Will an Aries woman work with a Virgo man?

by Ayanna

I kinda like this person who is a male virgo.... i feel as if sometimes he shows interest and other days he's turned off. He trys to be close but we barely know each other. People are trying to hook us up but i doubt that will happen. I want him.... VERY BAD but i don't want to mess up. Please, Help. My question is 'DO ARIES AND VIRGO HAVE GOOD COMPATIBILITY?

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Will an Aries woman work with a Virgo man?
by: Anonymous

Well, for Aries woman and Virgo man must be work some how if Virgo gives Aries a chance. In the Astrology chart if you read it, you know how it works for both of you in compatibility, Sex, and communication: 5, 4, and 2. So, 2 is the least; that means both of you do not do well in communicating with each other. Both will ending up with fighting because of misunderstanding in communicate. Believe it or not, Virgo will be bearing every thing inside him and will find a way to free himself. If you love him, please, use a wise word, polite, and be always patient. Virgo is down to earth if you treat him right. If any thing goes wrong, Aries and Virgo will be sleep in the separate bedroom for the rest of the years until both go to two different direction. It might works if both of you mend to be. Remember, Virgo is very loyal and kind to you. You are a lucky, Aries.

Virgo Libra.

Response to "Will an Aries woman work with a Virgo man?"
by: Anonymous

Hi Aries Lady; You should study up on your Virgo man personality traits and the compatibility articles. My Virgo husband and I almost divorced because of too many communication breakdowns. I studied up on Virgo men (and Pisces woman, me), and salvaged my marriage, thankfully. I understand my Virgo husband much better now and I am adjusting my disposition with regard to his personality traits. Communication is our worst feature, but I am constantly aware of this, now, and I am very careful how I communicate and how I take his comments and actions. He can seem hurtful, but most likely, totally unintentional. He's funny and sexy as well. You have to be able to communicate and understand him. Remember, though, Virgo doesn't feel comfortable communicating deep feelings, and don't try to push him, he'll only get more uncomfortable. Good luck and love to you Aries Lady.

aries woman
by: Anonymous

The virgo men I know have nice faces and bad personalities, they're uptight and fussy and critical. And laugh at their own jokes too much. I hope I meet more who AREN'T like the ones I know!

Could he possibly like me?
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries woman, and have a working partnership with a Virgo man. It's been strange because although we're not in a romance I think we're developing feelings for each other. He's hard to read, and although I've been attracted to him for a while, with him sometimes I can't tell. First of all, he's made me pull all books off of my shelf to make me understand him, and when I found out his b'day and looked it up, he displays all the signs: Great neat dresser always, doesn't own one pair of jeans, almost shy,reserved and together with no display of emotions. As soon as we laugh, he opens up and we have fun conversing, I already know I won't hear or talk to him for 2 or 3 days, and when we do, he's cautious and guarded. He's so handsome, cool and collected, I wish I could tell whether he's pulling away because he likes me.

by: Anonymous

i'm an aries girl... who recently had and old virgo man who i went to school with hook me up! He is so beautiful, intelligent and super sexy! We went out for drinks and the whole time he couldnt keep his hands off me... nor i off him! the chemistry and conversation was amazing. Now every time i check if we are compatible the stars lead to this not being a good relationship due to us being opposites! i read up on the male virgo just so i can look out for the traits to help. but at the moment it feels amazing.. they do say opposites attract though!

In general
by: Anonymous

Aries and Virgo are not compatible. It is exactly what is in the astrological profile has written If you ignore what is saying in the zodiac about Aries and Virgo compatibility, both of you will be suffer in your relationship. If you are not forming a relationship with each other yet, please don't!
I'm telling you, Virgo is an Aries's Victim.

Take with a grain of salt
by: Summer

But I say, HELL NO! Buy you know, astrology is not an exact Science right? There are many factors involved. However, I'm an Aries that was with a Virgo. I was miserable the whole time because he was so damned critical and I thought I was pretty damned good at most things. So, I sabotaged the relationship so he would break up with me. I was so relieved when he did that I had a "break up" party

ARIES AND GEMINI - they are compatable
by: Anonymous

Girls, girls, girls. YOU cannot possibly just base it on star sign alone... you have to consider date and time of birth. We all have 'traits' but it does not mean any star sign is compatable or incompatable with the other.

I am Aries and my best friend who is a guy is a Virgo, and known him for 10 years. I am also very close to another Virgo male..... so yes, IT DOES work....

These comments are all fair and square, but do not delude ourselves in thinking Aries and Virgo will not work. Virgo love feminine women, that are elegant, beautiful... and yes some aries females can be brash, and very forward. BUT like i said it is based on so many other factors !!!


"Break up; party."
by: Anonymous

Congratulation, Virgo!!! for you break up with an Aries man. I agree with you almost every thing about Aries man. He is bossy and critical with his perfect Virgo. My dammit Aries who I cannot stand most in my life. I told him to go but he didn't; he hook me up by having a son together to hold me not breaking up from him; he knew that I'm not going to leave my son(Nine years old) without a father. I'm telling you his communication is worst than hell.
I don't want to spend time with him to talking about anything. I ended up by walking away. Aries and Virgo are not good base on my experiences. Arise and Virgo are too different people.

by: Anonymous

Save yourselves buckjets of tears and dont get involved with each other Virgo-Aries just never work....

by: Anonymous

Save yourself the tears and dont get involved!! Virgo and Aries BAD MATCH! ive experienced it first hand! It was by far, the worst relationship ever! A Virgo man will be charming, kind, sweet, cool, calm, collected and everybody will love him or his image; but in private overtime he'll turn out to be a nasty piece of work and no one will understand you. They are very manipulative and scheming and will control you S-L-O-W-L-Y you won't even know it until the relationship ends with you in tears and he's moved on already!

oh thanks guys <3
by: Ayanna

Thank you everyone. .. I apoligize for not being on here for a while but i am proud to say SCREW HIM. ...Im happily in love with a libra man and as for the virgo..we are aquaitances. ..He says im mean but oh well. Im still upset about what hebdid to me (he so called 'pretended' to like me last year. .And this year i 'changed' ..*well i matured* so he flirts with me. .) Ew! I love my libra though. ...Any questions. ....?

re: Will an Aries woman work with a Virgo man?
by: Anonymous

I just came out of a relationship with an aries woman (I'm sun virgo, asc scorpio and moon gemini) so my reply could be a bit colored.

When I met my aries woman it started with fireworks, it really was an instant hit. As time was developing my aries starting to get really jealous and I was constantly thinking about what I did wrong that she possibly had the feeling that I was cheating on her. The fights we've got where devastating as my aries woman always wanted to solve problems before bedtime otherwise she could not sleep. The problem is that virgo people don't like to be criticized in the heat of the moment as we tend to think if the other is right about her critics towards us. We have to take time thinking whats just has been said to us and this mostly takes time to come up with a honest answer.

The problem as you can see is that the aries really needs to back off a little bit as virgo's cannot reply instantly and need to think things over. The aries will attack and try to win an argument while virgo needs time to develop an answer. So in my relationship the only thing we could improve is the skill and art of communications. And the trick here lies in the will of the aries woman to learn to wait and don't get an instant answer. You can criticize me the next day if emotions are down a bit and I will be more than willing to try to change bad behavior or anything that bothers her.

My aries was not able to change the fighting and discussion technique, so we had to separate which was really very hard to both of us. When we still see each other we feel so attracted and it's so frustrating to know that we have been made for each other and cannot overcome the directness versus shyness of our communication in our former relationship.

help x
by: heartbroken aries

I am an aries woman and bin datin virgo male for over 6 months.i am crazy in love with him and he told me same but he is so hot and cold all time i dont no whether im coming or goin with him.he broke up with me a week ago and i was.devastated and heartbroken,he said it was all my fault and that i speak to him like shit but i dont.im so confused.so i finslly persuaded him to try make things work.iv tryed my hardest but he has just not bin acting the same,and now out the blue he has broke up with me again saying we are not meant to be and that he just wants to be on his own but i dontunderstad as only yesterday he was telln me he was moving in with me and that he loved me.can anybody help me i really dont no wot to do,sgould i just leave him be or should i beg him.i really dont wanna lose him.help!!!!???

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