Worried a new girl is stealing my Pisces mans heart

by BunBun

I am head over heels in love with a Pisces man. We get along great but the only issue is that we both see other people and he is not ready what so ever for a commitment. He has been hurt a lot in life. Lately he has been paying more attention to one of his other girls and not me. However, whenever he thinks he is going to loose me he is all over me again. Only to back off when I express my intense desire for him. I told him I only wanted him and no one else. He told me I needed to prove my love. I decided to back away for a bit. Hoping he comes around again. I have no idea how to prove my love for him. If I am all over him, he calls me clingy. If I get jealous he gets annoyed. If I tell him how I feel he asks me why and says it can't be true what I say. I am worried the new girl might be stealing his heart. Advice?

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Worried a new girl is stealing your Pisces man's heart advice
by: Anonymous

Focus on your self the more. What I mean is, always make yourself beautiful. Pisces guys like their girls to be always looking fresh and adorable. Flirt with him like you're his mistress, be his 'other woman' type of a girl. Be unpredictable and mysterious, and you'll be surprised by the results. He'll later ask you if you love him. He'll be the one who'll get so much worried about what you really feel about him. All you have to do is tell him that you love him but dont over state the reason or how much you love him.

Serious Patience
by: DavidCharles

Pisces man here, I understand your delima. We are rarely understood. His feelings for you are genuine as he wouldn't keep you in his life. There may be a distraction but, there is the factor in place that he's been hurt by someone else. When we love we love hard and when hurt it is probably more crushing for us than any other sign. He is testing you to see if what you say, you truly mean. Frustrating I know, but all that your professing to him he's heard before. So you must show him something he's never experienced, something thT sets you apart from the one who hurt him or any other potential interest he may have. If your in for the long haul it's time to put on your magician hat and work some magic. If not he's protected himself from what he was afraid of. Empty words and pillow talk. Hope this helps.

by: Paula

Thanks David for explaining. It is rather rare to get inside the head of a Pisces male.

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