Why do Virgo's pick on Scorpios?

I'm a scorpio and I'm highly offended when I hear that virgos think that we "Use" people/men. If you love a scorpio and she's with someone but you're not sure weather she likes you or not, remember this: if you show love to a scorpio they will show passion back. A scorpio may have a boyfriend but if you make yourself almost a hard puzzle to them they will still love their man but they will also think of you. If a scorpio's boy no longer is a puzzle or the boy doesn't know the boundries of passion,love and the game the scorpio will always love them , but will move on.

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by: Anonymous

Dont worry about them. Secretly Virgos want to be Scorpios and that's why they hate on and target us. They must bring down what they can't be, thats just how Virgos are..leeches.

10 years of experience
by: Anonymous

Virgos, asking you for money and favors with no shame. It really is all about them. They can suck you dry financially and emotionally, all while judging you. But loyal regardless. Very insecure.

Yeah :/
by: Anonymous

BOTH of my siblings are Virgos and they pick on me a lot and try their best to get me in trouble because they know what buttons to push to make me mad. Yet, they tend to get anything they ask for, as they are the oldest and youngest in my family. Ugh. Still love them no matter what though.

shut up u cocky virgo
by: Anonymous

Ima a Scorpio, some Virgo tried to mess with my emotions, i str8 called them out. Put your dukes up & lets handle with a friendly fade. No more smart a** remarks. Thats how i handle Virgos. Because your annoying as'f Virgos. Why are they even roaming on earth. Thats just what id like to know. Why where they put on Earth for? Well i know one virgo hyna i love her. Shes Actually not annoying. But the rest Ive met omg annoying as'f. Must be insecurity. I just think she wanted my capricorn man. So f** THAT B** As for there oposite sign piscies. What
s the point of these signs. ..tbh ijdk.

Scorpio chick
by: Scorpio chick

lol....typical virgo chick who must be mad because she's intimidated by scorpio and trys to hide it. If you're such a REALEST you wouldn't have took the time and try to prove that you ARE LMAO!!! Have several seats and you are jealous of us scorpios thats why you made that comment... THis is coming from a Scorpio woman!

Pfffft....Virgos are irritating, don't listen to them

Hey, I'm a scorpio and I've been putting up with this Virgo guy that I've known for so long. The dude is a moron, he doesn't understand anything and is so quick to judge. Yes, as a scorpio, I admit to being suspicious and I constantly test people. But-that is only to see if I can trust them. Don't trust a virgo. They look for perfection and flawlessness, something that contradicts itself and no one should feel entitled to be. This guy shows all the traits of a Virgo, the cleanliness, the control-freak persona, and the strive to be something he's not: perfection. The reason virgos hate on scorpios is because, despite our similarities, they don't understand us. We confuse them. That's who we are as scorpios. We're not something they can just label and study, we're much more complicated than they know. So, everytime a Virgo decides to mess with you or any other Scorpio, just remember that they only hate us because we refuse to lower ourselves down to their level and we will never let them judge us for who we truly are. :D
Peace out mofo!
From, a proud Scorpio

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