Winning back an Aries

by Lisa

I used to have an on/off sexual relationship with an Aries man. We broke off 4 years ago on his suggestion (of course I was in love head-to-toe). I want to seduce him back but I need to know how to do it in a subtle way as to not be in control...

Any advice? (We are both over 35)

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by: Tavros

When i read your post i thought hang on that rings a bell??? I have been involved in the exact
same scenario for six years with Mr Aries the God of War everything on his terms. Iam currently
staying out of sight for the past six months because iam fed up with this on again off again
bussiness but then again it appeals to me in the
sense of excitment, chase and drama.
If you find the opportunity to be in his sight
just ignore him and let him come to you. permit
him the privilage of taking the lead, and allow
nature to take it's course. If you need to contact him by phone you need a legitemate excuse
of Something reminded me of you the other day and I thought i should give you a call. stay off
the subject of sex. make it something funny and
blaze incorporate your very bussy life style and
how much you are enjoying life.
All you need is a spark in order to set him ablaze. be bold and confident in the message you
are sending and how wonderful your life is. don't
drudge up old wounds and grievences Aries do not
look back only forward.
for more indepth info go to How to make an Aries
man obssessed with you. and good luck!!!

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