Why is it so hard for Taurus men to express their feelings?

by Tracy
(St. Louis , Missouri)

I have been dating a Taurus man and it's so hard for him to express his feelings about me. Why is that? I tell him I love him and he says "I have nothing but love for you" What kind of response is that? I finally just stop saying anything that I feel for him because he doesn't like giving it back in return. Someone help me with this if you can.

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Good Luck
by: Cancer Lady

My Taurus guy said he love me then Stopped said the more he said it the more it scared him! I think they are scared of their feelings... Which is so horrible since they suck you in with their sexiness and charm.. Good Luck

espression less taurus
by: Anonymous

Ugh I thought I was the only one having that issue. I'm sorry I can't really answer ur question but I do understand because my Taurus always hints things to me or suggestes things but never ever say it straight forward =\

by: Ms. Leo

i think, he shows his love by taking care of you. Words are not so important. Dont push him, but allways tell him -they are THE BEST.

Why is it hard for Taurus men to express their feelings?
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn woman that is currently dating a Taurus. As women, we tend to like to be reassured with words. I find it difficult with my Taurus because he never expresses his love for me with words but he most certainly does through his actions. Focus on his actions instead of focusing on what he's not telling you. Taurus men are loyal, caring, passionate, family orientated; a great catch. Good luck!

by: jose

i think its most hard for us taurus men to express our feelings because the chance of rejection or being told that we're wrong. im 18 yrs old and im a taurus man

Watch Your Man!
by: Mz.Ariez!!!

Ima dating a Taurus Man and i am so in love with him. He makes me feel like a woman big dame difference from my ex.Okay ima learning and teaching and everything is going great my baby told me he loves me and i confronted him because i seen his cell phone and i know i was looking for trouble so i try not to bitch about lol so i came to him like this. Well baby if you want to talk to someone else we can have that understanding he was like No!i only want one person!2 i told him bout the ladys in his phone after he seen a guy i had in my phone looking through txt messages and he seen that the guy txt hey sweetie when can we chill he had to nerve to call lol was lil piss but try not to show it because that was my babe and that guy was pretty much back up lol so ne ways he called and i told him bout his ladys in his phone he gave this shit dont you see me being faithful to you i said i do i also know ur ass not only talk to me you talk to this chick gave him names he look away and goes u bn in my phone and i go yup but i didnt say nuthing to you now u know i felt but i didnt call or delete left it alone ur a grown ass man lol so n e ways taurus man are aggressive but give them that look like mutherfucker try me lol he will chill the fuck out he is a great man but all men have there troubles in there life and want to blame someone dont let that man run over ur ass watch and dont say much drives them krazzzyyyy!! espically mines he is in training session and he wants me to be his wife so its up to me HANG MY GLOVES OR FINISH PICKING UP THE PEACE UNSEEN!!

Us taurus
by: TommyTheTaurus

I am a taurus man (20) and in my case I dont talk at all.... i am really the silent type, when I am with person I love I talk...alot because i want her to feel safe/home when shes with me.... I am an extremely affectionate person, so instead of telling her I love her, I just hug her and hold her head and thats how I tell her how I feel aobut her...

I am more of a body-language type of person, I communicate with my body hence I am short with words.

Im not sure what kind of taurus your bf is, but if a girl would tell me she loves me, and she means it, I'd do anything to let her know that I love her more and that she is SAFE!

There was one time I kissed my girlfriend on new years eve and before NYE, she cuddled up to me and whispered me that she feels safe with me... best night of my life

Speak our Language
by: The Bull

I'm also a Taurus. The answer to your problem? Speak our body language and observe our actions.

If we're very affectionate with you, consistent with our actions, introduced you to our family members, extremely generous with you, constantly want to show you off, and balancing BOTH our time with you and work....WE'RE IN LOVE! Telling you we love you {verbatim} will not be necessary.

If we're very affectionate with you, spoiled you, but inconsistent with our actions, have not introduced you to our family members, call you every now and then for sex, and have not incorporated you into our private lives or inner circle...then we're only partly interested. We like you, but we're not feeling you all that much.

If we're not affectionate with you, have not spoiled you, have not introduced you to our family memebers, private lives or inner circle, but will hear your problems, nurture it and give you good advice, then we just want to be friends.

No afraid.
by: Man

Action talks louder than words. I am Taurean after all and this quote always root in my mind. We might be boring but we are very realistic.

younger man
by: Anonymous

Well Im curious I am seeing a 23 year old taurus man he is wonderful person keeps me smiling but he is with me weveryday or wants to be we have t he best time together cooking hanging out. I'm older than him by 7 yrs but we have a chemistry which is the energy is just crazy but I am having a hard time understanding what it is he is wanting from what we have.. any ideas from anyone

Jus dont get it!
by: Anonymous

Ok im really confused can the taurus men please help with this! Ive been talking to this taurus man for only about 2wks. At first he spilled all of his feelings out to me and has been always telling me how he feels. He is jus texting me. And i am the kind of person that dosent like to get into relationships fast, so i kinda jus wait for him to text me. I dont really text him 1st, but today he sends me a text that starts of with hey gorgeous, but the next text after i told him hey back was that he couldnt complain especially when he has a great FRIEND like myself makes his day go by better?? What the heck does that mean?? LOL! I know what it means, but its almost like back n forth to me! Thanks for your help guys!

my opinion
by: Anonymous

I can't speak for others, but as a Taurus man myself I find it hard to express feelings. I think quicker than I speak, so it takes time to sort out the "right" thing to say without sounding corny as hell or rude. I've been labeled as "cold" ,"mean" "weird" and the all time favorite of most Taurus... "Asshole" ! But I've also been told I'm one of the most "sweetest", "caring" ,"giving" person anyone can meet. We have feelings and emotions we would like to express, but its this exterior that won't allow us to look, act, or say anything that'll make us seem foolish, dumb, or weak. We won't open up until we FULLY trust you! I say stick around, because if a Taurus does open up it may shock the shit out of you!

by: Anonymous

That is so true because he told me now that the reason for those things that happened was because he really likes. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I noticed to he likes the opinions of others a lot like his friends and family when it seems he doesn't know how to deal with certain things. He also is VERY honest he tells me when there are other girls trying to talk to him and everything. Today he told me that he is in it with me and that there is no bullshit he is really serious about us. he even told me that he hoped i wasn't playing a game with him. I told him that i was all his and that im in this relationship to build and grow with him. He told me that that was exactly what he wanted to hear. I really care for him i can already see him in my future for a very long time. He is such a wonderful person. Anything i should look out for or wait for to probably happen??

Taurus men, PLEASE HELP!
by: Anonymous

My Taurus man likes to brush my hair. He does touch but he is not constantly doing so. He had me to call a guy that he knew I was dating and when I did so he pretty much told the guy that he and I were together now. But he has not told me how he feels. Am I to take his actions to mean that he cares for me? I love him soooo much but he is not saying he loves me. So I have not told him. I do not want to scare him off. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks!

by: Ms.44

Well heres my story im a 44 yr old woman who has bn seeing my taurus man for abt 4 a few months. I must say tjat my baby dnt say hw he feels I told him 2 wks ago my true feelings and I wondering was that a mistake I knw he cares for.me alot he wks crazy hrs and his job is so demanding I dnt understand y is it so hard for taurus men to xpress hw they feel moves like this makes for sm issues to enter into a relationship for the lack of communicating & the knowing of our taurus men feel for ur partner. I do believe when true feelings r brought to them they get scared of hw their feeling for us and afraid to say hw they feel on the inside yes action do speak louder than words but communicating is alway a plus. I love my taurus I knw that he carries the same feelings for me just having a hard time xpressing these feelings....one day he'll open up hw he feels they all do im a very patience AQUARIUS WOMAN W/OUT DRAMA......LOVIN MY TAURUS..

by: joker

love is a crazy think and people said i love you and not show it ... i think if you said you should mean it or show it ...it better like that thank for read my work :)

by: joker

love is a crazy think and people said i love you and not show it ... i think if you said you should mean it or show it ...it better like that thank for read my work :)

by: joker

love is a crazy think and people said i love you and not show it ... i think if you said you should mean it or show it ...it better like that thank for read my work :)

me and my taurus
by: Mrs.TaurusPisces

i am in love with a taurus man they are so romantic sweet stubborn he has been hurt before so he is scared to open up but i think he's starting to trust me and says he sees me and him together in the future i do too im a pisces so i am going to hold him to his words he is locked up but i love him terribly and miss him <3

me and my taurus
by: Mrs.TaurusPisces

i am in love with a taurus man they are so romantic sweet stubborn he has been hurt before so he is scared to open up but i think he's starting to trust me and says he sees me and him together in the future i do too im a pisces so i am going to hold him to his words he is locked up but i love him terribly and miss him <3

by: In love with a Taurus

Well I'd like some advice about this Taurus I've been dealing with off and on almost 3 years now .. The 1st 2 years were great !! I'm a Scorpio and I have had a lot of reservations about being in a relationship but I've had my Taurus around, especially when I was finishing up college and balancing career, school, and kids he was always around even as I tried to push him away... I have told him i love him and he has told me he loved me also, I met his family and we talked and texted every single day until I found out he had a g/f he was dating for about a year - notice we've been dealing 2 yrs at this time- anyways I basically told her all about his cheating a$$ and wrote home off but it didn't last we probably went 6 months with still talking and texting not everyday but at least once or twice a week .. So we are now for the last two months talking and texting everyday again, he broke up with his g/f probably a week ago and I don't want to jump in anything right now but he won't express his feelings for me, I do express mine tho not as often as I used to b/c my feelings were hurt but I'm trying to get past this but I can't know if this is what he wants b/c he won't express himself and it's confusing ... Should I give up with him, even tho I think he loves me, but I don't know for sure ??! In 2 more months it'll be a full 3 years ??! What should I do ??!

Pisces Women, Taurus Male
by: Rosemary

I have been dating my Taurus boyfriend for 8 months. It was extremely rocky because I was still with my ex of 9 years when I met him (the breakup process was very long).
I met my Taurus while on vacation while I was trying to get over my ex. Back home, pursued me intensely for 2 months before we started being exclusive and official. We started quickly planning our future together with aspirations of marriage and then we found out had to go away for 3 months.
When he told me he was leaving for 3 months, he looked at me to see how I would react and he said something about not knowing how it would affect our relationship. He didn't seem very optimistic so I told him that I can't do it and said that I would need to start dating other people and when he gets back we can see where it goes. BIG MISTAKE! I don't know WHY I said it but I just wanted him to say that everything would be fine and I guess it was just my defence mechanism but I definitely didn't mean it. I think I got scared. I have NEVER cheated and would never cheat. I feel like he knows that but he says that peoples words usually become actions.
This was about a month ago and last night he told me that he hears what I had said in his head every day and how he is disappointed in what I said after everything we had been through. He also said he is having a hard time further developing the feelings for me he has and that it just reconfirmed his negative views on marriage.
Since then, I told him I didn't mean it and I just blurted it out because I didn't know how to react. He's tried to get over it and told me last weekend he was over it but he said that he cannot. I've tried everything from being patient, not showing him what an emotional mess I am and telling him I love him and will wait for him and that there is no way I am leaving or seeing other people and that I've never been sure of anything in my life but it doesn't seem to be working. He seems to be testing me.
He's hot and cold, yesterday he told me he loved me and wanted to spend the weekend with me and the next day he was raising his voice and yelled "no" when I asked him to hang out. I can't help but being an emotional mess and he's told me to stop being crazy. He also told me that he just wants to prove me wrong when I said that I would wait for him. He asked me what my turnaround time (basically when I would start dating others) and that “girls like me don’t stay single for long”. He’s leaving for 3 months in 1 month and I want to know whether I should wait or just move him.
This was his full text a few days ago when I told him I loved him “Yeah, but you will eventually let go. I’m just here to prove all you’ve been saying wrong. You will move on. All those tears were to get me out of your system and you are slowly proving that point. Nonetheless I wanna see you doing better with or without me. Goodnight sexy (k).”
Since then, I am trying to be more calm and collective.... any advice? I am extremely depressed.

imma 24 y/o taurus
by: Gman

It's hard for us because we have really big hearts and love bet deeply, so to put our feelings of there like that means we are even more vulnerable to being hurt. Remember taurus men are typically manly men and hate to feel vulnerable, especially emotionally. I recently tried to get over this problem by feeling the person I'm in love with, that i can't see very often that i need their reassurance that I'm a good guy for them. I didn't get a response and that was over 24hours ago an I'm deeply hurt. I wish i could crawl under a mountain. An that's me trying to not do what i did in the past stick was keep my feelings to myself. I still hope for the best tho. Just know getting hurt emotionally is a huge fear for this status guy. And I'm generally described a fearless to a fault...

by: Anonymous

Just another Bull-Y chromosone puttin out some info.
I have spilled my heart out, this summer... Laid my heart on the table, and saw it got... neglected by the one, and mended by everyelse Yey! :(
Wasn't nice at all. But as an insisting bull, I endured the sighting, until I finally collapsed one day. Tried for so long to keep the campsite up n running (we made a camp community in central town), while having my heart toured out. Bless for actually still being alive.
But I'm not.
She went away, and I kept up the circus until I didnt know how to endure anymore, she didnt have more time to spend camping, and I, well, didnt start out staying there for her, but it grew into that, and when she went away, I held the my part of being there running to withstand the campsite, but eventually my feelings knocked me out. And I... well cant really catch breath that much now.
Earth stopped spinning, as I slowly, but as fast as I'm able, realising that, she's not here with me *scratching my brain for some sense*

Uhhmm.. and what? So what? Life goes on?
I began acting like a nut instead.
Went home, dug into all of me belongings, and bit and piece by piece, threw them in the garbagedisposal.
Every photo of my past, every aspect of past life ever. Not from early childhood, since thats my moms possession and not my own makings.
And what now? Feel like a fucking freak.
Have no remorse.
Stuck as a donkey with the love for her. And trying to imagine her dying away, knowingly for, well not for a face since we have no connection, but she oughta be alive... and Im having troubles with it, since I'm fighting for her survival and my being is only willing to protect her from any harm, put that in an aspect that I must "kill" her.
It's a living hell. And I'll stay there I guess, until, I have finally, put the sword back into the rock (disney movie analogy).

And then what? When shall I ever have the guts again to pick the sword up and give it away (not talking about my dick ya pricks)

My semen stays behind rubber thats for sure.
Batter up.
But to trust the, well... as for saying, I have my job, and I do it great, protect and serve. You do your job. To whoever is listening.
Venus I love You, and earth (I) aint nothing without you by my side.
Hope we both hope for redemtion.
Cuz I'm sick and tired of hoping for redemption myself. Even though I don't speak of it in syllables like meesly words.
And I do not intend mocking words, but hey, what can a Bull-Y do :p

Zip it.

What would u do
by: Anonymous

Please any advice is helpful...I been seeing a Taurus man for 15mths and just found out he has a gf of 4 yrs WHiAT???? no I had no clue I found out by accident...hint hint but anyway.. Im just wondering why is he still w/ me (is it b/c of the sex that he loves so much from me, is it b/c Im a squirter, is it b/c he using me) and I thought all Taurus men are faithful to the woman that they love? I like him a lot (not love) but it makes me wonder go plutonic w/ him or just not worry about it b/c that is not my relationship. I cant help what makes him cheat on her and with me? I think he is exploring ending that relationship (w/o telling me his thoughts) and starting one w/ me (Im not sure I want that) I know this b/c of his comments sometimes ie. Do you love me? is what he ask every now and again. But I remember him saying on a couple of occasions-I love u but Im not in love w/ u-
I do feel bad for the gf b/c I am a woman first. Do u think he views me as settling b/c I suspect the relationship? I do know he thinks I am prettier than she is, body types are simular but Im older (and have more kids then she do) so that makes my body in better shape.
Men what would u do, how would u decide what to do? I at times clearly see him being confussed and we do talk alot about life in general. I just provide that ear..

by: Anonymous

Taurus men have this 'actions speak louder tha words' and 'those who shout loudest laugh last' motto to life. Taurus men are very black and white and very easy to read. if they are spending time with you and treating you well and showing lots of affection you can pretty sure say they love you. They cant be bothered with it otherwise especially as they really seek out a life long partner. My taurus boyfriend is very similar, he will have random days where he really opens up and gives me a declaration of his love but its very rare and generally speaking he doesnt tend to verbally express his emotions. i wouldnt worry, they are very charming when you first date so you expect them to be constantly lovey dovey... but they are, just different ways then saying i love you every day.... so worth it too if you can get your head round it.

by: Anonymous

I recently turned a 2 year friendship with my taurus man into something more. He tells me he loves me and has introduced me to his family and brings me around his friends he introduces me to his aunts as his soon to be girlfriend. He sometimes includes me in his future saying in two years he wants for me to have his kids. But someitmes ignores my phone calls and calls back really late. Or will go a whole day with little communication. He also says he wants to be with me on one hand but on the other he doesnt. When I am with him he pretty much gives me what ever I want and is all over me. But is he really confused or does he just not want to be with me.

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