Why does my Virgo man keep coming back?

I've been dating a Virgo man for almost two years now. I'm a sag. Neither one of us seem to "want" a real relationship, but I wonder why he keeps coming back ? Why he comes on so strong sometimes, only leaving me feeling rejected and confused the next. And how will I ever get over him completely ?

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think about it
by: Anonymous

seems like he is playimg around or seeing if this is something he wants

The same issue
by: Brianna

It seems to be habitual for mine as well, but not my past Virgos. You must have something that keeps him wanting you. It's hard for them to let go of that comfort, theyre more emotional then they seem.

by: Anonymous

Virgo like to be in a relationship. ..He probably don't know what u want or when they get something in their head they think it won't work. ...just tell him how it is and that u will change the little things if he does. ..tell him how it is

by: Anonymous

Same damn issue. Ignore him

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