Will it last with my Sagittarius man?

by Jo

Well I am currently dating a Sag. I am a Virgo. An organized, shy, loving, caring, patient, "sensitive" person. My Sag is a great guy, one of the best I have been with so far. One day (or now), I was skimming through the internet looking at Sag. and Virgos compatibility, and how strong is it. Well what they say about Sag. are very true; athletic, very social, honest, ect. But they said "He (Sag) will grow tired of her (virgo) predictability and excessive carefulness". When I read that, I was scared, and maybe I might be doing everything wrong and he might think I am very irritating and a burden. I try giving him room, such as; not texting until he texts me, not being an annoying girlfriend and asking him where is he, what is he doing every five minutes, basically not being obsessed. It is very hard too since we deal with a long distance relationship(he is in the marines).

I am just a Virgo who wants to know if this relationship will last for a long period of time.

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Sag Men
by: Ms Jackson

I, did the same thing giving him time , not calling but wanting too so he wouldn;t think I was obsessing and me and him can;t be nothing but friends now . He has tatooed another woman's name on his arm, but wants to come back when things are messed up between them. I think sag men are selfish & insecure so I'm moving on

Comments from a Sag man...
by: Anonymous

I am a Sag man, in love with a Virgo woman (also long distance... We live on opposite sides of the earth)
Speaking for myself, I am a typical Sag, a straight shooter, and honest (sometimes brutally)
I can say, that whenever I am into someone, they know it. I dont mince my words, and when I want a special someone to know how I feel, I make sure they know it. Its true, we need our space, but we like to know we are missed, wanted and loved... Especially when the feelings are mutual. Its my guess, that if you're guy wasn't into you, you would know it. I dont string anyone along. I believe total honesty is best, especially if I dont feel something towards someone that has feelings for me. I figure, its better to be hurt someone (not that I would ever want to hurt anyone) earlier on, than cause them a lot more hurt down the track.
I hope my comments were helpful Virgo lady!

Sag Man and Virgo Women
by: Cara

I have been dating a Sag man for a few months...I am a Virgo....but one that needs 'space' herself..so, it works out. So far-- things have been lovely...
I do agree with a previous post-- we always need to feel connected--know that someone is thinking of you ,cares...

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