will aries forgive me?

by victoria
(milford pa)

I'm a scorpio women who's 28 whose dating a 54 year old aries. We had basically met online he lives in the UK and I live in the US. I'm a internal model and he travels the world filming his fishing trips etc. Finally we met, he stayed with me for a week and it was the best week of both of our lifes and I must say the sex was incrediable for him and me. But before meeting him I was sending pics to him but wasnt actually sending pictures of myself I was sending of someone else (and the only reason why I did that was for my protection, my security) and I didnt have enough courage to tell him that the pics weren't me and so now just recently he had called me comfronting me about the pics that he didnt think it was me, that things weren't adding up right. And that he wasn't mad or angry that he is HURT. Can someone please help me ? I had writtin him a email which he won't get until he gets home next weekend explaining to him the truth as to why I was sending fake pics of myself. Do you think he will forgive me? Give me a chance? But he's now questioning me and wondering if who I say I am is true now either. But he needs to know everything I've done said or whatever has been all true except my pictures!!. Can someone please give me some sort of advice please? Thanks so much i could really use some help.

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I'm a scorpio too
by: Annie

As a Scorpio I can tell you that you may have really crossed a line with him. I know identity safety is all important and everything but I understand why he is so hurt. You would be too actually if you put yourself in his shoes. I don't know if you've already heard from him or not. I say just try to be earnest about your reasons to him and open yourself to him in a way that he can see your motives weren't to hurt him but to protect yourself in this dangerous cyber world. I think if he is really into you, he will come around, but expect to have to make it up to him big time in terms of earning his trust.

by: Anonymous

We Aries like total honesty, whether good or bad. He either would of forgiven you or moved on. You really betrayed his trust. Give it time. He will either forgive you, or you will be a thing of the past.

by: AnonymousAries

scorps are secretive , I know I dated one.

Tell him the truth, that the person on the pictures is not real you.Apologize ( say you were lonely and you did that and it was stupid to give u another chance ,or that its your nature to hide your feelings cause ur a scorpion women or )- If he agrees with the explonation then you got a chance.

If he does not reply the connection/friendship is over.

If he does reply.You got a chance.

by: Anonymous Aries

I am an Aries and I don't think i would forgive you if I know that you have cheated me once already. I just hate cheaters and liars!!!!!

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