Why do aries men play games with libra women?

by lucky libra
(Wisconsin )

I am a 22 yr old Libra women and I fell head over hills for a 22yr old Aries man after an encounter at a bar. At the time I was in a complicated relationship with my former bf, but that didn't stop me from texting the Aries (he hates being on the phone). In the beginning things were cool he was sweet, caring, and would always respond to my text. After I broke things off with my bf the Aries and I slept together and had the most mind blowing, intimate sex I've ever had in my life. He spent the night and held me the whole time we slept. I couldn't help myself watching him sleep I find him so intriguing (hottest guy I've been with hands down)! The morning after I drove him home. We couldn't stop laughing and talking the whole way there he gave me a passionate kiss before he got out of the car. A couple of hrs after I dropped him off I text him to tell him how much fun I had and how I would love to see him again. He told me he had felt the same and that I was amazing. That was 4 days ago. The day after I slept with him I asked if he had any plans for the night and he ignored me so havent texted him since. Wtf did I do wrong I feel like he played me for a fool. I just feel stupid because I really liked him and I felt like I had this insane attraction to him. Makes me feel like all he wanted to do was hit it and quit it. Any advice?

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games played by aries v libra
by: barb libra monkey

As another Libra in love with an Aries...maybe it was what I did...we have the audacity to ask them what they are doing...insult to their male ego! When they grow balls enough to accept it is okay for us to do that, all will be good again. It is this old-fashioned thing, and they beeing the first cab off the astrological rank, are the born leaders and dare we challenge their right to lead. Pure and simple...they also get terrified of real feelings that sneak up on them. Not your fault at all. It is their loss, as we are magic partners for them and they miss out on so much happiness because of their stubborn egocentric manner.

Aires Man
by: Anonymous

I would say Barb The monkey understands the aries very well... Sometimes you need to grab us by our horns.. Stubbrn EGOCENTRICALLY errogant. I would say it boils down to having grasp of the horns will give the power to libra to offer the balance.. Than its choice if we want we take .. and generally keep it.. Otherwise we run free. Its a huge battle for us.. But were one sign that can foolishly return to be hurt ver and over.. Biggest hearted.... but quiet hearted ..

by: Anonymous

What>?! We are NOT stubborn

Who the hell says this

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