Will he seriously move on or will he come back to me?

I am 24 and in love with this Aries guy who is also 24. We have been in a relationship for the past 4 years. Well to say out of 4 years we were in a long distance relationship (due to his work commitment) for the past 2 years. Since past two years... we have met only twice whenever he used to visit home. I met him last few months back in my hometown after a year and i never that things have changed between us or he doesnt love me anymore. Things happened when we met after a year and we on the contrary got really close i felt. I felt i saw tears in his eyes while he was going back to work. Then later after a month i wrote him an email stating of his plans and on asking how we could be together and all after his work commitment because i was not at all any further ready to continue long distance.

He then replied me back saying that he doesnt see the same anymore. He doesnt see the spark in our relationship, we dont really talk now on phones, dont share interesting conversations and all. And then he suggested to take a step back and become friends. I couldnt believe this guy. I went mad. I took 2 days to think over what he was trying to say and then we skyped... on the skype call i just asked him what he wanted? coz i would never be ready to take a step back in our relationship when am talking abt the future. Just fyi, 2 years back when he was leaving home for work... he had officially given a verbal comittment to my father that in few years once he is settled in life, he shall come and marry me and so my parents were all cool with the fact of dating this guy. Mind you i come from a very traditional family. I was never ready to become friends after all this. I asked him its either a relationship or not and he said no. I couldnt believe that. I then contacted him again for constantly 5 days to not break up like this. On the 5th day he again talked to me and said that there is something he needs to tell me. He said he was not faithful. He slept with some twice (clarifying to me that he doesnt love her and is not in a relationship with her and was drunk both times)and all he said was that it happened and he has no justification to it. He has a problem after being really drunk where he forgets practically everything... there have been instances where he has been robbed and beaten up and he doesnt remember anything the next day. But i could never believe that he would sleep with someone. To be frank he slept with her once in jan and then in june and says he has not lost his virginity to her. He had then met me in july (where he tells me that apart from work i had come to meet you and tell you all this but i didnt have the courage to say it). In july when i met him frankly speaking i couldnt see any change in him and i found him to be same as always and he never even tried once to tell me that he had cheated on me.

I was in shock and went quite completely and my health deteriorated. My family came to know about the problem with my boyfriend. They felt betrayed too. Few days later i realised i was pregnant with his kid. I tried contacting he didnt answer me at the moment and i panicked and i didnt know wat to do. I was not expecting this myself and i couldnt handle it at this stage in my life. I checked several time and met a doctor. He did eventually contact me and i asked for solutions from him and he said about either talking to someone or abortion. Abortion was something that was on my mind anyways but i had to involve him to let him know wat is happening and i will have to face health issues for the rest of my life due to abortion then but then he was acting very stubborn i felt and simultaneously i talked it out to my close common friends and they helped me make a decision to go for the abortion because doctor did mention that there are good chances to be healthy back again in life on proper precations and concieve again. I believed the doctor and went for it. I didnt talk to my boyfriend all this while coz i felt bad in a way when he said abortion (bcoz for a second i think i wanted to keep it but i couldnt do that without his support) and so i just went ahead with it without involving him. Since then i am facing alot of health issues and he felt of not having involved him (he feels helpless coz he wasnt near me anyways) and having involved his friends but not him. I tried talking to him later after few days once i was fine to let him that am willing to give another chance to our relationship but he said he doesnt love me and i cant force him to be in this relationship and he says the only reason he would want to come back to me would be for what i have been through. That is not wat i wanted, i dont want to force anyone.

I have been very close to him all my life so far. I felt very lonely i was going through all this all alone in the hospital. I realised that i need him badly in my life and so i had contacted him but then he told me that he doesnt love me and only cares for me and he doesnt see anyway of ever coming back to me now. I dont what went wrong in our relationship. I know he loved me deeply. But i cant digest the fact that he doesnt want me in his life anymore or doesnt love me anymore. He left me at a stage in my life where i will keep questioning myself that what went wrong in our relationship. I never stopped loving him that he thought our relationship didnt have that spark anymore. He doesnt even respond to me anymore. I tried talking to his friends just bcoz maybe they can help him understand (i think it might backfire and he will start hating me)but no one did and instead everyone asks me to move on. I can't and i never will be able to. I am leaving my home forever in 2 months for further education and he doesnt know where am going. I love him still and i always will do.

I dont think he is talking to anyone abt the problems he faced in personal life. I love him too much to understand how to let go someone. I wont bother him now but i have hope and expectations and i will keep loving him wherever i am. I cant ever believe that this guy would do something like this. Will he ever come back and will he ever realise that am still waiting for him...

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by: Jane

Oh honey. You poor thing. I am so sorry for what you have gone through at this young age. I don't want to depress you further. But I really think he is done with the relationship and that he never really was in love. It's not your fault. He was just too scattered to commit and being apart doesn't make things any easier.

You need to continue your life and education and open your heart to the possibility of being loved and adored for you. There is someone out there that will love you without your wondering what their motives are. It does exist. I promise.

Will he come back
by: Anonymous

My parents fixed my marriage with guy against my wished in month of May 2013, we were to get engaged in Aug 2013 and married on 5 Dec 2013... Though i didnt like him first once we both started talking over phone he won me over with his love.......... i fell in love with him and got very attached to him. we would speak hours over phone and meet up without my parents knowledege.....

Suddenly few weeks before engagement my parents were against him and called of our marriage and insulted him ... main reason was his and my family are orthodox families and he live alone in city while his parents are in village.... he has a group of friends and he would come very late night to home and would consume alcohol and smoking without his parents knowledge to.... so my parents felt i wont be happy and called off....and someone told my parents they have lost all property etc... before this person told my parents they liked him a lot and were very happy that my marriage got fixed he would come home also.

i love him very much i am not able live without him..... now he is not talking with me .... and his family is looking out for another girl for him to marry .....

Plz help me , i dont know if he has feelings for me now.... i want to marry him and lead a happy married life ......also now both mine and his family and friends are against our marriage, his family likes me even now.... but they are angry and upset with what my family did.. that is hurt their ego n self respect......

could you plz tell me if he ll come back, if yes when and when will get married and how is my future...Will he look after my parents as they dont have a son and will we both be happy

Recently his nephew who is still in touch with me said me that my ex-fiance was telling his sister that he still likes me and is remembering me a lot since few days....

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