Why isnt my Leo telling me that he likes me?

by juliana

I am talking to this Leo guy for last 5 months on msn.. We met through matrimonial's. He started opening up and told me his secrets. Everything, never hid anything from me.. he also told me that he always stored my chat conversation and then read it during his free time. He does call me when he promises too.. He came to meet me and then he told me he really enjoyed me.

When we met we thought to remain friends at first and then move further he does drop hints but doesn't tell me straight out.

He is a Leo sun with Libra moon and Libra rising.. He tells me i am cute and feels threatened if he has hurt me and writes me a mail that he is sorry. He does tell me that he thinks about me. He gave me a card that was so sentimental.. but then why isn't he telling me that he likes me?

Is he taking more time? please help.. and he did sketch my portrait too i forwarded him my photo and he is very good at drawing.. he came from PA to meet me in NJ.. thank you will appreciate your response... and yes he did started to tell me yesterday that he likes to talk about intimate relationships and asked me whether i would talk about that with my husband before marriage.

i am a Gemini women my sun is in Gemini and i am Leo rising with a cancer moon.

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by: Anonymous

leo men are fickle! you gotta prove to him somehow that you're the "one"

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