Why do Gemini black women like dating white men?

Why do Gemini black women like dating white men?

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I can't say I've ever noticed that pattern
by: David-admin

I can't say I've ever noticed that pattern, but if it exists then I'd suggest it's for the excitement and controversy, which Gemini's generally tend to enjoy. The more they can mix things up and create a little chaos the happier they tend to be!

Not This One
by: Layla

As a black Gemini woman I have yet to date a white man...just my circumstances I guess...

As a Gemini I like a variety of men and race isn't a factor.

by: janet

I'm a black Gemini women and I'm 20 yrs young. I often date outside of my race because I like variety, I mean why should I only date black guys when we live in such a diverse world? The weird thing about me is that I only date black women. I'm really not into women of a different race but I'm not opposed to it:)

i like
by: Anonymous

i like alot of different race of man , hate stick to one

I did!
by: Anonymous

In high school, I only liked one guy...he was greek. In college, a Belgian (which i guess equals white) and now a Korean. And I'm an african american female. So judging from the comments i think we tend to date outside of our race rather than sticking to one particular race.

by: Anonymous

Because the white guys know how to satisfy us!!! :P (<--hint hint) ROFL

by: gem in loved with aqua

never wanted a white guy not till now..lol... im an asian gemini and i prefer asian guys too.. met my white guy thru online and unexpectedly we clicked.. i thought we'll have culture barriers or something but we didnt.. and i'm loving it... i was once too overwhelmed too when got along well.. well, must be wit the zodiacs.lol

26 yrs and dating white male 51
by: Anonymous

Am 26 yr old African American Gemini woman who loves dating older white men, I have dated Spanish and Asian men as well, I think they peak my interest more than the black men I have dated in the past. I do think it's also has to do with variety and the fact that I get bored easily. In my ideal man race won't play a part, he just has to be able to keep my interest.

not really :\
by: Kourtney

lol...um no,thats not true at all im a gemini BLACK woman and im not saying theres anything wrong with white guys BUT they just are'nt my firt option,like different types of guys...black and latino preferably!;) wink wink!

black gemini woman also
by: Anonymous

omg this is sooooooooooooo true im black also and i think white men are so sexy idk whyy!

by: Anonymous

i'm a black and filipino gemini woman and i have dated many white men. They just seem so sexy, and it's something different :D

not true
by: Anonymous

i'm an african american gemini women & my fascination isn't with white guys but i do loveeee latin ones :)

Seems to be true
by: gemineye

Im an african american lady and curious about white men becuz if predominatly white neighbors....didnt think my fam would approve eventhough my celebrity crush was Johnathan Taylor. Lol. As u got older I only dated african american men. the year I graduated college I was approach by my friends bf bestie who was lebanese and german. I allowed myself to go on dates with him and 2yrs later we are proclaiming to be together forevet....and he is the first and last I will be ok nvolved with (u kno what I mean) I am soo happy

by: Anonymous

im an african american woman and im a junior in highschool and the only guys that i have been attracted to are black guys. i thought that i had a problem and the ironic thing is that there are a ton of black guys that wants to talk to me and theres nothing wrong with them but im just not interested. i like to date different races because it makes me feel like im sticking it to the man :D LOL and white guys are pretty cool.

by: Gem lady

Im a 28y/o gemini female...i grew up dating in my race. I was somewhat curious of other races of men who were attractive. I can remember 3crushes in elem and jr high of other races. After college I dated a lebanese guy and it clicked. I guess as a gemini we live versatility and spontaneously. We have been together 2yrs and plannin to move in together soon! It could happen ladies never undermine.

Gemini black woman here
by: Anonymous

I can say that I like white men also but not only white men. I'd date any man in any race if he was good to me. Not all men, black men included, are good to black women. Most people just put us in this stereotype that we all are alike when it is not true. But white guys that like black women are so upfront about it which I believe is what turns us on most of all. If a man isn't afraid to claim and stand up for his Gemini girl, black or white, then believe that she will be coming back to him.

by: Anonymous


by: BlackGemini

I date all races but now that I am 34 I am more and more turned on by white men than ever. I love their openness, passion and lack of overbearing ego. I love he attentiveness and focus they place on me.

by: Anonymous

I am black and I'm a Gemini woman and I have this thing for white boys idk it comes out when I'm drunk I think white guys have this personality and energy that I love they dont care about what ppl think of them they just want to have fun my best friend is white and we have the same exact bday and so he's also a Gemini and sometimes I think I'm in love with him it gets scary really

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