Why don't Sagittarius men know what they want?

by tya

I am a Aquarius women and was friends with a Sagittarius man for years and i started dating him but he cut it off and said he didnt want to fall out with his friend (apparently his friend liked me and he didnt want to fall out with him) next thing he goes an gets with this other aquarian women, me and the sag stayed friends but while he was with this other women he started sayin things to me again (i wish id stayd with u, i cant stop looking in your eyes) anyways them too split up n e came back to me sayin he'd missed me, and that he was glad that i was there but then he sed he just wants to be we the lads, now wer not talkin cuz iv been like your takin me for a joke,
Whats going on in this sag's head?

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