Scorpios see through fake people

by Molly
(New York)

Honestly i think scorpios are not ones to be seduced. They're very smart and they know what they want. My current boyfriend (Scorpio) pursued me like there was no tomorrow. He wouldn't give up even when a few times I was a bit rude to him when he asked me out.

So if you're looking to "draw in" a won't happen. Because they must be drawn to you to start with. They love a good challenge but what they DON'T like is someone who plays games. They want to win you. But they don't want to win you one day and then loose you the next, know what I mean?

So yeah, if a Scorpio happens to flirt with you...take it as a compliment because they've found you worthy. And BE YOURSELF. they see through fake people like glass.

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