Why do Aries men play hard to get?

I dated an Aries man... I'm a Libra girl... Once we started dating after a month he told me he was in love. I kept saying that's impossible and hurting him, I couldn't help it just came out.

One of my friends, a Cancer, was hitting on him he didn't like her, but still we hung out. I told him how this made me feel and he went all weird so I broke up with him after being together nearly 3 months.

It's been a little over a year and now we are hanging out again once a week on average, he texts me sometimes and vice versa, I don't get why he feels we are in some kind of 'who can be the most nonchalant' competition.

I wish he was a good communicator because his lack of - ruined us last time we were together why does he always have to play hard to get even when we are together? It's so high school.

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Aries men
by: Anonymous

Aries is a proud sign. They also know what they want, and they aren't afraid to leap on it. He did, and between you denying he could love you and being indifferent to your friend hitting on him (some friend by the way!) he probably decided you didn't won't him.

It's hard to tell if you want him back now. If you do, then he probably feels that you owe him an apology, and reassurance that you'll believe him this time.

I'm not saying who's right or wrong, but if you want him back.. that's what it will probably take.

Aries roller coaster
by: Anonymous

I am a Libra and I've been on a constant roller coaster with this Aries guy I have given up on him a couple of times but every time I give up on him he wins me back over and the cycle just goes on and on. The Aries guy i'm with comes on strong then backs off. I have no idea why they are like that but if you deal with one it's best to find you something to do or another man to occupy your time until he comes back. Crazy I know.. But very true!

by: Anonymous

I had a two year relationship with an Aries man, and it was incredible -- but true to form-- when he knew I was head over heels, he lost interest and it ended. WELL, here we are almost two years later, and he's back in hot pursuit AGAIN... I am enjoying it immensely, because THIS time, I know how to handle him!

The key is to be self-respecting and proud
by: Anonymous

Dated an Aries man. He was easy and upfront about his feelings. I like that about him. Had the most chemistry with him and never had any problems with losing his interest. Maybe because I am a leo woman and leo women are proud and self-respecting.

You hurt his pride
by: Aries

Hey Libra,

Arians are usually confident, but they can be easily hurt (though they will never show it). He's being nonchalant because you hurt him before and he wants to know where your head is at before he drops his defenses. If you are going to do the same thing again, he will just be friends. It really depends.
Once an Aries is gone, there's no getting them back. He could still be friends with you but it won't get any further than that

im a saggitarian
by: Anonymous

this aries man im talk about is really weird even weirder thn i am...okay he added me on facebook and thn we had this heated argument over some stupid lil thing so i blocked him becoz i thought he was too proud of wat he was...he was rich and successful ofcourse but why boast about it? so i cleared m my block list after a while and he sent me an inbox-you deleted me hey..so i added him again and we started talkin all over again..he use to send inbox messages and tell me about his new holiday house this and tht...but thn we started chtting and thn i just loved his sense of humour his generous proposals even tho they were too boastful, okay i starting falling for him..his sweet wordssss his good looks his dashing and bold personality..i just cudnt help it but fell in love with him...i still remeber those last conversations we had .... the weirdesttt part is he nev er ever showed up on chat again....never...never did he send any messages nor any hints...and here iwas dying to talk to him dying to see him online my stauses were about how much i miss him but no he dint respiond at all so after 3 days of long impatient wait i finally had to block him coz i cudnt take it anymore i wanned o get over him...this happened just recently can anyone help me out i just need to knw why he dint turn up on chat..why disappear why ignore meeee?

They are proud
by: Anonymous

All aries man are like that.They know what they want and i believe that is why they are quick to know that they are in love.When they are hurt,they become nonchalant and impolite.They will make you feel that they dont care about you. Go to him,say and show it to him that you love him. You would be surpised @ his response. Also make him your priority i mean above your friends.I am dating an aries and i kno ow it feels

I understand
by: Anonymous

I was married to an Aries for 9years and Dating on for 4 years and it was a living nightmare. When they love you they love but when they lose interest you will never knwo they are just gone as if you were no one. I'm sadly dating one right now after swearing that i'd never love one again. He came on so strong in the beginning I thought this time it would work. Well, after playing hard to get myself he starting to become very obsessed with me, sitting in front of my house, getting upset wehen he thought i was seeing other people. He wore his feeling on his sleeves. WELL, get got me, I feel in love. When he was secure that i loved him, he flipped the page. he called me less and less, i would call him he would answer, i would text, he wouldn't respond. He would go days without calling me and weekes without see me. i'm going nuts, i can understand what happen. but reading all of these comments, this is a very common thing and i not need to find a playmate until he desides on what he wants. I'm loosing my mind behidthis a spending hundreded of dollare on psychic for answers. he had 90 day and i'm turning the pages on him. they seem to like playing game. and i'm going to win this time.

aries man here
by: Anonymous

Well, hello ladies. We hate it when it gets boring. And we prefer our ladies to leave us mysteries and complexities, honestly, give your aries men constant changes. Make them interested withese changes and mysteries and you'll have then on their kness. Really true. Be exciting. Give them time for theirselves every once in a while because I'm sure they have things they want to do their own. And don't ever chase them. Just challenge them, and let them initiate.

aries men
by: Anonymous

i talked to a aries for a month he was CRazy ass hell..he start off so sweet and very funny and after a while he switch the game on me...I WILL NEVER TALK TO A RIES MAN AGAIN THEY ACT LIKE LIL KIDS

dating an Aries man
by: pisces woman

I've been dating an Aries man for a little over a month. he pursued me in the beginning and asked me out and now I feel like he wants me to make all the moves and I'm not a chaser. Im usually the one being chased. Its not in my nature to be the pursuer. he texts and says he wants to hang out but he wants me to call and arrange everything and when i say i cant because im busy he acts non chalet. Like he doesnt like me. So if thats tru then why wont he just stop talking to me. i wont die, its not like i love him or anything serious.

Back and Forth with Aries man
by: Confused Libra

Im a Libra woman and I've been dating an Aries man for about 4 months... Its the worst ever for a Libra woman because we like to communicate a lot and the Aries man doesn't like to talk about feelings. One moment it feels like he's head over heels for me, the next it's like he doesnt even know i exist. I've tried breaking things off with him on more than one occassion, but he keeps coming back every time i try to leave him alone and he comes on strong so it's hard for me to resist because i did fall in love with him. I've just decided to give up on him, because i can't deal with this back forth anymore. We have a great time when we are together or talking, but then he backs off when things start to get good. I'm sooo over it now... No more Aries men for me

arian view of relationship
by: ex_lumber

well I am Aries, for Arian relationship is sacred it's like term of trust in bad in good in any condition but you must believe that Aries is worthy for your trust that's the way he can trust you. If the trust is broken because any reason, or the worse you hurt principle of loyalty, from the very view of arian then yes you owe an apology

aries are wierd
by: Anonymous libra

Im a libra girl and married to an aries the only way i keep him is to be sexy and sweet in the bedroom and a tough independent bitch outside of the boudiur! I purposely ignore calls and his texts if i sense he wants to act up. Ha!when he have boys night out i would step with my girls and shiw up at the same bar and walk right pass him pretended im having a great time while not even looking his way..he cant focus then he wants to argue then we leave have sex now hes a tamed ram! Btw im always look sexy so he know he could be replace! Confidence and ignore him and tell him off every now and then works for me..at the end of the day you have to like each other which reminds us that we love each other. I have to be so careful not to go to far becuz they are sensitive.so on the flip side i do wify duties and tell him how wonderful he is and give him something to do ex. Wash my car becuz fix the dryer or computer (i dont want to mess up manicure) i really act like i need him and help without being clingy. Next thing i know we bond and have amazing sex and everything is great until...he acts uo then here comes my switch! It a balance I love him though but he is weird!!!

aries men
by: Anonymous

I'm married to an aries man n he is so damn stubborn, always right, disrespectful, yells a lot selfish and wants his way all the time. I'm an Aries women who is very quiet n hates to fight. Ugh stay away from Aries men.

Aries Men
by: Anonymous

I am liking a Aries man, I'm still married but getting a divorce. We talked 10 years ago and then met back up. We' ve made love quite often and I'm falling for him so hard, but he says he know how to control his feelings. This Aries guy is cocky, sexy, cute and fun but his wanting alot of space makes me wonder if he has someone else. He tells me he's been hurt before and he 's not putting himself back in a situation to be hurt again, but when I tell him I'm walking he don't want that. He then tells me he cares for me and that we could be more if I get my divorce and that I'm the hold up. I really want to believe him so badly but he knows how much I feel for him, and I'm thinking that he just saying that to keep me where he wants me. My Aries guy he tells me he have nothing to hide what you see is what you get and quite frankly he's so true. He don't like stuff always the same he likes being spontaneous and a lot of times I run out of fun things to do cause I've never had to work this hard for a guy but he is so sweet at times and then other times he can be such an ass. He's my ass and I care about him so much. I' m just hoping I m not wasting my time. Anyone have any suggestions

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