Why do pisces men dissappear?

I would like to hear your opinion and experinces about why pisces men dissappear not only for days but for weeks; and then suddenly, they call back and just act nothing weird happened; then they dissappear/appear exactly the same way throughout months. Although I have never questioned the person about it, and I acted as if nothing happened, I just am very curious to know about it. He is pisces in sun and sag in moon, mercury and venus in aries.


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by: Anonymous

Just to let you know that your not on your own..My boyfriend of 3years still does the disappearing act when things get to much for him which let me tell you does not take alot!
When we make up and he comes back he can never answer why he does that,i know its very hard when they display that kind of behavior and its also very confusing and hurtful, but its just something they do.
I've just lost a baby to my boyfriend and i haven't seen him since,he hasn't been to see me which i just can't understand after what's happened,we have spoken twice over the phone and all he could say is he just doesn't know how to support me,i'm at the point with him now where i'm thinking do i really want to be with a man who can do this in such a sad situation..think can you keep putting up with a man who run's away at the drop of a hat..good luck take care x

Pisces Magician
by: Anonymous

We disappear, because we don't like negative energy. Sometimes it's better for us to take a break from real life, but sometimes we also change our minds overnight. I know I've have disappeared overnight and never looked backed, but sometimes I do come back.

My Truth could be your Lesson....
by: Aryan

Hi I'm a pisces man. I never believed in sun shines because I always believed that God has given us wisdom 2 understand what's right and what's wrong.
Been reading alot about the people of my sunshine it is the only time that I do believe in them to some extent.
Tell u Wt? I was in a relationship for four years, many fights happened in between, she wanted a break up everytime we fought and she actually left me seriously a couple of times but, I always put the first step 2 her after that because after developing a deep emotional, mental, internal and spiritual love towards her, I lost my virginity to her which definitely strengthened my bond towards her and call me girlie I don't care but getting married to the person I love and the person person I lost my virginity with was my internal wish and dignified thought since I opened my eyes to Love and Marriage, something I seriously cared about. I met her dad, got insulted on the basis of religion and community differences, I don't look that good but, it never depressed me till I saw her standing carefree, defenseless and chilled when her brother insulted me on the basis of my physical appearance.

Pisces man
by: Anonymous

it really depends on the type of relationship you are in with us, becuase I disappear only if I do not take the relationship serious enough, and when I disappear its to cater to another "lover" meaning if he disappears he is escaping from your negativity and bringing some positive into his life, he will always come back to his true one though.

^ totally agree
by: Anonymous


Pisces man
by: Anonymous

Yes but how do you know if your the true one for example in my case when i was in high school i date a pisces man but before we dated we were friends and he always followed me around flirted with other girls thinking that would make me jealous which made me think he would break my heart. well to make a long story short i was cold to him at that time because my heart was broken by someone else. Now years later we have got in touch and all in all we did become intimate only i am married so after being intimate he thought it was awesome but all of a sudden he started pushing me away by insulting me. Im thinking that is his way to push me away knowing he cant have me. I'm a cancer and i know if things were different we would of been great together. Now all you pisces men you tell me is he still in love and am i his true love? He has been married twice but he is single now. oh and after all these years he still brings up on how cold i was to him during our high school days

You liar!
by: Chan droo

what about me??

Don't date a pisces man PLEASE
by: Anonymous

Picses men are no good!!! RUN if you come across one they nothing more than little boys. no back bone they are sad and pathetic.

Strange but True
by: Anonymous

Are you just jealous of pisces. All of the above are true, although there are stronger type of piscean born on the last range. They are more driven than the rest of the pisces decans.
Pisces dissappear, to avoid meaningless existence! Pisces are the best...

replying to strange but true
by: Anonymous

No Pisces are not the best im sure your saying that because your a pisces, i have to agree pisces men have no back bone they are like children. They constantly want attention drawn to them all the time. And they want to talk to you on their own terms. Pisces men just play games and never stop. That is why they will end up alone.

im capricorn
by: anitha

i dont think pieces are escapes, they stay with the true lovers. if he dint then think that he has no trust on you. in my case my boy friend is pieces he disappears some time but im sure its not due to escpism its something which even he doesn know, better adjust it if you love him that much but knowingly or unknowingly dont aske any questions regarding that to him then he will confuse you by giving some answers which no one can understand MORE OR LESS like a mad, but i love him so much so i wont think about it.my best choice in my life...

clear the air
by: Anonymous

Im a picses man and I do in fantacey.I used to act like a little boy because Im growing up slow due to a grip of reality, We escape from reality due to negativity that wounds our emotions through reality.Leaving us in a recovering state or mind & emotion. We live in our own world full of dream and freedom. Since we're so sensitive living in reality for too long will destroy our vision leaving us depressed but sooner or later we're back to the plan(: ... Yess we do live to exist and IF we hurt bad enough we leave,depending on what the situation is,we either heal and come back or leave to avoid a meaningless existance,problem is you might think we're playing mind games,we're not,you wouldnt understand that we live in our own world an we're no longer part of yours,although still hold treaserd memories of something long and beautiful or short lived and memorable

pisces? yes, run for the hills
by: Anonymous

my experience with the last 2 pisces i've dated is that small day-to-day tasks that are no-brainers for most people, take a lot more effort for pisces.

small things like even knowing where they put their keys is difficult for them. then they get very upset and moody because they'll be late and it snowballs from there.

i'm a libra and i found i was babysitting and taking care of my pisces and doing everything for him just to save time!!

but i ended up being frustrated with his inability to cope with life. and yes, he would run away from anything difficult to deal with. i think they get overwhelmed more easily than any other sign.

it was the most lonely relationship i've ever been in

by: Anonymous

Since when do fish need back bones?

I am the one who raised the question on this blog a long time ago...
by: Anonymous

Well, it's been a year since we met the first time and about three quarters of a year since the last meeting. We had sex, long, I mean really long nonstop action that was all day and night yet we never got to know each other beacuse we didn't have any time to talk about anything but made out. So i am curious what the negative energy possible was. He got the best treatment he ever had, I was told... So i don't get it and i will never get it, I guess.

I am back again because i got the message sent to my e-mail box from this site so I don't want you to assume It bothers me any longer. I mean sex was awesome and I think about it and I was very attracted to him so I believe was he. I mean this is a guy who couldn't leave the me alone in the bed to take a shower and stare at me and he would say upon my question" I just can't leave you..." sending kisses often if we are driving to a location in two different cars all through the ride... So where is the negative energy?

thank you

by: Anonymous

fish do have backbones - they're just very easily bended

pisces run for the hills
by: Anonymous

i laughed out loud about the lost keys, oh the f rustration and wasted time. pisces man will make you question your sanity. he will suck you dry and then leave.you MUST have a plan B.and expect to use it. my pisces has left me in a bad way but i will rise from the ashes spurred on by the comments i have read!

Pisces are Lonely
by: Anonymous

I dated a pisces for a month or not since he was absent most of the time. Popped up whenever I least expected. Worse relationship I have ever had. Admitted he likes living all alone out in the desert even when he was married and had children he worked out of town in the middle of nowhere and hardly came home and he liked it. Still does. I don't see what there is to date really - he is emotionally unavailable. We had a knock down insulting fight on both sides & I hear they always come back - is that true? No communication at all now.

Disappearing act
by: Confusion Susan

I am in love with the fact that pisces men love to make love for long hours almost all day and night. I love the emotion and sensitivity that they possess. I will say that they are freaks and sexy as hell. BUT!!!

I dated one pisces guy who would get hurt about everything. If I was on the phone with him and told him that I had to get ready to clock in to work, he would be hurt deeply. Then he'd turn around and not call me for 4 days. He'd emerge and say that he just needed to regroup. He drank a lot too. But his sex was undescribable. He would lick, touch, pump every angle of my body. And the way that he said that he loved me was like butter.

Right now I am getting to know a pisces guy. He says that he is feeling me. He says that he has thoughts of what he'd like to do to me. I'll send him an email and we'll exchange cute and sexy notes. And then I won't hear from him. I'm so tired of this shi*t. Then he is going to call and say, "Hey, how's it goin'?" And basically talk about nothing. Oh yea, this one does not have much to say at all. I have to bring up stuff to talk about. And he has a bedtime. He likes to be in bed by 10 every single night. So if we are on the phone, he starts yawning at 9:30 like clockwork. I don't know what to do.

Nothing to talk about
by: Anonymous

That was my experience also, I found in the end he was in it for sex only. He didn't want to talk. That is not a grown up. No thanks.

Look between the details
by: David

As a evolved Pisces who read most of these comments let me make a few suggestions:
1-There r 2 types of Pisces: the evolved one's and the involved one's. Just decide which one u prefer or at least find one of each and compare and contrast- notice the differences and similarities. But do it over about 3 to 6 months. If Pisces turns u on or u like their caring sensitive side at least u have a guide book on good n bad qualities.
2- they disappear to regenerate. Silence, space n solitude recharges batteries. It's like getting our heads/hearts rebooted. Introverts recharge by being alone. Maybe negotiate ground rules around disappearing. Also time will slow down n speed up easily for a Pisces. 3 days away can be like just hours for us. Also try putting fly spray in a room with a fish tank- dead fish in a day or so. So reread the post about negativity and getting away from. Then read it again.
3- Pisces do not need their partners. Give them a jug of wine water whatever they will survive thank you very much. Maybe look at your own expectations around needs.
4- Pisces love is usually universal. Let them do that so they warm up to personal love. Don't tell them what to do, but b very careful with suggestioning anything- easily influenced. Remember they might look soft affectionate n sweet on the outside but He isr pretty much doing what u r- that is trying to get your needs met while attending to the needs of another person. And waking up in the middle of the night realizing they r not the same. Try reading Emotional intelligence & google 4 horsemen of the apocalypse- Bateman I think. Well researched techniques on communicating in a relationship. Simple & well known. Oh & learn how the brain
Floods in fights n how to wait half an hour before talking it through. Simple real practical stuff.

Nothing to talk about to : Anonymous
by: Confushion Susan

There has been an update on the status of the pisces guy that I'm seeing. Remember me? Disappearing act? I kind of get how he works now. However, I realize that I will never get to know EXACTLY how he works. If I do not contact him (he loves my emails and when I call) then I will hear from him. He will call. I would miss the call. I'd email him telling him that I knew it was too late to call him, but I just wanted to let him know that I did see that he called. He writes back with exclamtion points saying things like, good morning beautiful, it is so good to hear from you!!!!!! Anyway, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da......We talk on the phone that night. He is very talkative. When I don't call HIM, he gets talkative. Then he wants to see me. We plan a day and then I'll call that day to say that I will see him soon. He is so selfless. He always has his brother, mother, or cousin over. When I am there, his brother comes in with his own key all of the time and he doesn't know how to tell him to take a hike. I just don't know if he can man up to his family or to me. I don't know if he likes me or if he is just holding on to me for collateral. I mean, he did ask me if I'd move in with someone for love. I don't know. That is why my name is Confusion Susan.

Please move on
by: Anonymous

my humble advice to you is just move on with your life definetely without him...seriously!!! I had a brief encounter with one jusssttt like the you describe... lol, not that I was looking for anything serious at the time, we just wanted to hook up, then a few more times, we both had awesometime while being intimiate but that would be it... then, he dissappeared but this time not like for a month, just never heard from him...anyhow, I noticed him online where we met and I am very sure he noticed me as well... well, I have never been exclusive with the person I was with at the time, this pisces knew the situation and never made any suggestion while we were meeting but now, boy is he desperately looking for a hook up online ALL THE freakin time? Well, seriously, maybe it's my personality, I ain't chasing anyone and neither have the reason to go out of my way to keep someone happy without nothing and no plans in the forseable future...never understand, why bother if there is no interest on his part whether it's some sort of mind game or not? Seriously, move on... good luck

by: Anonymous

I really like my Pisces guy. I live in another city(about an hour away).He used to blow my phone up sending texts and calling to see how i was doing. We have spent weekends together getting to know each other and each other families. I have started to notice lately that he doesnt call as much as he used to. So in turn i stopped calling as much. He noticed the distance and said that he understands that i am a mother and have other responsibilities outside of him. I told him that yes that is true but i would like to know that he is thinking of me. he also stated that he is going thru a lot financially and he has alot on his mind. But he still pushes and pulls. He is 34 years old so i am starting to think that this is the way he will be forever. I like him and would like to see if this can go anywhere....Or should i just take it as a lesson learned???

My Pisces Friend has been gone for 3 days
by: Lissa Loves Pisces

I have a best friend, a wonderful Pisces man. We are not romantic, both of us married to other people, we're just really great friends.
But, I guess in just knowing him and how he flows, I know that every few weeks there will be a period of days that I won't see, talk, text, etc. from him. It's like he's recharging.
Today as of this writing, it will be almost 3 days since I've talked to him.
One thing that I have learned from him in watching how he works, is that when he unloads some heavy emotional stuff off his chest in any of our conversations, he'll be gone resting for a few days before we talk again. It's almost like it drained him to spill his guts, ya know?
I don't mind & I don't worry. It's cool to think that he totally trusts me with anything and able to communicate with me on such a, dare I say, intimate level.
But, yeah...I know he'll be back in action in no time. I am a Taurus and am very patient with him and I think he appreciates that.

have patience they always come back
by: Anonymous

yes i know how you feel its like they want to space ....im a gemini and my pisces guy always dissapears every once and awhile ..then i chase after him and he ignores me so then ..i ignore him bak and dont text for ages and he then decides to come back i think they do play games but its them that are insecure not you ...i love my pisces guy very much when i met him first i used to take his dissapearing acts to heart ..but now i realize that is just him ..and its his away of saying i need space..

when he does this i keep busy and when he comes back to me hes even more in love like he was before he left ... if you love this guy have patience ..they will keep doing that untill they know your the one ...

A question for all Pisces meng me crazy
by: Anonymous

A question for all Pisces men

I’m a Taurus girl when i met my Pisces man it was love at first sight, we were inseparable. We were attached to the hip. When I met him I wasn’t really looking for a relationship since I was trying to get over my Cancer man who I had a 3 year relationship with and my God! I thought I wanted him to be my husband. He was what every girl wanted, young, cute, smart, had style, own a house, nice cars, great job, I mean my cancer guy was my ideal guy and it was sooooo hard getting over him, and I had so much competition it was crazy!...lol when I met my Pisces man we connected (for me to spend time with someone it’s hard I need to feel connected someway, traits of an introvert Taurus)
So we connected very well, he used to make me feel as if I met him or seen him before. We were together for 1yr 8mos, we were happy. We told each other “I love you” constantly. One day he got up and disappeared then a week later I was told “we needed to break up” and that’s it! We never fought, we never argued (probably had 3 fights during the time we were together). it’s been 4 years since the break up and it’s been hell. He comes back once a year to “check how I’m doing” or maybe “to terrorize my relationships” (still trying to figure that out) crazy part is that I still feel connected to him. When I meet him he recharges me, he doesn’t even have to say anything because I’m just enjoying the energy. But he only comes to tell me how horrible his life is. I know he has dated throughout the years, I can say he has almost turned into a male whore…lol When he comes back to talk he spills all his stress and what’s going on with his life on me, obviously being the (Taurus that I am) I can help but to feel like I want to help, and then my feeling get caught up and once he feels it he runs again, and leaves me with no word. He hurts my feelings all the time, he treats me like garbage to be honest. He never remembers my birthday, he has no sympathy for me when I’m facing tough times (if I tell him too much of my problems he runs again), he avoids me at all cause, ignores my calls, emails, blocks me. (And I don’t bother him that much and with time I have learned to stay away. It has come to the point that I actually think he hates me. And just when I think it’s over here he comes again telling me how happy he was when he was with me. I don’t understand why he has picked the only one person he trust with his intimate thoughts with and who seriously wants the best for him to treat like crap?
He chooses to spend all his time and money with his friends and other girls. While with me when we talk it’s always in his car then he drops me home. Makes me feel like he’s ashamed to be seen with me or embarrassed?

so the question is

Does he hate me? Dislike me? or am I just a punching bag? are looks very important for Pisces man? maybe I’m not skinny or tall enough and that’s why he’s embarrassed”

Re:A question for all Pisces meng me crazy
by: Anonymous

Hi dear Taurus.I'm a Pisces male and i think i can clarify things a bit.So,you still feel connected to him? that's good.A little of you is still inside of him.It seems like your his shoulder to cry on and knows he can trust you with his thoughts however i think his keeping it at just that.He might just be over you and only hangs out with you not to hurt your feelings because he knows you have the potential of getting closer to him.I think he could be embarrassed because you know longer fit in with his ideal match.He's being really fucked up.

Us Pisces admire beauty of any kind as long as it's unique.However he settle for anything no matter how ugly or beautiful it is.

Honestly I think he's being fucked up

Same here
by: Anonymous

i dated my Pisces man for 2 years, there was an instant connection since day 1. We did everything together.He would buy me gifts all the time and send me “just because” flowers …..He used to tell me “i love you” all the time, all day long. We didn’t use to fight. We probably had 3 arguments for the time we were together. I did let myself go, i gained 30lbs or so (i know that’s bad and its harder for a Taurus girl to lose it) The last 2 months our sex life did suffered, but i thought it was because he was stress with work; Because at the time i had my Pisces man who actually verbalize the words ” i love you” to me everyday. I didn’t see it as a red flag (now, i do). One day he got up and left with no word nor say. a week or 2 later, he writes a letter on how he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, he was not “feeling me”, i had so much faith in our love that i just told myself “Give him space, he’ll be back, he will miss me really soon and we will be happy together again” (yeah, that didn’t happened) i begged him to come back for 1.5 yrs, he would tell me that he had other goals to achieve and that he was stress, that he miss me but he was not ready for a relationship. i found out later on He started dating his ex not too long after we broke up but he failed to tell me for the 1.5 yrs that i was begging him. One thing i don’t understand is that he always comes back to apologize because he feels bad (how many times does a person need to apologize for?) Every year he has always reached out to tell me about his life and how miserable he is and how happy he was when he was with me but he never wants a more than friends relationship with me. when he notices that i’m catching feelings, he leaves again. it doesn’t matter how bad our arguments have been, when we see or talk to each other it brings us back to when we were together, getting along just fine. He never wants me to find out that he’s with other girls (i find that funny) since i have nothing to hide, i do flaunt my boyfriends because i’m proud to say “he’s my man” i have no problems finding great men that love me and treat me right, but for some reason i just can’t connect with them. no matter how hard i try (trust me, i really want to be able to LOVE again, to treat my man right and spoiled him and travel together and explore the world together).

Advice(yes we do suck)
by: Pisces

Pisces men will not tell you how they really feel easily, you have to find a way to force it out, not with threats but by letting them know what you need. Their priority is you, you need to make sure that they know that you need the same honesty as them. They can relate to this and they will try hard. Once you know exactly what it is it gets a lot easier to solve.

We're like a very complicated maze really, but I really hope that in the end we can be worth it for any girl. If you can't take it just try to back out slowly, but I really do suggest that you keep at it.

I think I speak for all guys when I say that we're sorry to be morons and not nearly as adorable as women, in one way or another.

Y Pisces Y??

Pisces men do suck. I mean don't get me wrong they are sweet and loving and can sometimes be devoted and hard working.......buuuuut....they can manipulate, cheat, lie(for no reason),and be Houdini..lol. I love mines no matter if he wants to leave forever or come back one day. He was mine for a brief moment in time and I am okay with that. I will always miss him.(I always did even when I was right next to him)I know he thinks about me and misses me. He may never be fully mine but I will always cherish the time we spent together. I admit I did do too much for him and never got the same treatment in return but thats ok. How will I learn my lesson if I never lived through it? I'm stronger because of him. I know pisces absorb energy from the people they are around and at the time I was fwb with him I was going through alot and after being with him I always felt better. So I assume he took my negative energy? I think it weighed on him too much. I dont blame him for going away but it would be nice if he could text a smiley face or something once in a while. He has not deleted off his friends list online so I know he is not mad at me. I will always love him and I don't think he even understands why he leaves. Its okay with me as long as he is happy and healthy. I really do miss him though. Oh and since this about astrology I'm aquarius but i was born Feb.18....but the year and time of day I was born says the sun was in pisces when I was born. I dont really explain that to anyone #too complicated....but I display both traits its weird and confusing...lol. I was raised by a pisces woman and have a pisces daugher. also 2 aunts, 1 uncle, my godson(still a baby), 1 homegirl, and a guy friend...ALL PISCES!! They make me crazy but I love them all.

Sometimes pisces are scary
by: Gemini gal

But my guy has got a backbone,he has stood up 2 many things in life,i just dont see him being a coward. He spooks me @tyms dou i.e sumtimes when m abt 2 recieve a visitor he tells me in advance,when m angry with him i drop things,i gave him a nickname Flames.He called me d next day and asked me what i meant by flames.i ws shocked coz i had not yet told him about d nickname i had in mynd.The first time he professed his love 4 me,i actually heard it through his heart.I screamed and i asked him if i heard wrong...till now i still dont want 2 believe that i heard his heart tlk 2 me. Our sex is hot.Their lovemaking is slow and langurous and can take hrs.When you have sex with them i swear you ll pray that it never ends. Am a gemini and i dnt take well 2 orders but..with my pisces man it is quite the opposite. And ohh the connection between us is great. One thing i have learnt with him is Never nag,Never insist on issues. Whenever he is bogged about an issue i change the topic,place my head on his chest and tell him i love him. After a couple of hours or a day he would talk about it.Learn to read their moods and ask what their thinking and they ll do the same for you
Once in a while i tie him in bondage and close his eyes,use my tongue or a light feather and tease him.When they loose control they loose it totally.If you v ever a seen a lion roaring you ll kno what i mean.A rule of thumb with a pisces show him with words that he drives you crazy.He could be with his friends whisper in his ear and tell him you want to rip his pants off or that you love him.Make them feel wanted and they ll worship you

Pisces thoughts
by: Anonymous

Iam a pisces man I disappear if negative energy is around me and I leave when iam not treated fair pisces are to compassionate than other sign when us pisced love we love to the core but when a woman puts us through bull crap wego the other way

Uve gotta be kidding me..
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo and damn proud of it. I've got a mars in Aries and can tell you that pisces is just downright pathetic.

I've met 3 so far that are pisces with mars in pisces (one with venus in aries) and all are the spitting rotating pathetic mess of the last one. One was incapable of sticking to their word. The other was in a relationship already and went from being "agressive" to ow-ing once we got to bed. The other one is being "conservative"... I tell ya, i've found nothing attractive about their inability to deal with sh*t head on.

It's such a turn off and disgusting.

They can send crotch pics but wanna act coy when i tell them i want dirty talk. They want "good" sex but "good sex" to them is vanilla and simple, at least, to me.

The more i meet piscean anything, the more i become the spitting image of the ultimate man that never listens and doesn't give a f*ck and will say anything just to get in their pants. This whole 'recharge' b.s. is the card played but in reality, it's nothing to do with recharge. You're unreliable, weak, indicisive, pathetic, insecure, and you feed off of other peoples energy and then wanna get butthurt when u realize u took in their baggage along with everything else u were stealing.

Seriously, anyone dealing with that pisces sensitivity sh*t has got to be one major basket case because that is nothing short of enabling that pansy as$ behaviour. Grow a pair, would ya!? Ladies and males included.

Uve gotta be kidding me..
by: Anonymous

I'm a Virgo and damn proud of it. I've got a mars in Aries and can tell you that pisces is just downright pathetic.

I've met 3 so far that are pisces with mars in pisces (one with venus in aries) and all are the spitting rotating pathetic mess of the last one. One was incapable of sticking to their word. The other was in a relationship already and went from being "agressive" to ow-ing once we got to bed. The other one is being "conservative"... I tell ya, i've found nothing attractive about their inability to deal with sh*t head on.

It's such a turn off and disgusting.

They can send crotch pics but wanna act coy when i tell them i want dirty talk. They want "good" sex but "good sex" to them is vanilla and simple, at least, to me.

The more i meet piscean anything, the more i become the spitting image of the ultimate man that never listens and doesn't give a f*ck and will say anything just to get in their pants. This whole 'recharge' b.s. is the card played but in reality, it's nothing to do with recharge. You're unreliable, weak, indicisive, pathetic, insecure, and you feed off of other peoples energy and then wanna get butthurt when u realize u took in their baggage along with everything else u were stealing.

Seriously, anyone dealing with that pisces sensitivity sh*t has got to be one major basket case because that is nothing short of enabling that pansy as$ behaviour. Grow a pair, would ya!? Ladies and males included.

To The Virgo above me
by: Anonymous

Wow I read your comment. Pretty harsh stuff. But I commented to let you know that I am a Pisces with Mars in Pisces & Venus in Aries if my chart is right I dont think it is but I am definitely a Pisces. I wanted to do a test with you to see if I'm anything like the guys you explained. Doesnt have to be physical. Even if its just simple convo online..

Let the waiting begin
by: Anonymous

And what is the test, pisces? I do have mars in aries..

I don't know what your "test" would be.

I would've gotten it out in the first comment; please, do enlighten me with your next one.

I'll be here.. Waiting.....

by: NotsonicePisces

People say that how you view a pices is actually a reflection of yourself.
Pisces won't be the most organized, etc, if they are an enviroment that drains their positive energy.
As for pisces not having a back bone? I dissagree, and I will give anexample that proves this wrong. Karl Adolf Eichmann. Karl Adolf Eichmann was directly responsible for 20 million deaths of jewish people, homosexuals, etc, juring the holocaust. So coming from people that have most likely not even taken one life, it's just funny saying such people that have had the backbone to kill 20 million people don't have a backbone. Not to mention, Einstein was a Pisces, and the person with the highest IQ in today's world is also a Pisces.
Also, Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson took a bullet to the chets in a duel with someone that was dishonoured his wife. He took a shot to the chest, then fired his pistol and killed the person that shot him in the duel. So even when he was shot (and survived), he won a duel.

Osama Bin Laden was a Pisces. For someone with no "backbone", he caused far more problems than any of you people with "backbones".

You people seem to think that because a Pisces won't throw down right then and now, that they have no backbone. You don't understand that a lot of Pisces sit there and plan a far more negative way of handeling things.

So as it stands, the smartest, the most dangerous, etc all belong to Pisces...How does it feel that all these people that have done far more dangerous things, far more smarter things than you are Pisces? Eh?

To the comment directly above
by: Anonymous

So you want to compare pisceans to nazi's and to a mass killer? Osama? Let me ask you, did "backbone" ever cross your mind when you stood up for things that may not have been morally "right"? But of course, it does take a backbone in nazi germany to take a stand against adolf HITLER and his party to not do commit acts-- please, though.. Continue.

To the comment directly above
by: Anonymous

So you want to compare pisceans to nazi's and to a mass killer? Osama? Let me ask you, did "backbone" ever cross your mind when you stood up for things that may not have been morally "right"? But of course, it does take a backbone in nazi germany to take a stand against adolf HITLER and his party to not do commit acts-- please, though.. Continue.

******FOR THE RECORD: what you have managed to prove is that they're unable to take a stand and are amongst the morally disabled.

As i said, though..

Go on...

Right back at you
by: Anonymous

Oh, so you are able to compare pisces people to the ones that are "too emotional", "pussies", etc, but you can't compare them to the opposite? No. I wasn't comparing "all" pisces to those people, not even most, and if you need that explained to you, then you are mentally defficiant and can't understand simple things.
My point was that among the most dangerous, brutal, and biggest threat of people, alot of them are pisces.

You seem to be confused of what is meant to have a backbone. Having a backbone doesn't mean sticking up to something morally correct, it's sticking up for something that would have ovious resistance and risks from people of a seperate parties.

What I have managed to prove that they're unable to take a stand? What? Ok, I'm convinced, you're mentally defficiant. How does being the reason for the war on terror, killing millions of people, getting in to a duel to defend your partners honour "not" proving having a back bone? You said it, now I would like an explanation of why. Saying something is easy, proving it is different.

So, here you are, with your little sarcastic "Go on, continue" ending, when you have done nothing to prove anything that you claim.

I make statements and explain them, you simply make statements with no explanation on why anyone should take your statement seriously.

So I'm not going to tell you to continue, I'm going to tell you to restart your points, make actual counter points, then come to me with sarcasm.

Remember, make a statement, then explain it's meaning to the actual discussion. Moron. -Facepalm-

Gemini gal Pisces guy
by: Anonymous

I'm a Gemini girl, completely head over heels with my best friend, a Pisces. Almost 3 years strong. Even silly things like the bear i gave him our first Christmas is our kid, Billy. haha! Unfortunately he is engaged, to a creature who treats him poorly. But he says their relationship is 90% good 10% bad times. But as his friend, I try to help him figure out what he wants to do. She wants him to cut ties with me, and he told her not ever happening.
Recently, things have heated up between us. More than our normal flirting. I wrote him a letter, like he asked, explaining exactly how I feel for him. He said i was wasting my time and that I should move on. So I go out on dates, and talk to different guys, and he finds a way to sabotage them (calling nonstop, texting so the new guy runs away) He gets in these jealous rages whenever I do try to move on. my ex is trying to weasel back in, and that sent my Pisces into a silent storm, but I told him clearly, i only have eyes for him. Although I don't understand how I'm suppose to be okay with him being with her when he won't let me move on. so confusing!
Last time I was home, we got intimate. All initiated from him. Typical Gemini fashion, I somewhat shut down after, thinking it was just a fling. But he pulled me out of it. Says he couldn't stand the idea of not kissing me again. Hated seeing me with someone else. that he couldn't see himself with her forever like he could with me. Loved that I was so patient with him. But wasn't sure how he felt yet. My last night home he wanted to hold me, cuddle, do couple things. And I loved it. I came back to my town, when a few weeks later says he felt guilty. Being my patient self, I waited for him to come back down to earth and things we're somewhat back to normal, minus our typical flirts. I don't want to make him feel like I'm pressuring him so I toned down my flirting much more than normal.
Most recently (a week ago) him and the creature hada falling out. Things are fine as they are still engaged. I told him what I thought like I normally do, and he did what he deemed was right. But all of a sudden built this wall against me. We talked for a bit the other night. I told him honestly how it hurt that he was ignoring me, and he said he was just busy. That if I text him, he'd text back. Nothing has changed. I'm suppose to finally be moving home in my own place in a week or so,excited for it. But now I don't know. I jokingly told him I was going to come back and not tell him. But he knew I was kidding. We laughed it off. Did I hurt him by saying that?
Since we're both so young (me 22 him 20) I listened to my ma and stopped sweating him so hard. Stopped texting him, went on with my week. But I can't take this. he's my best friend, sexual tension aside. I would never touch him again in my life, if it meant we'd still be friends. But this is really hitting home. I've read the above comments and I'm not sure what to do. Is he daydreaming? Or cutting me lose? Will he come back to me, or is this the end? I will do anything to keep him. He is my best friend, feelings or not. i am sick to my stomach over this. I can't eat, or sleep,and he's constantly on my mind. I run a blog, and I know Pisces have to have their mysterious side, so I don't track his IP address anymore. But I know he's looking everyday. I've not posted anything about our situation, but he creeps everything of mine; facebook, my blog, twitter, pintrest. Why do Pisces do that too? Do I move on?
Please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The twins just want their fish back. :(

From my point of view
by: Anonymous

There was the deal with Pisces running away from problems but yea, as far as I'm concrned, Pisces does stand up for the loved ones which I have a lot. I wouldn't even have second thoughts if I'd have to risk with my healt and reputation, I really care about my friends and even though it may seem at times I have no backbone, it's for a reason... sometimes it's just for creating the element of surprise and doing the unexpected and sometimes it's jsut for making others feel a bit better around me, knowing that everyone matters or something like that.
And yea, I'm Pisces and 18 years old so I may have a lot yet to conquer and find out but that's my current opinion... although I do have many personalities which alter me and pretty much everything about me... -.- :)


Pisces do not disappear intentionally. They simply swim with life’s current and do not like being caught or kept captive. The quicker you understand that, the better off you will be.

I am a Dominant Pisces who is successful and more so, considerate of others.
Pisces do need some time to themselves to "recharge" so to speak, perhaps a weekend or a month of solitude depending on the severity of the need. Do not take this as if we are leaving for good, we would love your company so long as you abide to our solitary seeking needs,...we'd gladly enjoy a hot relaxing bath with our lover so long as we soak in silence! The outside world can be much for us because we are spiritual creatures and tend take on the worries of others.

If you understand this about your Pisces(and do not make a mockery out of it - as we are sensitive), you will know their innermost secret...they are gentle loving souls. They will return to you when they have recuperated and are at their best. You will also gain their long-term loyalty for having the patience towards them!

If we are to leave for good...you will never be bothered by us again (if your a good Pisces - you will stand firm on your decision to leave).
And when we do not leave without good merit. For example, maybe you didn’t take enough time to get to know your Pisces as well as they got to know you (Pisces near worship their lovers down to the smallest details), or maybe you didn’t treat them well. Either case, you have hurt them significantly and it is beyond repair. Unless of course, they get a full hearted real apology - although, good luck finding out what’s wrong...they rarely share their innermost feelings unless they can fully trust you. And It is a trust worth earning...they promise you self-less whole hearted soul bearing love.

How to get him back to love me?
by: Capricorn Girl

Hi,lets make it a shorty short story I've been dating my man for 4 months,now for some reasons I broke his heart and now he wants to be my friend.Its like i know he is heart broken because of my stupid acts,the funny part he told me that even if we marry we will only be as friends.Will he ever love me the way he used to before or how to make him understand that i love him??Hes anyways comming to see me this Oct.

Are we only friends now or just for the time being?

what should i do ?? give up or hold on ??
by: Anonymous

i've been with this guy for over two years. a couple of months back we had a fight over an issue issue but since then he has not responded to any of my calls, texts or e-mails. he has been travelling a lot with his friends and family.if he has made up his mind about leaving me, he could just say so...why keep me in dark? we have been very close all these years, i don't know what should i do ? should i wait ? for how long ? should i move on ? i am too confused. he has not deleted me from his FB friendlist, he is not seeing anyone, he makes sure he is aware of what is happening in my life, he has kept the same passwords(given by me). it has been more than two months....my patience is running out. the only reason i am having second thoughts about moving on because i was more than happy with him. yes he did pull away from me a few times in past but i never gave up, i constantly tried calling/texting him and after putting a lot of effort, eventually he came back to me.... i am more than exhausted putting up with his silent treatment and aloofness. i want him to initiate this time.. i need to know for sure whether he wants me because if he does, he will come bcak at some point right ? i am a cancer woman and yes i can be clingy sometimes and i have temper, a bad one... i have hurt him quite a few times, he needs to understand my issues and accept me for the way i am and should help me to deal with my anger issues.... if any of you has anything to say regrading this, feel free to share your opinions :))

I can't help but love him

I've been in a long distance relationship with my pisces guy for six months now. We met on a dating sight and he says when he saw me, he knew I was the one, even though we live a 24 hour drive apart. We talked every night by phone or text and within a month and a half, he proposed to me over the phone one night and I was shocked!

After much consideration and even a trip I cancelled because I got too nervous about visiting him first (I'm old fashioned and believe the man should make the first move in meeting), I took a plane to see him.

I couldn't help but stare into his eyes as I walked toward him from the airline terminal (Pisceans have wonderful, mysterious eyes), then a long hug; seemed like we didn't want to let go. Holding hands we walked to get my rental car in the airport.

Then the hotel I'd reserved a room had no record of my reservation, and my fiance suggested I stay with him at his home. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. It actually felt very natural for me to stay with him because he was the same guy in person that I'd met on the phone every night. And every part of my being (pisceans are very intuitive)was telling me it would be safe.

We stayed together at his place and he was always himself; always a gentleman. We read each other often and before we could say what we wanted, the other was handing it to the other. Mental telepathy at its best.

We enjoyed many close moments together during my stay; the zoo, 4th of July fireworks, the movies, cooking together at home, talking to his relatives via phone. We are just meant for each other in almost everyway, including family backgrounds and strong spiritual/Christian beliefs.

Anyway, I say all of this to say that after this wonderful trip, when I arrived home, I was still very excited about seeing my fiance. I texted him on my way home to keep tabs with him like always, aand then to inform him I'd made it home safely. I called him that night to say a few words and I couldn't understand why he wouldn't answer the phone (he's a homebody like me). I texted several times the next day and he ignored my texts, and when he finally texted me it was with a sarcastic remark. I felt so abandoned!

Three days later, and after reading this column online, I realized that maybe this is just the way pisces men can be; they need their space. So, I text my guy then and there just to say "good morning Baby. I guess you need your space. I love you."

Withing one minute flat, he text me back and the conversation has returned to where we were before my trip with his caring, full attention returned to where it always had been. I've learned a very valuable lesson that I'll carry throughout this relationship and that is to love my Pisces man just as he is and be patient with him because he loves me too, he just needs space sometimes to recuperate. After all, I need my space too even though I tend to come out of that space quicker to be there to respond to my man.

older libra lady / younger male pisces
by: Anonymous

Long story short...Me: older by 10 yrs, artist,look 35, bad marriage. Him: 35 art teacher. Met as an aquaintence, I did a little flirting..he didn't seem to respond...friendly hugs, we connect on a mental level, never had sex and commented that talking to me feels like one of the guys that he can be open with and don't have to hide how he speaks. And yes...he does disappear. I think I may just stay home....WTH!!!!

Pisces n pisces
by: Pisces

So my bff is a piscez like myself... We are do alike ... Im a very attreactive women.. His good looking. He does text me but always puts me last when I express im getting annoyed with him he begs me back... Sex is good but I contribute we are competetive in bed I wo.der if his searious... How can I know if his taking me searious I have already met thr father and his to meet my family. Also I have kids and he seems to bd fine with it. Problem is I cant have more and hs has none ..

they need to grow up
by: Anonymous

i was in a 4yr relationship he is gone now has been for a month and moved in with anothr woman and just text me the other night saying he wants to come home this is the third time we have been through this it hurts, it seems that when things don't go his way he leaves or he is a big flirt always online meeting women, bottome line is he don't want to lose what he has at home, i think they are really big whores who need to grow up if they want to keep real women

Dangerous waters
by: Anonymous Piscean Victim

Enter the relationship with your won risk. These guys are babies, immature and restless. They will go to anyone that dangles a brighter louder toy. Easily distracted, you will never be sure if you have your man. Even if you for some time, the fish is a floater, who will always want fredeom and independence over loyalty, stablity and security. They can be unbearably charming but the escapist wrath is cruel. More pain for limited gain. Not doing it again. The worst undeserved heartbreak because the guy could not deal with what may have been a regular fight in any normal relationship.

Trying to figure out if I should run from thud
by: smokingreality

I recently have started talking to a Pisces man for a past few months and I must say, I am falling fast. He is beyond attentive, sweet, artistic, caring... But when he disappears on me it drives me insane. When we make plans to see each other they always fall through, and I have to rack my brain to keep him at least a little talkative. Now, I am a Aries.. And I know us two signs in a relationship will not work unless I am extra tender and attentive to his feelings, which I have made sure to do.. But lately he has been very distant and I'm not sure I want to get into this relationship. I mean, who really wants to deal with someone who is going to constantly pull a Houdini? From what I have researched I understand Pisces don't feel the necessity to depend on their partner, but that is what I need. How so I get him to realize that in a relationship I'm going to need him to be there?

9 years living with Pisces man I'm a sag women!
by: Anonymous

Let me see where do I start ..... When I first started dating him ... He was very sweet ( what you call a true nice guy ) , smart very resourcefull and could fix anything ... Anything from cars to computers to home improvement .. he was very giving .. Here is a example ... We went to dinner to goodfellas on melrose and there is a boutique next door (was closed) and they had a cute dress on display and I was like omg I love it ! Next day he picks me up and gives me a present in a beautyfull box ... And bam there is the dress ... He paid $ 100. 00 bucks for it . I made him tell me because I know those shops are to over price . Anyways that is how he WAS, years have pass and not for the good .... We have a daughter 6 year old , I have an engagement ring .. A big I carat diamond ring but no wedding. I know I'm not innocent at all ... but I'm a realist .. And have to speak my mind no matter what. I don't think we will get merry ever and will not bring it up anymore. As for this Pisces .. He changes a lot , he is easily influence by the attitudes of his co workers .. Will stay away from his family at times to hang out with his friends or who knows his lover ... I don't say anything anymore about that . He has been the first guy ever to make me feel unattracted and unwanted to the point that I wish for a lover. he is a very positive person but when he gets mad he flips out and can be very scary. One thing I hate about him is that he does not know how to shut up, he will complain about our relationship to others and how he wants to leave ... But yet he has never show those emotions to me ... He should be a man and just tell me period. he is also a mamas boy but it's ok me and his mom are cool . On the flip side he is a good lover sex is great and he is also a great provider .. He is not a cheapass ... If you know how to cook like me .. Extra points for you as he will reward you with more money lol !

To "sag woman" together 9 years
by: Anonymous

I'm a pisces woman who dated a pisces man for 9 months, and I'm sorry to hear about what's going on with you and your pisces fiance.
I don't like to see couples break up and wonder if you've tried counseling to work things out. Piscean men don't like to end relationships and will simply disappear, whether completely or in part. It seems his actions of disappearing whenever and to wherever have caused your self esteem to diminish. I understand that pisces men need their space but if you think he's cheating on you, he probably is. Why do you put up with it, just because he pays the bills and because you're in tight with his mom? I hope the best for you and that you can work things out; even if you move out for a while so he can see how much he actually loves you. Right now he has no reason to marry you or to treat you better, he's got the best of two worlds, why should he change.
Good luck sag woman. My pisces man story is below:
Mine, also a fiance was nice too in the beginning and, a long distance relationship we visited back and forth.
Well, on his last visit to me he woke up one morning and for no understandable reason just lit into me yelling, he said because I was coughing from a cold. On the to church that morning I asked him why he was so mad earlier. He explained that it was because he loved me and didn't like seeing someone he loved sick, and not taking care of myself (his assumption). Well, I'm a nurse and being around sick people, you will catch a cold sometimes.
We had a family gathering after church that day so that all of my family could meet my fiance. He got along great with them and everything seemed to be alright.
Our last evening together, we watched tv on separate couches because he kicked my off his couch. Seeing that I was mad at him for that, he called himself making up by giving me the remote to pick the show I wanted to watch. This incident called to mind that we really hadn't had any intimacy during our visit except a greeting hug. Even with him trying not to catch my cold the lack of intimacy was really strange compared to the closeness we shared when I'd visited him at his place, this felt weird.
So, the next day I took him to the airport and I told him I'd miss him, and he said, "I know you will," hmmm.
Once he got home, we text one or two days more and then he just disappeared; never called, text or emailed. Hmmm! Now it's 3 weeks later and I haven't heard a peep.
But I'm going on with my life; bought a new car, taking a trip to Vegas, going back to school to do even better. I sent him a final text to let him know this. I'm told I'm attractive (53 but look 45 many people say)(a typical pisces woman- very feminine); there are better fish in the sea. He's 60 and looks it but I accepted him because I loved who he was inside. I wish him the best but I've moved on to better.

Weak for fish!
by: Sag/leo

This post is as back and forth as the fishies we love. Haha So my story as a sun sag, moon leo lady goes as:Single mother after my first love of 4yrs (pisces/scorpio) , the father, didnt and probably never will step up. Always going to harbor the sting of that, but I believe men have more to offer, and I want it.

More recently, stumbled across another pisces(gemini moon), and it was so unexpected, but we "connected instantly".* Been over 2 months doing the long distance because of his work. Ive never considered long distance until him. We carry on as a couple except 1 red flag. He wont announce officially to his friends/family about us. His best friend knows, and a couple others I met when he and I first met do too. He says he knows it makes no sense since he sees us together, but he's "not ready for a relationship", and to give him time. After gping back and forth I cave, we compromise a deadline when he'd be ready. I was so nervous he wouldnt keep to it, but put my hopes first and trusted he would. Just a few days shy of deadline. He tells me he's not ready still.

He knows Im gone the minute I hear that , so he tries to feed me the dont wana lose you, please be my friend one more time, before giving up. I told him to never contact me again.

Deep inside, Im still dreaming that he'll come to me and admit he was foolish and wants me for life. 2months felt too soon to admit I fell inlove, but I keep thinking I shouldve told him.
If you've read this far please share your insight.

Also, an extra somewhat related tid-bit. My aunt is a sag married to a pisces for over 18yrs, 2kids. Shes been miserable, theyve had a violent relationship all my life, but she never follows through on her threats of leaving. This haunts me. Haha

*Note-I met 2 other pisces before my last. Instant connection with both and know it happens with all their women. :/

capricone woman/pisces man
by: Anonymous

I met my pisces guy online.it was an instant connection.i swore never to love again unyil i met him.hes was nice and open to me.we used to chat all the time and its been good.he had an accident and i helped him with money for treatment.infact i have helped him pay his bills 2x.i was there for him whenever he needed me especially during his accident time that no one was there for him.we decided to meet and i flew to see him.he left the country the day i was arriving all in the name of work.anyway he came back and we slept in his house and had sex that day.we slept at my hotel which he didnt like bcoz he wanted me to stay with him.and then that was it.i never saw him again.but he will call and talk and say nice things but will never show up.he got really mad when he knew i was leaving and started blaming me for leaving etc.i promised to be back but it was never the same.he never want to talk about issues.but always promising love.recently we had a huge fight and i told him to go to hell.he just deleted me.i love him and wants him back but i dnt understand him any more.please help

to anonymous
by: Anonymous

what a dispicable thing to do to another person. the fact that he he is not around to give you love and support after such a tragic occurance surely sums up the type of person this man is. i dont think he deserves you i realy dont. if i were you i would think seriously about cutting my losses and ending the relationship for good! pisces always have the perfect excuse for not wanting to be around. i remember standing in gront of my pisces love interest and crying my heart and soul out and he did nothing he just stood there. you can love these people to death but they cant always return the sentiment. they are locked in their own little world and when reality bites they run for cover. they need to grow up and face life. no wonder so many pisces end up alone in life.

weird pisces guy
by: cheryl

hi there, i love reading the comments/stories here, it kind of makes me feel better about myself.

ok so here's the deal. i recently met this pisces guy, i'm only interested in a friends (maybe with benefits) relationship with him. but somehow even that seems hard?

it's not the first time he's done a disappearing act, the last time it was for a few months, then out of the blue he texted me asking how i was. and when i called him out he said he really had no idea why that happened.

so he became slightly clingy on whatsapp, and i decided he was worth having back in my life so we met up to chill. but after that he just started ignoring my texts on whatsapp. i don't know why. he says he's busy with work, or it was network problem but i think it's bullshit, his whatsapp status is always online.

sorry that was kinda long. just frustrated as he said he hoped he didn't "disappoint" me when we had met, yet he can pull this kind of stunt. i don't get it. :( for now i guess all i can do is leave him alone. not sure if i should accept him back into my life if he comes back this time.

Will my Pisces come back? Lost Libra :(
by: Zezeloves

I am a Libra woman who is in love with a Pisces man. We have a son together who is two. We were each other’s rebound the first time around and I got pregnant. We were not together when I found out. He was in a rehab for alcoholism when our son was born. He is now 2 years sober and everything we had in common seemed to bring us closer. We had such fun together; we were on a spiritual journey together. He even joined my church with me and tested living together which he said he loved. The poof, gone. said he was not being honest with himself or me and he didn’t see him spending his life with me. I did push for things on occasion and I know that was wrong. If to do all over I wouldn’t get wrapped up in society and their ideal of love. I love him, will he come back? or did he never love me? He slipped and called me honey on his last visit with our son and invited me to come along on the next visit but said it had nothing to do with us.. so confused!

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