Will my Aries man come back?

by Farrah Vassi
(Liverpool, England)

It's interesting reading how an Aries is, I wish I came across this site while I was with my Aries man. I made all the mistakes a girl shouldn't, I phone'd him all the time, I told him straight away that I loved him, I even acted like Miss Perfect and then he led me to think he would marry me but instead argued with me hurt my feelings and told me he never wants to see me again nor do we have a future together....

Oh my god, I'm a Taurus so im sure you can imagine what I went through. I don't call him any more, what are my chances him coming back so I can make him run this time...???

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Aries boyfriend,is he playing me?
by: Anonymous

I meet my boyfriend on line but i know his family,his the only one i haven't meet.Well we got chatting on facebook,we fall in love with eachother after 5 months of talking,he told me he loves me,he wants to be with me,then suddenly he blocked me on facebook,disapear for few days,then we got talking again but this time he sais his not ready for a relationship while i was waiting for him to come and live with me.He says he over reacted because he never been in a long time relationship,but in the same time he says he wants us to try,don't know what to think anymore.Help?i need advice?

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