Won't go out with anyone less intelligent than I am

by Daiva

Aquarius woman, 39. If I notice that he isn't intelligent enough - there will be no future for us. Intellectual conversation is very important to Aquarius.

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Same here
by: Anonymous

Yes we are detacted and elusive or watever you call that. I cant deny it and WE ARE!

Just recently i did that out of irritation cos the guys are just so boring to us.
You need to be "outstanding" in a way to be different in approach to getting us out. We/ I hate those typical start out lines which we have heard it over hundred guys, nothing is as annoying as same or diffferent people repeating the same old boring stuffs. Above me is right about suggesting interesting places to go, even we are lazy or do not feel like going, we might just give it a try as it makes us interested.

Btw, i wasnt interested, at least i know i think i would never be, so in order not to hurt, and waste brain ceels on communicating with you, i disappear to my thinking world (definately more interesting than boring guys). About why we still came back to talk to you was that we are friendly treating everyone as friends, we just keep in touch and be nice, thats all.

Sorry thats all i can say, and they are true.

So True!
by: Dawn

I become so disinterested in a guy if his personality is too simple. I need mental stimulation from the very beginning!

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