How to get closer to a Scorpio man

by forbidden
(South Africa KZN)

Please help me I am older than the Scorpio man that i want. i have had confirmation that he feels the same. we flirt a lot, sometimes while talking and often with intense glares. we had ONE moment when he kissed me and we said we shouldn't do it again. i have tried to do it again, but was too upfront. how do i get more without doing or SAYING that i want it?

Everyone who has seen us can see there is something there, little touches and gestures, and always the glares that get quite intense.the hugs that are soooo much more than just friends. what do i do?

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by: Anonymous

Just talk to him and explain how you feel. You have nothing to lose. I was with a scorpio man for about 6 years and it was me that I approached him (although I am extremely shy)...he really appreciated that although in the beginning he tried to play games with me and make me feel confused, which I think it is a scorpio thing. I just ignored his games (I am a capricorn) and after that he was attached to me and we had an intense relationship for 6 years, with lot of jealousy until I decided that he was not the right person and I moved on. The only thing I don't get is why they enjoy hurting themselves and so the others around them with the stupid games they play.

Sorry the woman above is WRONG pt1
by: Anonymous

This is not 4 the "warm n fuzzy". So if ur not up 4 the mind game ur gonna need 2 play then I suggest u move on & pick a more romantic sign. Now,channel ur inner diva & I will give you the NITTY GRITTY on how 2 drive a Scorpio man CRAZY. I have it down 2 a science! I decided 2 test myself with the most stubborn, independent, arrogant, devilishly handsome, self titled "alpha male" scorpion man that I have ever met!. Icing the cake; he's rich! But I'm an Aquarian woman, I am above money! First of all don't be a "ditsy bimbo" u may see he keeps this type of woman around but that's not what REALLY gets him. It's intelligence & not just basic intelligence im talking near genius level! He needs 2 see u have more passion 4 knowledge then 4 him. He thinks he hold all the power & he is used 2 women "wanting him" & it's when you put him second 2 yourself that he will start paying attention. I know it sounds like madness & that's because it is! Once u have his attention YOU MUST NOT.. I repeat MUST NOT let him rile you up with his attempts 2 make you jealous(& there will be some duzies) This is a battle of wills now & he is testing u. When u get 2 this point just remember, he is actually doing this because he is VERY interested in u now! He needs 2 see if "your just like the rest of typical women in the world" or if ur "WORTHY" of him...again more madness! Arrogant bastard. Outsmarting him is the ONLY way 2 get this guy! If ur a girl who is caught up in romanticism he will never fit ur idea of the Romeo type. He doesn't do "fairy tales" or mush. Its serious for him & he is playing for some high stakes! Now I know every girl wants the "prince charming" thing 2 happen, but honey U picked the wrong guy if that is what you need, sorry:( But if u want a man that will make U feel like 'ur making love to the SUN while its exploding!" then continue reading:).. O yea; it's that intense!

Sorry the woman above is WRONG pt2
by: Anonymous

Ok so now he's calling & showing that "hell yes" attitude guess what? He wants to play now. You have become an enigma 2 him. Your sexy & taboo & dark & smart & OMG he wants U! If ur smart & paying attention U will know what U need to do now. U had better bring it when you hit them sheets 2, because ur dealing with a certifiable freak!!! A nympho in fact. This is the "make it or break it point"! SERIOUSLY! If you want to get him, be loud, be intense, & BE EMOTIONAL!! Remember EMOTION IN THE BEDROOM ONLY!!! I mean it! Don't go soft after the sex. I know it will be hard not to because this will be some of the best sex U have ever experienced. That's just fact! Get over it!Ok so now U got him hooked. If he is still playing the games then Play on! But remember the thrill for him is knowing U r his equal, U must never totally submit except when ur in the bedroom. Once it's over turn on ur powerful mind & turn the "sexy submissive" off! He can't believe it when he meets a woman with a strong intellect that he actually enjoys having sex with 2 there is either 1 or the other in his world.. hence the bimbos.
Things r changing now! Enjoy it! Hell, flat out bask in it! One last thing NEVER LET HIM KNOW THAT U KNOW HE IS FALLING! This will ruin ur efforts & he will take it as U being deceitful. Manipulative or fake is the worst thing U can be 2 him. Even though that's what it takes 2 get him, he can never know it! Well Im afraid I must stop now because Im not quite finished with my little project & I don't want to advise on the relationship past this point until I get a ring. Which I am fully capable of doing. It's simply a matter of him holding my interest long enough to follow through with the execution!
Do as I have told U then let me know how it goes. I will update as well.
-A True Aquarius Woman!

how to get closer to scorpio man
by: Anonymous

hi...the previous anonymous person info is great!I need help,first background info: im interested in A scorpio man,we worked together for 2 years,which he constantly flirted with me although i had a boyfriend.i just kinda ignored it and was shy at times.then 5 years passed as we changed jobs,but got intouch again.

how to get close continued
by: Anonymous

hi to after 5 years we got back in touch. And the mind games started immediatly, but hot and cold ones. For example..he wil send me a text with a simple Hi, then he also told me he always wanted me when we worked togetha. He always asks me whats on my mind, and his questions are short and secretive. So how do i answer his msgs to keep him interested

question to Aquarius woman
by: Anonymous

Did you get a ring from your Scorpio?

Sag woman-trying-to-get-a ring-from-her-Scorpio-boyfriend

did you get a ring yet?
by: Anonymous

Hehe.. I am like the other one, interested in knowing if you got a ring yet, you said you will give us an update :)

I am a leo female and have a scorpio boyfriend and we are only dating 3 months. So I guess they do intentionally flirting in front of you to see if you will be jealous or not? I saw another article from another girl, she said DO get jealous, but you think we should not get jealous huh? I do like him a lot, he cares about me so much and so intense. The only part I don't like about him is the flirting part... please give me some advice. Even just for 3 months, I can almost tell he is very loyal to me, except the flirting part, we did talk about that and he said he did warn me from the beginning, he will flirt, but it is all kind of fake/act, for only social level. I told him I don't like it. He said he will try not to do it, however, he still does it sometimes.... what do you think? Is he a player? or I am just thinking too much.

To the leo woman
by: ScorpioF

I was attracted to Leo men as well. I actually don't mind him flirting because he constantly reassures me. It couldn't go on because he just walks out like that, before we got anything on a serious level. It hurts but yeah, I could deal with it.

i guess you have to look out, see if he was just trying to get back at you for what might seem as flirting. Although you don't mean to flirt, but again, perhaps he takes that as flirting. You should know by now that Scorpio get things even.
Or possibly, he was only trying to be friendly with those girls. My Scorpio guy always gets jealous whenever I talk to guys but that's just a conversation cos he's in my heart. This applies, cos maybe you need to look deeper (:

to ScorpioF
by: leo woman

Hi ScorpioF,

Thanks for your tips. I know for sure that he is very jealous because everytime I talked to a guy, we work together, I will feel there is someone looking at me then booom, I turned my head and I saw him then he will pretend to do something hahahaa. I then asked him if he is jealous, he will always no. I do not get jealous because you talk to a guy. You know girl has 6th sense sometimes but I can totally feel it at that moment when I turned my head LOL.

Update on my part, I am still with my Scorpio man, however, I am not playing mind game with him. I just don't know how to play, too much for me, I would rather to have simple love. If I am not happy about something, I just told him straight and hopefully if he loves me enough, he won't do it. I am stubborn too :P

Advice Needed Plz
by: MJL

I just ended a 9 yr long distant relationship with a Scorpio Male who is 12 years younger than me. I am his first girlfriend the first for everything. The arguement was partly my fault. Of course no cheating on my part just his in the begining but I forgave and took him back. Ever since then I have been an emotional roller coaster during our relationship I couldn't trust I was afraid he would do it again.Its been a working progress but up until this year. He has been manipulative emotionaly and so have I. We fight then we make up. I also hang up on him so I don't say anything regretful he becomes vengeful. I ignore his calls cause he doesn't answer mine. I broke up with him saying its over soo many times because the long distance was getting to me and him not answering my calls made me suspicious. So finally he kept calling till he was blue in the face everyday I just ignored it. He sent me flowers on Valentines Day and he called I ignored it and said just move on its over. I was angery and upset cause he wouldn't answer my calls..I also was tired of the long distance. I took all my frustrations out on him.

I thought he would try back like he normally did but he didn't. He change his status on fb to single. That's when I knew I pushed to far. I called and called he ignored me. I called his work several times he had his coworkers lie for him saying he wasn't there. I talked to his bf he said he had been crying his eyes out for me. I called his work back finally he spoke to me and said move on it gets easier with time..just like I said to him in a text. I said to him I'm soo sorry I didn't know it affected him that way and why I did what I did but it wasn't right. I was blinded by my own fears and hurt that I didn't realize I was doing that. I don't ever want to make anyone cry especially the ones I love He wasn't hearing me. I beg an pleaded for him to try to work things out. He said he needed time. Then he contrridicted himself. And said move on. I said tell me its over then don't leave me hanging he couldn't. He said just moveon so then I said so its over is that what your saying he said no I just need time meanwhile move on. I'm confused. We have always fought but we make up. This time I don't think so. Inspite of our dysfunctional relationship we both love each other soo much. He texted me and said he didn't hate me he is just hurt he has moved on and so should I . I asked him since I gave you a second chance when you cheated I asking for one he denied me. I want him back.. Scorpios once they're hurt I was told forget it your dead to them is this true?

reply to MJL
by: Leo woman

I am not professional but I read many books plus my experience, I think I can help to break things down. You are thinking very emotionally just like most female does, myself included. I don't know you, so I can think logically, however, I could be wrong, so you will be the judge and make your decision.

1) He cheated on you. There must be a reason he did that, if he really loves you then.. it is very basic, he wouldn't cheat on you. If he said he does love you then it means that is not 100%. Love is selfish, I wouldn't want to share my man with another woman, that is a NO NO for me.

2) People always say.. once you know that person is a cheater, there is a big, huge possibility he/she will cheat again.

3) I have 2 Scropio man in my life so far. One needs alot of space, another one doesn't. I broke up with the one that needs alot of space, the situation was almost exactly like yours. We argued and we make up. We broke up and he always came back. Finally one day, I felt like enough is enough, people never change, even he said he will try but it is hard. I can't stand my man doesn't answer my call, I hated that he made me wonder if he was with other girl or not. If you can't trust him, you need to trust your gut. Trust me, time will heal everything. I ended mine and I met my 2nd scropio, then I know I made the right choice.

If you do decided you still want to be with him, from what I have read, Scorpio male likes mystery. You can't let him know what you think. I felt like my 1st one will work if I use that trick because everytime I don't call him for a while, then he wants me bad and he wants to know what's going on with me. However, I am very strict forward, simply person, I want to enjoy my life, I don't want to play game. Anyways, you may want to try the silent game with him, sounds like he likes that. Well if all things not work then he is probably not the one for you. Remember he cheated, so... don't be so sad.

Good luck, tomorrow will be better. Go out with my friends, it will help.


Younger Scorpio male at work
by: Anonymous

I've got this young scorpio male at work (8yrs my junior)who is now 30 who keeps staring at me. Seeks me out at meetings, sits next to me, goes out of his way to make it to my office to have idol chats yadda yadda.

I'm a Libra woman btw. Now so far I've just palmed it off as a kid who likes to chat until the staring started and I've caught him out several times and just smiled and he smiled back.

BUT (there's always a but) he keeps saying he doesn't date older women yadda yadda because I teased him about a lady who's 42 who has a crush on him, he shutttered and went brrrr older women no thank you.

This contradicts his actions towards me.

So any thoughts, is he being a typical Scorp and hiding what he's truely feeling or just scoping out the lay of the land with me?

I will admit other than the creepy staring I like him too, but we work together and I have ethics about that and I won't leave my job for a relationship.

Like to hear your comments, good, bad or indifferent

to young scropio man at work
by: leowoman

Here is my two cents. I think he goes all the way out to your cubic proof that he enjoys chatting with u at least! I didnt know when I was at work, someone made a comment asking my scropio why he kept following me. That was the time before we started dating.

From dating scropio man, two so far. I know they said one thing and think another thing in their head. So u cant trust it completely from what they said.

Trust your gut but at the same time, Dont let them know u r REALLY into them, they do need to know if u r interested in them tho. If u r into mind game. Go for it !

My update, I m still with my second scropio man. Not getting ring yet tho.

To the Leo Woman
by: Anonymous

This is for the Leo woman asking about her Scorpio boyfriend's flirting behaviour. This is coming from a Gemini woman but I would say give him a piece of his own medicine when it comes to flirting. Scorpios are fiercely protective but if he can't give you the respect of not blatantly flirting right in front of you then who's to say you can't to? If it was me I'd see him flirting flip my hair turn around and give the closest guy to me a sexy once over and turn on the charm. See if he flirts after that. And if he gets upset over it then tell him if he's not going to cut off his flirting whatever the reason out of respect for you then why should you have any reason not to do the same?

to gemini lady
by: leo woman

I think giving a taste back is not a good idea. Because scropio and Leo both want to be in control. Scropio is good at revenge! I did told him I didnt like it and I didnt broke up with him once because of that. We are back together, I think from my understanding of scropio, they Dont like u keep secret from them, so the rule of thumb for me, at least that is how I deal with my man, be honest and Dont be afraid to show if they do cross the line that mean the world to you, Dont be afraid to kick them out! Otherwise, they will step on you all over without feeling sorry. Need to show them if it comes to the worst, you can totally live without him but that is IF they really cross the line! Sometimes I feel it is very hard, but when they are not moody, they are awesome! We will see.

to young scropio man at work update
by: Anonymous

Well lil Scorpio man and I now are merely tolerating one anothers presence at work.

This all occured on a social night out and I offered him a place to stay, not to sleep with him of course and he took it the wrong way, I'm sure as foot not going to explain my intentions on the night when it was merely an offer not to travel un-safely back to his place. BUT on the night he grabbed me and hugged me so tightly, whats that shyte about???

I don't feel I need to offer an explanation to this guy, I'm done talking.

We are not talking to each other, can't look each other in the eye either.

I'll give him all the space he needs as I need my space, I've already cleared my head and have let this wash over me.

Anyhooo just thought I'd keep you all updated on this.

by: Anonymous


by: Bei

Can you be more specific on how to do so? I did read many articles about Scorpio man like Mystery female. And it is hard to let them think they are in control but actually they are not.. how and can you give us all girl some example?? I am leo female, I am on fire on the mood is there so it is hard for leo girl to control and hide the feeling ... please share :D How about the hot and cold part on your scropio man?.. how do you deal with that?

by: Anonymous

That's easy. I have been involved with Mr. Scorpio for seven years and he is absolutly 'CRAZY' about me. To become closer to Scorpio use eye contact even before you speak to him, trust me he would notice,even though he may appear as though he has not.Keep this up and he WOULD manipulate his way to have a conversation with you. Whan you get this opportunity,be strong and sure of your self, DO NOT appear weak or unstable. To take control of him and get him closer to you must be able to sexually manpulate him. By doing this ,you would present him with a challenge, and heat him up. At this point you must know how to keep him interested. Be mysterious he will call you. do not be domineering or forceful just be positive and on top of things. When you do make love to him take control and make sure you know what you are about; WHIP HIM OVER! After if he enjoyed your company, he WILL contact you, or even become a litle obsessive, while trying to get closer to you.Mantain your status quo, but let him do most of the calling.Do NOT PLAY GAMES WITH HIM! if he likes you he will want to keep you forever.

to Taurus female
by: Bei

Thanks for your advise. I agree about eye contact, it seems important to scorpio man. However, lately my scorpio man will look me into my eyes and then when I make an eye contact with him, he will then look away, why? We are having some problems right now. Or be more specific, he is kind of depress because he doesn't have a job... wonder if that was the cause of avoiding eye contact with me.

by: Anonymous

You would all HATE me for this but, the truth is: most SCORPIO men DO have outside relationships. FACT! they are very secretive, and it does not matter how long you are married to them you may never know them. Scorpio loves security, but time and getting to know 'you' is also important to them. Once this is established, they would marry. HOWEVER, as time passes by(please note, they are sexually driven regardless to what they may say to you)most scorps, as I said, they have 'EROTIC EMOTIONAL' relationships on the outside, more so when they are married or if you 'HURT' them. Mr. Scorpio does not like a "fly by night" relationship, so, note , this outside relationship will be serious because as I mentioned earlier he likes SECURITY. There is one very good thing in all of this;he will not leave his wife. He mentains CONTROL most times. If there is a seperation it would come from his wife not from him and according to SCORPIO'S reasoning "woe be unto her".

At taurus
by: Neets

I hate you the first time u said it!

I'm a female Leo an I'm seeing a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I'm seeing him as friends with benifits only an getting to know each other being that I don't have much skills on minipulation I swear as I'm reading these blogs I'm learning so much.
I haven't a single clue what he's up to at all
I met him on my bday an I went home with him as I know now that's out if his normal comfort zone as it is mine!
I connected with him emediately as he me an we continued to hook up an chill act like children when we are hanging out even infront of others which shocked me
He's also Hispanic an I'm Greek so we both come from affectionate backgrounds an personalbility.
He's very insecure which sucks I try to explain my feelings towards some of his own short comings which are in his own head....
But he's def intence an suffers from night terrors hence us sleeping over occionally not every week but its all good
Then as September went by he told me he's looking for the one an he dosent see us for 5 or even 10 years
I'm like you haven't even seen anything yet
He started pushing me away
So I allowed it an backed off went about my life an kept my hard fabulous as I said to him I've been me for 27yrs he's feeling old hell be 29 next month an I'm just in this cloud of
Wtf really cause I know that every time I've ever spent with him is sincere an full of laughing till we actually fell over are own feet....
As of this 2 days ago he wanted the friendship to stay but he wants to ( do things with me) as he so elegantly put it
So I said no not tonight
He then Questons me are you home?
R u drinking? everything
So I say yes that sounds great but I have to be responsible.
So that's being said I allowed him in my bed room last night an
I asked him to leave an I didn't kiss him goodbye nothing
I felt like a million bucks
But in the back if my head I wanted to show him I can play this game but I just wanted to throw my arms Around him as I heard his truck leave my drive way after a 10 min delay an a bs story that he couldn't find his smokes !!
What else should I do that I can keep him coming back for more no punt intended lol

I think I messed it up
by: CapF

I met this scorpio man online, and we exchanged messages and then texts for a little over a week before we decided to meet up for a drink. When I first met him it was an INTENSE attraction and I was not prepared for that at all! I am divorcing my husband of 10 years, and had been separated for MONTHS, so this was the first date I decided to give myself after the split. I was overwhelmed with how intense the attraction was to start off. We had a really good time out and it ended up in his bed with me staying over, which is sooo far out of my norm. I figure if you sleep with a guy the first date, then they quickly move you into the sex only category, and any relationship ability is lost. We kept texting back and forth almost daily for 2 weeks, but I noticed his texts getting shorter or him taking longer to send a text. We met up again at his place (probably a bad idea, but the sex was soooo good from the first time, I just let it happen anyway. I dont know how to explain it, but it feels like crazy amazing best excitement and full of emotion sex) and of course got intimate and experimental, then hung out and layed in bed watching TV. He would make comments to me like, he doesnt bring women to his place so that should say something to me. But I also felt kind of a cold response from him in mannerisms I was confused what he wanted or thought of me. Afterwards, I think I got a little crazy on the texts. I wasnt texting much, but I was probably saying too much when I did, and now they have stopped. I took it as a sign that he is no longer interested. I sent him one last one explaining myself and my reasons for my weird responses and actions, and of course apologizing for them, and that I thought he was a great guy and would welcome a re-do if he was down for it. I figure I probably wont hear back from him, but I know scorp men can evaluate a lot and read between the lines. I feel like I might appear crazy, which I am so far from. I was just sprung with emotion and was letting it lead the way. Any thoughts on my little situation are welcome.

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