Young Libra with Aries man need advice

I am a young unexperienced Libra girl, only 18. My story with this 19 year old aries man has been going on forever.. on and off but at a distance. We go back a long time as old classmates. Then we just went to the same school, separate grades. I never really knew if he was interested because he started off saying hi to me and asking how I was, but then the more time went on I started to take over the hunt and started giving him compliments every time we met. He seemed to like it to start with, and at my surprise he started conversations with me too. I thought that if I'd only show interest and keep a pleasant attitude towards him we would somehow proceed and maybe become friends. But then nothing more happened, he finished junior high (yeah we're speaking really young here, I know, LOL) and got a girlfriend. Since that day he has ignored me completely and pretended that I am invisible. He accepted me as a friend on facebook but never responded to my facebook message I was really hurt and started to hate him for adding me in the first place. I thought he only did it because he wanted to brag about having many friends on facebook.. So I decided to try to forget him, move on with my life you know, and that I'd cut him off and remove him from my facebook.

For...a year.

All of a sudden my mind was hooked up on him for no reason. Now, one year later I swallowed my pride and added him again. I know I am crazy but I'm the crazy kind of libra you know. My question to you is this:

Will HE think I am crazy?

Some things to take into consideration:

- I am afraid I might have hurt his pride somewhere in the past by being too cool or too 'clingy' at the wrong moments.

- I'm really shy.

- I don't know if he was even attracted in the first place or just being friendly. He has called me 'his best friend' for absolutely no reason in
middleschool, and that got me real curious;) and he was the one initiating contact in junior high, seemingly very happy to see me.

- At the time I wrote the message to him he had just broke up with his girlfriend.

- Now he remains single, one year later, and he immediately accepted me when I added him for the second time, recently.

- I've got the feeling that he is my soulmate many times. I would be happy just to be his friend cause I just can't stop thinking about how much I like him. It's on a deeper level you know.

- I moved away from his hometown and live 4 hours away. Maybe he thinks I'm a nobody, and lost all interest, because he never spots me nowadays.

- We had really good chemistry, and he was so easy to talk to. When I see him my body reacts really strongly for some odd reason. I still like him, I'm still interested.

What is the right approach? being friends or lovers doesn't matter to me anymore. I just want him to pay attention to me in SOME WAY. What to do? How can I get his attention? Or am I screwed? ;P I mean, strangers fall in love everyday I must have a chance even if it's only 1 %?...

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make sure you keep his interest
by: Anonymous

ive just gota answer the above, as i have been smitten with a Aries im Libra for sum 20 years hes my best friend i wish there could be more but im married. over the years ive found that when ever an aries male is in a relationship they dont want anything getting in there way so you become nobody they are very faithful but do have a wondering eye. Ive been there done that
many times. when there relationships over you seem to be there number one again. let him no your interested and do a little flirting but play hard to get not to hard they love to be teased trust me it works distance wont matter im in
another state and still have his interest. they can be very stubborn and having you pull you hair out at times were you'll wonder if its worth it, but believe me it is.And when you do snag him make sure you keep his interest particularly
in the bedroom

by: Anonymous

18 year old girl here again. Thank you for your advice, I must say, to the libra above who wished they would be more than friends but is married.
You really made me feel so normal! thanks!! Now I can see it so clearly.. that was the reason he avoided me as soon as he got a girlfriend. Doesn't
necessarily mean he had feelings for me though...or does it? I guess I have to try anyway. Wish me luck!

by: Anonymous

same is my case ditto i had crush on this guy frm past 1 year he strtd talkin to me...then one day he said i want you to be my gf....den suddenly within 5 mins he said he was kiddin n ryte now not talkin normally to me......wat shud i do...i really really like him....just ned to be his frend please please help me on this

by: Anonymous

Wow! I was in a very similar situation! Back in high school I had this huge crush on this Aries guy who is 5 years older than me. He had a girlfriend back then but contacted me also...we flirted and talked on the phone without realising I was falling so deep in love with him! The next thing I knew, he started ignoring me and pretending that I never existed! 2 years passed, and the dude starts contacting me again, and my crush on him returned and I started falling hard for him again...its been two years now since we' ve been officially dating...i then left my country for over
seas studies where I hooked up and fell in love with a taurus guy because we had so much in common...i don't know what to do now,i know it will break the heart of the aries guy if he finds out I'm seeing a taurus....

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