Why do Libras keep attracting Tauruses?

by Libra'sAngel27
(Bristol, South West, England)

I'm young 16 ears old and proud and so far, I've attracted 3 Tauruses, 1 Aries, 1 Pisces and 1 Scorpio. I'm a Libra, I'm shy, quiet, fair most of the time ;), diplomatic, short-tempered what? I have an Aries rising sign, stubborn, romantic, beautiful each and every one of those guys I've mentioned has told me so, so it must be true, modest and artistic.

I'm trying not to cheat and control my hormones, evil teenage body! and I try to keep all my male friends happy, how is it I attract so many Tauruses though?

I don't know if it's just me, but I think Tauruses have a natural attraction for Libras, I'd love to hear a Taurus's view on it if you'd be so kind.

This is mostly out of curiosity, I'm happy with my Scorpio man thank you very much. ;)

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Why do Libras keep attracting Tauruses?
by: Anonymous

Same here , I am married to one now.. I am the Libra...

Astrotwins' Love Zodiac
by: T

Find this book called the "Astrotwins Love Zodiac". They talk about the different aspects formed within the zodiac circle and how each sign is brought into your life for a different reason. The reasons depend on where they fall on the circle. I believe Taurus (fos us Librans) are meant to teach us what it's like to feel at ease with some one, have an instant connection, and what is like to fall in love at first sight. Very interesting book. Read it.

by: ID

well? some kind of astro thing.... libras attract taureans n pisceans ... u know crushy-lusty attraction.... absolutely irresistable ;)

same here
by: Anonymous

haha i was looking through google to see how a libra and a taurus match together, and i happen to run under your question, i just started laughing on how i was wondering the same exact thing.

im in somewhat of the same situation i am a 16 17 year old male taurus and im realizing that i have fallen for a libra woman.

IDk i think its just that a libra and taurian person both share their love for beuty in the world while each sign fixes the others flaws, making for an attraction from to the other...but this is how i see it hahaha

hope this helps :]

Thanks Taurus Guy :D
by: Libra'sAngel27

Thanks, it does help. :D I was thinking along the same line but I wasn't 100% sure. Just out of curiosity, how do Taurus guys approach a girl? I've been wondering for ages and I'm completely baffled---mind giving me an insight?

13 years
by: Anonymous

thats a great question. im a 19 year old Libra and my 2 best friends are Tauruses and one of them we've been friends for 13 years!!

by: Ramone

yep iam 16 and this libra girl at school is so attractive. Iam a taurus and she sits in front of me when she turns to look at me i have hard time not smileing dorky. Shes even pretty while shes mad maybe more so. If i get her to smile my day is made.

by: Anonymous

im a libra gurl and i have a taurus girlfriend....she tells me all tha time how beautiful i am and all this crap....we have been together for 2 years now..everytime we argue and try to break up we come right back to each other like MAGNETS.....

by: molly

Hi!! I'm a libra woman and i'm not much for taurus guys but I ALWAYS fall for the aries guys I have no idea why but you should definatly try to go for an aries! ;)

just saying
by: LibraGurl93

I totally agree with you. i was with a taurus for two years and they made me calm down cause i was a little wild before i got with them.When we argued or fought we always made up and got right back together.Yeah they act a little slow sometimes but i still like them.

taurus male
by: Anonymous

I'm a 16 yo Taurus male and recently I fell in love with a Libra it was literally love at first sight and they don't know right now but I'm falling hard I don't know if they feel the same way though but it was almost immediate attraction only reason why I say almost is because another sign was blind siding me for a little bit but I realized thats not what I wanted I wanted the hot mature Libra .

Libra girl (24), attracts Tauruses
by: Katherine

Hey! I am also a libra, 24/female and I also noticed that most of the persons I have been with are now Tauruses.

My first boyfriend was a taurus, we last for 2 years and then I ended it bcuz I knew he wasn't for me, I then dated a virgo, which I ended after 8 months as well bcuz of long distance.. I then go t with another taurus, together for 4 YEARS!! and we just broke up, pretty difficult and i said... I AM GOING TO TAKE MY TIME AND BE ALONE and OUT OF NOWHERE- a week after I decided to stop speaking with my Taurus ex, I meet another Taurus and we have hit it off AMAZING!!!! Like I cannot believe it how it has happened...But yeah, Idk what it is about libras and tauruses, I guess it's the beauty aspect. Libras love being beautiful and Tauruses love beautiful things... I guess it's a more vain relation lol

Good luck! :)

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