Will my taurus man take me back?

by Sheila

I am a scorpio woman who was in a serious relationship with a taurus man for 9 months, we got along really well and I was genuinely happy. Then he had to move to another country for a year because of work. He admitted he loved me and would want us to stay together and try and have a long distance relationship but after his first 3 months, we began arguing a lot and the distance was putting a strain on our relationship and he thought it was best to end it before it got to a point where we couldn't even be friends anymore. I was really hurt and tried to change his mind but he said he had been thinking about it for a while. I did the whole no contact thing after but he began texting me everyday and sending me emails, and before I knew it we were always on skype talking for long hours into the night pretty much everyday. He would tell me how beautiful I am and even on valentines day sent me a sweet message. I have also been offered a job in the same country as him so I will bee moving back in a few weeks. When I went down for my interview , he cancelled his holiday plans with his friends because he said he wanted to see me when I came down, my first night there, he came to take me out and acted like we were still dating, constantly stroking my hair, kissing me on the lips and telling me how good it ws to be able to hold me and see me in person and then we hooked up that night. So the next day I asked him how he felt about me and he said he was still in love with me and no matter how much he tried to hide it he couldn't and I told him I felt the same way, but then he goes, things haven't change so I really don't think we should start anything right now. I didn't want to push it because at this point I already felt silly and used. I understand the reason we split up was because of the distance as opposed to not caring about each other, but now that I will be in the same place as him in a matter of 4 weeks, I don't understand why he still thinks we should wait. Is he just stringing me along or would he really be willing to work on getting back together when we are in the same place, I am so confused. Do taurus men take advantage of their exes?

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taurus men take advantage of all their resources.
by: Anonymous

You and your taurus have a very special relationship but your probably know that first had but you are opposites in the zodiac. My brothers a scorpio so I know that this really just means your the inverse of each other. I can almost assure you though he's thinking about commitment just as much as you are as you are both very stubborn as well as possesive signs. But the relationshipp for him will be one of sacrifice. He is trying to figure out what he can afford to have in the scheme of the relationship as well as what he can't at the cost of it. He's already paid a big cost settling for texts phone converations, and skype sessions as taureans are sensual people. You mentioned all of the holding and the stroking of hair. Well he was also relinving your scent gettin attuned to you voice as it is no longer a faxsimile coming from a speaker. Learning your heartbeat, even the way a kiss taste. Its about security for him and the scurity of havin you right there was a loss that he needed to learn to cope with. As for comitment he most likely doesn't want his senses and excitement at the thought of having you lead either of you down the garden path into a mistake. If you need to clear this up somply ask if there is somebody else on his heart. If not and thereks only you, you can be sure he will eventually as long you prompt it as you have. He's probably just trying to realize if you're both capable of pleasing each other for the fututre. I'm sure he properly appreciate the longevity thus far.

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