to grow up.

Hate Aries..
by: Anonymous

I hate Aries, said above is true

Aries R Messy
by: Anonymous

I dated an Aries man 4 ten yrs. He was my prince the 1st yr. After I caught him cheating nothing was never the same. I ddom't know how I tolerated his shit. Every time I tried to lealleatried to leave he aggressively wooed me back. He was selfish,a liar,cheater,stingy,sneaky,put his friends/family first,and just a damn narsistic ass. They fk with u mementallu,use u 4sex,materialistic,money hungry,workholics,pretend like they r so innocent. I vowed to run if another man told me they were an Aries. I'm now ddating another Aries. I see the same characteristics wow. Wont do this mess again. What I can say , I'm an Aquarius and I didn't take his shit. I gave that Aries hell and they can't take a challenge.

I am an airies and ufnortunatly everything said here is all true.
by: airies man

I am an airies man and every single sentence here about airies men is all true. My coworker (also an airies) who sits next to me read this thread as well and completely agreed. It is sad to say that but airies men are very clever, play mind games, cheats, get bored, are con artists , basically have been salesman sometimes in their life ( a good job for manipulative people), they know what to say to get you back under their trap, love sex with different women. hide and are distant when they get bored or would disappear for some times, never ever tell the whole truth, Would not even tell you if he is not feeling you anymore. would never let you figure him out completely. opportunist, selfish at times , but once in a while can be fair. and love sex so much that they always keep their exes in the back of their mind just in case they want sex from them one day. i mean everything that was mentioned here is all true , EVERYTHING. I am really trying to change all the bad things about me. but even with all these negative airies traits, an airies men will bring you a lot of joy , excitement, adventure and great love life, and they are kind and givers. if you really succeed in making an airies man fall in love and keep him challenged, spice up the realationship once in a while, support him, He will be the most honest and caring person and will not cheat at all. he will be stuck for good and will make you a very strong woman , they are great leaders and are very creative. your life will not be boring for sure. and they will teach you many tricks. but making them fall in love is not an easy task.

Reality about Aries men
by: Anonymous

First of all i am an Aries man, born slap bang in the middle of the month, making me 100% of the star sign.

before please just know that yes i am very self absorbed and i do think i am the best (mainly because i always strive to be the best)

The biggest problem with Aries and relationships is our swagger, thanks to the fact we are based about venus and mars, our natural sexual attraction is unbeatable (not my fact, its scientific)
thats why so many woman complain about how they cant seem to get away from Aries men, because no matter who a woman goes after, after a dating a Aries man, the man just doesnt measure up because we have the force of the universe on our side and our powerful aura makes it impossible to say no to us.
back in my demon days i had no problem with woman, even ones i messed around with on a constant basis, they still said yes anytime i wanted them to, (the only ones who can even begin to fight it is a woman with a Scorpio star sign, because of the stubbornness) i thought it was because i am physical, over 6 feet tall and got dark hair and dark eyes, but the truth it that the universe makes me a sex magnate. (once again not my fact, its purely scientific)
if you dont believe me then just ask any woman who has dated a Aries man.

Or better find a man who isnt a Aries bloke, ask him if he has ever had a girlfriend cheat on him (especially if it was a long relationship) and see if you can find out what star sign he was. i guarantee the guy is a Aries, or the girlfriend was a slut, your choice.

So yes we are serious assholes, as one person said earlier 'i hate Aries men' but the fact remains, if you meet an Aries man and he asked you out for a drink, you are more likely to sleep with him over any other star sign, its not your fault, we are just very good at reading people and adjusting ourselves for that person to get what we want.

but on the bright side, we are the best lovers and we never get jealous (because we know we are better than anything she can throw at us) so you will never have to worry about your guy friends getting their nose broken just because your bf is insecure and jealous.

in conclusion, date an aries man, if you can resist his charm and his aura and the way he sweeps you off your feet, than either your a nun, a serious christian, your parents are sitting at the table, or maybe your confused about your sexuality. but mainly you cant find it, so why try, we dont fight our urges to please your sexually radiant bodies all night.

cheesey line- once your with Aries, all the rest are fairies

aries men
by: Anonymous

Would one of these guys be named Mark lives in brissy?

aries men
by: Anonymous

Would one of these guys be named Mark lives in brissy?

aries men
by: Anonymous

Would one of these guys be named Mark lives in brissy?

Aries guys will beak your heart
by: Anonymous

I went out with a aries guy for about 5mths as soon as he realised i was falling for him n wasnt going to play hard to get he left me for someone else now we have started talking again i told himm i wasnt going there again he seemed really interested in getting to know me again,texted me all day n night but a week ago he turned his charm on n we slept together.Since i have not heard a word from him.I came to the conculsion Aries guy only want sex not a relationship.

My Aries man
by: Anonymous

I was seeing an aries man almost 2 years. we just recently ended things. I think. we were considered friends. I guess friends with benefits its called. I'm much older then he is. which did not matter. we work at the same place. He had been chasing me for a very long time. I wasn't interested and had alot going on at the time. and been alone almost 5 years and wasn't looking. I had others that tried but, no go as well. then, I stopped running and gave in to him. things were good. I didn't sweat him. but, he had his jealous moments although he wouldn't admit it. we did things, sometimes. sometimes at my request and his when he made time. He has two jobs and 4 children. so, time was limited. but, I would see him when it was feasible for him. and he would contact me when he was free. I grew to care about him. and he said he felt the same. the SEX was AMAZING. and he enjoyed it as much. its just that we had to keep us quiet at work because the gossip was unbearable there. and sometimes, I didn't want to because I was feeling him so much. but I did. well, the gossip started about us and other things. I began to listen to it at work. and discussed it with him along with other feelings I was having that was hard for me. but, I kept those feelings to myself. well, we kept it going anyway. and then the big blow up came when he didn't want to listen to anything else that had to do with that job. (outside of work we were great, no problems). so, he ended it.(which I did not want). we are still talking at work sometimes and through texting. but, I initiate it. and he answers. we are suppose to get together. Is that a good or bad idea? please anyone respond I don't want to waste my time. Thank you.

Not always So! My 2¢ Worth
by: Trying2BChristianAries

Maybe because my birth day is March 22nd on the cusp
I can not relate to all the accusations that has been made accordingly to an Aries man. Also, I guess I have a deep passion for being tight with Jesus. I want His Love to flow thru me and not just me flowing thru if you know what i mean! hehe. Sorry diagressed if you caught that. I think a praying man does breal the MOLD of any zodiac sign.
Because BEING active spiritually keeps a check on carnality. Thus, one can go beyond sheer EGO me me first syndrome. I happened to be single for some years w/o sx. Shocking! I Thank Jesus 4 helping me.

Not always So! My 2¢ Worth
by: Trying2BChristianAries

Maybe because my birth day is March 22nd on the cusp
I can not relate to all the accusations that has been made accordingly to an Aries man. Also, I guess I have a deep passion for being tight with Jesus. I want His Love to flow thru me and not just me flowing thru if you know what I mean! hehe. Sorry diagressed if you caught that. I think a praying man does break the MOLD of any zodiac sign.

Because BEING active spiritually keeps a check on carnality. Thus, one can go beyond sheer EGO me me first syndrome. I happened to be single for some years w/o sx. Shocking! I Thank Jesus 4 helping me.

To: Trying2BeChristianAries
by: Anonymous

Hi, Thank you for your comments. You are a beautiful man. walking with the Lord and living your life in a Godly manner. More men regardless of their astrological sign could learn alot from you. Its all about how you treat someone and want to be treated in return. If more love was givin freely without strings attached and motives involved the world would be a better place for everyone. But, you have to have love and God in your heart to know that. Be blessed and God bless you. Dee.

by: Hello

I read this in some web, I think it's the best description of men that I love ^^

Interesting Things About Aries Man in Love

There are many people who believe that Aries men are one of the best lovers and the most exciting people to have a relationship with. The Aries men are known to keep their word in relationships and are passionate about it. A relationship with an Aries man would be full of happiness and excitement as they are full of energy and enthusiasm. Though the Aries men are very romantic and caring by nature, they prefer to have a relationship with a woman who is confident, independent and smart. An Aries man in a relationship can be described as a package full of surprises and entertainment. You will definitely feel that an Aries man always has something new to offer you every time you meet him. These men are very firm and they fully believe in the power of love and relationships. An Aries man can also be very unpredictable at times. You would not understand what is in their mind and what they expect from you on some occasions. These are some typical characteristics of Aries male in a relationship.

Another thing to be noted about an Aries man is that he does not like it when someone breaks his trust. He strictly dislikes dishonest women and it would be almost impossible for you to get back the comfort level, you once shared with him, if you break his trust in any way. The Aries man is believed to be outgoing, courageous and confident to voice his opinions. He may give you some of the best gifts which you did not actually expect. He is not the one who will keep his thoughts and feeling to himself, but will voice his opinions when needed. The Aries man also loves to enjoy his own space and does not approve of it when someone interferes in his matters constantly. There is a possibility that an Aries man would end the relationship if he discovers that his partner does not care for him and give him the attention he deserves. Another thing about most of the Aries men is that they do not get heart-broken even if they fail in one relationship. Unlike other people, they do not lose their faith over love and have a firm belief that they will definitely get the kind of person they are looking for. Thus, the approach of the Aries men in relationship and love can be called an optimistic or a positive one.

An Aries man in love will take all the decisions in favor of his wife and the other family members. He will try to support his spouse in each and everything ranging from household chores to her career. He will never come in as an obstacle in the progress of his spouse. However, such men can be moody and may not interact with you if you are rude or impolite to them. An Aries man is very loyal and you can trust him in all aspects of life.

This was all about an Aries man in love. A relationship with an Aries man can be successful if you can understand him well and give him the deserved attention. Best of luck
By Charlie S

Sounds like Joe Morrison from Newport Beach
by: Anonymous

Married but living separated aries man...with 3 kids..with a pisces wife who wont divorce him..but he wont either. His in real estate. His been in a relationship with a girl who is 30 years younger then him for 4 years. He has no problem getting ladies to drop there panties. His amazing in bed. Don't ask him questions..because its none of your business.

Do u and ignore there stupid, trust in God
by: Anonymous

All the man I ever dated was all Aries don't know why but I guess that who I attracted. Aries think there smart but as I always told them there not smarter than me and they will all say this is not a competition. I'm a very straight up person and any problem I wld have with them I wld let them knw, I dnt care. I dnt make it easy for any of them. Aries cannot manipultate me, also they cannot lie to me becuz I figure them out so easily, they try but yet they never suceed. The play mind games I finish them. My aries man can never trick me, once I talk and I see that your not doing anything about it I leave, straight up good bye. He's always running me dwn calling my phone private like I dnt knw it's him but I just dnt answer. He calls me frm different numbers think he can fool me again I dnt answer. Ignore there stupid ass and go bout your business, who cares about what they do all you need to do is care about yourself and love yourself more and do you. This man knw I dnt want to b with him but he doesn't care cause he wants to be with me. Always a constant challenge to him, his friend tell me when I stop talking to him he misses the drama and the excitment I bring in his life. I'm just me and I dnt do this on purpose. I rather b by myself than share my man. I have men knocking at my door left, right and center and I dnt want none of them. I just take care of my children and live my life. Believe in God and put your trust in him he will never fail you and he will always give you your heart desires. Just b patience, let him lead and you follow and if its meant to b your Aries lover will be in your hands. All you gotta do is b you. I have so many choices that any man I want to b with will b with me, I'm just bless and I'm a Taurus women who knws how to deal with these insecure fools DWL!!! He will never leave me no matter how hard I try, I dnt knw why but only he knws smh. I'm just so true and mayb thats what he likes and I always and will forever give him a challenge cause thats me. I just leave him to God I could careless what he does cause the only person he is hurting is himself. What a man reaps he shall sow, don't be decieve God is not mock.. So to all you Aries out there who are playing with womens hearts and think its a joke all I got to say is what sweet you will soon sour you..God doesn't sleep, so what goes around comes around and trust me you will get ur so keep playing and you will see. God states: Dearly beloved do not avenge yourself unto wrath but rather give place because vengeance is mine said the Lord and I will repay. Leave thim to God and you will see them running back with there tail between there legs confessing everything to win you back. Trust me believe in God he is Great...

Love Yourself
by: Anonymous

Aries men are so lame and boring, the claim they get bored fast I even get bored faster with there stupid childish games. Aries men are always seeking attention thats why they do stupid stuff to hurt women cause thats the only way they will knw if you care. But if you just ignore there stupid ass they will b right in the palm of your hand. Aries man have to think so highly of themselves because deep dwn inside they are so insecure with themselves. So they gotta think highly of themselves cause no one does, there straight up losers and they need to grow up. All you gotta do with an Aries man is play back the same game they play with you and they can't handle it cause there B***Hes. Dnt waste you time with no man who's playing games I cld careless what there sign is. When a man really loves you, you will knw you shldnt have to fight to get any mans attention it shld be something that comes naturally. Trust in God and leave all these loser for someone else to play with, someone as stupid as them. Aries can't handle strong women cause there weak ass fools who think there tough and there not cause if you cld see inside his heart it like a marshmellow thats why they put on a front like there so hard to protect there weak self. Aries can't mess with me and I'm a Taurus I put all there asses to shame and they always keep running back for more. There so dumb. Ha Ha Ha Ha

aries and gemini
by: Anonymous

omg my aries is a complete asssshole he ignores we fuck we fight i gnore i run , they say geminis are his match but dam , im beautiful strong radiant intelligent all thatand then some . we go back and forth and back and forth . im tired of the stupid game 39 already grow up aries i know they are the baby of the sighn but gesh . wtf how do you ever find happiness if they play . well im gonna make his ass so fucking jealous , payback is a bitch . lol but i liove him sooooooo much real talk ♥

Need help dealing with an Aries man
by: Anonymous

I'm currently dating with an Aries man, and wow he's so good looking and also very charming. He flirts with me a lot and couple days ago he called me and told me that he was drunk and asked me if he could come over to stay at my place. But I said no because I know that if I said yes he would think of me as his 'booty call'.
Now he's being a little distant with me and I really don't know what to do. Should I text him first or should I just forget about him?
I'm a virgo and it's kinda hard to ignore him cause I really do like him.

by: Caramel Misses

Okay, so I'll admit that I should have known better. I'm a Pisces, but a rare one. I'm emotional and sensitive, but I'm kind of crazy and I talk a lot of shit. Guess that's why he can't handle me. These men are liars and whores. They're very generous with gifts, but stingy with love and respect. I waited 5 months to have sex with him, and afterwards, he gave me his ass to kiss. I was supposed to be his girlfriend, but he stopped calling me and responding to my text messages. He would only respond when I told him I was done with him. That's the first sign that the end is near. You will never have to wonder if he has lost interest. He'll show you, but never tell you.

Beautiful Aries
by: Libra Girl

Well, here it is in a nutshell. Either you find a niche with an Aries or you don't. You can continue having awesome sex with them for as long as you want, but if you don't touch that place way, way, deep down inside, it will just be awesome sex. Hey if you are having fun, why not? If you want more there is nothing to do or say, it will just happen!

deeper than you think
by: Anonymous

It's deeper than most of the shallow commants above, I am an aries man and yes to a certain extent a lot of what was said was true, but as an aries we don't know what we want until we have tried it. If you just happen to be a miss then understand no matter how it was said or brought to u, it wasn't going to work. It doesn't take long for us to realize when it won't work so we move on... Quick.. fuck I don't even know what love is, but i will continue to search for it(as assinine as it sounds lol) but keep hope alive..It is only when we find the right match where we settle and give it our all, until then I apologize to the roadblocks in advance.

What a waste... he cant even get the sex right.
by: Anonymous

they are assholes. all they want is sex. My aries is supposed to be my friend with benefits. At first it was really fun I was trying hard to get over a crazy messed up in the head aquarius. Cheating with the aries made me feel better I felt like I had one up on my aquarius. I felt like i was getting the sweetest revenge from all the pain that the aquarius to this day wont fess up to (im a scorpio woman) Anyways back to Aries. He was never nice at first I thought he may have been playing hard to get but years went by and he was just the same boring and mean. Heartless. But one day I had enough andI saw with his eyes that he wanted me. I told him the deal and he agreed to be my Friend with benefits, with in these years he seemed to get a stable girlfriend who has seen his emails to me and other girls and who has seen his texts for requests for sex to me but 3 years later they now live in a cubicle sized studio apartment. LOL. he doesnt love her. he cheats on her. He used to say mean hurtful things to me but now that He moved out I see that he isnt Shit. Now i see why he says mean things... because he feels shitty about himself. The sex WAS so fun but now i dont know he will chase me down and have me come to his shitty apartment and then he wont be able to get it up cause he claims he doesnt like condoms all of a sudden. So i waste time getting sexy watse gas and then dont even get what I came for. I was just in it for the sex but now this loser cant even do what is needed of him. Hes BS'd with for the 3rd time and now i want him to stop contacting me. Why call me to come over if you cant put it on me. His name is Jemel Yaborough and his girl friends name is Lawana Robinson. :)

omg aries
by: cappy

its soo true the best friendships with benefits are aries...thats how it all started with my hubby...yes 5 years later hubby...aries will only stay if they likes u and in my case he never left...we create a great balance together and i know he fell in love with my sense of humor...which they dont typically have untill u bring it out of them..it shows them a different side of life besides sex....and u always have to be willing to give it up cause if u deny them sex they tend to get mad lol...but yeah i love him so much he has a very magnetic aura that is very irresistable. and as for all the ladies, yes play games with them they love it, they are the infants of the zodiac after all... and in general games are interesting and keep things interesting... im happy and in love..

Aries tend to find satisfaction elsewhere if they aren't satisfied with you.
by: Richie

I'm a Scorpio male and I have dated an Aries male as well. At first, we were very much into sex like all the time which ruined our relationship in the future I noticed. He always tended to be very sexually attracted to me and was very easy to tell me he loved me when I wasn't ready. As I was taking my time to open up to him more, he then did something behind my back that tore me apart. I wound up taking him back, but it wasn't the same. After that, ANY guy that tried talking to me or being nice to me, he would get extremely jealous and always try to to entertain me any way he could. I think most Aries males are all about themselves and when they don't get the excitement or satisfaction they want, they'll tend to try and find it elsewhere. SO done with Aries people. Hope this helped!

aries magnet
by: pisces

from experience i have been with a few aries men and not once have they treated me like a doormat, they seem to always come back for more and its complete bullshit if they say they dont get hurt and they easily move on, because in fact they do care and they do get hurt, cause if they didnt, they wouldnt be human!

fooled by an aries man
by: beccah

Iyoo m a saggitarian beatiful n hardworking lady, i met an aries man recently, he approached me with respect n honour dat same nite some how I went to his place, well we talked a lot since well he luvs talkin. He seemed lyk a great guy with respect etc. I visited him da 2nd tym in dat week again @ his place, didn't even offer me water to drink, mxm all he taked bout was sex sex sex n some more of sex, we ended up havin sex how I dnt knw. That guy is so selfish I somehow felt used unaware. He won't even call me he only text me, when he calls me he will ask" will I see you tonite" when I desagree he sulk lyk a baby. Not even to call to check on me he dosnt but he claims to love me!!!!he won't even take me out for juice or icecream. Well I confronted him iyooo!! He was so bitter!!!!!! To thnk I settled 4 lot less lyk that, oooh m thankfull I was not inlove but I almost fell 4 him deeper iyoooo

soooo true
by: Lovely Libra

If I tell you everything I read on this site was TRUE! I have been involved with an aries man for 10 months now and although we don't have sex everytime he comes over he does enjoy having sex.. They are BIG ASS LIARS and and hoes.. Always seeking attention from other woman I guess they need that confirmation that the still "got it". So insecure and thats why I think they need more than one woman.. I read threw all his bullshit so he can't run that game on me. They won't let you "dump" them for anything.. good luck ladies cause your in for a ride.. P.s I left that loser alone.. got tired of the lies and the games

A Waste of Time!
by: Caramel Misses

Aries men are only good as sex partners. Don't ever try to get close to them. A huge waste of time. Save yourself the headache!!!

infatuation over
by: Anonymous

Disappointing,,, my two years have lived everything these negative stories of the aries man. I mean everyone. I am stronger now and its starting to be an inspiration for me to move on. I left my marriage for an aries. What the hell was I thinking

So true
by: Anonymous

This is entirely crazy to read. Like I am reading my journal. I dated an Aries for 6 years. A long distance relationship that had me rearranging my schedules, and doing all the driving and putting all the wear and mileage on my vehicle. Always did what he wanted to do, and as for really ever getting any real affection or attention, I was the last on his list. His daughters, his family, his dog. Even his ex-wife came first. And the worst part was I cared for him like crazy. Basically became a door mat. If I started to ignore him then he'd reel me back in but still never would quite commit to anything. Slippery bast--d! His best words were.."Maybe, probably, possibly," all with which were words he would use to evade anybody or any situation he didn't want to have to confront. Eventually he found another sucker and moved in with her even while he was still seeing me, and playing us both. I found this all out when I happen to call him and she answered the phone. I could hear that she was just as shocked to hear me as I was to hear her. It didn't take longer than a week and I was dumped. Flat and cold. Never heard a thing from him again. Ever! Except did find his page on Facebook and could read through the lines that he was treating her the same heartbreaking way he had treated me. I was quite hurt and angry for many years afterwards. Now I am just numb and realized I don't have the energy or enthusiasm for all the mind binding head games there are in a relationship anymore. I've been in a lot of bad relationships. Men much more attractive, much more fun, and much more decent to me than this Aries man every thought about being. But crazy as it was...I loved him the most...

love sick
by: Ms. Gemeni

I have been kicking it with my aries for around six months. I left amd moved out on my 15 year relationship with my capricorn man. My aries is one minute so loving, helpful, affectionate and the sex is breath taking! He just has me on a emotional roller coaster, soooo fickle one minute and sooo loving the next. Never see him everyday but every 2-4 days. I am aware he has other friends but he treats me like his woman when we are together but I alwaYs know that we are just friends. I really need to get out of this situation cause its mentally unhealthy and he drives me nuts with the undecisiveness!! Never dependable and so selfish with his time! Most of the time my hearts telling me to run fast.

aries and libra
by: Anonymous

all these comments are true and false. it depends on you! im a huge believer in signs... but in alot of ways it doesnt make sense.. ive been with a ARIES man since i was 15, im a libra. 10 years have gone by. we are complete opposite!! no lie!!! and at time he did have a wondering eye, but never acted on it. he just needed to know he still had it and in our conversation, he needed to know i still cared and found him hott. there was a time in my relatioship where i neglected him and didnt put him on that pedastal aries love being on. so i get it and no one isperfect. but you have to be loyal to them. once you lose that, doesnt matter if you are a friend or lover, thats it it will never be the same ive seen him do it and ive seen other aries men and women do it. i hve some really good friends who are aries, some are the bad version some the good. it depends on the other person. but they are great friends and will do ANYTHING for the people they really love. so if they dont drop it aall for you that tells you they arent interested. and if they do hold on tight!!! they are controlling though its just how they are built, the key is to make them THINK it was their idea, it works everytime on the hubby lol
we been together for over 10 years are married and have 2 kids trying for a 3rd. he is awesome with our kids sometimes i think he better at it then i am. aries arent to romantic 24/7 but when they are they sweep you off your feet. and they remember the little things. im a libra and romance is like everything to me, but he keeps it new alll the time, its NEVER boring, and he gets me to do things i normally wouldnt. you just have to think before you speak in a fight cause they dont think. :)

Aries are babies
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer female and had this older Aries man chased me for 13 years. After reading this I understand why he "thought" he was in love with me. I always told him no and nothing would ever come of it. Earlier this year a started talking with an Aries male and before we even met he was telling me I was the woman of his dreams...he thought he was in love with me. Long story short...after spending a week with him he started texting me less. He told me the excitement was gone. I kicked him to the curb after a month or so. I also have a Aries cousin who says he is in love with his Libra woman but he is constantly cheating on her. What I get from Aries is that they like to play games, are selfish and extremely immature. They have little to no respect for anyone but themselves. I do believe that Aries and Cancer clash badly. I was always feeling stressed having a friendship/relationship with them. I decided to cut off contact with the both of them and found myself a wonderful man who is mature, loving and doesn't play games or throw fits when he doesn't get his way. I stay away from this sign. No thanks!

by: Anonymous

Have been seeing a Aries man for about a month, am a Cancer and i can sense that this wont work at all. Am not a doormat, i like attention and i say what is on my mind and Aries men do not like it. They also expect you to grin and bear it and i am not the type either. Will be dumping his ass (and i have in my mind) but want to do it face to face to see his reaction.

They are arrogant, selfish and BORING MEN, i have never met a more boring and uninteresting man. OMG, it can be frustrating, but i have no more time to waste. I AM RUNNING FOR THE HILLS, AND I HOPE HE DOSENT FOLLOW ME, BECAUSE HE IS IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING. I can't fuck with him no more, its just not worth it. Cancer's are funny people, we are nice but mess with us and we become the devil.....
So be warned you Aries Men, be careful who you fuck with.

I am not bitter, i have not been with this one that long, but i can see that the future with this one will be too rocky. My first Aries man and definately my last aries man.

I have too much to offer to be let down, and i hate mind games - expecially when it's from an Aries man. Who does this guy think that he is? And all this talk about their SEX, i beg to differ. This aries man has a reasonable size penis, but I think that he wants me to do most of the work, i think that they are SELFISH lovers, and i am a CANCER, we are very sexual and imaginative and we take care of our man. But if it is not being reciprocated, then forget it. You get nothing from us! and yes they can be cold i hear, BUT SO CAN A CANCER, WE ARE SENSITIVE, BUT WE ARE NOBODY'S DOORMATS, WE CAN BE COLD BITCHES. AND WHEN WE SAY THAT WE ARE DONE, THEN WE ARE.




Aries Female
by: Florida

I am an Aries Female ~ We are loyal to the CORE !! We give everything but we better get something back in return ........don't buy us Jewlery or flowers (boring) Suprise us with a weekend trip!! Or tickets to somwehere exciting ~ we love sentimential cards, not one you just rushed out to pick., you may need to go to 3 stores before you find just the right one ~ leave love notes, tell her when I hear this song I think of YOU ~ Aries are terricfic, very deep at times, but light and joyous ~ we can talk to anyone, and not easily intimidated, we usually do the intimidating ~... we like adventure and excitement!!! Long slow kisses, lots of romance ~ don't egnore us too long or we will be moving on .....but is she likes you, you will know it and she is 110% trustworthy, but she will expect the same of you !! Thats my take ~

aries woman with aries man
by: ann

im an aries woman and i have been with an aries man for 2 years i must admit alot of what has been said about the male aries is very true. my relationship with him is like a roller coaster ride and you do have to be a real woman to stand up to them or they will drag you down and make you feel so small hes very cold and distant all about his self and doesent think about anybody else or who he his hurting being an aries woman im highly sexed and like passion and will try anything love fun adventure can be fiery but also sensitive and hurt easily and i can suddenley turn cold and switch off my past 3 relationships i broke there hearts the 4th one which is an aries man i am with now is a struggle i do not flirt when im with someone or come on to someone i dont seek attention it doesent intrest me but my aries male will try anything to rub me the wrong way

Is my husband an Aries?
by: Anonymous

I know he is, March 23rd but the sounds very different from what all of you are describing. I will say he is self centered, does have a bit too much pride but not a liar, not a cheater, not jealous and his sex drive sure isn't what some of you are describing. OK maybe in the beginning it was. We have been married for 22 years and I'm a Sagitarius - one of the most compatible signs for an Aries. Maybe comptability does have something to do with it. I also know a few others and all seem to be happily married so I almost feel like I'm readin about a different sign here.

Each zodiac sign have negative traits!
by: Angelo

I am Aries guy and have engaged with a Pisces girl,.
For that girl , i completely changed my self , leave everything she didn't like., and you know she'd the same for me. So i think , if you seriously loves someone , then you can settled everything or if you aren't then you just didn't care.,
Each zodiac sign have negative traits , and also Aries have some , but on other hand they've some good traits too , like they're very honest, straight forward, kind , loving and many more.

Taurus Girl ~ Aries Man
by: Anonymous

I was with my Aries man for 4 years. The first 6 months he was into me, all over me then out of nowhere started to become distant and aloof. I was a challenge and didn't cling to him, he still had to do the chasing. Well a year into our relationship he wanted to break up saying he was falling too hard, etc..but changed his mind a coule of days later, turns out he was emotionally cheating on me and sexting other girls. I told him I'm done he begged me to stay and that he would change. I ended up moving in with him and he changed into prince charming glued to my hip. We lived together for 3 years, I quit my job & became a bit depressed and didn't take his advice typical taurean we like to do things at our own pace. Well Here it is, our 4 years together and out oh nowhere he asked me to move out and said he's done with me. I cried and pleaded because we had such great times even while my mood was down. he kept telling me had my back and supported me, but a month after he dumped me I had found out that he starting seeing some girl while we were together and he lied about her while we were trying to work out "our issues" but the issues were his. He told me they're just friends but the signs were pointing to them dating he even changed her name in his phone to "Jose" so I went through his text messages and that made him upset but I told him I gave him too many chances to tell the truth and took matters into my own hands. All he ever did was lie to me, and cheat. So he told me he's done, but this time I am happy to say goodbye. This relationship was at his convenience the whole time. He wasn't a great communicator when he was hiding something. He wanted to throw away our 4 years for something new and go through the cycle all over again, the way he treated me and the girl before me, I'm sure he'll keep doing the same thing until he gets help. He's a compulsive liar...now that I am moving my stuff out he's been trying to stay in touch with me everyday, I guess keeping me as an option if he & the new chick don't work out. I told him once all my stuff is gone, he will be deleted and I will go on with my life as if he never existed. I refuse to be his friend after the way he disrepected me these past few months. I've always heard to be leary of Aries men, I know not all are bad, but seems like a lot are. :(

Didn't know bout Aries men
by: Spankee

Im a virgo. A special One. I'm not a talker or a nagger. i like more action. i get bored quick. so i like Doing new things all the time. I leave no stone unturned so you know what that means. I've been going out with this Aries guy and he seem very sweet. We never had a disagreement. We talk everyday. he tells me how much he likes me but he is so busy with work and school that he cant catch up with me. i should be the one breaking up with him and now I haven't heard from him in two weeks. He had a situation with the law. So I thought maybe he got arrested but his phone is still up and running when I call so I think he is just ignoring me which I don't know why. So I text him it's over and I'm going across the country for a couple of weeks which I am. I don't wait for no man when a next one is around the corner. No fu*cking excuse leaving me wondering if you ent dead.

Dating An Aries Man
by: Anonymous

Been dating my Aries man for over a year. Before him, I had dated an Aries/Taurus cusp on/off for 9 years. The cusp was an a-hole. I loved him to death & he loved me in his own way. But he was selfish, emotionally unavailable, cheated ALL the time with ANYTHING & EVERYTHING it seems. He'd disappear for a long time & then BAM! back at it again like no time had passed. I was young & in love so I put up with this unhealthy addiction & it really was like an addiction. Finally decided to end it once & for all.
The Aries man that I'm dating now - yes, he does display typical Aries male behaviour. He's selfish, but not intentionally so. He likes to be 'the man' of the house & myself being a Leo, we can get into some pretty terrible fights when I feel like my voice is being stifled. He can be very moody with a short temper that it seems like anything can set off at any moment. He can be a little sensitive & take things a little personally sometimes, then he gets moody or angry because of it. It can be exhausting & frustrating at times.
The romance was a lot more apparent in the beginning & they definitely 'sweep you off your feet', but as time has gone on, the romantic gestures have become less. That being said, there are still hugs & kisses, the sex is STILL AMAZING & he shows his love in different ways. He is very ambitious & includes me in his plan for the future. He's cut off contact with prior females since he & I started getting serious. He holds the door open for me & won't let me carry heavy things. He recognizes my hard work & works hard to match & surpass.
He'll dedicate songs to me still, buys me little gifts here & there to let me know he's thinking of me. Although he does get distracted easily, he does listen to my complaining & he's the first to step up for me when he feels like I have been wronged or need to be protected. He likes things done HIS WAY & if they aren't HIS WAY, he feels like he's being challenged & Aries men HATE it when people challenge them, but a lot of things he does is to help us keep a better home.
In short, they can be difficult & frustrating. They are self-absorbed & child-like, throwing tantrums. We definitely have our fair share of arguments (Leo women find it hard to back down, i admit) But at the same time, he is one of the best partners I have ever had & I know that real & true love is there & when I do feel like it is waning, if I tell him, he may rebuke it at first or be defensive, but then he does things to try to make me see that he does still love and care for me. They are difficult, but also the best. I think the trick is to pick ur battles & word ur 'arguments' in a tactful way (even tho they have no tact, they are sensitive to critique). Don't take some things too personally when they are mad or irritated. Even if it has nothing to do with you, they let that mood permeate everything. Just leave them alone for a while & give him his space. He'll come back as happy & romantic as before after a while.

I have an amazing Aries man
by: H

Some of these comments are horrifying! I really don't think Aries men are bad people. That's actually a really ignorant thing to think or say. The reason most Aries relationships don't work is because the people weren't compatible, not because Aries men are all assholes. They're not. They have many wonderful characteristics. I've dated 3 Aries that I can remember. I'll tell you about my current relationship and hopefully some of you will see how amazing they can be. I'm a Gemini and I've been dating my Aries for 4 months. I've never played head games with him or felt like he's played them with me. It's true that he thinks highly of himself. It's true he likes to be in charge. And it's true he likes his space. We've only been together a short time but i feel like we're perfectly matched. We haven't gone a day without seeing each other or communicating somehow. Sometimes he contacts me first, sometimes I contact him. If I feel like talking I'll say hi and he does the same. I don't sit around and wait and I'm not always available. I'm very busy and I'm just not the type to insist on spending every waking moment with my man anyway. Maybe that works to my advantage... I give him a lot of time with his friends and why shouldn't i? I get time with my friends too. We trust each other. We have no reason not to. He always goes out of his way to do things for me, ALWAYS pays (but will let me if I try), he is incredibly generous in bed, he cuddles after sex and even while we sleep, holds my hand in public, always brings dinner when he comes over... I could go on forever. He lives 45 minutes away from me and he will drive to my house 3-4 times a week and stay at my house because it's difficult for me to leave the house at night without a sitter. I have a son from a previous relationship. From day 1, he said that would never be an issue. He introduced me to his entire (massive) Mormon family as his girlfriend before I even knew I was his girlfriend. For the record, he is no longer Mormon. Early in the relationship we accidentally got pregnant. I since had a miscarriage but before that, he suggested we move in together to do it 'right'. He was fully prepared to have that child with me and be the best dad and partner he could be. He spent that night in ER with me even though he had to work early. He cried when we saw the baby on the ultrasound without a heartbeat, And although he didn't talk about his feelings, he did make it clear that it was hard for him. We didn't move in together but we both agree that if things remain this good, it will happen eventually. We have so much fun together. We're playful and sarcastic, we tease each other and laugh all the time. He's not much of a talker, which is fine because much of the time I'm too busy thinking anyway... I didn't mean for this to get so long. Just wanted to share my story. If you're wondering, we're both 32 and met online. His birthday is April 5 and mine is May 26 just in case you want to know.

gemini married to aries view...
by: Anonymous

Its true, Aries men do get bored easily; but not when they find the right girl. I think mostly they are looking for a girl who is sweet and charming and not super LOUD or always talking. Aries like to talk a lot, so if you listen, they feel closer to you. They want a girl who is interested in them, but who also has her own life and opinions. They also like adventure; yet also fear change at the same time...because a change could mean a failure at something or a disappointment. Aries men feel a self inflicted pressure to be perfect at everything, every time. I know this because I am married to my Aries man. A man who said years ago he did not believe in marriage; and who eventually proposed to me:) The key is getting them to feel safe enough to open up to you and tell their feelings. And to really care about what they are explaining. Just dont try to get too close too fast. And if he does not feel the 'chemistry'in the beginning he wont be afraid to tell you if you ask. And if he does want to keep seeing you...he wont be afraid to tell that either. And it is so true that Aries men love a challenge. Even when married to them, they enjoy something new and unexpected. They are eternal 18 year olds and I love mine so much! Also, I am Gemini, and I was always bored before meeting my Aries:) Maybe we understand and deal with Aries better than other signs..and visa versa.

by: Ant

Im a Scorpio male been with my Aries fella 12 years this year... he's 42 and Im 31.
a lot of the comments regarding their character are pretty accurate but, I don't think it's fair to label and sign a cheat. In the beginning I had so much doubt that he was faithful and trustworthy mainly down to the things I read and in some ways his coldness that lead me to actually cheat on him and I never lied about it, he just went silent for a while and then one day messaged me to meet up and we sorted everything out and he forgave me and he has never brought it up again nor tried to get me back for it. He never told me he was hurt and I don't think he ever will but, I knew he was and I hated myself for doing it so dont just put it all down to their sign, yes there maybe some traits but everyone is different :0)

libra girl
by: Anonymous

I am a libra female and find Aries men very attractive but very unsociable. its like they keep to themselves. we libra woman are totally opposite.

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