Seducing Scorpio

Seducing Scorpio can be a major challenge, and it's worth opening with a warning that this isn't a sign to toy with. Scorpio's are highly emotional and highly intuitive, and will see through the superficial in a heartbeat. They're a very hard sign to fool or manipulate. The best advice is to "keep it real" and allow your Scorpio to show you how much fun real can be.

This isn't the fake 'say whatever to catch your man/woman' type. If they're attracted to you then they'll genuinely want to own your soul. Make sure you're ready for that level of intensity before pursuing your Scorpio on a whim or impulse.


The more naturally passionate you are, the more attractive you will be to your Scorpio. Your best approach is to make conversation about a subject which you get genuinely excited about. Travel, dogs or whatever as they'll soon be more focused on your emotional content and delivery than on what you're saying, so don't worry if it's otherwise boring or inappropriate. Just make sure you get worked up about it.

When picking a topic of conversation to get worked up about, note that unlike other signs, Scorpio's can handle the bizare, taboo and gritty, and will often find more emotional enjoyment there than in more normal or positive aspects of life.

Wow these folk are HOT!

Yes, your Scorpio has got some serious sexuality going on, and if they start to view you as a potential partner you'll probably get a window into it. This sign is the embodiment of everything dark, mysterious and sexy, and they wear it like a black velvet cloak. If it was fake it would come across as cheesy, but you'll know it's not an act, which is what makes it so powerful.


This is worth a special mention if you're contemplating seducing Scorpio while otherwise entangled with another: Don't do it, and don't think about it. Your Scorpio will pick up on it, and you'll probably pay the price tenfold. Regardless, it's safe to say your first argument will probably relate to jealousy, and you will need to adjust your view on flirting and having friends of the opposite sex. This is a sensual person, who will give themself to you unconditionally, 110%. The catch is, they won't settle for much less than the same in return.

Scorpio seduction using real astrology

The above is written for the "typical Scorpio". In practice however each Scorpio is different due to their other planet placements (moon, mars, venus etc) and some extreme examples may not resemble a Scorpio much at all. This general information therefore isn't nearly as specific or accurate as a real astrology reading.

I specialize in fast and accurate relationship reports delivered by email. Using the techniques outlined in the astrology and seduction article these enable you to easily become more attractive to a specific partner, by understanding what they are looking for, what turns them on, what turns them off etc.

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