Sharing information on Scorpio seduction

by unique

i want a Scorpio soo bad but i have never met or dated one because i don't know what to expect. i am a Capricorn and i really think that after my research on this site that a Scorpio is my true knight in shinning armor. Please if anyone has any information then please don't hesitate to say so, even if it has to do with one of your personal stories

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no stress
by: Anonymous

sweetie, you have the magic to make a scorpio want you. No need to go searching for one ;]

by: Carmen

I am a Capricorn woman. I started dating a Scorpio male a few weeks ago. I have had a relationship with a Scorpio before and it was intense! He was loyal, hard-working, yet not good talking about his emotions with me. As a Capricorn, we have everything they want! We are goal oriented, loyal, passionate, but yet we must stay strong willed because they are stand-offish at times. This time around I am just taking it slow. I hope it works out for you and that I was able to give you some insight! Good luck!

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