You must challenge an Aquarius man

by Taruean Girl
(Atlanta, GA)

I have been seeing an Aquarius Man for a year and a half. This guy has definitely been around the block over his 48 years. Very knowledgeable and strong eye for detail. He has never been without money or a women and married 3 times. I never really back down to his aggressiveness which intrigues him further. I am a Taurus women and everything that is said in this site about us are so true! You must offer them a challenge, in the bedroom, business, emotional everything! I allow him to feel in charge..but if I even deter the slightest from what he used to getting from the stable and practical Taurean...He wonders whats going on, he has to figure me out constantly and it drives him wild...I have his total undivided attention!

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