With a Scorpio you won't be in doubt.

by Anonymous

Totally agree with that! A Scorpio friend of mine decided that he liked me and made SURE I knew it with lots of texts and phone calls! We went on one AMAZING date, definitely the most attentive sign and sensual! But unfortunately the affection was way too much too quick for this freedom loving Sagittarius. He pushed too hard for a commitment I wasn't quite ready to give yet so it didn't work.

One thing I also learned, a small gift showing they were on your mind to a Scorpio man goes a LONG way. I bought him a glass figure from a trip I took to Mexico. You would've thought I had given him the key to the city the way he cherished it! Scorpio men are something else!

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by: Scorpio femme

This applies to female Scorpios as well. Any token given with thought is cherished. *sigh*

yay Scorpio!
by: TaurusGirl

for sure! i am not even properly dating my Scorpio man and i get texts and calls and facebook posts galore. a bit of a shock after the previous fools i have been around but it is great!

and i love the Taurus and Scorpio combo. I think I freak him out with knowing he is testing me sometimes and stuff but god he makes me laugh and we are dynamite in bed. we are also very honest and straight forward with each other which I think shocked him initially as we don't do messing around (Taureans).
I also like that they are driven and smart. it's very cool.I just keep an eye on him for manipulation :) but I think unless they are nasty to begin with (unfortunately had Scorp women in my life like that) they won't sting you or be mean.

that's cool that they adore presents :) I will bear it in mind. I am going to take him food and drink, Taurus likes doing that for people.

I like that Scorpions are full on! I wasted time with Leos and they are so self obsessed, then they were in shock when after years my patience wore out with having to do everything and give them my constant attention.

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