Scorpio man is avoiding me. Why?

by brittany
(los angeles)

I'm getting to know a Scorpio man. I don't understand i know he is interested he stares and acts a lil different around me , but he won't do anything. plus i'm never sure if he legitimately likes me. he's so complicated and devious, i love it. But why is he avoiding me?

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Scorpio man
by: Chase

As a scorpio male myself I can tell you why. Or at least try my best =). Male scorpios are driven by passion and passion alone, in all aspects of life, most commonly love/relationships. Because of this intense passion, the scorpio male is not likely to give his love/affection to just anyone. If you truly believe he is attracted to you then he probably is, they are not a sign to keep their feelings/desires bottled up. However, he is more than likely waiting for an open door (a green light) if you will. Once you have shown him that you are interested he will reciprocate. Playing flirty games will not help you. Being straightforward about what you want is something no scorpio man can resist, or respect at least. I say confront him, ask him about his feelings. you wont be upset if you truly believe he has feelings for you. Give the green light!

by: Anonymous

I recently reconnected with a classmate whom i havent seen in 20 yrs..he is a scorpio and im a sag girl..we have been talking for about 2 months now.he lives about an hour from me but we text and talk almost everyday..we recently became intimate for the first time and after about 3 days the communication has actually disappointed in this for he seems to be very frank and up front about things..i thought we had a great connection and didnt see this he just taking time to assess the situation? there is definitely an attraction but im wondering what changed?

Why is a scorpio man avoiding me?
by: Anonymous

I'm a pisces woman. We have this great connection when he stares into my eyes and makes me a bit nervous. When he smiles at me his face turns red all the time. When ever i see him,he avoids me completely, Until he starts staring at me again. He's so complicated and mysterious.

reply to ?
by: bb

I have 2 scorpio man in my life so far, the first one kind of like your situation and I am leo, you and me both fire sign, so I couldn't stand my 1st scorpio man needs so much space, drove me crazy, so I ended. However, before I ended it, he kept saying that he is really into me and cares about me. Me and him on and off for more than 2 years. I don't know why some scorpio guys like to play mind game. I guess if you can stand it, give them the space they want, I can't stand it.

Now I am dating 2nd scorpio man, he is totally different. Very intense, he told me he likes me so much right in the beginning. Call me everyday, we talked on the phone for 2 hours easily. He doesn't mind to see me everyday either. I am very happy that he finds me, I really enjoy this relationship with him. The only problem I have with him is his flirting side. Some people say they do it on purpose to test if you are into him, some say show your jealousy and other female said better to keep it cool... if anyone knows, do share what you think on the flirting of scorpio please. Thank you :)

Scorpio man back and forth
by: Anonymous

I too have been in a strange relationship with a scorpio man for a year. Aty first he was completely in love with me, this went on for weeks. I have known him for 35 years but we only got in touch last year. After a couple of months he backed right off telling me that he didn't want to be hurt again. After a couple of months of limited contact he was back but not as before. It was different, he made excuses to see me but what had happened between us before has neve been mentioned by either of us. However the last month he has limited the contact again.. I don;t know if its because he has gotten too close to me again or what?

reply to Scorpio man back and forth
by: bb

Similar situation happened to me with my first Scorpio man. I felt like he couldn't stand to be with me more than once a week in the beginning then we broke up then.. it would be better than... he pulled himself out again... I don't understand why he was so weird like that... he said he loved me however, I need someone that is willing to be with me often, otherwise, how could we had a future together? If we were married, then we would have to be together everyday in the same house right? He told him from time to time, he needed his own space... at last, I gave him all the space he wanted.... I broke up with my first scorpio man. I did read some horoscope because of him tho... Scorpio guys like mystery... if you pull away, they will want to be with you... for me.. I can't stand this kind of game.... I don't think he wanted to play game with him.. that is just his personality that I guess he couldn't control. I felt like if being in love with someone is so painful, why fall in love with him... I am better off with just myself. No more worry. Do everything you want to do, you are in your own schedule to do things.

Good luck!

Scorpio guy drama
by: Pisces101

So i met this scorpio guy online . We became friends .. He gave me his number , we started txting, and he had a gf at that time too . We started opening up to each other about things like my ex who is getting married to someone else after making me wait .. Felt like i had someone to talk to and then couple weeks later he starts to go around asking people about me "doing his homework" and i had a go at him because i hate people tryna get in my business . & then he got annoyed too at how bitchy i got . I apologised . We became good mates . & he said his long distance relationship wasnt working so that meant i could have a chance (yay) at the time it felt like he possesd all the qualities i lookd for in a guy . We would talk everyday . Sleep on the phone together .. Plan our future together .. Til he asked me to be his Girlfriend after dumping the other girlfriend . I was sooooo happy .2 days in the relationship i would get a sweet goodmorning txt .. Things were now different . Im having to run after him, he avoids me - doesnt talk to me much , barely txts me , its not like the same as before .. I fell in love with someone completely different . He knows i love him though . But i hate how he's not the same as before . Keeps giving me the cold shoulder & i know i havnt done anything wrong like seriously so HELP

by: Anonymous


My Scorpion ex boyfriend
by: Quenny

My ex was a scorpio guy. We're highschool sophomores, 14 yrs old by the time we got into an intense relationship. We started as friends, but not so close because we are not in the same classroom. We dont have time to talk much at school. Cuz Im an honor student and had so many things to do. I remember whenever i passed by their room, he always have those mysterious glares at me. I love it when he looks at me, i feel so secured. Then it was so heart warming when i finally said yes to him. He texts me every time, sending sweet messages, asking if i have eaten my dinner. Then everyday, he carries my school bag and sends me home. When we're together, he sings to me and plays the guitar SO WELL. Hes voice was deep and sexy. Hes always jealous of my guy classmates (im quite popular in our campus). When we had arguements and fight, hes so paranoid, keeps chasing me. It was so great, i feel so loved and adored with him. Until i had my first kiss with him. Sweet hugs felt so good. And almost had sex one time (i didnt agree to have sex cuz i want to reserve my virginity) He considers me as his wife. But theres a point where he really hurt my pride and end up breaking up, on and off for almost 2 years!

We broke up 3 months ago, I found out from his friends and my friends that he had another woman, TWO TIMER! It was after our J.S PROM when they told me that. and have used another woman to have sex. so it makes us 3 girls at a time! I FELT BETRAYED by him, and my CLOSE FRIENDS/ BEST FRIENDS. Im still thankful though, they said the truth. Maybe if they still kept quiet, i could have been making myself such a FOOL. It was so painful and hurtful for me to move on cuz I really loved him with all my heart and soul. By the way, im a leo girl. We even talked about getting married someday, having a huge mansion and great kids (he even gave names already). Now i have a new boyfriend, hes my best friend and also his, a pisces guy. I said yes to him after a month the most depressing break up happened to me. But it seems that i still have little feelings for him.
My ex is now courting one of my best friend,
scorpion girl, whom i always have competition at our batch. In beauty & brains, you name it! Im a bit angry at her! Now Im on Senior high, hes my classmate, in the same room everyday. It was just 2 days ago since our class started. He always yell, AWKWARD so loud! So we'll see what happens..

Hot & Cold Scorpio
by: Anonymous

So I'm dealing with this Scorpio who I eventually may have to cut off soon in order to save my sanity. He chased after me for months and it's like when I finally gave in to him, he has Completely changed!!! Before he always kept his dates never canceled, or changed anything. NOW he can't make it, or want to change the plans and just sit around.. I don't understand what the problem is or why such a change. I feel like this is some type of mind game he likes to play and I'm way too old for the games. I really liked who he was before we became intimate. He's still that same person at times, but Not as much like before. I guess I should take this as him not being interested (?)which Sucks because I really liked him.. I don't know how to take him, what should I do??

Mind Games Scorpio male
by: Ditto

I have been briefly, but intensely involved with a scorpio male. Very passionate and heated, and he told me he was in love with me and wanted my baby! Then instantaneous withdrawal and silence. He froze me out for a few days. Then we got back in together, again - intensity city!! Another 8 days go by and he freezes me again for 3 days - just at random, no incident that I noticed to trigger the freeze!! I don't get it. Being a silly Sagittarius, I just want to get on with my mate and have my companion by my side, no mind-games, no hot and cold. It drives me mad and the 'relationship' is so young!! I actually think, though I feel strongly about him, I can't continue with this. I need a more stable guy in my life. Love should be happy (the occasional misunderstanding is normal, of course, and I like to discuss these in a mutually mature way to clear the air) and cute, not brooding and simmering and so dark. Unnecessarily complicated and twisted.

Goodbye my gorgeous scorpio man.

Hot and Cold scorpio is back again!
by: Ditto

He's just presumably come out of his mood and texted me like nothing's happened...after 3 days of silence (he also knows I have today free). Says he's been busy. What...too busy to fire off a 20 second text to let me know what's going on? Really??

Yeah, I'm busy too. Not too busy to write this, but too busy to fire off a 20 seconds text to him.

This is so unlike me...I feel he's drawing me in to his world. Very unhealthy.

Loving feeling gone for me...
by: Ditto

He started texting again recently like nothing's happened...but I discover my feelings are all but gone. I wasn't excited to receive his messages, continued doing my chores and replied when I remembered, and basically, have lost interest in this person - I'm happy to report! He invited me over to his place for an evening, I agreed and just didn't fancy going, so did a no-show on him. He also told me he was free two days after that, I just told him to have a great day, whatever he chose to do!
I am very pleased that I have lost interest in this moody man who would've made life very uncomfortable for me.
I am going to be more avoidant of scorpio men in future.

moody Scorpio Man
by: Anonymous

My Scorpio man is driving me crazy!!!
After a whole year of on off here there, not knowing where I stood, we never saw eachother for 5 months then got together, he told me how much he loved me and he was sorry for cutting me off, couldn't explain why - promised he's never going anywhere again BUT he still clears off back to his flat after a few days of being with me at my place. Its like he can't be with me for ling before he has to have his own space. I get that cos I am a Scorpio too and I like my space but when he goes off he kind of cuts me off completely for a few days. We are going on vacation friday morning, I half expect him to not turn up as I havent seen him since the weekend and havent really spoken on thr phone. I know he is up ti his eyeballs with work but it seems that when he gets like that he just cuts me off !!

Emotional WRECK
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same thing as the poster of "Hot & Cold Scorpio".

At first he was chasing me like crazy and after I finally got with him, he became a completely different person. He became extremely cold and has been treating me as if I were invisible. I honestly don't understand what I did wrong?

Before we got together, I clearly told him that I do not look for anything other than serious relationships. He also told me that the same goes for him.

I've heard that he had a serious relationship a long time ago and the girl cheated on him... after that, he had a bunch of short-term ex-girlfriends. I'm guessing that the reason he acts like this is because he's been hurt before... but I really do not know.

I have been extremely moody these days, feeling ridiculously depressed and emotional. I finally confronted him asking if he still cared about me since he has been giving me the cold shoulder for nearly the past 3 weeks... he said he still cared about me but he had so many things going on right now and he isn't able to focus on everything at once. He said he felt bad for leaving me alone for so long and said that maybe we should just be friends until he is done with everything and he will get back to me. I see this as a common excuse for people who do not know how to break up with their significant other, so I told him straight up if he didn't want to be with me anymore, just tell me. He said that wasn't the case so I just told him to focus on his work and I'd be here for him if he needed anything. I received no response.

It's too painful for me to walk away so I said that it was fine and that I'd be here for him if he needed anything, but he told me that he knew he would be like this for awhile.

I'm a Leo and I am usually very impatient... but he is like a drug! As much as it hurts, I can't get myself to leave him. I am not fond of short-term relationships and I give everything a chance and I don't give up on relationships this easily. It has been so difficult though that I do not know what to do anymore.

I've never experienced any relationship like this before in my entire LIFE. Usually it isn't that hard for me to break up with someone and get over them, but this Scorpio is seriously like some addictive drug!

I am dying :(

reply to Emotional wreck
by: Anonymous

If you want to chat with me e mail me on
Sounds like we are in the same boat :(

Hot & Cold Scorpio
by: Anonymous

Aww I know how you feel Leo! I wrote the hot&cold Scorpio comment (not the 1 by ditto) and believe me I felt the same like he was some type of addictive drug!! He hasn't really changed much he still goes off in hiding every so often, and I actually got use to it,Crazy!! But as of yesterday I just decided I couldn't take it anymore. I told him he was like a roller coaster up & down' on & off and I don't have the patience to deal with it anymore, and that I liked how we were before we ever became intimate.. its like things became so complicated and hard and it shouldn't be that way! So i suggested we go back to being friends and told him he needs to process his feelings and get back with me when he's not so hot and cold. Idk how this is going to turn out because I think I love him~I can't believe I just wrote that! Good luck to you & myself they are some addictive people!

Hot and Cold Scorpio
by: Anonymous

This is in reply to the poster of hot *nd cold scorpio - I too am getting used to the silent spells - its hard work emotionally draining,he's off on one now - I don't know how I put up with really - when we are together everything is completely fine and I feel so secure with him then something bothers him, usually something or someone else and he shuts himself away - then I feel completely insecure and like I can't ring him or vall round (he doesn't answer at these times anyway - HARD WORK but I can't be without him :(

by: Emotional Wreck Leo

It's crazy how our Scorpio men are all quite so alike! I've never believed in astrology as much as I do right now. I have a question for you guys:

#1: Do your Scorpio men ever seem to have this "wall" around them which makes you feel as if you cannot get close to them?

#2: What do they expect from us? Are we supposed to just sit around and wait until they feel like talking to us and contact us? I do not understand. At all. Haha :(

#3: Do your Scorpio men respond when you are emotional? (for example, crying). My Scorpio doesn't and I do not understand how he can be so uncaring. I do not expect much from him, but I would like to see him show a bit of affection once in awhile. How do Scorpio men not show affection at all? It makes it seem as if they aren't even human!

Emotional Wreck
by: Anonymous

Yes there is a wall, and it takes a lot of time and patience to knock it down, brick by brick. It has taken me months if not a year or so to get through 'the wall' and now he opens up much more, tells me more (theres still a lot he doesnt but thats the way he is) He shows affection and lots of care and he's considerate and will do anything for me but when he sees red, he doesn't want me around at all, or anyone. He knows he is better off alone, getting over what ever and gathering his thoughts as he puts it.

Hot and cold nonsense
by: Ditto

However much you feel you love your scorpio man, do we really want the next, say, 10, 20...40 years feeling like this? They are being super-selfish emotionally - subjecting us to immature behaviour which leaves us feeling like wrecks. It isn't fair, and we deserve someone who is willing to engage in the true meaning of the word. That means acknowledging that WE have emotions too, not just them. We are not their playthings to be picked up and put down at their will.
I have walked from my indulgent scorpio. Someone else can suffer him. He was attractive in several ways, but his indulgent moods left me finding him unattractive and sulky.
Ladies...what would you say to a friend if a guy was doing this to her?? You'd say the guy was a jerk and she deserved better. Now say it to yourselves. Get out while your self-esteem is still intact!!

addictive drug??
by: Ditto

In addition to a few of you saying these guys are like an addictive drug - I think you're quite right about that!! Unfortunately, an addictive drug will eventually destroy you and the only way to get out from the spell of that drug is............? go cold turkey and stay away from that drug altogether. Avoid all situations where that drug might be and don't leave the door ajar for 'just in case he changes' (the drug doesn't change). Shut the door on him and lock it...and move on. It's not easy, but the craving fades with time, then you will look back and say 'what the hell was I THINKING!!'.

Reply to Ditto
by: Anonymous

Well said Ditto!! Although it's still hard but like you said you have be willing to cut them cold turkey! It's been just 2 days since i cut mines off and Omg I miss him so much but i do believe it's best while I still have my sanity and self esteem left. And its not fair feeling like someone's toy~ who puts you in and take you out the toy box when they're ready to play~ is what it feels like.. this is one of the hardest feelings to deal with But because they're so loving, caring, and make you feel secure when they're around it Completely Draws you back in.. But not this time for me! I hope he can one day become an emotional stable being so things aren't so complicated.. Then he would be perfect for me...:(

by: Ditto

There are genuinely plenty more good, decent, loving fish in the sea :-) (nice image LOL). We don't need these people who only feel their own feelings and never empathise with ours.
I believe that drugs make people feel secure and seduced, too....only to leave them feeling wretched, ragged and broken - again and again and again ad infinitum........

addictive drug
by: ScorpioLady

These last postings are so right - I just wish I could have the strength to do what I need to do. We made so many plans and have been so close, I don't understand how it all changes so quickly and easily then I feel really sad because I know we are so right for each other. I feel so confused now - this latest silent spell has put us back a whole year :(

scorpio lady (above)
by: Ditto

sorry you're hurting :-( It's painful isn't it? One thing our brain does when splitting up is to remember all the GREAT stuff and filter out the bad. Try writing a list of the bad things about your relationship and leave it where you'll see it often so when your brain keeps remembering the 'perfect' image, you will have something to counter it and serve up some reality into the mix. It really can help :-)

Scorpio Lady hurting
by: Anonymous

Ditta - I try that all the time, I just don't get how he can cut me off like that, we were only making future plans together the day before. We were on holiday with my kids and they played up and spoilt the holiday a bit which resulted in us going home a day early. He was raging but said he would call me the next day. That was last wednesday, he has ignored my calls, texts and the door!!! we have been together a year and I know he loves me. it's killing me

Shame on him!
by: Ditto

Shame on him for cutting you off and not at least discussing this with you! My scorpio also went from telling me he loved me and wanting my baby to blocking me completely. I can't fathom it, and as he won't tell me why, I am left to guess and to decide for myself that he's not the sort of person I want in my life.
You must be in such pain. I am sure he will do this to you throughout life. If he comes back to you, is that what you want??

Scorpio Lady hurting
by: Anonymous

No it's not what I want but we really do get on so well, he has cut me off now and then along with others when he is down or gathering his thoughts but this seems different this time. He has never ignored me like this. I just don't get it and I feel emotionally drained from it now. It's like he is punishing me even though we haven't rowed about anything even on the holiday we were on the same side. It's like he went home and has been dwelling on it all and thought "I just don't need this is my life".
I have done my best to contact him I have to leave it now and see what happens. How can he love me like he says and then do this?

by: Ditto

Sorry about your pain.
I ended up having a chat with my ex recently. He has met someone else, which didn't surprise me. Saddest thing for me was that in the (alleged) week he's been with her, he has already asked her to have his baby - which is what he was saying to me just 9 weeks ago! Laughable really.
Glad I didn't get snared there. He's a real serial breeder (several kids all with different mothers), which I think is either lack of responsibility, or narcissistic. Either way, not good. He suggested that if our paths cross again in the future we might be able to be together - either this was just some phrase to ease my feelings or a genuine statement of possibility, I don't know. But if it's the latter, that means he isn't offering full commitment to his latest baby-mummy. And does he really think I might like to tag along and just be another 'breeder' for him? I don't blimmin' think so matey!!
Ooh scorpios can be slick, creepy and sleazy - this one seems to have been.

Scorpio Lady Hurting
by: Tired Of the hot and Cold

So sorry to hear he's treating you like that, that sucks!! Ive been posting here about my scorpio (hot and cold Scorpio) and I have been able to stick to my word and not call him like I said I would and do far it's been 4days.. Lord knows I miss him but I only been dealing with him for a couple of months and I couldn't imagine to continue dealing with the emotional roller coaster for a year.. It's just crazy how they are Either you love someone and want to be with them Or you don't! These men are too much work and it sucks for us cause it makes us insecure thinking we've done something wrong.. I'm so sorry he's treating you like that' that's so messed up!!

Scorpio Lady hurting
by: Anonymous

to: Tired of the hot and cold - I feel mentally drained and very very sad today. Like I've come to the end of my tether. How can we have been talking about how much we love each other and making plans for our future right up until last week, even during and after our bad holiday (which as time goes on I don't think was that bad at all, I think he was just in a bad place anyway)and then he has ignored me completely ever since!! A whole week has gone by!! I am trying to tell myself that that is it but it just seems impossible. This brick wall has been put up by him, I know he is going through a tough time personally but between us we have always overcome it. All I can do is sit and wait again but if this is going to happen all the time it just seems impossible. I wish I could just meet someone else who I feel stronger about to help me get over him and all this.

by: Ditto

Can you try and keep yourself occupied with girl-friends? A new man will come along in time, but probably not a great idea presently. Old feelings have to subside first - and they do! Eventually.
The tragic part is that he hasn't felt able to communicate with you as to what the hell is going on. If he could man up a bit and text/email/call/visit you to explain what's going on, you could get some closure and grieve properly. But while he's behaving like this, you're stuck in limbo, unable to move one way or the other. I am so sorry for you x

Reply to Scorpio Lady Hurting
by: Tired of hot & cold Scorpio

Aww I hate that you're feeling like this because I know exactly how u feel!! I sat around and asked myself would I be able to find someone else with a connection that was as deep as ours? and that's what made it so hard to get over him- our connection. But then i had to ask strong is the connection if he's constantly cutting me off? Or is this deep feeling/connection one-sided? And I'm not making any excused for him but if he's going threw a hard moment in life right now just back up and give him the space he desires- he will come back around. Ive been going threw this with my Scorpio for almost 6months and I hav learned that's Just how they are!Sad!!!! After not calling my scorpio for days (5) he txt me this morning smh!! And I like I said before-I don't know If I can handle this emotionally~ this could really break a person if you're not strong enough.. I didn't give him much convo I think id rather keep my Sanity!! He will call just back off completely because when they Need Space they Need Space.. Hard thing to swallow but I've learned that with him.. They are seriously emotionally unstable and can't handle when things go wrong in their life so they completely ShutDown and Block people out!! Good Luck sweetie' I know he will call.. just give him the space to miss you and he will!!

Scorpio Lady hurting
by: Anonymous

Thanks Ditto, I'm sure he will, he has done before but this time seems different??
I feel a little better tonight. I've been running through in my mind our conversations last week, all positive, full of love etc... thats what makes this so hard to understand. Bloody Scorpio men!!! Oh well, we'll see. This has happened before but he said all that s*** was behind him now, then it just takes one thing at the wrong time to spark things off. What will you do about your man now that he has been in touch?

Hot and Cold Scorpio
by: Bei

Wow... this is crazy, I think all scorpio man has the same problem. Like the other lady said, when they have problem, they shut down and lock everyone out! My boyfriend is exactly like this! Didn't answer anyone else call but me! Even with his best friends! That is not good... when problem exist, they don't talk. I wish someone or scorpio can tell us all how to help them. I love my scorpio man, I want to help. But they won't let us! Now he is not working and I don't know how to help. I don't understand them but I do know he cares about me alot!

Scorpio Lady hurting
by: Anonymous

Tired of hot and cold - I'm sure he will be in touch but I am getting angry now, it's all about him!! my mum has cancer and had to be admitted to hospital yesterday. He knows how things have been and has always been there to support me telling me that I am more important to him than his work etc - not at the moment though eh?? I think these men are selfish and love attention and drama. Well I have always been there for him and he isn't there for me right now which is bloody mean and selfish. I know he finds this time of year hard because of a certain anniversary but I am here to help him? At least its not just me, he is ignoring friends too but I thought I was special to him? Well I have enough to deal with now with my mum so he will have to get on with it. We had plans for these summer holidays as I teach and have 6 weeks off. I have to go back in 2 weeks, what a waste??? getting angrier now :(

Scorpio Lady hurting
by: Bei

What can I say, don't get so upset. Just knowing that this is scorpio man's personality? I don't know for sure but from reading all these post. I guess they are the same. I am not so angry after I read all these post. I know I am not alone. That means, they can't help it? Although that doesn't make it right to do what they are doing... Be strong and be there for your mom, so try to focus on what you need, that is how I am doing, it will make you feel better. You can get more things done without thinking about him :D

More comments for hurting lady
by: Ditto

I wonder if the main thing in all this is to not try and analyse what's going on for him, or to make excuses for his behaviour etc, but to honestly, sincerely and without judgement or anger, ask yourself if this is what you can live with for the rest of your life. Is it bearable? Is it going to make you an emotional wreck? Do the good times out-weigh the bad? You are clearly very emotionally bonded and that would take time to heal, even if you decide this relationship is not for you. Sometimes a person can be perfect for us, but our union with that person might not be perfect. That's ok to admit. Keep us updated. How are you doing now?

Scorpio Lady hurting
by: Anonymous

Ditto - well it's 2 weeks today, still not heard a thing, I sent him an e mail today - not a gushy begging one - just one to tell him that I'm still here when he's ready more or less. This went on for a month or so last year and 6 weeks the year before but we weren't properly together then, just saw each other here and there but I remember it. We have only been in a proper relationship since October, after he realised he missed me so much and loved me!!! wow, here we are again. The longer this goes on, the worse I know he is because he has never ignored me like this? He usually is so caring and puts me above everything else? He is in a bad way and I feel helpless :( now I feel like crap :(

It never stops...
by: Anonymous

It's been years and years of the same crap. When we are together, he makes me feel like I'm a queen. In all these years he has ignored me for weeks on end. Being an Aries, I get on with my life. The sad thing is that I decided a long time ago to love him regardless. Well, well, I just found out he cheated and sent him an email telling him exactly what I thought. I'm fed up. I've had it. I can take the silent treatment, the disappearances but NOT HIM SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Well, now he has completely withdrawn. He did try to explain...but the stories were silly and it was obvious he was guilty. I sent him mail telling him off and telling him to transform himself back into the man I knew.

How do people handle this kind of non-communication? We rarely talk properly. We have glossed over things for years. I've bent backwards to accommodate him. Why? Because he expresses his love for me physically. I'm the one who is good with words. Now that I lost my temper for the first time ever, he has effectively disappeared from my life. Well, I won't break the silence. And when he does...for he will...I just don't have any more to say or to give. I love him but I can't do this anymore. This behavior can go on for years and based on my experience doesn't change. I feel like throwing an Arian fit!! Yet at the same time I recognize that he must be the one to open move closer to trust me to love him as he is.

Why can't he believe that I love him? What kind of inner demons make someone so insecure and makes them incapable of seeing the truth? Unfortunately for me, the connection we have is unparelled. But I will not submit this time. This is the breaking point for me. I give up.

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

I am dating a Scorpio guy as weel.He is so loving an caring and makes me feel like a queen ONLY WHEN IT SUITS HIM. just last week we were planning on having a family together and moving in tigether, and then this week he says i 'must leave him alone and that its nothing i did, but he just wnats to be 'alone'...he doesnt text, or call me and is ignoring me totally. He is not available on social networks liek he normally is..i love him so much, but i think im gonna go crazy.. He does this all the tme and thereafter tells me that he loves me etc..Are these ,en for real?

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

I met him on facebook. When we first chat, we were so connected and chat, txt for hours on the phone, then he started to ask me to Skype since we live distance. I'm not a Skype person, since many friends have never succeed w/ most Skype relationships as they spent hours and year to sit on video cam and trying to posture their body to the man they hope to have a future with..i know 4 months but my total Skype with him about 6 times, some really intimate and i got bored very quick then i ended up no more Skype. He is so upset and we fight..i almost walked out from him since i never met him in person. What he think he is..finally, he ended to arrange a meeting with me a day after 4 months. We had a great time and felt like we know each other long, but no sex involve..just kissing,.then after that he called constantly and i feel like we finally connected and no fight for 7 weeks...have a future with maybe!!??

Then one day, i just felt like are we going back to txt and Skype again for another couple months to have another meet up? That's so UN real i was quite for two days and txt less, nothing to txt actually beside his regular basic stuff..

Yesterday, i just txt him ...where are we now? Are we going forwards or we won't. Its my time to speak it out, even tho he told me his daily life, doesn't mean that call future relationship.he has been quite for two days w/o return my question?. I'm calm to the point that not really cares anymore..even he let me met his kid on my first date..

Bottom line about his character, just exactly the same like other scorpio..extremely controlling, sensitive, UN predictable, silent sting, highly sexual freaky demand, suspicious, I'm sure his eyes is on my fb 100 percent time...besides that i saw him a sweet man and gentleman, discipline in person..never let me pay a penny when i was with problem is my patient running out as all Leo females to the point. The relationship start sulky and boring without physical contact..i wanted him to be my future, but its up to him for this short run...i have plans and future, i can't just hold my life for one person that i do not know the goal and purpose...just a waits of time..Believe me, ladies. If the men wanted you, he will try to make it happen, if not they will let u hanging there waiting hopeless...II i was married a man in three weeks, and he was dating his ex for 5 yrs...

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: Anonymous

Virgo Lady - your story sounds very similar to mine!! Only 6 weeks ago we were planning our future, holidays etc - he loved me - then boof!!! I haven't heard from him in 6 weeks, literally the next day he disappeared. He is struggling with some personal issues right now but I know that and understand that like I always do. My mum passed away last Saturday - I had one text from him saying how sorry he is blah blah blah and that he isn't in a good place right now!!! WELL NOR AM I This has happened too often now, usually a few days here and there but this takes the biscuit. We have been together nearly 2 years - what the hell goes on with these men?

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

Scorpios are selfish human beings if you ask me..I know my Scorpio loves me but i dont know what goes on his head sometimes..He says im the best thing that ever happened to him etc..the next thing he doesnt want to talk to me or see me. He wants to have kids and marry me ( so he says), i seem to have doubts though- i mean i cant live this "hot and cold" life forever...I sometimes thinks he's cheating but at the same time, iv read that scorpio's are super confused...SCORPIO MEN please give us tips asap!!!!

to Virgo Lady
by: Bei

Same thing is happening to me LOL. I know he cares about me but I sometimes think he is cheating too. I also search about they are supposed to be very loyal.. I also feel they are very selfish. When they want to, they will make you feel like queen. Otherwise, they make you feel like crap lol.

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: Anonymous

Hi Bei..What do you suggest we do? hahaaha..Hes told me that when ever hes in a relationship, girls cheat on him.This is inevitable, some girls cannot tolerate the scorpios starting to think i should call it quitts.

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

I'm updated...

He hasn't replied my questions to him...just a silent ...i check ed his fb. There was other girl posted a pic about 2 cat s licking..def he is flirting w/other females on fb or He told me he joined it a while back after divorce. I can see the activities on the fb but not others service. He couldn't interact with them for where he lives, but he may Skype and stuff that called emotional cheating and waisting my time.. Yeah, ladies do not trust some men until you have their time like husband and wife, no matter what sign they are, especially scorpio high sexual demand like to control, attention to feed their ego..

One more thing about his careless, selfish and full of himself. When he was sick, he called me to seek for comfort and ease...listening and talking w/ him for hours. When i had a big problem, i told him 4:50 txt like emergency issue..he didn't txt back until 2 hours later simple like this..." I'm.glad you are ok"!!..not even a panic questions like my other male friends. Reacted the same problem...i was flu 3 days ago..i told him i got flu but I'm ok now and all he said..."Good, i hope u have a good day"!!!..what kind of person is that???...i don't care if he has money to buy the whole world, but he can't buy my love..i heard he was sick i bought medicines as a Leo women care for their man...he is totally full of himself. To be honest, i had some comments w/ male friends on fb when they were sick, i told them what exactly as all women saying to their drink tea and stuff like he came back to me w/ his sting like i treat him like other guys....but not that my emergency txt before all comments happen ed...I'm sick and tired of his arrogant, demanding...and i wanted an answer either or not to be because for the reason i have been invested my time with him...but i don't buy the silent...I'm over 40 , i have the gut to tell me .something is not right...don't let they bite their time for their multiple secretive option s.

Aree they cheating? Yes, they are..i had 2 months dating with r another scorpio 10 yrs ago. We were so perfect for each other. Suddenly he was just disappeared w/o an explanation.. Let me heart broken..two years he is contacted me..he said he has a baby with someone else by accident!!!. They r married. And he met me and did my roof job..he almost tried to have sex w/me, but i denied.

Some scorpio is very faithful after married. But only they r into you. Want to marry you..when your first date, they will wrap you like a spider, after they got you they r just come back to their true color hidden into some hole as a scorpio hidden himself and wait to sting...

You want to date a love yourself than you love him. That's way you won't get hurt in a long run..i got their sting and i will never forgot....

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

To virgo lady_ he already stated out that he is a quitter.. He is the worst one who planned with u the wedding and dropped it, no matter how long your guy have been together.he can't take the responsibility and caring, especially. when your mom just past away...he is getting cold feet and not sure you are the one..You should move on. You have give a lots of time, hr hadn't made up his mind and he won't be....Bottom line, he hasn't falling deep with you. There is no other issue..i believe...if you won't wake up your self, he won't..if you do that and ignore him, he may come back , but i doubt it..he is a fixed sign when they made up their mind. That's it..

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

To virgo lady_ he already stated out that he is a quitter.. He is the worst one who planned with u the wedding and dropped it, no matter how long your guy have been together.he can't take the responsibility and caring, especially. when your mom just past away...he is getting cold feet and not sure you are the one..You should move on. You have give a lots of time, hr hadn't made up his mind and he won't be....Bottom line, he hasn't falling deep with you. There is no other issue..i believe...if you won't wake up your self, he won't..if you do that and ignore him, he may come back , but i doubt it..he is a fixed sign when they made up their mind. That's it..

Sorry guys it's been a minute but here's the UPDATE
by: Tired of Hot & Cold Scorpio

Hi all this is "tired of hot&cold Scorpio" not the one by Ditto.. Last I posted my Scorpio male wanted to get together and talk after not talking for days.. At first I ignored him as he has done me, then I finally give him the chance to explain himself and come to find out he had lost his job. Of course I felt bad but I refused to let that draw me back in.. He then begin to say how he missed me and all other type of things so it made me feel good to hear these things' I'm not going to lie. Later that night I saw him at a local bar pub an he barely even spoke to me but yet he missed me so much!!.. And then had the nerve to text me Good Morming the next day smdh!! That just really took the cake for me.. I begin to totally ignore him and course that drove him crazy and begin to call and txt very once again. After 2weeks of ignoring him I begin to talk back with him, I told him we were only friends and nothing more/nothing physical what so ever.. That drove him crazy and he begin to turn back into that Very Sweet Loving and Attentive guy he was when I first met him.. Calling me everyday, texting me on the hour BUT will I let that Break Me, NO!! All this has shown me that the Only want what they CAN'T have, and when they get it They Don't care to have it..That's a damn shame! As I'm writing this he just called asking me to come by since I switched schedules with someone.. I used that same BS they use with us "Right now I'm just in a difference place, I need to be to myself, I'll call you later if that changes" it' was pure silence on the phone and I told him bye. We have not been intimate (no kisses/no nothing) at all since I have allowed to come back into my Life as a Friend and that's how I plan to keep it since we were never fully committed anyways and FRIENDS were all we really were since they are so selfish and afraid of commitment! Basically ignore their a** and they'll come around, if u want them back Beware, I'm pretty sure they'll go back to the same a*hole they use to be.. Unfortunetly for him I refuse to find out because he truly hurt my feelings and I am not one who can deal with his emotional rollercoaster, I honestly felt like I was losing my sanity.. And no one has ever had that type of control over me and i just can't do it.. This type of behavior can seriously drive a woman crazy you just have to get out before its too late!!! Good Luck Ladies!!!!!!!! And sorry for the long story, just wanted to update you all.. Take care and Be strong because you need all the strength in the world to deal with these men!

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

To: Hot and cold scorpio.. Well, im sorry for teh pain you are going through.. My scorpio ha sbeen very sweet lately but im not sure for how long its gonna last :(.. these men are selfish indeed.; but how can one leave a guy they truly love?

to im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: Bei

I am not sure what to suggest we should do. I do agree leogirl if anyone in the world love you, you should know and there should be no guess. I am also very very close to call for a quit too haha. After all these comments about how scorpio are. I also agree if they really do in love you with. I think Scorpio will be one of the most loyal mate you can find. The intense love they can give to us is hugh. However it is too bad that if there is anything goes on in the relationship, once they feel that they got hurt from you... we all know what scorpio will do .. they will stink you. Since they still love you, they won't leave you. But the weird thing is ... they can't love you more after they got hurt. They are almost too sensitive sometimes... They are water sign, they can't help it but I am a leo girl too, I can't take it.

Thank you for leogirl sharing your story in detail, that helps me to bring me some light to make my decision.

Maybe after we all talk in here.. there will be alot of single scorpio man hahaa :D

Be strong lady if you feel hurt and feel like you are about to go crazy, then you know it is not worth it!!

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Bei _ What u wrote is exactly about the scorpio man..Yes, he got hurt after 20 yrs with a virgo. The divorce was complete worst and sting that he has a power to get everything. He met her couple weeks and got married. Scorpio fall in love, they make decision quick, but when u want to have a divorce. You may have the extremely emotional break down and feel like hell. They are intelligent and the most dangerous specie you want to play, the price you pay to their loyalty is the need of their controlling and demanding every part of your life. They are very sweet for not too long and come back hot and cold in a long run. Why we want them so much? Because we always want something we don't have. I thought, i found a man falling in love with me when he was really sweet but then he left me one week wondering is that called a fling or falling. Is he test me or what? How many test i m going through since we have been together!!!.??

I think this is quote is a rule of life.. " If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.” ― Nora Roberts

I already go with him a long way, now its time i ask.

Good luck,ladies. no matter what happens it is, we deserve an answer in relationship, either we go forward or we step the same place. Thank u for reading!.

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

I have GOOD news..i broke up with my scorpio yesterday. He had started with his " off" tendencies again.i Cried and cried because i still love him but i realised that; there a much more stable guys out there and i deserve better.

The sad part is- he did not beg me, he just told me that he will return my belongings that i left at his place and didnt show any sadness about teh break up. It broke my heart that he did not beg me, but then if he did- i would have forgiven him and the he would have been 'sweet" for a while, then start up with his ways again.

question is, does he care or not? i will never know.. but il take break form dating and wait for my Mr right in the mean time :)

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Sorry Virgo lady! He wanted physical relationship with you, but not at the emotional commitment level and when you pushed him he feels like he loose his controlling, he wants to be the one to control the relationship how to be, not you. I read somewhere between the time line to give it in the relationship is 3 months date to consider to be exclusive gf/bf and 1 to 2 yrs to know you can step a big step or not. After that amount of time they still don't know what they want then its just a joke...

You should nt question yourself about he love s you or not. Ofcourse, he will miss the time being with u as physical attraction, but not fall enough to to be with u for the rest of his life. If he is not affairs to lose you then why should u care for a selfish love!!

My man he hasn't txt me since my question to him. Yesterday, the 1st time since 4 months. He tried to flirt w, a girl wearing boy short on fb like her pic. What's his point? To preventing me or to tell me that a call you go your way, i will go mine...

I wish, i have a leo man yelling me on the phone and tell me how mad and jealous he is than those cold and hot shoulders with silent least, he is on fb so i know his activities, other wise, he just disappeared w/o any contacts like the 1st one. I fully repaired for those scorpio when they come around.....

I feel your pain, Virgo lady...move on, time will heel. Sometimes the break up made you realize how much the people really cared for you and fall in love w/u. If after the break up, u don't come back w/ a devotion then you both don't have faith for each other. I'm glad we have this page to talk ..some of us just being a victim of creatorof, but they manipulated us like we are the ones..Good luck, we all deserve the suitors, not someone doormat...

to Virgogirl and leogirl
by: Bei

I am also glad to find this website too so that we can talk and share our experience. I have 2 scorpio man in my life so far. The first one was on and off. According to first one, ya they actually will be very sad in the inside but since they are so secretive, if they don't want to show you, you will never be able to see it. To Virgo girl, I do believe he is sad inside but even if they go back to you and tell you how much they missed you.... please do remember HOT and COLD always! The first one wasted 3 or 4 years of my time sigh! This one if I break up with him, I don't think I will ever date any scorpio man in my life hahaaa..

To leogirl, I have heard that someone said leo man always attracted by leo girl but most of the time leo girls are not interested in leo guy. I had dated one leo guy before and I didn't feel anything other than friendship. But I do agree, actually it would be nice to have leo man to tell me that they are very jealous if we talk to a guy :) I also love that kind of stuffs. I guess I am silly and I am a leo girl that need MY man's attention.

Well.. they said leo is good match with Aries, and Sagittarius. No more water sign for me, they are too emotional haha.

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

Thanks everyone... This is surely a great platform. I enjoyed chatting with you, we all deserve happiness..

"Cold shoulder" tactics
by: Heartbroken!

I met this scorpio guy a month and a half ago, he seemed to be rreally caring and nice at start, going all the way to do the worlds swweetest things for me but soon turns out that he has started with his ways of "chickening out" and icing me out very often, I being a saggitarian needed my answers or atleast a congenial discussion to sort things out and not sult in a room for hours and hours and not know what comes out of it. He said he loved me to death! like seriously????? i didnt know you love people to death and then ice them out like you never knew them. a week ago , he stopped taking my calls and answering my texts and this went on for like a week that i eventually broke down and called him up and in those 7 days he has also told me that its over! .. when i called him he spoke to me in an okay but a little cold way. I dont know what he is upto or wants to do . I love this man and want to make compromises for him. we are not texting at the moment or calling each other, he says he needs his time . We were to get married in 3 mmonths. And suddenly he has gone cold on me. :( what do i do now. Do i give himthe space? will it be rewarding? Is it really worth the emotional pain and exhaustion. I have never loved a man this much and given my 200% to a relation but i dont want him to end up driving me to the point of insanity / Please help guys! i am sure there must be some ray of hope? :S he says i freak him out by intruding in his personal space....

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl


I got a long well with Leo. Dated 2 of them and they treated me like a Queen to the last penny they have. They took me to the best restaurants in town and travelling, gifts and no need to ask anything. I dated one for 5 yrs. The only downside, we both are extremely jealous. We both like to flirt and sometimes you meet a real player cuz with their charm and generosity u know, girls like them..

Married w/Aries after 3 weeks dates..:), I was confused that time since I dated a successful Virgo and he broke my heart so Aries got me there..Live w/him for 5 yrs. The best trustworthy relationship and get along well I ever had..We agreed most of things in life. So easy going relationship. Never serious w/a Sag. They are players to me, but they get serious w/ Gemini very quick like Angeli & Brat, my friend Gemini got married w/ a Sag after 4 months dates..I love Cancers & Pices water signs..they are sweet but clinging and dont know what the hell they want..2 times w/Virgos, both are successful people..broke my heart but they still love Jennifer.L & ex husband, Maddona & ex husband..

The only Scorpio is the one icing and disappeared on me, not any signs I know..After I sent another txt after a week silent, I was pissed off about his ignorance. He txt me back acting normal for 2 days and icing again. I asked him again and I was mad that he didn't answer what he wants why he let me hang in. As soon I txt him w/anger..he returned my txt right away and said I was acting out w/no reason, he won't talk to me if I act like that!! Really?. So why u didn't answer the first place!! such a manipulate character..I had a dream last night I saw big spider w/webb on my ceiling. I google it and it states that I have somebody manipulate me let me hang on in situation..Wow! I never have that kind of dreams in my true..


your situation is the same Virgo lady and have only met him 1 1/2 months so it s understandable he is chicken out. Scorpio could fall quick, but they also wake up as fast as they fall when they realize something not right or scared loosing their emotional control..If he told you leave him alone then do what he says..give him space until he comes back to you or trying to call him in two weeks later. If he is not reply then he is not ready..

.no matter what you do trying to get him, he will scared and disappeared and you will never heard from him again so be it, even you really hurt..we all have once or more painful with scorpio so don't give him 100% of your love for safety sake..
Read all the comments and u found yourself an answer what should u do..Good luck.

ps: u havent tell us your zodiac sign..

by: Heartbroken

I am really thankful for your response , he is shutting himself on me , he would reply and then say he would call but never would call , he's avoiding me and then I don't know what he is up to , I asked him today if he's doing okay but he replied that he ain't well but it's clear he's running away ... :( I think I love him but this is emotionally so draining :( it was all so good till he began to do this ... He still said he loves me yesterday but he is so silent that I am On the brink of insanity ...

I hope it gets very clear soon ... M willing to adjust but he is so selfish ...

P.s I am a saggitarian

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

Dear Heart Broken.. I know what you are going through..Give him the "space" he wants. The moment you keep silent, he will start wondering what you are upto and he will call you again. They seem to have a lot of pride and they are selfish, so dont beg him for his attention because he wont budge and you willl keep hurting (he will enjoy this)...

I just think its better to show him that you have a life of your own and you do not fully depend on him...These guys are not stable, maybe they change when theyre married...good luck.

Reply to Virgo lady
by: Heartbroken

Hey Virgo lady , I know what you are talking about everything is just so Right .... He texted me today saying how I am and all and we texted for a while where he said that he still loves me and misses me a lot but he's scared of marriage and can't think of it until a year or two ... And that he loves me enough to not make me wait and that I should go ahead with pursuing real people - I don't know now if he is looking for reassurances that I will be by his side no matter what or has he actually made his mind - and that when he says he still loves me then y is he letting me go or asking me to part ways ? How can you love someone ao much and then let them go and watch them marry someone else - I don't know what he wants or thinks he is not asking for space but he seems to hav made up his mind and maybe nothing can change it.. Can I ? ESP when he says he loves -

I am so confused that I can't help keep writing here and updating the status and progress - hoping any of you can help :)

Thanks guys! Xoxo

to heartbroken lady
by: Bei

Can you tell us what is your sign? This really sucks that he still say he loves you and tell you to find another person because I think he is scared! We all girls have been talking about this ... Not only Scorpio man are selfish, now after I hear so many stories, I think they are not a real man. They don't want to take responsibility that is why he got cold feet.

From my first scorpio experience, (we had been on and off for 4 years) the best way to end is not to answer any of his phone call or text message after you make your decision. They will have a hard time to let you go, don't let them control you life. It is very hard because I am dealing with my 2nd scorpio man. You are lucky because you are not living together. I am living together with him. It is hard to avoid him completely.

I will suggest you that if you are not happy, try to read all of our post, when I do that, I feel stronger because you know that you are not alone. Alot of Scorpio men are very dark, they have problem because they like to keep everything secret. They gave themselves too much stress out of nothing.

To Leogirl *** Thank you for sharing your experience. I have similar experience with Aries. Aries sometimes are too hot temper and I can't stand it because I am hot temper too. My best experience so far was with Sagittarius.

Good luck heartbroken lady.

Reply to bei
by: Heartbroken

Bei I am
A saggitarian crazily annoyed by the Scorpio guy I have been talking about - I'm so straight forward in the way I lead life no dark moments no secret shit- everything is open n candid... I like to sort my issues quickly n move past them unlike my Scorpio man who seems to enjoy his misery and loves to go back to it every now and then-

I do feel relieved and rather amazed at how similar the stories are on this page - there are so many girls suffering at the hands of Scorpio men -

My agony is so so so much now that I want to get out it mg mind tells me that I don't wanna be with him anymore but the past (just about 7 days ago) keeps haunting me where he couldn't stand be talk about another man even and wants to now leave me and is telling me to go for someone else / n then the contradictions are so annoying !!!!! He just said that he wants to stay as friends and when I said maybe it could work out that way so he said " he can't stay "just" friends as he has feelings for me" WTH I mean what is he doing??? He loves me still n wants to leave me to go to another man ?

COuld he be dating another woman? Though he says he is not in the right state of mind for marriage which he was in just a week ago :-S

Plus he also said yesterday he would watch a movie with me tomorrow that is Friday and will let me
Know the details today ;-S which he didn't :-S why in the world is he playing these dirty games ? he hasnt showed up at his work in 2 days which is clearly odd too n he says he ain't well - it could be another stupid stunt or the truth but my mind can't function anymore - I am a mental wreck all thanks to him

It's like I'm stuck in this cycle and can't break out of it :( I hope you all have broken out of the stupid relationship and feel better :)

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

To heartbroken,

You can tell he is not ready. We women all assume when we sleep with men and have relationship with them, it means they are serious and want the future. But not all of them born like that. To them is just physical attraction, sexual desire and com fort being in the relationship for some of them. So when the reality asks him to respond to be more responsibility and commitment. They are chicken out and disappeared so to make sure they don't play this with us, give them couple months to have the best time with us and ask them what they want. If they try to avoid the answer and keep playing then we know or some others just disappeared, unless you want non committed relationship or hoping you can chang his mind then the chance is very little...and most of them only decided when you broke up with them completely and move on ...they all run back to you after suffering or couldn't find anyone better..

I have been dating many of them for giving them the best time that they never have from any women, but when i ask the commitment, they were chicken out ...i left dry out phone call, no txt..just disappear as i txt them several time a day..90% wanted to go back, but I'm a Leo..i have no patient of this games. I was heart broken two times hard when i falled deeply in love, now I'm wiser..only fall for someone who gave me a whole 100 percents of action, not talking...i like sex, but i won't let it over my future on hold by those men. I had so many years waisting with more...I'm not 18....

You are sag, you like an open book to him..he needs someone he could digs in their souls to feel the meaning ful relationship. You both havgood sex but as i said here..there is no guarantee...when he told you looking for other men then you should tell him if that what he wants

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

To heartbroken,

You can tell he is not ready. We women all assume when we sleep with men and have relationship with them, it means they are serious and want the future. But not all of them born like that. To them is just physical attraction, sexual desire and com fort being in the relationship for some of them. So when the reality asks him to respond to be more responsibility and commitment. They are chicken out and disappeared so to make sure they don't play this with us, give them couple months to have the best time with us and ask them what they want. If they try to avoid the answer and keep playing then we know or some others just disappeared, unless you want non committed relationship or hoping you can chang his mind then the chance is very little...and most of them only decided when you broke up with them completely and move on ...they all run back to you after suffering or couldn't find anyone better..

I have been dating many of them for giving them the best time that they never have from any women, but when i ask the commitment, they were chicken out ...i left dry out phone call, no txt..just disappear as i txt them several time a day..90% wanted to go back, but I'm a Leo..i have no patient of this games. I was heart broken two times hard when i falled deeply in love, now I'm wiser..only fall for someone who gave me a whole 100 percents of action, not talking...i like sex, but i won't let it over my future on hold by those men. I had so many years waisting with more...I'm not 18....

You are sag, you like an open book to him..he needs someone he could digs in their souls to feel the meaning ful relationship. You both havgood sex but as i said here..there is no guarantee...when he told you looking for other men then you should tell him if that what he wants

to heartbroken lady
by: Bei

Well think of it this way. Fire sign n water sign are not compatible. If he didnt go to work for two days , he is depressed on something now and not man enough to face whatever it is. Give him space, he really do need it. Think of it as he cant control what he is doing, you will feel better, forgive him and forget about finding your answer. My scropio man once told me, if he doesnt want to tell, he would rather take the secret to grave then tell anyone. Stop looking for answer n start to ask yourself what do u really want? Go hang out with friends n just meet new people. When you go out, you wont think about him as much, it will. Help.

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl


Then you should move on or trying to move on to see how his reaction. But i could tell he won't make a commitment with you in the future because you both already reach to this big step and he is sure what he wants..not you...his future is more important to just don't waist your time more because if you agree with what he said ..meaning he will continue relationship with u without obligation. If you ask him again in the future, he will run just like he did make up your mind and move on, plus you just know him so i could say its too early for marriage. I don't know your age..if you are under 25 then give him couple months, if not move on to find a man more commitment type. Let him bite his own tail..hope, you have more streight for moving on..hard broken is suck, but that what we should do to draw our boundaries..Good luck..

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Most of men like the game of chase..when the game is over too soon. They lost their appear to them a huge commitment with kids and responsibility ...when they said they are not ready meaning They are not...

I had those experience when men asked me to commits . .i was chicken out and just pretended i was comfort being in relationship..some left me for that when i was under i know how they really mean about what they scorpio man now, he won't push me away, but he didn't answer what he wants..meaning hewants me hang in there, because I'm a good person for him, but he won't close his option to see if someone is out there better than me...if he couldn't find anyonebetter then he runs be it, i will live like i have a bother and waist my time...

I do say I love you 3 words to men when i comfort in relationship. But to fall deeply in love with someone...i didn't realize it until my ex walked out from me and have other woman. I cried a month that called LOVE and i see many male friends cried in frond of me when their girlfriends left them..they tried to call day and night and beg for a chance..if you don't TEST those 3 words then you won't know they really fall for you...

by: Heartbroken!

Guys thanks a lot for your insight and I am amazed at how accurate you guys are ...

My Scorpio guys met with me today and he is sorry for calling it off and said he
Won't do it again and that he wants to take it slow and not rush into marriage for now - and that he will try to change a bit :-S but then I feel this is all temporary ???? I am so scared to trust him :-S he says I need tO give him space and which i don't -

I would text him again n again and call him again and again if he won't pick and that freaks him out :-(... What am i suppose to do ??? Is he gonna be stable now? I
Really love this guy ? But will my patience help? Should I start having a life and nOt give him too much time? I need some tips on hOw to handle this

Love you all for the support you all give

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Heart Broken,

What you should do is..Stop. That's right - simply stop to occupy his space. He needs time alone to overcome his fears. Do not call him often, do not ask him what's wrong. Instead, get busy with your life. Get involved in some activity that will take your mind off of him and your relationship. You know the more you push, the more he will separate away from you.

Can you see the difference between now and before you met him? You already made it stress on him w/ relationship drama, instead happy and romantic with laugh like your guy first met..I see the changed between me and my man,too..we used to talk hours and hours, and now we couldn't even talk about the same stuff..

Scorpio men always creative the secure and future for us to believe that would happened sometimes soon at first. We hope, we disappointed and started panic when we don't see that coming..Its just the way they are to show their good side, but then they stop it suddenly when they realize thing is getting serious and they can't handle it so stop analyzing..

To date this man, you are gambling with him the future. What if he won't marry you after 1 or 2 yrs dating and what if he will. You will find out from time to time of his hot and cold until you fed up. Just give him space now and repair yourself if he walks away again..Don't know his age so its hard to tell..

I missed my man very much today, but I don't want to call him because I did couple times and he slow down the replies. I think, time to think the reality. You must know if you don't answer somebody calls right away meaning you don't care much for that person like before so be it..

HE always text me couple times a day, since things is getting serious, he is chicken out and he is the one to creative the living together w/me at first. I never believe any man like I believed him, now what..Good thing, I dated a Scorpio before so I am repaired for this one and not that much heart broken..

Ok, good luck & sorry for unsatisfied answer from your man. At the moment now, you won't have the answer you want or even 1 yrs later. HE IS NOT READY AT TIME SOON!

to Heartbroken lady
by: Bei

Remember Hot and then Cold. That is the cycle of Scorpio man. We fire sign like all hot so that is hard for us to deal with Scorpio. I am very surprised from leogirl. I had the very similar situation. I also had experienced with scorpio man before this one, so I am not so heartbroken as before. He also was the one that wanted to move in together after we started to date not too long. After we moved in together, the fire stop pretty quick too LOL. I guess water and almost always kill the fire.

I guess no matter what you choose to do. Remember they are fixed sign and they can't change much. No matter what you choose, try not to put him before yourself. That way, if he treats you cold again, you won't feel as bad as you are feeling now. It is tough to leave them. So hanging in there, one day when you know for sure, whether you want to leave him or not. Don't force yourself to make any decision now. Don't stress out about it.

Hope this help :)

by: Heartbroken

Hey guys well no worries for the not so satisfying answer as I broke up with my man last night , I'll be honest the night before that we met had passionate sex and went all cold again and I could not take that - I did not pressurise him - Called him up and spoke to him very nicely and with a lot of love that I want to let go off him
Coz I am torturing him by being around him and he can lead his life happily without any relationship pressure w/o me he did not stop me and I did not want him to as well - im really sad on the inside but it's better to be hurt once than to be again n again -

I don't know what he must've thought after hanging up as these people do not analyse on the spot - he said if we could keep in touch sp I said no - I am
Not sure If he will let go so easily as last night I gave him a shock of his life by saying I am leaving - but he left me with no other choice - I don't know what will happen now

Do scorpios let go easily? I mean now that this was uncalled for , for him so he might just emerge from
Somewhere in some days or maybe doesn't :-S

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Lol and me Two Leo had experience w/ scorpio and it totally agreed about fire and waterr. He is dampen my mood for being hot and cold. We haven't talked for a week and he totally irgnored like i did something terrible which i deserved a relationship status, either we work it out or not...instead of i got myself an answer. I got a cold shoulders for acting out...haha..what's a crazy relationship i got into !!??..i know scorpio likes to do that for make up sex, but since I'm a distance and that's the horrible things to do is ignore a Leo...

Well, Ms. Heart Broken. Sorry to hear about that but I'm sure you will miss him and come back for make up sex again. Until 1 yr later or until you realized there will be no future or married with him as seem you want happened it soon and he is not....yes,b relationship with scorpio is and cold made me feel unloved...i found a forum sites talking about scorpio...there r thousands convo talking about what's the hell going on with and cold subjects...I'm laugh at myself, I'm not the only one...they won't answer the relationship status and they made us to believe they r faithful ones that they won't live in cold and hot secretive...made us waiting and hang on to them.....

dumped by virgo girl
by: virgo girl

Hi everyone. I date a scorpio guy, he was very loving at first-made me feel very special and loved. He promised be the world and i believed him...a few months down the line, he started changing and started ignoring my calls and kept asking for space....i thought he was cheating and i was quite suspicious over everything but i read that scorpios ar very loyal so i deciced not to worry...he has been hot and cold for a while (heart breaking) until recently he DUMPED ME. said he prefers being alone, but he still loves me deeply...i have been begging him for a while, he would be okay, the next day he would be cold again....we are not talkng at the moment. i last called him yesterday and he seemed distant. i love him.. but what shoudl i do??why am i being dumped if im still loved? HELP!

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

I wish my scorpio shows me that he is interested in someone and tell me that we won't work it out. But he doesn't say anything or show a sign. It is so easy ii walk out from him that way. I'm Leo I have a hard time to walk out from ex, until i found either cheating or lose interest s...i want ed to move on but there is something keeping me walking back towards him..i need an answer myself,too...i need him to show me he has somebody else he is interested then he can get the heck out of my life...i can't take the hot and cold and no future purpose but i m not be able to lleave him now until he destroy my pride ...i hope, its not too long so i can set my self free and be happy...Leo can't live happy in between, either a whole ir nothing at all...

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Hi Virgo,

I'm man talked about what i want in life and I'm serious to date or just looking for fun...blah blah....he pushed to the point to think so serious with him. After a week, I i didn't talking to him, yesterday i could nt stop myself to txt him. Normally he answered me, but now he didn't even read my txt ...totally ignore me completely....

I.don't know what to do with this man...i f he can tell me like he need s space or some hints. I would careless and walk away from him. You CANT push someone to love you and have future with you, no matter what you do...i guess, we just all leave them alone as they wish...i read the scorpio horoscope..they said all of them need time alone in October, some will end up relationship,..trying to scope their head...

I think, i give up....i don't think he cared anymore...we can't drag ourself in uncertain relationship...they can say anything in the world, but their action is based on their emotional....i will txt him again to sayv what i think...if he not answer then that's goes on. I think, you should move on, too. You have been dated a long time, but hasn't figure out and he won't so ...its hurt now but it won't be a long term.. When you love someone deep you won't hurt people. It s just a selfish love. Mine is worst, he is on my fb...he won't go away, to see him show up everyday, will suck my brain & heart out.. I have to learn to ignore him like he never there..bBe strong to move on!! We all have the same problem w/them. If they can't figure out what they want then we can't. We are suppose to be happy, not miserable.. I'm out of words to them. I got 2 scorpio stung me! I better run ....good luck! .

dumped by scorpio guy
by: virgo girl

Hey Leo girl...They need time alone in October? how crazy is that? his birthday is on the 25 October, so clearly he wanst to spend his birthday alone (confused)...Thanks so much for your advice. Its stupid how addictive they can be yet so toxic..Gudluck to you as well!

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Not alone like by himself...alone in relationship meaning to break up or separate himself from relationship to have time to figure himself out. trying to read monthly horoscope at www dot astrostyle dot com . They said those sscorpio need a lots of time out to figure out themself...i think, I'm running out of my energy with them...good luck..

Please give some input girls :)
by: Heartbroken!

Its pathetic to see how we all girls are suffering at the hands of these unstable scorpio men .... its like things need to be done on their terms. When they like it it should happen and when they dont it shouldnt. Always hanging in uncertainty all the time.

What i hated about my scorpio male was that when i was loving him like crazy giving him all the love and he saying to me that he loves me a lot, why would he treat me like that.

One day he would say he wants me and the other day he would act all cold. And enjoy his sadness alone. He did not stop me at all when i was leaving :(

it really realllyreallly hurt me especially when u love someone so much. I dont kknow if he would ever change himself or come back . But i know his hot and cold will drive me crazy always.

Make up sex is all that the goodness lasts for :(

we all women cannot hang in the middle and wait for them to get the certainty of life.

What is the trend? he left coz i let him go. But would he ever contact me again or make an effort to change ?

Best of luck to Virgo girl who is still dealing with these complexities :S

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Just leave them dry out and sting their own tail.s. IfIf they have faith and love with us they will come back. Eventually If its not too late..its all about timing. We don't do anything wrong, we.deserve the real love..every guys can talk sh$t, the action is the matter. if you love me then show me what you got...i can find a man sleep with me and have relationship with me in a blink of eyes. What made him so important! ? . That' don't call love .I'm so pissed of my man...i feel I'm waiisting my time..yeah, this kind of piss off if we find out, they dump us and a month later , get married someone else or baby with. It was happened to my 1st scorpio...

I'm going to move on and find a better suiter. Don't questions yourself anymore. They love with their head not their heart...they love the chase and sex...women need more than just that...i can have sex w/ other man too don't think so.....

To Leogirl
by: Heartbroken!

You are so right and that is what you are suppose to do , no one has the time to be the victim of their mind games and you are so right all they want is the chase and good sex!!

its all bulllshit that they love and are faithful.. if thats true then y do they love and raise expectations then bloody well chicken out.

Infact i want a scorpio man to explain that. My scoepio man all the time talked about marriage and us and now he is a totally different person that he forced me to leave him even when i love him so much still but i had to take the step.

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Yeah, i agree...just take step by step, everybody have their own limit. When they pushed us too hard then we will find the way to bounce back. Eventually, we will all tired and exhausted with their mind game.

Here is funny, he didn't txt me at all after i asked him about the relationship where we stand. It has been two weeks he tried to avoid the answer. Later tonight, i complete change d my attitude to see how he reacted. I txt a whole punch of txt talking about sex and sent him an ass girl pic. He totally changed the attitude 90 degree ..happy goes lucky...talking like normal, we didnt flirt but he seems not lik
e the answer of relationship..he called that acting out..yeah, after i txt him teasing like 10 txt still silent, until he got an ass pic. Let me tell ya, these scorpio only sex sex mind..they can't deal.with the drama, weakness, questions..if you are w them, you must have 100 percent happy attitude and constantly talk sex .

Anyway, it s just a test to see how he feels for me still..i still don't know..i can't take it if he try to manipulate or take me for granted. I have no patient ..soon or later i will be gone for suffering to find where the future may goes with him..i m happy today to compromise to talk to him like that as not do normally..i can change my attitude tomorrow, who knows..just like him...i can see the girl he likes her pic once time, constantly changing profile pic.more and more sexy pic..haha..I'm not that dumb, just waiting that happens then i long gone f for good. Yeah, who blame me to protect myself. I have been hurt and this one could be another sting i got into..we will see..

I'm glad that i found here some friends i haven't met but have the same situation, at least we found the sympathy that we have been going through and share our least we could put our anger without hesitate...i can't tell myfriends all these things, they always think I lost my mind to fall to somebody that not be able to give their whole.

If you still with them, please keep your heart in safety place until they give you whole. Don't deposit your love too fast, too soon. Let them work hard to win your heart and that what they want to do...let them chase you..propose you until then you know he really truly love you. Until then still think we don't have any obligation, no promising, the option still open...

Sorry for putting out here too much, but i rather to talk here than to my friends. Somebody have similar situation like Me to understand how painful we all have and voice it out...

summary of our recent conversation
by: Bei

I found out not only most scorpio guys are hot and cold all the time.. Seems like they use the same trick to get the woman they want. They gave high hope, they treated you like a queen, they are good at just talking, they are not good at taking responsibility. As soon as you fall in love with them, they withdrew. They love the chasing game. Since fire sign people are not so secretive, we don't hide our emotion as much as other sign, they lost their interested in us also fast.

If your scorpio guy still like you, he will contact you again and again for sure. Mine did but don't fall for it again. I did a few time (before I found this site), so don't waste your time ;) Or if you really do like him, keep him on the side, don't give him your 100%, don't commit to him unless if he give you 100%. It is hard tho.. so I chose to stop seeing my 1st scorpio man. He did keep asking me to meet him even until now but I refused to see him, we are just really good friend through the phone. He is someone I can tell secret, I can trust except on the love, relationship part.

Scorpio is supposed to be loyal, so maybe if you think them as your good friend, you will feel better.

Oh by the way, I don't think, he will tell you why they said they love you so much and then he is still letting you go. I don't think he know how to answer that question either. From all the post, it looks like it is a common problem for alot of scorpio guys.

To Bei and Leogirl
by: Anonymous

this is so true all these scorpio men do is chase chase and chase and one u tell them u love them they freak out. Totally totally do. and my scorpio man was talkign about marriage himself he infact approached me with the whol idea of marriage i was infact shocked at how willing he was and i was not as willing in the beginning and when i was willing he took a step back and went into his cold side.

But if scorpios are so loyal and a fixated sign then wjhy can they not stay fixated on you AND PLAy these dirty mind games. I mean all i saw in him was a bloody coward who only dwells in his own sadness and secrecy .. stalks you silently but does not break the ice.

i am ofcourse a fire sign and opened up to him and believed all the shit and then later on ended up calling it off. He told me to atleast stay in touch with him and i said no. He said okay take care and hung up. now with your experiences can any one tell that after some time will he come back? and is this a common practice with these men to want u when you dont want them ? and when you want them they go cold?

this is so bloody insane !!!! i mean when i lvoe i love 200% ... with all the men in my past i never felt this dilemma ,.. i was always not very keen on having a scorpio man knowing they are very dark but then thought maybe i am basing too much on zodiacs so gave it a try!

this man after sorting out a fight with me and saying i love you again and how much he cares and good make up sex... the nextday acted all cold again that i had to call it off.

I dont wana sound cruel but iwanna know if he will come back after some time when he would realise i am actually gone? ?? as i want this man to feel the same pain as he put me through.

I literally cried for weeks for what he was doing as i loved him with my heart n soul and i still have him on my mind. though i have decided to move on.

Can anyone give an input on this ?

thanks my friends :) it feels so much lighter to talk to u people :)

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

Hey there anonymous...Well dear, apparently, once a scorpio makes up their mind about a break up-they mean it..furthermore, they may not come back to tell u they miss you but deep inside, they will not be over you..They never let go of emotional connections easily but they can completely act like they have.. he may not return but he will SURELY stalk you for the rest of your life..On the other hand, he might start texting you after a while..i guess it will depend on his pride..I have made a personal vow-i will nEVER date a scorpio man ever in my life (if i can help it)..hope this helps :)..

To Virgo lady
by: Heartbroken!

Hey there girl , but its actually me who called it ooff eventually not him :) so i dont know if that increases his chances to contact me lol ... as i said to him that i need no contact with him and he did not sound too convinced but he did not argue with me and let me go ...

i dont know why but i want him to contact me :( aas i am the one who has always been running back to him so maybe he is expecting i made an emotional decision and will go running back to him.

And yes u are SOOOOOO right they are STALKERzs!! and last time when he called it off he said later that he was angry and said it and its not over but that also coz i contacted him so he is in a habit of me contacting him so he has a huge EGO i guess or maybe a habit that i always contact him so will this time as well..

u are right one should never date a scorpio man but then they should be taught a lessson to not play with feelings like that :( as i have suffered big time.

and lol u made a perfect decision of not dating a scorpio man :)

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

I love this convo. I know, we keep coming back until we feel our mind at ease.

Bei, you are so right about the chase that men always do to hs, not only scorpio. But there is something about them that most of men dont talk about serious relationship status when their first date or a month date what ever, they most let we work hard until they said i love u, but with scorpio men they will say about the future relationship, marriage, living together right after few dates

. They fall so hard or pretended to catch us with their fairy tale stories made us to believe finally there is a special man come to our life and made our dream come true, plus their faithful zodiac sign made us even to believe more..but aren't the building has built over, its just a trap that i believe they use their zodiac charms to master manipulate us then hot and cold with draw or disappear..

Maybe, only scorpio never been in love before will marry us after a week or two dates..but not with scorpio has been broken relationship before he came to u. They always have doubt, suspicious and not FALL IN LOVE quickly as you think ..their love is just sudden spontaneous complete their chase and good sex..

Dont mix up with their " hard to let it goes" with their loyalty..I'm a fixed sign, i tend to keep all ex from 20 yrs in touch, not because I'm loyalty still to them..

Ms.Virgo said it right about their make up mind. Especially when you rejects them. They may with drawn for long, even he come back, he won't trust your devotion to him so he msy so NO again to your future and your hurt will be bloody..
All the men have the moment to propose, if you passed that moment when they first crazy in love, then later its just a casual relationship...believe me, i was crying a month w/ a virgo man ( he proposed me, i didn't ready until i lost him)..scorpio gave me all promised then disappeared after a month..( still be friend w/me after 13 yrs, he is married and try to be my private handy man, but I'm very firm about ex, no sex ).

Right now, its so hard to keep in touch with my man and not waiting and hope. He still talks normal, but he is so secretive that i don't think its gonna work..i wish, there s a man over power him to take me away so i won't sink to this mess..i have many men at the moment chasing me, but again u don't know anymore..sometimes, i hopeless about there any real love or just they r married us because we push them to..i love man with half of my heart which is difficult..i wish, i can trust someone i shower him w love that i have been keep for so long love just all fantasy?

by: Heartbroken!

I wonder if there are any women who are not suffering at the hands of these scorpio men :S

It seems like they were born to only torture. and torture and torture that is it!!

i have dated leo, gemini and pisces no man hs everr brought me to the point of insanity like this where i sit for hours and hours not only crying but trying to figure out that what did i do ? what wrong did i do to make him cold~

I have some work to get done from him. And now i dont wanna go back and get it done as he will ill treat me with the coldness and the little i have recovered will get affected :(

OH GOD I HATE THIS SCORPIO man and still love him haha i am so confused and now tha i have moved i suddenly remember that i need some important stuff from him. Now how to get back to him :( and get that stuff done! i dont even know if he will take my calls or answer my trexts and i will be back to the old crying self as i would be hurt again.

can anyone help?

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl


Wait for couple weeks or so..then text him night time, tell him how much you missed him and txt sex sex sex. in a happy way, not desperate or sorrow..send him your naughty pics..When you resolved the problem then acting cold like him and back out like he did to you..

Strongly advise: Don't do this when you still in love with him. You get back into his trap again and hurt more. Your persistent text will get his attention maybe not in a day but it will effected and then resolve whatever it left between you and him. Don't intend to go back with him permanent because like I said he won't trust your devotion, the future won't happened as you wish!!..Good luck

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

Ladies..We are all in shit lol..Its so weird how scorpios are associated with Loyalty yet they can act so cold; to an extent that you think that hes cheating.

I have never caught my Scorpio cheating before, but when he starts ignoring me-thats the first thing that comes to mind..He would then dismiss my accusations and say that " i always think of the worst in every situation" lol!

Has anyone ever caught a scorpio man cheating??

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Yes, i ex scorpio. He is married with a boy. After 13 yrs we broke up and being friends. Being a handy man in my house when i need his professional job. He has flirt and wanted intimate with meanytime if i agree once.

My scorpion now, there is something about him. I believe h keep still in touch with ex...they may break up but they won't let it goes, unless big fight and damage the family ., walk out from them. So just watch out those exes. There is no guarantee. They are men, not God. The only thing, they could flirt and do once time with other and disappear for long soso he never get caught, secretive ....unlike other men are cling ing to other women and emotional betray so they got caught...from my experience but not in general..:),

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Hello ladies,
I just found this post from male scorpio on the website. Asking why scorpio men don't make a commitment after dating months or years. Here What he said..i think, he is so right about we are wondering about what ever relationship work or not it and move on...:(.

Given I'm a Scorpio myself, I'm going to tell you the honest truth. We work, love and play hard. And when it comes to relationships, we're like no other. If we're with you for LONGER than 6 months to a year, it's a pretty good indicator that we're going to be around for a while. And believe me, we'll TELL you -- AND have the actions to back it up with. But if you're with a Scorpio for that same length of time and his actions have been less than stellar, I have bad news for you. To be with someone for that amount of time and for him NOT to have made an official commitment to you is a VERY bad sign.This is about as good as it's going to get, so you have the choice of either staying or going. If he hasn't made any attempts to make sure that the two of you are exclusive, there's DEFINITELY a reason for why he hasn't. If he's saying things like he "doesn't have time," it's total bull. I'll tell you that right now. If your Scorpio guy is feeing you that, he's basically just telling you anything as not to hurt your feelings. Almost like it's his "nice" way of telling you that this relationship isn't working. When we're in a relationship with another person and we're completely enamored with them, we want to spend almost ALL our time with them. Even if we're swamped with work or other activities, we'll MAKE time. We're stubborn, so when it comes to something we want, we GET it -- one way or another.When a relationship has reached a stalemate with us, we don't like to hurt the other person's feelings right off. Even if we've known for MONTHS that the relationship has been headed downhill, it still doesn't matter. Being so sensitive and emotional ourselves, we care very much about the other people in our lives, and the last thing we want to do is hurt them. Not TOO much, anyway. So we'll ramble off and excuse or two to try and throw hints at you that it's not working, like his line about how he "doesn't have time." As time goes by and we keep throwing signs your way and you're still not getting it, then we'll simply become annoyed and just shut the door on the relationship altogether -- and LOCK it, too.

by: Lindz

Hi all,
I'll go ahead and echo the same sentiments that each of you have was bittersweet to find this forum and see that many other women have been through what I'm currently experiencing in my own love affair with a Scorpio man! Comforting to know that I'm not alone in this, but sad to hear that its not really likely to change anytime soon. :(
I met my Scorpio boyfriend on a dating website a little over 2 1/2 months ago, and needless to say, I was pretty quickly swept off of my feet. The intense & piercing gaze that came from his light blue eyes had me smitten from the start. I played it very cool to begin with. I kept him at an arms length and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was more than willing to wait and earn my affections. The first time he leaned in to kiss me, I pulled away. He later told me that he found me hard to read...and thats where the chase began. He wooed me in every sense of the word. He held every door, went out of his way to treat me like a princess, and the sex...when it finally happened, was the most mind-blowing experience of my life. I felt an instant magnetism and chemistry that worked like an aphrodesiac. All of the sudden it was me who was head over heels...and seemingly, so was he. Things were going so well and so fast that I really thought I had finally found "the one". At long last, the man of my dreams. He took me to meet his family, which went so incredibly well, it only solidified my feelings of love. He asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend...and I floated up to cloud nine.
Then, a mere two weeks later, came the role-reversal. He began to act freezing, ICE COLD out of no where. His efforts to see me suddenly became few and far between. After a week of random, but daily text messages from him with VERY little feeling behind them...I had had enough. I went ahead and confronted the beast. I told him that my gut feeling was that he didn't really want to see me at all. In my heart of hearts, I thought he would comfort my fears and ease my mind, but I couldn't have been more wrong. He said, "you didn't do anything wrong, I just think I'm coming to the realization that I'm not ready to give up my independence. I'm an ass, and I suck. I need some time to make some decisions. Please don't beat yourself up over this. I'm scared I may regret all of this."
Wow. Really. So am I supposed to just sit back and wait while he yanks my heart out of my chest?
Worst of all, I feel silly. I feel stupid for falling this hard this fast. And I feel so very alone. Its heartbreaking. As of now...I told him I respected his need to think things through and that I would give him plenty of space and would talk when he was ready. This was last night. Not a peep from him all day today.
Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks girls!

torture by scorpio
by: leogirl

Hello there,

Trying to get back to you as i can. I know, its hard and feel lonely when your boyfriend haven't been in touched and let you hang on and waiting.

As you read all the convo. We are all the same victim of hot and cold from scorpio males. Some of us still hang on them and others left. I haven't talked with my ex for a week. And cold situation almost a month. I don't feel any sign that we will continue, even he doesn't give me a hint or answer we will work it out or not. Mainly reason, i think he is not ready yet as he attacked at first like he was. Their love and feeling is not going with their action.
They r chicken out when things is getting serious...

If you read all the Convo above, then i just give you an advise..leave him alone to let him figure out himself. Don't call or txt let him wondering what u r doing. If he cares and afraid to loose u, he will come back with full force. If not then he is Not ready as he meant. As he said don't beat yourself for his decision, you can't change it..they love fast and fall out as fast as they come.

I'm seating here on Saturday and do my things. Get my mind off him and hopefully i m soon is hard for me to deal with man that i not know what future will be or never happened.

Hope, you have courage and be strong with this man type. And i you read scorpio this month horoscope. They all need time to figure out and refer independence in any relationship this month so be it and good luck..

by: Lindz

Hi leogirl,
Thanks for replying so quickly. And thanks for the advice. I did actually read his horoscope and you're correct, it says he will be in the mood to withdraw and be alone with his thoughts this month. I almost laughed out loud when I read it. Funny thing too, my horoscope reads:
"You take things philosophically, especially when they are not going according to plan. But today even your most metaphysical thoughts don't seem to bring the comfort you need. The planets reveal a flaw in your current relationship. This may only be temporary, so don't panic. But if you can work through it now, you may be able to prevent it from becoming serious."

I've decided that all I can do is the same as you...focus on myself. I've spent the day cleaning my house, doing yard work...whatever it takes to stay busy. It's hard...but it's for the best. I won't push him. He knows I'm here and ready to talk it over when he is, and I know rushing him into that will only worsen matters. I hope that you find peace as well. We must remember that it's only worth salvaging if its true love...maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Time will tell! Keep me posted.

Scorpio man Hot and cold
by: leo

Hi Lindz,

I am glad that you read the horoscope to find out an answer :),. Yes, I read all difference horoscope websites and they said the same thing about them so it s not our problem. Their problem is need to figure out on their own. Time will tell if they want us to be part of their life or not. I know, it will be a hard time for you in a week or two. You will miss him terribly if he won't contact you, just don't be panic.

Mine is on and off almost a month. It is hurt at first,but now I just feel like I am giving up and no hope. Maybe, better that way to make myself not hurting by him. Just keep doing your thing..writing and put words out. You will feel a little better. If you want to update your feeling out here..just do it like I did. Somehow..someone will be sympathy with you and we all get over this loneliness feeling by scorpio men..:(.

To Lindz and Leogirl
by: Confused!

Hey Lindtz and leogirl ... i am so amazed by how our stories aree simiar and we have no way out of it vut to leave them or wait for them to gain back their senses. But then my only question is that its their nature!! how can they not do it again. Even if they figure out that they need us and by that time we dont need them anymore and have moved on or maybe id we are available and want it to progress and they do it again to us after some time. where will we stand ???

My scorpio man is acting the same ! but has it happened to you girls that your man would send u text messages but not call u or take ure call ?? or completely ignore it?

last night i texted him that can we talk? and he disappeared and today he texts me in the morning telling me where he is and greeting me for the morining .. I did not reply because honestly for me this behavior is intolerable ...

does any of you have the NO CALLS ONLY texts issue? coz my man wants LOTS OF SPACE N TIME wants to be left alone coz he CANT think straight ... BUT then ignores half the things i say and acts according to his convenience....

i am in a dillemmmmma! i really hope u people find solutions to your issues as well :) and help me with ure input if u can


by: Anonymous

My boyfriend has not taken my calls, replied to texts or e mails for 10 weeks!!!

Happens every summer but this summer has been worse.

I sent him an e mail Friday reminding him of our good relationship (2 1/2 years) our love for each other and how I support him through his depression.

I also asked him to tell me if its over because I need to know.

He never usually replies to my messages about this problem, it usually goes on for a couple of weeks and then he comes back like nothing ever happened.

I got a message last night telling me that he will reply to me but he has a rotten cold and feels like s**t. Same ole same ole - he always masks problems and blames illness.

I am dreading hearing from him now in case it's bad news.

So in answer to your question - I freqently get the no calls, no replies treatment. :(

Reply to Anonymous
by: Confused!

But its like i get reply to selective texts but not to all my texts and calls are a complete NO NO
and if i ever catch him and get to meet him he will act all sorry ful and say that he is a jackass and doesnt have a heart and knows he has hurt me....

do thes people ever come out of their depresssion ?? ever come out of their moods? or is it like this always ?? i mean this man has always hidden things from me and when i found it he would say that he feared my reaction so stayed quiet :(

i mean he says he is low and depressed and that no one cares for me ... stays quiet all day long .. doesnt talk or reply :( ...

i guess i ll leave him for good .. infact i am THIS CLOSE to giving up :(

what do u suggest ?

I'm giving up scorpio
by: leogirl

Yeah,I'm the same here,too. When we first talked..he chased me and constantly called, txt, Skype. A week later, after i was overwhelming his demanding, i didn't reply his txt and skype him until the morning since then everything has changed..he told me that only men cared for you to call and txt you constantly. I think, its true he didn't cared me anymore so he hasn't in touch with me for two weeks straight, if i didn't txt him to ask whats up!!!??

He is so secrete. I did it once and he prevented and punished for the way i did ..and now he does straight in two weeks, not replied my txt or even read it. What's wrong with the scorpio man?. Relationship with them like i m dealing with a child and another minutes like demanding and bossy if they don't get their way. He only called me totally 3 times and couple Skype( which is i refused to do) in 4 months..just txt and chat..

My ex scorpio did the same thing, he was just texting, no calling then some day he didn't reply txt then slowly be gone. This one started to do the same thing..trying to fade and thin out the relationship. If i attacked him with txt, he replied back the next day and acted like nothing happened, but then silent for how long. I won't know Until i never heard from him until he is with someone else.I'm done with him. I have no desire to have relationship like this. The water really puts the fire out of me, made my life dampens than good. Good bye,Scorpio..the second relationship proved that they r not my match in heaven.

I'm giving up scorpio
by: leogirl

Yeah,I'm the same here,too. When we first talked..he chased me and constantly called, txt, Skype. A week later, after i was overwhelming his demanding, i didn't reply his txt and skype him until the morning since then everything has changed..he told me that only men cared for you to call and txt you constantly. I think, its true he didn't cared me anymore so he hasn't in touch with me for two weeks straight, if i didn't txt him to ask whats up!!!??

He is so secrete. I did it once and he prevented and punished for the way i did ..and now he does straight in two weeks, not replied my txt or even read it. What's wrong with the scorpio man?. Relationship with them like i m dealing with a child and another minutes like demanding and bossy if they don't get their way. He only called me totally 3 times and couple Skype( which is i refused to do) in 4 months..just txt and chat..

My ex scorpio did the same thing, he was just texting, no calling then some day he didn't reply txt then slowly be gone. This one started to do the same thing..trying to fade and thin out the relationship. If i attacked him with txt, he replied back the next day and acted like nothing happened, but then silent for how long. I won't know Until i never heard from him until he is with someone else.I'm done with him. I have no desire to have relationship like this. The water really puts the fire out of me, made my life dampens than good. Good bye,Scorpio..the second relationship proved that they r not my match in heaven.

To Leogirl
by: Confused!

I am also letting go of my scorpio , i have a feeling he is cheating on me and i have a very strong feeling about that .

IT gets stronger by the day his sudden change in contact and way he deals with me and contacts me , i message or i dont it doesnt matter to him.

i feel worthless and a piece of shit .never in my life has any man ever treated me like this.

how can anyone treat someone like a queen one day and then try their luck on other women the other when they think your not interesting for them any more ...

i have to say they are cheaters and huge bastards and they deserve to be treated like shit by all the women! i wish they all burn in hell i swear!@

To confused
by: leogirl

Trust your guts. We are women aworden we have sense something not right then that it is. The only thing we always try believe is their fiction so keep us hang on. They are not as good as the scorpio's myths. Trust a punch of controlling, demanding, cold heart, selfishnesS, calculating men on Earth.

them google it, you will have the answer. Yeah, the whole world against them. when you have relationship with them. What you really have? intensity eyes and soft heart, faithful, protecting? Just an exterior to hide their dark mean side. When you end up the relationship with them. They are your worst enermy. They just like the chase when they r done with it, they loose interested and find another flame to feed their ego.

Who said scorpio is faithful? They let you hang there for future used while with somebody else.Trust me..My close friend just blocked another Scorpio on her fb for being cheating last week. And before him, she was with another scorpio on his separation with ex wife. She had long distance relationship on skype for over a year. And suddenly he was disappeared..Life is all karma. They will get what they play games with our feeling..if you have them as lover Now. Always watch out their sting in the future.You will Have the worst experience like no others do in your life. One word: CAUTION

by: Anonymous

I can tell you're angry!! :) best way to be, I can deal with it when I'm angry better. How long have you 2 been together?

These men are so selfish, I have never been treted like this by anyone before, I just wouldn't have allowed it so I have really no idea why I am letting this happen now?

I really must just get over it and bot get caught up in this frequent cycle of his any more

by: leogirl

No, I'm not angry anymore. I just feel like a fool let those scorpio played with my feeling and generosity again.

Being in relationship for almost 5 monthS. He came to me and convinced me anything women wanted to hear and when he had the problem. I was there For see what i got, not even a call or read my txt..not even an explanation. I didn't talk much to him as i did here. That's why I put everything out here to feel better.

I m sure he enjoyed the chase. Most scorpio does. Look at the 1st comment of this column by scorpio man. He named himself CHASE. You can tell they r not difference from one to others. Ok, i gotta move on. Hope, you know what your feeling very soon and avoid the future heartache by those cold hearted.

To Leogirl
by: Anonymous

But this is not right ... not that i want revenge from my scorpio man as that would be the msot stupid thing to do but how can anyone grow so cold. Someone who hates to c any man around me or is so obsessive about me can grow so cold to me....

Has anyyone ever seen a scorpio regret doinjg what they do and come back and suffer? i want my scoripi to suffer to his bones and bite his tail and pay for all the suffering he has caused me :'(

by: Anonymous

My post was aimed at CONFUSED really :) she's angry :) glad you're not any more Leo Girl x

To anonymous
by: Confused!

we have been together for almost 2 months, and i dont call that being together haha ,, i mean this man was sooooooo willing to marry me .. making all the arrnagements for it and then suddenly he flipped and then there was no turning back.. and yes i am vbery very angry and i hope he suffers and comes back to me begging and i wont have anything to give him.,,,

he is clearly someone who has betrayed me in everyway ,,, i was so serious about him and loved him... i have cried and all and have not been able to function properly for days.. i work and i cant work properly .. where as he wont stop with his mind games and now i surely suspect he is cheating on me too :( ... you should also not let your man do this to u .. we all have some self respect that they cant walk over!

To Leogirl
by: Confused!

i totally get that i need to be cautious of ths man but do u believe that he will face Karmas hit? as i have a serious gut he is trying his luck else where but then i am not sure what he is upto ...

again the silence and coldness and all gone! ... i dont want revenge but i want to grow cold on him just like he did .,,, n when he comes back begging and crying i would have nnothing to give him!

have u seen any scorpio go back to their exes or stalk them after they have had it in their face in another relations ?

to confused and Leo girl
by: Anonymous

My bloke did this to me last summer and the one before. Last summer he cleared off for 3 months and then gradually got in touch and we finally got back together after 5 months in total. He could not explain why he went off, he calls it 'when he was mental'. But we talked about it and his depression that comes on every summer and he was positive that it wouldn't happen again. I had my doubts because you can't help depression. He reassured me over and over again but then - it happened again. Been 10 weeks so far, he has just come alive again on facebook and has sent me the odd random message. Nothing to do with us, the problem and he hasn't acknowledged any of the messages I have sent him. A Scorpio man is hard enough to deal with but a depressed one!!!!

So yes they do (some of them) come back, I just wish I had the strength to tell him to bugger off but I can't because when he's well he is the best :(

To anonymous
by: Confused!

i dont know if i should expect the same from mine. or expect him to start acting all fine. last satrudsay we met he hugged me like he loved me so much. he kissed me with so much passion. Now i am not sure what that was and what that meant. he acts all fine in person and will love me like the same way but when we leave he wont take calls or answer texts or even talk about meeting again. it is so hard to catch him.

he says he is in deep depression and is sad low and cant think straight hence the treatmement,

but somehow my gut says he is not in love with me any more or is cheating on me.

he on friday said that he loves me a lot. i dont know what to buy and what not to buy and that he needs time to figure things out.

i feel hes keeping me on standby.

any suggestions ?

by: Anonymous (bbb2111)

I wouldn't be too quick to think he's cheating. I used to think that but not any more. With mine it's pure depression. I've researched it, each story I read is like reading my own story. I'll send you a couple of links. So Scorpio, linked with the depression is pure hell. it's like he believes he doesn't or can't love any one when he;s going through it, feels I'm going to hurt him in the end and that really scares him. He told me he has been hurt badly in the past and when we got together, it was his first relationship for 3 years or so. He promised himself he wasn't going to get involved with anyone again. I wonder if the past hurts were because the woman couldn't deal with or understand how he is. But I do and he knows that. I have always stuck by him and supported him and he has always supported me. Unfortunately my mum died 4 weeks ago and wasn't around to support me. That's another reason why I know it's his depression. He would never have not been there for me if he was ok? He will be feeling very bad about that. Depression is an awful illness. I know a few people who have suffered mild bouts of it but his is 10 times that.

I love him and will be there for him, which is what I tell him in a message once a week. He never responds to it but then he never has done each time its happened. I just really thought he was over it this year and he did too.

I'll get those links for you x

by: Anonymous (bbb2111)

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Ok, I'm not sure about the depression thing with my guy. There is no excuse about being in the relationship on and off whatever they want. We are not their doormat. Remember when ever they havea problem, we are there for them bit when we have a problem or seeking an answer where we stand. They just disappear like not their own problem and they don't want to deal with it.

We should date a real man, not a mental illness that drag ourself down for their excuses. And hang on there for later used. Breaking up in the summer is like seeking his freedom for their summer fling. They just appear back to our life as winter come and they are too lazy to drive around for flings.

I don't trust men running hot and cold, in and out relationship. They keep themselves an open option. Some day, some how they meet their dream girl when they take a break with you. Boom, they far long gone...

If you have been dating that long. You should question where your relationship is going, not let him take advantaged of your forgiven. He will do it again because in his eyes you always take him back no matter what he does..i had experienced with this type ..appeared and came back when they didn't work out with whoever they was with.. When he treated you like that, don't excuse your self about his absent for sickness. Please, just make a Phone call or txt if that he didn't do then you are not worth any time with me you will feel the pain in long haul with him..

I'm getting tired and impatient with scorpio man..
by: Leogirl

Whoever they are..they made us to believe all the future bullsh$t at the beginning and they continue to make us to believe their depression illness excuses for their unresponsible that they couldn't keep their future painting after the chase.

We all come to them and love them with pure heart, but they are crossing the line of our generous and weaknesses. Be a real man and don't make any promises oF rfuture that you can't keep. They just be better than other man by playing the scorpio myth and painting beautiful future picture to pursue to all women come to them as the moss seeing the flame. Please, read all their victims from other website, you will see they play all the same games over and over. From these women to others until they meet their fairy tales queen..

Love is blind and they don't blind like us. They even sense it worked it or not, but they like to play for keeps if you r still around. We ll, hope fully we all have strength and stop that games. Other wise, we all stuck in the relationship that they just step in..wipe their feet and leave us with dusty and muddy endless mood or i could say like a motel relationship.

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

Hi Ladies...Im back, with the most heart breaking news..My scorpio man dumped me a month ago and told me he needs space etc....i was hurt but i let go ( not fully) because he promised there was no other woman.Well i found out from his brother that it was becasue he went back to his ex girl friend.

Leo girl was right- Scorpios always have a "thing" for their exes. It all makes sense, thats why they leave you for months without real contact and come back sayin that tehy missed you and all that bullshit!!they always wanna have someone on standby, so when they get bored- they run back to someone else's so dissapointed. im hurt, werent these people supposed to be LOYAL?

He said he wants me and him to be frends when he broke things off-i guess he just wants to ensure that he leaves a gate to come back when the ex gives him grief..:( im still single by the way!

To Leogirl
by: Confused!

You are very right about the whole thing. My scorepio man is doing exactly the same and i am letting him walk all over me coz of that. if i dont reply to his text within the time he si expecting he will even take longer to reply to mine or not even reply. i am sick of these games.

i dont know what he would do if i leave him but i want to leave him by not saying it to him but by distancing away from him. he has started to spread so much of negative energy that its been a month of ON and OFF and i dont seem to kknow what to do. i want to shoot him in the head for making me into a useless person who just sulks all the time but he doesnt care at all. he is so cold and selfish . wouldnt take calls or messages. only if i go catch him at work he wont be able to do anything. but nothing seems to be able to fix him.

he is just usuing me for his benefit he knows that i will be there for him when he has the need ! and i hate that about him.

i want a better man than this :( someone who cares about me and doesnt play these mind games with me :( ... i dont want a perfect person but atleast a better person.

i mean how can someone keep me on standby. want to kiss me hug me hjave sex and deep down know that he is cheating on me and using me for his physical pleasure :( ...

these thoughts kill me .. i am so sincere to him always were... wanted to have a life with him and qwhat did he do... i want to move ahead but he damaged me so bad that i cant seem to move on :S

he even deleted me off fb so that i cant keep track of his activities there.... doesnt say on my face that he wants to leave... acts all possessive but stays cold to me all the time !!!!!!

what does he wanttttttttttttt????

im hurting-scorpio tendencies
by: virgo lady

hey leo girl... they love sex, sex and more sex...thats the one thing scorpio men cannot resist..Apparently if the sex becomes mundane and boring- they shift away and "look" for better sex.. at the beginning he appears to be super inlove mainly because he still wans to expirement with you sexually!!basically scorpio men are selfish and they are f** dogs! :(

scorpio men .you are all bull of craps..
by: Leogirl

Lol. Here you go. Yes, that the stories i wanted you to shout out from your heart. The real side of scorpio men is not as sweet as we thought. Using and trash us out like no others..maybe others men did but they don't play those dirty women mind game..painting beautiful picture but no complete..

He is still on fb and start flirting with all the blondie status. I won't unfriend him. I will torture him back with my new happy attitude and sex post for other male friends to enjoy..

You r exactly right, Virgo. Sex sex sex..after they r bored, they will be looking for others to maintain their fantasy and the chase..if you were not their real ex than they still deep down in love with, then the chance is he is using as a bounce back girl..

I can't believe that a person who tried to trap me with all the things i wanted to hear like so real stories. Then suddenly complete ly turn around 360 degree like they never said... anything like that..good thing i alerted myself and not put my hope and whole heart on him. Otherwise, i would cry for a month. Its time for us to recognize this kind of cheating behavior. There is no excuses, if you are sick, you should call me even a minute or where ever you are you do the same that call a real relationship.

Yeah, i know we somehow still hope this work, but nothing like hurt like to let someone fool and hurting us either way. We are not a penny to let them collect and put in the jar for later used.
I'm glad we all put out here so everybody know their real character and BE WARE..the google don't make it up their stories, their personality are..

They should wear a devil mark to woo thewomen than an angel hallo...Time to look for real man, ladies!! Be courage and safe your heart for a real man. Don't put your heart out 100% when you haven't seen their action. Talk is cheap..

scorpio men .you are all bull of craps..
by: Leogirl


You feel hurt more if he is still on your fb because u faked deep for him. Rather, he is out of your life so u can start new, not let him hook u like Virgo. He played two sides of coin with her and will take for a while to realize and unhooked..

MyMy situation is very difference, i didn't give 100 percent of my feeling, but took care him good and that made me feel he likes a piece of shh it when he is not face me and tell me he is fooling around, that so low class..that not worth my time to hang on him, even he is a successful men but money can't buy the happiness. One day, he got a girl of his dream, he will see the karma back to him. He got the most Bitches in his life , make him miserable like he made to others, yeah the one s before me also..those bastard should face with God punishment.

How Low that Sting!
by: Anonymous

My mate and I had a great relationship, he constantly reassured me of his happiness and the strength that our relationship was based on. We had a great relationship and great chemistry.We even talked about having a family together and even talked about things and places we would visit. I thought that he was the one.So one day ,out of the blue,he calls and tells me that he met someone else and he wanted to see if his like for her could turn into something more.Just like that, for no apparent reason ,my man just left me dumbfounded and heartbroken.I still don't understand where we went wrong. When I asked him what was his reason for leaving the great relationship that we have built, with both of us being happier than we were in past relationships. He said that it wasn't anything that I did or didn't do, and that I was good to him but because of his attraction to this other woman, he had to see what that attraction meant. I took it very hard and it caught me completely off guard .

how to get to here
by: Bei

Hello ladies,

Can someone please tell me how to get to his kind of forum? I want to check out what other people talk about the problem for sag male n Leo female.

Please either give me link or what yo click. Thanks.


by: Anonymous

Or you just right click on the right side of this page : Explore sag man, it will show up the forum or you can google it like sag and leo forums or sag and leo compatible. It will come out many links. Good luck.

Hating scorpio stings
by: Anonymous

My scorpio man was acting cold and silent ... that was still bearable as i started to act cold towards him too and began to grow indifferent... but he has startedto play even filthier mind games!!

he would say he would call back and he wont, make me call him again and again and text him again and again and then wont reply and so on! ... i have some work to get done by him and he knows that he is torturing me by not doing it and delaying it so that it annoys the crap out of me...

when i call he would not pick, not reply at alll,,, if i catch him at office he will try to piss me off by acting all cool and happy WHICH I AM SURE HE IS PRETENDING TO BE... but sounds all chirpy like he is fine without me! ...

then would just add girls on his social networks which he didnt used to do earlier just to annoy me!!! y the hell is he doing this ?? what have i done wrong with him ??

has any of you ever faced such problems? do they try to make u jealous? sound like they are doing fine without you ?? and all ??? if YES then what is the best come back ?? that would piss them off?? i want to piss him off too and make him feel the pain he is making me feel.. just because i am stucck for work does not mean he should torture me and not do my work! and he knows how important the work is for me !!! but that ass would continue to play his nasty shit! ...

do they ever quit playing that shit??? do they ever realise??

please help guys :(

Yep! they are sting
by: Leogirl

Your situation is the same mine. He does the same thing to me. Comment to girl's post pic that a while back months ago. Meaning he is digging their profile.

To me he is out of my sight after he does that. Meaning he doesn't care about what I think or feel. I am invisible. I have the same feeling that we grow apart after he didn't reply my txt.

Now I just ignore him and let him move on with his life.I have mine. He does the flirting things to throw you some hints that he has no longer interest so you just face the facts. Like other scorpio male said they don't want to tell you straight the relationship is not working,but they will send you out some hints.

So show him you have some respect and not chasing him to the office.Mind games in relationship is unhealthy and you should stop to pay attention what he does. You should have your circle of friends and pretend like he is not there. Its hard but you need to do this, otherwise he will drive you insane..

Like a shadow, the more you will goes opposite you. You can't keep chasing him because he won't stop to throw you more hints and each time will getting worst.

Life's for living, let him wallowing his tail in his misery!!. You are cold to him for a reason. Don't put everything on your fault. HE is manipulated you. Made you feel like you did make a mistake, but in fact that's his ideas..In his mind, he is not ready for committed relationship, but you wanted and he can't give it to you and he doesn't want to hurt you anymore by giving you an exit.

Stay out FB for a while to see if he wants to contact you in person if he is not really pretended and miss you. If he won't then you should move on. He properly will have another journey to find someone not too attachment...

To Leo Girl
by: Anonymous

But until Friday this man was saying he truely truely loves me and misses me and what not.. kept hugging me and kissing me and said to me that i have no idea how much he loves me ....

then texted me saturday and sunday telling him where he is what he is doing , n that he is low and depressed ... and all that like kept in touch...

but the strange thing was that he would text but not really take calls :S .... and then sunday morning he sent me a good morning text and i never replied ... the whole day and i feel he is just getting back at me for that .. .Also now that he knows i have work from him so he is abusing that is enjoying me running after me.. he never said to me that i should buzzz off.. just until last frieday he has been all lovey dovey like i told u then what happened... ?

Plus he is doing all the things i didnt like... he wouldnt call back because he knows it will piss me off... he wouldnt text back again for the same reason... then he knows i dont like him socializing too much with other women so now he is adding them , talking to them etc just to annoy me as on friday i received a call from a male friend infront of him and he hated it n now this looks like his come back...

LeoGirl just tell me whats the best way to tell him that his stings are not affecting me because since he got affeccted earlier he is just doing that as revenge... also if he says he is doing great and all .. i am sure he is not...

i dont know if he is telling me if he is interested or not but he is for sure taking revenge of the little bad things he thinks i have done to him....

i am not really all affected but my work is stuck :( and now i know he will not do it ....

i want him to come back to me after all the mess in his head is sorted out so i can do to him whaqt he did to me :( ...

any tipppppsssssssssssssssssssssssssss....

sorry for eating your head up :) .. but i feel you can help

by: Leogirl

there are couple things that you never do in front of scorpio is making them jealous. My guy didn't flirt in 4 months in frond of me on fb. I did comments and like all the status of my guys friends all those time without knowing he is so upset..the last thing i know he stopped txt me and flirting with other girls in frond of me. Even tho deep down in me, he has been doing that behind my back all those time and skype them, not obviously like now...

Suddenly i got a male friend heart broken by a girl on fb, i commented that she will got a karma back if she hurted him..actually very strong comment about people cheating and using on fb and i advised other man to move on..since then three days on the road he has nt been flirting..not sure about he know s I'm not a type playing mind games and i can move on if i feel waist ing my time or I'm not really a flirting type like he thoughts. But I'm totally ignored him like he never there..or i already think this is not working for his ignorance and cild est.

So what you can do sending him a txt telling you don't want to play games and be a good girl for a while. Don't tell him what to do and not to do since they will do difference what you expected. Just be mystery for him to guess..trying to be yourself like he is first know you so he will have a chance to chase you again, but don't play like jealousy stuff..lay low key..he doesn't want to answer your call, because he is in the state of not want to express his feeling and don't want to talk when you are in desperate mood..Questions and sharing thoughts its not their things...but also make sure he is only with you and not any girl beside u when he didn't pick up your Phone. If he said he loves you then he may meant it but don't fall for that and try to control that. He will back out like he never said...give him space..its only couple days so don't be panic...

Here is another link from this page so you can learn about g how to deal with scorpio character..not everything roses, but at least you understand their nature..

by: Leogirl

If you consider scorpio consider like authorities as cops. They like fully control and teach you their law..not want you to tell what not to do. They like a girl that they can bossy and bully the comments on the link ..they said from time to time in relationship..scorpio gets sulky and moodiness..they r not the man you met at beginning..

To Leogirl
by: Anonymous

hey there .. i totally understand whatyou mean ,... i have stopped contacting him.. hoping that when i will not be accessible to him, he might come running back to me :S ... i am r eally really really hoping soooo...

by the way .. i did not try and make him jealous :( its just a regular freind of mine who called me up and i picked it up infronnt of him ... as i had nothing to hide but i believe he took it seriously and ever since he is doing this to me.. THE SILENT treatment...

i went through the links you gave me but then i didnt completely agree with them :P ... he is overdoing it ... i mean i never had issues with him wanting to have sex.. he controlling me but what i hate is the silent treatment.. i dont have the energy and time to take this shit of the ON and OFF treatment! ... i dont know what he would do .. maybe if he was totally not interested he would have jsut called the relationship off no?

and also has your guy ever tried to contact you again ? or drop hints that he still mises you or wants you back ? or is he over you already ?

waiting for your response

To Leogirl
by: Anonymous

hey there .. i totally understand whatyou mean ,... i have stopped contacting him.. hoping that when i will not be accessible to him, he might come running back to me :S ... i am r eally really really hoping soooo...

by the way .. i did not try and make him jealous :( its just a regular freind of mine who called me up and i picked it up infronnt of him ... as i had nothing to hide but i believe he took it seriously and ever since he is doing this to me.. THE SILENT treatment...

i went through the links you gave me but then i didnt completely agree with them :P ... he is overdoing it ... i mean i never had issues with him wanting to have sex.. he controlling me but what i hate is the silent treatment.. i dont have the energy and time to take this shit of the ON and OFF treatment! ... i dont know what he would do .. maybe if he was totally not interested he would have jsut called the relationship off no?

and also has your guy ever tried to contact you again ? or drop hints that he still mises you or wants you back ? or is he over you already ?

waiting for your response

I am here
by: Leogirl

He shows up everyday on FB. Couple days already he hasn't flirt with other girls as he did last time since I don't do comments to other guys as often as I used to do. Totally none now..

there is only one lady, he is keeping like the status, but she is ugly any way so I don;t care much if he wanted to date. it has been two weeks from last talk. I don't know what's in his mind. I know he is still cared for me, but who knows what he does think behind his silent and no he hasn't been contact me since..

I still keep moving on and not care much about him. Not even feel to talk or contact him, the gap he made taking so long that kill the romantic mood away..Yeah, your guy are the same mine, very controlling and I can't take is just a big turn off..

You just do your things, lay low and mystery. Let him wonder where you are and how you been..just pop up one for a while on FB so let he knows you are present, but totally ignore him. If he cares for you he will find the way to contact you like the first time he did..but if he is not he is may no longer interest, he is just like a stroller..hit and run..

well, let me know how things is going..

To Leogirl
by: Anonymous

my guy once got really angry and then he deleted me from Facebook but we talked after that and he said sorry coz he did that out of too much anger.. which he was fine later on.

Now he doesnt say anything.. doesnt tell me its over or anything at all. he is leaving for another country in 3-4 dAYS and wil be back after like 20 days ... so i dont know what he would do or not do. There is no way i can find out if he has another woman or not as i only hve access to his LinkedIn account but no access to his facebook :( ...

I mean i just want him to come back once :) its so odd .. i hate him so much for what he did but a part of me still loves him ... i dont know what he is upto though.. and he is also not doing the work i asked him for and he is only source for it. he does it in bits and pieces so that i have a reason to run behind himm ... and a reason to contact him...

your guy surely cares about you.. and its good that you have moved on these guys dont deserve the attention we gave them .....,,,but they surely deserve to suffer how they made us suffer

To Leo Girl
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend, who shut me out 10 weeks ago, is slowly resurfacing. I sent him a long well thought out e mail last week. I out my cards on the table, told him what I wanted and reminded him of our perfect relationship (as he always put it) and told him that if he no longer wants me or it to tell me now and I can put it all behind me and move on.. He responded that he has a bad caold and feels like s**t and that he'll reply later. That was a weeka ago. He has text me twice about other things like his phone bill and something legal that he wants to help me with?? No reply what so ever to my e mail and if he doesn't want me why can't he just say, it's simple?

Hello Ladies
by: Leogirl

Your boyfriend is away for 20 days. It means he doesn't want to deal with the relationship right now, especially when you both have a problem.He tried to avoid stress out in his trip. You can't do anything right now since he completely shut down on you, even on FB.

I did that to my last Virgo ex, unfriended him after he said something like he is not ready and I was acting like I am own his time after 5 months talking and 2 times meeting cuz long distance. I cut him off after that. I was so so mad at that time, so your boyfriend could be really mad at you to do that.

After 3 months breaking up but still sometimes I txt to say hi, he sent me txt message yesterday he said he miss me!!..Guy is like that they are not ready at your time,because their million Virgo was hoping his ex coming back..
Now after months she is for long gone and he feels lonely. He comes back looking for my nurse..

You should do something for yourself and not worried too much. If you have his phone, just txt once for a while. When he see you at ease with a happy attitude and not controlling him then he will come back..But make sure you don't play with fire.

Sometimes, you asked him to do something..with other guys, they are willing to do, but I found hard in my Scorpio guy now, he seems not want to deal with the problem..sometimes i feel like he think I take advantage of him or something..very suspicious, but when he has a problem he came to me for ears or help..very selfish.The last scorpio is not like this one at this point.

Anyway,try to do your things..By 20 days you will feel something difference about him. Out of sight, out of mind. My guy still not txt me has been 2 weeks, but I am about getting over..he does too much demanding and controlling. I feel even happier and at ease than when I was in relationship. I feel good to have companionship,but not up and down or not know where it goes..

The boyfriend 3 weeks came back. Yes, they always come back and if you dated him long. You should ask yourself where this will goes..

Hello Ladies
by: Leogirl

He won't answer your questions because he is still not sure what he wants from you.Like I said millions stories. My scorpio now, he excuse for his new setup office..blah blah. But behind those excuses, I don't know what he with other girls, flirting or do something. who knows..Guys can't stay silent and single for long..not even a week, unless that a bad break up and he deeply in love w/you.

If he has background still w/his ex then watch out for that boredom moments. Don't be a bounce back girl. At the end he will walk out from you and come back w/his ex after you done things for him..Never ever dated a guy who is not clear cut w/ex. If you are looking for a guy for future then don't looking for the guy living w/the past.

Ok, hope your girls love but not blind because they seem not deserve our true love. We should choose the right guy to embrace out heart, instead of the one just step in and out whatever they want ..We already give them a chance, either they take it now or they leave..( This applied for who already dated more than a year)..You woman want official girlfriend or wife, not mistress..

the link
by: Bei

Thanks Anonymous for the link. However, it used to be able to click on the title and you leave a message like this. It won't do it for some reason. I like this site and the way you can leave msg to a specific topics. Anyone knows how?

Thanks everyone. Lately I have been busy sorry I didn't have alot of time to read and response quicker. I missed you all and the talking! Once things not so crazy I will response. Leogirl I saw you have several post I don't have alot of time to read yet but I will once i have time!

To Leogirl
by: Anonymous

i agree with every word of yours :( ... but the thing is I M Happy to be without him too... but what annoys is that what is in his mind... i mean he hasnt called it off., has not said he doesnt want to marry me or anything... but still plays his weird games

and since he is so used to me going after him, saying nice things, patching up, begging him and all maybe he is expecting the same level of importance this time too which i am not giving. isnt he surprised by the fact that i am all cool and happy with my life ? lol it should have bothered him

this trip that he is making is a trip he planned earlier, he had to go meet his sister :D or maybe there is some story in this also :D ... who knows

like yesterday i changed mmy Display pic on FB so he changed his too :S .. i mean his is not even in my friends list.. still he stalked me enough to know that i changed my DP .. and he changed his also... what does this mean ? y would he change his DP when i change mine ? thats so childish

also he knew when i reactivated my account that means he keeps stalking me .. but wont talk to me wht the hell is that :S

keep in touch :)

Emotional drain
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a scarpio guy for 2yrs and one months now and trust me i've never been in a relationship so moment he is in love with me, im the best that ever happen to him, he doesn't want to lose me, im the world for him...he said this all to me and the next he disappears , having me sitting confused and angry wonder where did i went wrong. Sigh these guys are crazy and after reading these comments seeing that im not alone i feel much better..and oh im a aries female and its been hot and cold with him...i do love him but i love my sanity right now...i gonna leave dis dude i reach my limit and i cant do this no more...i believe if u truly love someone u will not block them out and treat them this way. These scarpio guys are lost and one thing to do is cry ur eyes out let the hurt go and move the hell doing this and trust me running the hell away from this capricous guy...i cant do dis no more 2yrs 1months im done...i rather to leave and lose him than lose ma sanity its not worth it anymore... i was at the point of thinking of spending ma life with this guy we both love each other but i jus cant deal with his moods and pysco ways...i have let go all that dream of being with him becauz lookin into all of this dis thing will drives any sane person to insanity and i can do dis no hurts to lose someone u share a deep connection wit but if that person dont find themselves u will be lose urself in all this and i choose to lose him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i value ma self more and to all u hurt women out there one day it will all fade and u will find someone much better than these pyscopat wish u all the best and may God give u and myself strenght to really move on and heal from this....(tre)

To anonymous : emotional Drain
by: Anonymous

My guy did exactly the same .. he has gone quiet on me he would know that i need him and how him not being there would effect some important stuff... i had some imprtant stuff pending but he wouldnt get back to me...

i had beem in the relationship only for 2 months but still! he made me feel like the most precious thing on the planet and taht he loves me a lot n all.. but would disappear on me .. like no he has disappeared on me would not contact me... i dont know whats on his mind ...

is he punishing me for something i did not do ??? or is he just in one of his PHASES ... n for weeks and months of disappearing is nothing and that also without telling me. ..

i dont want to be with this man but it hurts to see him doing that...

did ure guy ever explain to u why he did that... my guy is liek 30 yeas old , old enough not to play these mind games... i just ewant him to come crawling back so i can give him a taste of his own bitter medicne...

do they come back ??? agter they are out of their phase btw? ? coz just 2 weeks ago he was head over heels for me ....???

Hate them
by: Leogirl

Sorry, I haven't been in touch. Scorpio men is bullshit after all. He totally ignored me on FB, starting comments "like" other girl pics and post that he used to like them before he knew me. Now he comes back and flirt with them in frond of my eyes.

They prevent exactly what you do with cold hardest heart..totally childish. One of my friend knows my ex so she commented that she think we were good for each other, after he reads that comment he sent out a bunch of signal to the girls that he used to like them..

I hate them..those scorpio. And now my 10 yrs first scorpio I dated, he is married now.. suddenly txt me and asked me why I haven't replied his txt since and what's wrong with me???>.what they think they are..just walk in and walk out like that..He doesn't know I am dealing w/an asshole that I used to deal with 10 yrs ago..what's a coincident!!

I really wanted to delete him out of my FB yesterday, seriously. I can't handle those kind of prevent in my circle, its totally ruin my mood and sleepless night. Yeah, they just dropped u off without explanation and ready for another conquer..Please, no more scorpio asshole.I tried to be the most nicest one and look what I got??. nothing in return,except the game minder and Bullshit about their faithful trait..

Just stay away from them, they just brought you miserable life after painting all those beautiful things. There aren't beautiful like they said..I hate them and today I am totally move on..If you are out of his picture, you know you are lucky because they will turn your life like madness every single time they me..done done done...And you know what I just found out his ex, talking shit about him, all kind of controlling and madness. She looks so much happy now and she doesn't care to point out the whole world how worst he was treated on her. Bear yourself in dirt,scorpio..

To Leogirl
by: Anonymous

hey i am glad you are back ,,,, honestly you are so right about these assholes .!!! i mean how can they be so pathetic! ... i see my scorpio man uploading FB display pics and then since i am not in his list.. he has strict privacy for public and he when uploaded his recent pic he gave public the access. In that he is standing with two ladies and he has cropped them from the pic so that i keep wondering who they are,,, though i know they are his sisters! but he just wants to bring me to the point of jealousy where i might just contact him and he wants to continue effectingme and he is the biggest assholes i have come across.. i have dated cancer . pisces as well which are water signs too and they are sooooooooooooooooooooo much better.! they have their issues but MY GOD nothing as bad as these bitches !!

i mean he is just doing all of this to piss me off and show me he is doing good ! ... i also want to have access to his ex wife and c how much she hates him.. he divorced her and now hunting newwer women! and i became his target.. after he was not too satisfied he grew all quiet.. now he doesnt say he is leaving or nthing .. but doesnt talk either! ...

i am sure in his head he thinks i have done shit stuff to him which I HAVE NOT and i dont care about his filthy mind games! ... i wanted to put up a pic in which i am sitting right next to my male friend whom he knows really well ... but it might just piss him off... but then these scorpions dont learn through this he will just get worse with his mind games...

btw are they really as cool as they show ?? because they try to act their life is all fine nothign wrong and shit like that ... but i feel they only show that .. inside they are dying ! bedcause no woman will take their shit at all !

this is my first experience of scorpio! and how bloody annoying these are and I being a saggi cant handles such annoying tactics!

your man is also such a mind boggler! and they enhjoy the mind boggling esp when we stop giving themm the attention they needd!

GOSH they better burn in hell !

Emotional Drain
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend has done this very same thing to me 3 summers in a row. One minute, he loves me, makes plans for our future, wants to marry me, then BOOM, over night he simply disappears, will not reply to texts or messages, will not pick up. It has been 11 weeks now and he has just started to text me, not about how he has behaved but about anything but!!!!
This is what happens, his behaviour will not be mentioned now, I won;t want to rock the boat so I don't push him about it. Last year I did and he couldn't tell me why he disappeared for 3 months. He suffers with depression (manic I think), and depression + Scorpio is not a good mix but I love him, and I know he loves me. When he is not depressed I couldn't wish for a better relationship, he has always treated me well, been supportive and never treated me bad or even spoken to me badly. It is very hard and it upsets me immensely and leaves me absolutely dumbfounded - I really don't know what the answer is for me. Its easy for people to
tell me to walk away but I can't :(

They are shitty
by: Leogirl


You have no idea how mad I am. I am so mad today, I tried not to post on FB for a while to avoid other men flirting. Today, I saw him "like" at least 5 pics of difference girls with short skirts. What an asshole I ever know..

I just post the comment such as..If you tried murdered in relationship by your ego, attitude and ignorance, no matter who you are with, it won't survive!!I wanted to indicate his ex, and other ex girlfriends and his future completely destroy by his those pathetic character and I don't really give a shit who he is flirting with..

He is looking for someone that can bow their head when he walked by. What's a dog!!. I saw some girls changed the status about love, angel and relationship right after he likes their pic..
The reason he didn't reply my asking him about the relationship status after 4 months. He didn't answer and pretend like busy and trying to thin the situation out, until I couldn't stand and step one step so he has a reason to go forwards with others..He is not ready commitment and play with me the whole time. Good thing, I was caution with this type so I am not hurt that much, but I started to hate him and disgust about what he did to pursuance me.

Believe me, those scorpio is very dangerous player if you are trying to step into relationship w/them,they will step on you and control your life and make you miserable the whole life..his ex even said that if she didn't follow what he said she could have a trouble later..and it is so true w/this attitude show right on from the beginning..
He wants a puppies, not a human being..

I think, it is a good thing you are not on FB w/him, because this is an emotional war and I blasted out with all guy friends today. Show him that It is over and he can find any bitches he wants. There is nobody treating him better than me and his kid. Believe me or not his kid will be the one to screw his relationship up..I can't wait that day happened..

Sorry emotional drained, You should check the reality that what he actually did for you all those years and what you got from him and long term. It is hard to get out those asshole, I know how it feels..I am the one in the same boat, but at least I am looking for some changes in my life and thinking about this guy doesn't bring me any future or destination..I don't think, its not my time and my faith with this asshole..that's the good thing..Sometimes the break up, it is the sign that Gods shows me, he is not the right one and avoid me the heartbreak later..

Ok, ladies..I am so exhausted w/this game. If he is still on my FB and keep playing that game..I may have to cut him off to know he is nobody, I did w/my other Virgo ex. Now he is regretted and wanted to come back. Guy is that way, until they totally lost then they know..

I hate the fact that I sent my last txt saying how are you..I wish you have a good day, never replied me back, this bitch never have my txt ever again..Sorry, I am very very angry..

They are shitty
by: Leogirl

And You know what while I am here..he may sitting at other sides and FB chat with those bitches like he used to chat with me..yeah, you are right they are looking for attention and when its getting old..they look someone else..

Emotional should check if he has somebody else,beside you. I have a feeling he has when he left you like that..Be careful w/those type. He may cheating on you and other woman by sharing time to each sides..Those kind of disappeared many time like that is an acceptable and should questionable..

Emotional Drain (2yrs)
by: Aries

Trust me ladies these guys will never tell u why they have disappeared so it doesn't make sense u try to get it out of them. Look at it this way- if u still want to remain with these psyco u have to guard ur heart, dnt show no emotions or no love be COLD as ice towards them jus as how they are treatin u be like (KARMA) bitch them out , but dnt reveal ur emotions even if u love them dnt show it they will use it against u , if they knw all this they can used their sting (Mind games, cold shoulders and screw with ur mind) trust me they enjoy seeing u suffer. (i have found this new web this reveals the most disgusting but fact about scorpios and if u still 'love' them u have to prepare urself nt to be lost in all this. As for me and my scarpio boyfriend..sigh...i jus dnt care anymore and i ignore him this way it pissed him dating someone else and u ladies need to see someone by not giving them the full control of ur mind/souls. they are miserable creatures (scarpio) they are pissed with the world and even themselves so u being in their life u'll be miserable the same. So ladies make the best out of ur life love urself u all are beautiful and dnt let them use their mind on u. only two can play this game if u dnt want to leave u have to be equipt with a heart of iron to not get hurt while play this game back. when u dnt hear frm them they are worried and confused wondering what ur doin and even if they are cheating once they really love u they will have a hard time lettin dnt answer their calls/email/text why not give them back the sting of their own remedy but u can only do this wen ur nt carin anymore....dnt lose urself ladies and guard ur hearts thats wat they are after....u need to be tough and COLD to deal with these guys dnt take them serious and all the crap they tell u about love and BS its a lie jus to trap u like the rest. if ur lookin for long term relationship yes they'll be with u for years but no commitment , no marriage and sometimes they might married u and cheat at the same time,,,smh...they dnt have any consistency so they wont be loyal , that thing about them being loyal its BS they are deceivers and liers they feed off sex and have fun if u want to remain but look for games and good sex nothin else...if ur lookin for stability and marriage move on.

scorpios are fucked up!
by: virgo lady

Hi Ladies

Its been a while. Well after my scoprio man dumped me for "space".. i begged him for two weeks and he didnt want to listen at all.. he told me to stay away form him.. he smsed me last week asking if we can "fuck".. That was when i realized that he is an idiot and i need to protect myself form his pychotic ways.i told him that im not his sex toy and e must got o hell, he just laughed it off since he was sure i will call him again.... its been a week and i havent called or smsd him (he hasnt either)..its his birthday tomorow ( 25 October) guess what???? i WONT wish him happy birthday even though he spent a fortune on my birthday :)

I know he is expecting something from me but i wont say a word... He is a sefish dog and i will treat him as such.. been spending time with this Cancerian guys-he is so sweet :)

Apparently, if you ignore a scoprio like im doing now-they get worried and wonder ehat you i hope he feels thhe same way- i actually hope he dies!

Scorpion Chaser?
by: Carmen

I just started dating a Scorpio male a few weeks ago. I am Capricorn. He is attentive and caring when I'm around him. At first we spent several nights together all night long just kissing and holding each other. Yes he works and he had sleepless nights! I asked him if he wanted to be exclusive just seeing each other and he tells me he doesn't want to see other people but wants to take it slow with us for now. Yet I hear Scorpio men are jealous and possessive. I want to know how he really feels about me but he is so secretive about his feelings!! Any help on how I can open this guy up about his feelings? I don't want to see other people but yet I don't want to be his "Hang Out Buddy" whenever its convenient for him.

by: Leogirl

Aries, you are right about everything. Yep, I played very cold and trying to move on with my life, even though he still is on my FB.

Trust me, I will make him miserable like he did to me. I am sure he is chatting skype with other bitches. the Lying and bullshit what he said before when we were just talked is just all act. They are such a good actor in real life. After he met me and tried to call me couple times and then stop completely without showing what he wants..what's an asshole as I am really good to him.

Time and karma will get this bitch..he got really bad one with his ex, more and more coming..Thank you ladies for sharing the stories for everybody and stay away from those scorpio no heart. They born to be miserable life and they should deserve it as a punishment of God!

by: Leogirl

Aries, you are right about everything. Yep, I played very cold and trying to move on with my life, even though he still is on my FB.

Trust me, I will make him miserable like he did to me. I am sure he is chatting skype with other bitches. the Lying and bullshit what he said before when we were just talked is just all act. They are such a good actor in real life. After he met me and tried to call me couple times and then stop completely without showing what he wants..what's an asshole as I am really good to him.

Time and karma will get this bitch..he got really bad one with his ex, more and more coming..Thank you ladies for sharing the stories for everybody and stay away from those scorpio no heart. They born to be miserable life and they should deserve it as a punishment of God!

by: Leogirl

Virgo girl

Yep, let them taste their medicine. Sometimes everything is so available, they r not value our time. They just take and take and return zero. You could have sex with any asshole like that anytime, anywhere. Guys like these scorpio just right corner at the bar. They think they are something..


You just know this guy, give him couple months to see how he is process. Most of us just found out of asshole from 4 months to 2 yrs so let see he is the good guy or not in time. He won't tell you how he feel no matter what you do..those scorpio they like to graving their feeling...none of us were trying but not working. So good luck

by: Leogirl

I have really bad mood today ..all fellow heartbroken..yep, i m officially out of crazy scorpio equation. After i saw him flirting with all the girls, infrond of my eyes then that's it..i told him he should find the way out of my fb, because he didn't reply my txt, quite the whole time..he knows the fun part sex dancing is over and now its getting serious he wanted to run out like a beaten animal ..all those reason combine he wants to dumb me so he could find another fairy sex tail who ever able to show him on video and start all over again..what's an asshole period!!

He got an exit this morning and admit whatever i said its right and we shouldn't see ing each other..just like that..and he believe I'm a good girl and deserve a better life...Whoa! That' call a golden rule of men when they want to be nice but dumb the girl in a fuss...i feel loneliness and sad, the truth is we used to hear the good things from him and now he just got his ass out and disappeared, surround by other women he has being eyes on while he was with they are all over him...who said scorpio is faithful. They will dumb you anytime without considering and pursue another chase....

All the time i asked him about the commitment, he is silent and thin out, and because I'm on fb so i saw he is flirting and have a sign of moving on. If not i will sitting my self and wonder where he is and think that all my mistake with regret. There is no our mistake, its commitment...I'm sad but I'm sure i will get over it soon..whoever dated him will taste his sting and i feel sorry for those victim. They are all like us..

Emotional Drain (2yrs)
by: Aries

To: Leo

There is one thing that i want u to do inorder to save urself all this heartache remove urself from his Facebook profile...why? he knows ur there and he'll flirt just to get back at u..dnt let him have control of ur mind trust me its not worth it....
from my own experience with my bf of 2 years i was so depressed to the point i felt that i was losing my mind it took me a while to get my self together which i did...its hard yes! i knw especially when u have a deep feelings for them. But try to stop thinking about him and think about urself , u are most important and u need to make him know that. How? by ignoring him and dnt let them knw ur hurting.

Ladies u can begg, cry and plead to these guy it will not make sense..dnt do it..spend time evalutating ur needs and urself and leave them to time (KARMA).

I play
by: Leogirl

To Aries,

Thank you for your truly advise. I told him to do it himself since he was the one step into my life. He didn't do it the first day but the second day he did it because he didn't see me online for whole day as i always he knows I'm uncomfortable with him. And the next day he removed me from Skype..complete cutoff. Now you know hows the scorpio sting. If you tell them walk out of your life, they will do it without a doubts. Their pride is bigger than their head..they can finish with you without thinking begging like others signs i was with...i was with Cancer and Leo man..they were crying out and acting crazy when i left then..not with scorpio. But you know what deep down they are hurt, hurt more than anyone else, because they can t show their emotional and feeling to the world. That's how stupid they are...

Yes, i felt sad when he cut off, but don't have to see his face flirting. You are right he wanted to get my attention or i t could be his prevent..Anyway, i wanted how far he cared and not cared for me or i really met a jerk and player. So i inbox him all the silly stuff like i posted on fb without concern his name...and every single things i sent he open ed like a minute. Like he is always there and waiting for my message's pathetic!! know what i will past everyday until I'm really bored and stopped and he will seating there one day and question abouthimself i may have some one and drive him crazy. If he wants to play game and that how he get s ..

I know he is talking with other girls now on skype and fb, but he can't hang out with them since his situation doesn't a llow the freedom access. I have many potential guy s and they like me, but i look at them, i see they could be players too, unt il i find the good one. Note, he hasn't replied any of my email or coukd say posts..he is keep reading and looking forwards to have it, something he is missing from other boring chick s.

I still keep moving with my life, but to do so i need to do one step of a time. Wheni missed him, i just one spot and know him silent reading then make me feel better . When the right men come to whip my feets..i will let him taste his medicine. True love doesn't need those emotional mind game craps...made out emotional is sinking follow them...and yes, they really like the chase game..they got bored quick as same as LEO like us...we are famous of moving on when the time is screw this emotional drain...

Scorpion Chaser?
by: Carmen

I wanted to update since my last visit. I have been dating a scorpio for about a month now. Although we have been dating not once has he mentioned that he wants to be exclusive with me, only to hang out! There was a day where I went to go see him, cook him dinner and watched a movie together, I asked him if he wanted me to spend the night with him and he told me it was best for me to go home because he had to go to work the next morning. Not any other time did he want me to go home but he did this time. After that night, I slowed it down considerably with the texting back and forth. I just let it go. The other night he texts me at one in the morning wanting me to go spend time with him on a work day. He never calls and he even tried calling me that night. Needless to say, I did go see him and kept him up all night on purpose. He felt like crap the next day. I sent him a card in the mail for the month we have been dating. I doubt I will get a response on his feelings but if he doesn't want to make it exclusive I will start talking to other people, probably losing him but he had his chance.

by: Leogirl

I read on the expert advise yesterday on net. Men don't feel comfortable when they started to feel you are mothering them in the early stage of the relationship, cooking, gift and stuff like that. They feel obligated that they must be in the relationship with you which is they are on the chase and dating stage..The expert says don't over do with men and offer them the relationship before they offer you to official exclusive. They loose their interested quick and start to space out to find their other chase..a soda or popcorn, it is good for them..

What was happened to me that I was overdo too much for my man so he is scared to be exclusive when he is not sure what he wanted..I gave him more than he gave me, just because that what I care for people I like most..the matter of fact, I am a selfish person, but he doesn't know that and took it like I am mothering him. Scorpio male is the most sign not get along well with their mother, very distance that I heard..

So If he is not exclusive to you then you know what you can mystery w/ your schedule like you have things on your own life, not just him...VERY IMPORTANT for scorpio looking for their mate..but not let him know you are dating with others, because if they find out..they never be with you for a chance. The fact is they don't admit you are exclusive, but they can't take a deception 1% of it. Very tricky with this type..

I just read all my txt with my man. I realized that we haven't really into intimacy chat to each other for almost 2 months. He was chat hot & cold, but I ignored the fact that he tried to space out between us, because the mothering and no deep emotional connection between us..

Cont Carmen
by: Leogirl

So we officially broke up on the FB and others internet link. But I still inbox him stuff that I always shared. And you know what I see he is still reading every single messages I sent out, but no reply..seems like he is looking forwards to have them every moment obviously so I still confused with his type..Does he still cared for me and want to know what I think? because I never told him how I felt for him before, not even said I missed him. I always social comments on FB since we started to chat..or he just enjoyed my humor? I have no clue but we broke up....Anyway, I think that the only easy way for me to escape slowly from my possessiveness to him by sending him stuff where and when I wanted too, I pretended like I don't know he is reading and said that if my txt is bother him, let me know but he is still silent ..meaning he is having enjoyed the difference, the chase,the mystery which I sent some intimacy & my daily funny stories stuff hide and seek game or bed time sleeping, or he wants me in his own world..WTF whos know..

Ok, Read it know why they space us out or google more about deep emotional attraction to your man..Keep update & info to each other until we are a master of their games. They f*&&&Ck us in our head and we know how to be strong and be ahead of their games so we won't get hurt, if we can't stand we know we should walk out and never look back...

To Leogirl
by: Anonymous

Hey Leopgirl ... i have been pretty busy lately hence could not come online.
I agree with the mothering nature that repels men. I am a very caring and loving person in general and when in love i try to pamper my man a lot. maybe thats why he got repelled. And thats so true that he did not use to contact his mother much. Even when he use to travel to the city where his mother lived mostly he would not even meet her and come back.Also not call her for weeks as he felt a certain pressure to reciprocate her niceness!

I also always showed him that he is the centre of my world :( maybe i gave him a lot more attention tahn he deserved :( ... and maybe he felt suffocated by it and bound to reciprocate it :S ... we havent talked to each other since 20 days .. i delted him from my Linkedin yesterday as i could not take his mind games any more :( .. he was adding girls there only to piss me off.

we took each other off each others FB long time ago.... I dont know why a part of me wants him to get back and be where i was ... though he has stopped affecting me the way he used to but i still have a part of me that misses the care and concern he showed :( ... why is he doing this to me? will he ever get back ?

and i know he wont contact me as i know that he thinks that if he would i might not respond the way he wants me to and he will feel insulted.

and i havent talked to him even for a sec in the last 3 weeks. we never called it off.. he needed space thats for sure.... but its been 3 weeks of silence...

i am sure he views my profile more than his to c my cover photos and display pic change. One day i changed my photo and he gave me access to his own photo hoping i woouldgive him access too. Since hes not on my list all he can see is my cover photo and display! .. but now i have blocked him!....

so any ideas if me deleting and blocking him will affect him bad? ? and will he ever come to a point where he might wanna come back and say something to me ... and be in the weak position where i was ! these mother fuckers need to suffer!

sorry for the language but i am super pissed! what a mental F**K !

waiting for your reply!

Continued ..... To leogirl
by: Anonymous

My man from the beginning wanted marriage with me.... i dont know what went wrong :S what did i do :S .. i dont remember misbehaving with him S: ...

Be yourself
by: Leogirl

Yes, You sound very mothering like I did..Blocking somebody on FB meaning you are out of my life and Don't want to hear from you again. Yes, its very strong action you did toward him. He may take it very hard and won't forgive you.

What you can do is waiting for any occasion or holiday to send him a inbox message to wish him something. You can unblocked him and still can send the message and only do this when you don't want to move on with your life and find a better suitor. But you could do that like me without hoping and expecting from him to build a future with you. He won't..he is moving on..properly already having an eyes on someone. You know how its easy on the net they get the girls.Keep in touch with him like you feel him around but at the meantime it will no future and it will drag you for a while before you wake up yourself..but sometimes we use as a friendship so we could move on easily and that s normally guys golden rule they like to keep exes...

You didn't do anything wrong, you are just being yourself. They said many good girls blame that why men are leaving them for bad girl and choose the one not show caring and love. Because men born to be supportive and looking for a girl who he could be like father .. controlling stuff..that why older successful men sucker for younger girls..not mothering them and tell them what to do..

I don't know what my situation will go, but I am sure there is weak situation that I m losing him. Just put this way, he got your goodness and he won't find the others in the future. Most of them regret and suffer for a wrong choice later and they will start thinking about you if you still keep in touch. But trust me, I have so many men wanting to be back 99% but my feeling has gone for those since took too long for them to wake up their mind and put other choice before me..

Love is pure for men..too much damaged and argument doesn't make them looking back for relationship, until they got hit really bad from other bad chick..If you want, you could txt him, if he is not respond then you know you already do your part and he is moving on. If he reply means he still wants to keep in touch and if that make you feel better...

Don't worry ..there are many fish on the sea. You will find someone, even you feel he is right for you now, but until the day he is not your husband or boyfriend then he is not the one. Keep looking..he won't stop for you, There is no reason for you to wait for him.

Feeling like shit
by: Leogirl

What should I do, my friends?..11 pm and I am sitting here to use this web to poor out of my feeling?? today I posted on FB all day. Of course, he saw my posts and all comments since friends and friends connected..I didn't write anything to him today since I wrote a lots last night. Later tonight I sent him a short txt, he didn't want to read it. Another punishment because I gave FB friends more attention than him? or he moves on but why he read my txt, and today I posted on my fb, he totally ignore mine txt;

I am so confused. Should I continue to write or give up since he didn't reply any but he reads..Yeah, I sound very stupid I know. What can I do? I know the answer is..MOVE ON, but gosh he looks like a man that give me a happily family ever dream now he has gone. I just felt like I did terrible things to make him leave me, but when I looking back ..he did a couple times of hot and cold steps when he didnt have his way. He was even cancel our first meeting because he asked me something and I didn't do it..Is it the sign that he hasn't want a commit from a beginning?.

I think he may has someone new that could show more affection like me at first with him on skype..def. he has..I am so fuck up my mind and nothing clear even I told you moving on. Not easy but maybe I should..he won't come back after got burned that for sure.. so may fishes on the sea, they won't take craps from us. Keep chasing and wining hearts..careless about our feeling. I think, its time for me to moving on..

by: Carmen

Hello Leogirl,
I really don't know how to deal with the Scorpio male for this is new territory for me. In dealing with relationships in general. We as women, give so much to our opposite sex, and yet they fail to see us that we want to be with them and care about em. Even though it hurts sometimes we gotta let em go and we must go about our own business. If we let them see that we are hurt and yearning for their attention. It seems that we get a kick in the ass even more. I noticed that if I give someone their space and if they want to be with me, they will make that effort to be with me. If they ignore me then I just focus on me.

I wanted to thank you Leogirl for your response. I have been taking all the information and trying to put my plan to work with this Scorpio male. I noticed that he likes the chase, but I also have noticed that even when I don't text him, later on he is asking what's up? So far this week I have been to his place twice and he has been extremely affectionate. I don't know what the deal is what I will take it for what it's worth.

Even though I have a FB and I know he has a FB, I have not sent him a friend request! Neither has he to me! Since they like to stay private, I keep myself private also. If he asks me questions then I'm going to ask him the same questions back. There will be a time where I will ask him where he sees us in the future, and I will bet you when he doesn't know that answer I will answer it for him. He will see that I won't be around anymore to be his hang out buddy. Someone else will have my affection and loyalty!

by: Leogirl

Thank you, Carmen. I feel lost but not hurt or crazy for missing him yet. I should move on like you said. He may feel that we won't work out, they have a reading mind. He is too much demanding, I felt exhausted and wanted to get loose for a bit..

He didn't take that easily like deception. He used to call me every 20 minutes everyday and wanted skype every night. If I didn't he started acting cold. I just didn't have time to put up with all that controlling. I have my life too. SInce then he started acting distance and cold.

I think you should repair for the hot and cold he may have from him time to time and not fall over the comfort to believe his falling over for you if you don't want to get hurt and won't resist his meeting if he asks because if he felt he may think you are with someone then things will getting worst later. Update with news

TO: Carmen
by: Aries

Hey Carmen I like the way you put it that you have a life and you dont text him making him wanting to know what's up and also that you dnt add him as friend on FB and vice versa. I think thats exactly the right thing to do.

This is exactly what i do with my scarpio boyfriend i dnt have him on my FB he dnt ask me and i dnt ask him to place me on his. I dnt call or text him period i make him do that in this way i show him my independence and that i have a life with or without him (sound cold huh) but dealing with scarpio males thats exactly how you have to treat them. Otherwise they will find you too needy-clingy so be yourself and let the chase ,chase you.

To Leo girl and Aries
by: Anonymous

Hey I guess yes the right thing to do is be myself but then he riles my mind not that I wanna bs with him but somehow I wanna read his mind .
I didn't delete him from my FB he deleted me when ge once got angry and later apologised for it but we hd er added each other back after that .... Recently I blocked him because he was playing stupid games he would change his display picture everytimd I would change mine. Then give his picture public access hoping I would make my picture public too :s so I had ro block his games - that shows that his mind is still with me and he wants me to get so annoyed that I contact him :(...

As much as I want to let him go off my mind I can't not that I cry all the time or yearn for him but I need my answers!

How do I find out if he is with another girl?? And any tips on how to make him so annoyed that he ends up contacting me himself ! Although I feel by now he should have started ro wonder y I don't give him the importance I used to

Please suggest ways of getting back at him and torturing him like ge has been


Back to him on FB?
by: Nana

I just complete wake up today and changed my mood w/him completely. I sent him txt yesterday and this morning. He didn't even read it so he has done and already chat w/another chick he flirted before on FB.

I saw her change from public to private profile..blow me out. Yep,just easy like that. Not even think you were good to him before or not, cut me clean and move on.

Why you wanted to come back to play that game to see him flirt with others?. Just make you more miserable and heartfelt. If you want that then unblock him and re add him again. Otherwise, you have to create another FB profile to add like a stranger but with difference pic as sexy as hell. He may has a crush on your new profile and you will see more clear about his game. I don't advise to do this but you are struggling that he still wants you or not that I understand.

Now my man showed that he is no longer into me then I am ready to leave..especially he didnt read my email, that is terrible. Yes, Carmen stay away from fb, it s really bad and will destroy your relationship. I had totally two ex broke up for this damn internet thing so better to keep it away..

My first one on FB, too many girls like him & he spent a lots of time on FB so we argue and I took him out, we broke up so I met this one now. He was not did like the 1st one...even none comment or like on FB couple months,and his time were more concentrate for me but Gosh with all demanding and controlling I feel like I have no time for myself. Anyway I crossed the line and he was back fire and lost interested or either he is not ready for commitment.who knows..

But closed the chapter with him today totally..there can't be no one way love. He has everything all the men in the world have but you know the more they are successful the more they make you feel like their slave, their heartless love.I am out of his life just like his ex ex and other ex.I told him that I saw one of his ex on FB and always doubts that he still with her when were over. Now he did this to show me he won't contact with ex..that he wanted to prove me..prevent big time..Well, will update if I have new date..:),

Scorpion Chaser?
by: Carmen

Thank you for your comment Aries. To continue with my situation, he took me out to dinner last night and we had a great time!I wore a nice blouse that showed some cleavage so he could have an eye full while eating his meal! Lol. I took him to his buddies place for he had to babysit his friend's kids at their house so out of respect I could not go over, understandable right? So I go home, we text goodnight to each other In the morning, I have like 7 texts and 4 mussed calls from him since 1:30am to 2:30am. In these texts he is telling me how he wants me to sneak on over, he wants to hold me and kiss me, and then he says I have my phone shut off and its bs! So I text him back telling him I was sorry that I did not hear the phone! After a while of being ignored, I text him back and told told him that this was bs, that I would rather for him to tell me to f@#k off! then to ignore me! So he did text me back and told me to Stop it! He is working pulling up tile and that he is busy!! I left it at that. I really wanted to text him back and say, Stay busy because I am done!!

What really confuses me is that this guy didn't want to be exclusive with me! I am his hang out buddy, right? Why is he acting like I'm his girlfriend. I think he got extremely jealous probably thinking I was with someone else! Which is not true, I went home to my kids. It can go either way right now, he may avoid me and pretend like I don't exist, or chase me! Honestly, I wish I could just text him and say something nice but I know if I do that, he will indulge in my weakness over him! Any comments? Thank you so much.

Scorpion Chaser?
by: Carmen

Thank you for your comment Aries. To continue with my situation, he took me out to dinner last night and we had a great time!I wore a nice blouse that showed some cleavage so he could have an eye full while eating his meal! Lol. I took him to his buddies place for he had to babysit his friend's kids at their house so out of respect I could not go over, understandable right? So I go home, we text goodnight to each other In the morning, I have like 7 texts and 4 mussed calls from him since 1:30am to 2:30am. In these texts he is telling me how he wants me to sneak on over, he wants to hold me and kiss me, and then he says I have my phone shut off and its bs! So I text him back telling him I was sorry that I did not hear the phone! After a while of being ignored, I text him back and told told him that this was bs, that I would rather for him to tell me to f@#k off! then to ignore me! So he did text me back and told me to Stop it! He is working pulling up tile and that he is busy!! I left it at that. I really wanted to text him back and say, Stay busy because I am done!!

What really confuses me is that this guy didn't want to be exclusive with me! I am his hang out buddy, right? Why is he acting like I'm his girlfriend. I think he got extremely jealous probably thinking I was with someone else! Which is not true, I went home to my kids. It can go either way right now, he may avoid me and pretend like I don't exist, or chase me! Honestly, I wish I could just text him and say something nice but I know if I do that, he will indulge in my weakness over him! Any comments? Thank you so much.

by: Leogirl

Now that was totally your fault. He took you out for a nice dinner and your guy s had a good time and I'm sure he wanted you badly but he couldn't do it for babysit. And he did call you...the problem is you want to rush into relationship and he doesn't...if he says you stop acting needy you should stop..because whatever they say they mean are.experience with Scorpio male, not other signs...

With tell them stop, fuck off or leave me alone..they will do exactly what you mean. They have bigger pride and situation control bigger than their head and heart...either you want to hang in there or leave. He is mad and disappointed that you didn't show up when ever he need s you. That's scorpio type..My man wanted Skype intimacy, and i don't do it..he didn't talk to me or cold for a week...

I don't know how long he will be mad with you after having a good time and you ruinit...not your fault that you didn't hear the phone, the thing is in his head...if he need s you, you should be ready ..that sound s pathetic, but how they do that to all women. Yes, they are extremely possession and jealous type...after that is a Leo...Lol.. Seem like you will have a long way to run around his sting before he make s a commitment, but if you keepfighting and looking for a commitment answer...properly you will never get it...its a long haul process witht this type. I even heard other male signs complaints about scorpio women that after dating they not even know they Scorpio girl consider they are boyfriend or not..just the stupid scorpio only act that way...

Anyway, i thought he didn't read my message s and delete it but he reads again...hahaha...what's the fuck if they don't care why they just be honest themselves so we can cut the chase..i think they like to play head don't fall in love, keep your mind open and play their game.s..if you are tired and get bored it's about time to call a quick. And.don't make it officially..the way to hurt them for what they do to your feeling is ....give them a lots of attention and then disappear one day...just exactly the one they do to us...ignore the situation, because they don't love you as you love them...they keep their heart into a safety place so you should do....

To Carmen, To leogirl
by: Anonymous

Leogirl makes complete sense here... You offended a scorpio male.They dont take No for an answer or they hate being ignored when they need you the most. they will hold that against you. they can give you all the shit they want to but they wont take anything ofd that sort with you. My scorpio man did exactly that ... he deleted me off FB and expected me to not react.. he would not take calls or not reply to texts but if i wont he will react and go quiet on me... and make me run behind him all the time ,,,

so be aWARE of these stings .. and also be sure if thats the kind of man you want... as he will after a while drive you to the point of insanity.. they are very jealous ... if u are unreachable they will obsess over you and think that you are maybe with someone else because they are themselves of a loose character and doubt others to be doing the same...

i have been hit so badly by my scorpio guy but deep down that man still holds a place inside me. although he did all the bad stuff he could to me bbut i am sure he always thinks its me whose at fault...

so if you want to be with him then be careful of his moods. needs and wants but only if u think u can live upto the caring image u will create.. else he will be amjorly hurt and get back at you....

i need some advice here.. i haven't spoken to my Scorpio guy for almost a month now.. he hasn't contacted me neither have i .. i am giving him all the space he needs and wants .. and i don't feel for him as strong any more.. his birthday is on Tuesday next week. i don't know if i should wish him and i dont know if he would respond at all or not...

Leo and Aries i need a bit of advice on this.. i was thinking of breaking the ice but then i am not sure if this is the life i want .. i miss him but i dont know if having him would be more torturous as he would be super mean n arrogant!

To Leogirl & Anonymous
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it and is helpful in dealing with this Scorpio! I really wished I would of heard the phone and to have been there for him, but faith has it that it turned out like it did. I am just going to let it go and focus on what's going on in my life. If he wants to stay mad at me, that's his choice. I feel I should just distance myself and not get hurt by the scorpion sting! Since he is shielding his heart, I must shield mine also! Don't want to get hurt anymore.

Anonymous: I know that I would probably send a Happy Birthday down their way. Even though you may not feel the same as you did before, you both shared good times. It will let him know that you still care about him, doesn't mean you want to get back with him. But do you want to give him the satisfaction to know that you still care? That's entirely up to you!

by: Leogirl

yeah man will have BD next week too, I still keep sending him txt even he hasn't replied any for 6 days txt follows my emotion..happy and said and everything combine ..I sound like an idiot, but that the way I normally use to cut off somebody but in a nice way so i will never regret that I let a real relationship passing by..I have trying the best..

You should send txt to him for BD. You know you have doubt and afraid of him that the life he may gives it to you if he ever answer your txt, then trust your guts. I had the same feeling when I was with my man..that the whole total reason he felt the scene that he didn't trust my feeling for him as same as my act..remember they are a mind reader. If you don't feel good about him, he has the same feeling like you do..

Send him a txt but don't fall over and you are not sure he will replied. Just consider he is a friend, when you are goood to the end. They will regret later and chase you back, but it may too late. we will have no longer interest..

What I do now. I am just waiting for him not to read my txt for three days straight then I know I complete the game and never look back..never feel sorry for myself. You know you are good, faithful and kind person and he miss the chance and he will never have it again..the fact 13 yrs scorpio ex still want me.. that's the whole game..scorpio, their sincerely love with you only last a month, the rest is drama and icy games so if you are up with those two words then join the game if not then run.

If you have a lots of things to worry about, your future, your goal, money chase ..this type is not for you because they will drain your life down..sucking you into their dramas. You don't have mind to complete anything..just deal with icy king, you just sit there wonder,blame yourself what did you do..while they think nothing or enjoy to see you suffer and go after them. They invisible control your time and its all up to you.

To: Anonymous
by: Aries

Regarding you wondering if you should send him a HBD message..with this i believe you should why you still care for him even though your hurting,turn the table around becauz he's expecting you not to ,e knows your hurting so why not surprise him with the act of kindness showing him your not like him and your a woman. The scarpio males are not men they are 'boys'. Dont expect anything in return because they are selfish.

Next to the woman who went out with her scarpio man on a dinner date. You state that you both had a great time and he got pissed at you missing his call....Please Dear dont beat up yourself by blaming yourself for missing his call...its not your fault what they dnt know is that we all have a life of our own and we are not their superwoman whenever they call you'll be running...NO...let it go give him time dnt blow up his phone with calls/text he will call you because the date was great. He just want you to feel at fault by not responding to your call etc. (mind games) smh..

As for myself i can relate with this situation my scarpio man wanted to meet me last week but i could not meet with him because i do have a life besides as usual he froze me out...with this im not upset as i used to because i now get myself acquainted with the games scarpio play and me as a Aries im free spirit and move on from stuff quickly, i wont call or text him he's acting selfish and i dnt care anymore why? i do have a life of my own and my focus now is on me. Scarpios in general crave attention and power and even if it meant to hurt or manipulate you to feel less about yourself they will do it.
So the best thing to do is just get busy with your dailey life and let the chase yearn and miss you like crazy in this way one day you'll hear from him. He would be wonder why have you not call/text since he's used to you blow up his phones with calls -they are very jealous and for them not to have your attention or soul(heart) a day with them they will go me itz true be busy and let the chase,chase you!

To leogirl and Aries man
by: Anonymous

today something strange happened.. when i logged into my Linkedin account early this morning ... i could c that he had viewed my profile .. and upon viweing he mustve realised that i have deleted him ... though i feel he mustve known before hand but who knows.. i deleted him from there 3-4 days ago becuase his activities were hurting me and i didnt want to leabve a window for me to c him.... this clearly showed that he still stalks me and views my profile! now y is that that he still hasnt gotten over me .. will stalk me all he can but WONT talk to me...

i mean if i didnt matter then y would he be stalking me...

then he had deleted me from fb back in septemenber i didnt react but blocked him 3=4 days ago when i deleted him from linked in.. but i am sure he has some other access to my profile as well as he cant survive without my updates!

he changed his DP and cover photo right after veiwing me on linkedin and seeing that i had deleted him .. coz he could not take it and he wanted to show to me that he
s all find and enjoying life... whch i know he isnt /..

now i dont get it .. what does he want? hes playing the silence with me for a month .. maybe coz he wants me to come running .. before today i really wanted to wish him Happy Birthday and now i am confused whether i should or not.. what if i will boost his stupid ego and he will think i still follow him , still drool over him :S ...

i dont know what he wants and what i should do in response! as now my mental capacity has exhausted..

should i still wish him? i hope he wont abuse it :S.. also what are these signals from him :S

by: Leogirl

Aries. You are right..we are running around the circle and bite our own tail. I sent txt the day before that telling him like thing is not working when we were apart then i changed my profile pic to sexy one. He may got pissef off and think I'm ready for new adventure as he knows i have many good flirting with me infront of his nose before so he didn't read the txt yesterday ..i don't think really matter anymore. We should have a life and stop bugging them. Yes talk it's easy but none of us have the scorpio make commitmentright now. And we keep running around to excuse and blame ourself..he properly shouting other side..go to get a life..

Here i just read my Horoscope's so right how it advise.. (Jul 23-Aug 22)  11/4/2012 to 11/10/2012You’ll have a change of heart. Before you make a commitment to someone question if you really want to spend forever with someone who strokes your ego or someone you truly enjoy spending time with because you are equals who share the same interests and life goals. 

I didn't see him flirt with other girls or comments on fb after we were not on fb, i saw they changed their pics..i m sure note he did that to me in prevent and let me can't handle that i shout myself out of his fb. Meaning find the way of exit..very manipulated and head games...but I'm sure he talk s one of them...

To the friend talk about the link..askyourself what do you keep saying you want him out of your life and afraid him controlling you in the relationship. Mine is extreme...very very. Actually you both snooping each other. Why don't you find the way to talk to him again and find out the real truth then move on, instead of question yourself about him...

My guy already said I'm A good person and he wish i have a good life!!.when i confirm him about the relationship status and i said properly he just want s casual relationship..i asked many time until finally i stuff my word in his mouth then he confirm..i tried to hold it when it s going to flip away....but everything is done so to Scorpio is a final straw..i think its time to move on to the easy suiter. I can't concentrate to this anymore..we are all emotional drained. Lets the faith do the job this time ..

by: Leogirl

That's how their horoscope... 1/4/2012 to 11/10/2012A lack of opportunity will develop with one person and an unusual connection will open up with another. Don’t feel the need to be attached to anyone. For now keep your options open and explore new avenues. Follow your creative dreams and look for someone who fits your lifestyle.   

They want an option open and don't want to attach with anyone..just games so we are clear...

to all Ladies
by: Bei

Hi all, & leogirl,

I am back. I was dating this Sagittarius man, and I thought we should work! We laugh all the time and can easily talk for hours... somehow he pull away sigh! I gave up my scorpio man already. And then I try to search about how to keep a man interested in you. But what I found is.. be careful ladies, lucky I did some research, there are people trying to sell a copy to you and charge your c.card and they said they gauranteed that if you are not satisfied, they will refund you. Some people said they keep charging it every month! So be careful ladies... I am kind of tired of the dating!!!

On the post, people said you have to be like those cool girl. Basically play game with man... crazy!

But some of the things is kind of true tho... like don't tell him about your emotional problems, I think that is what draw my Sag out this time. Also when the time is together, make sure it is fun and happy. And I think this is the 2nd mistakes that I made. However, I do want to find a true friend + who loves me... sigh!

What do you all girls think. Any advise?

OH I did more search on Scorpio man, it does confirm what one lady said that Scorpio man do cheat and they won't tell or let you know! According to some horoscope experts, Scorpio man will keep many female and treat them at different level, he thinks that if he brings money home or treat you to dinner etc, he already did his job. Then at work, if a female is useful to him, he is not afraid to firt or do even further so that it will be in his advantage. So if anyone have doubt but still haven't found proof then, trust your instinct. Especially if you think he starts to pull away from you. Scorpio is very intense if they love you.

Leogirl I am glad that you finally can pull yourself out of your scorpio man's hand! Be strong! You have my support!

by: Leogirl

I am so upset right now. So I sent to him the last message right tonight to see a last real deal. Did he still want me or not.? And you know what I finally have an answer what I deserve to know..

He blocked me tonight w/o a replied or anything. That's freaking bastard,exactly like his ex wife said..the most mean people in the entire world. Maybe that's better for me to move on. Otherwise I keep waiting and wondering that he still wants me or not, but instead he just said he has somebody else than cut me off and out of his life like that..

I am glad you have a new dating, I can't give any advise right now. He is totally mess my head tonight. I hope Tomorrow I will feel better. HE made me hate him so much that I can even feel nothing for him and start to move on from now on.. whats a jerk..Stay away from those Scorpio..yeah they cheat, I have doubt for him so I think, he know I may not happy if I found him flirting with all the chick on the internet. Definitely another lesson to learn about that shitty scorpio..they are worthless..

I am looking for Sag and Arie but I haven't found one..I hope I will...Good luck ladies..

by: Bei

I am sorry leogirl that he hurted you so much! Stop thinking about him.... go search for other guys ;) Talk to other guys lol.. I hope there is someway we can keep our friendship ....

Don't worry.. don't need to give advice to me now ... I just want to keep you company.. when I am down I want to talk to my friends and tell them everything... but like you said before.. here we all know our pain.. our friends need a break too... lol

by: Bei

Hi Leogirl,

I tried to email you but it said the email address is wrong. Anyways, how are you doing? I hope you feel better today. I read some article saying what we girl do wrong is we always paying so much attention to the guys. We need to think more for ourselves what make "US", "girls" happy.. instead of him him him all the time :)

Hope more woman will share their secret in here :)

Like how to make us happy :)

I am here
by: Leogirl

Hey Bei,

Thank you for asking. I am feeling better today, even still a little upset. I tried not to go FB much today so I don't have to think about him.

I read on the link. They said give him space and let it goes because what I did make him think I am an obsession person and sound like I am. I don't know why I did that when I think back today.
I don't have much strong feeling besides the habit txt him every hours, someone that stroke my ego and attention, we are like more an online friendship than a real boy/girlfriend in real life.

I did unfriend one of my ex before,but not going to unblock because he didn't do any obsession like i did to this scorpio. Yes, he was reaction really bad and called me out I am a mean person. But I reconnected him back but he still missed me but I was change my feeling to the stupid scorpio..I just tried to pull back the scorpio what I didn't really do much before. I let him 2 weeks without txting him and had more activities on FB than w/him so it came out that I was only into him when he walked away. But this is also not my fault because I asked what the relationship status after meeting, he didn't know the answer so thats what was my reacted..I don't see the future with him..

Oh well, some quote made me thinking clear this morning..they said The love part is due to the charm and faith. Sometimes, no need to try too hard to get love. People come, people go in life is inevitable. If people want to go, we could not hold, the one come to us with whole heart, we should not avoid. To stay or not is their right.
We have to do well for our self.

I think, its time for me to concentrate to work and make money than thinking to an ass..not worth it. I feel strongly clear today. Properly better for us since I didn't see his damn pic every time I open FB as also the same to him..He is properly feel not over it if I still hang around & both come to depressed. He wants to flirt with all the girls so I couldn't handle it so he and me found an exit. He answered it like I am right about it w/o upset or anything...

by: Bei

Good to hear that you feel better. Ya not see his picture on fb definitely will help you. I had to delete my ex phone number in order to avoid myself to call him also. It did work. He did call so I have his phone number again but I don't miss him anymore. My fingers also not itchy for calling him.

Thanks for sharing the quote. I like what they said. I also read somewhere... in order for other people to love you. You have to learn how to love yourself first. I am we leo also have one problem is we are too honest. When we found our love, we will want to share everything we have. That is very hard for me to control on that part. I am learning not to share too much information while dating ... maybe not until he shows he is really into you and he starts to share his secret or worry etc.

Anyways.. I wasn't dreaming right? you did post the email right but it seems not here anymore and I tried to email you last night after I saw the post and it said the email is failure to send.

Anyways, maybe we should create a fake email account so that we can post out here.. Did you delete that message? or Did I dream?? lol.. that is scary... or people who create this site deleted the message because it contains personal information?

Anyways.. I am going to bed now... oh well. i guess if you want to text him... you may want to install some game in your cellphone.. it also helps me from calling my ex lol... keep me busy :D


me my contact
by: Leogirl


did u email my to my email address yet? so i can contact you..I forgot you are a Leo..hahha..

They deleted the post last night contain my email, but not this one me..

I replied your post tomorrow, I am going to bed too..sleep tight leo

Very Bad Choice
by: Anonymous

U never know what a Scorpio man wants...from u. leaving a Scorpio man is the baddest choice u people had made in your life..

good luck with that.....

To: Anonymous (Very Bad Choice)
by: Aries

Anonymous u stated that leaving a scarpio is a very bad choice BUT may I ask why is that so???

What sense does it make to stay with someone that have no sense of direction and who is not clear what he wants from the woman he's with....So Could you answer this question since your notion is that we people did a bad choice?

bad choice??
by: Leogirl

This must be a scorpio type of talk. Aries..they always think they are the best and so we should kiss their ass, be their doormat and their emotional slave. Sorry games is over..icy queen or king whatever who you are, we don't live up with that. We are a person who live with communication for love and not afraid of expression it. We are not running around the tree to chase you for ever..

I know people getting out marriage with scorpio after ten years. They all said living in emotional roller coaster, controlling and manipulate, mind games..who live up with that.they just stayed because the kids. Are they faithful? No..they cheat and so with the icy and distance they play that all the time for a reason. You r good with earth and water sign, not fire sign..understand?. We are fire has to burning hot and the more we express the more show we care..cut that craps..chasing around and got stings that's not what we want..we want to live love with full of Joyce and see the future ahead, not like running around the bushes..playing seek and hide emotional.

bad choice??
by: Leogirl

Aries, Bei..we can't match with those dampen our fire. We made the right decision, believe me they will run out for years later looking back our good time that we gave. We are good at giving them the best and romantic way to feed their ego, they leave us..their lost...i can bet theirwoman can't have what weI have, my guy ever choose any woman in his life, she must be wanting to be his idoormat and a slave of his emotional ..if his ex running out and scream out. She set herself free and god help her...i must be stupid to jump in...

The theory in love is give more than take. If you don't see man doing that then they are just comfortable with you, but not the future potential. They still let option open...if they see the right woman come by, they will leave you behind..looking for a man who loves you more than you love him, if you see you have more than him and get nothing in return, beside just a good sex and comfort sofa then run...the real man fix your car, gift your birthday, travel with you, family meeting then that the man for keep...i dont give crap about scorpio..they take more than they give...and in return i chase myself around the tree ...waist my time for one or two years bull shit. And not know the future is...

To: Leo girl
by: Aries

Leo girl everything that you said is correct and yes i bet the person who wrote that must be a scarpio but they are only weak stalkers who feed on people emotions because they dnt have a solid mind set of their own.

And may i say its a bad choice for us woman and fire sign like myself to pick a scarpio man up thats the only bad choice there is and you who ever you are that wrote that is behaving exactly like the fake (scarpio) weak and emotional you guys put up a front to show women like you are nice and caring people only a pretense to deceive women then drag them around having them going to the point of insanity.....weak completely feed off power by trying to manipulate a woman in a relationship just to feel like you (scarpios) are strong..smh..well let me tell you(scarpio)W-E-A-K thats wat u all are...

And I must conclude all the scarpios will always be alone because of the disgusting behaviour they display might have a string of women fooling them with the same game but after they reach to the point of seeing the S***t you are they will leave like everyone cheat and feel pround because you will never attain good nothing.


bad choice
by: Bei

100% agree with what Aries asked and what leogirl said. Why it us a bad choice with your special someone makes you worried all the time and makes you cried many times and they don't care? We should leave anyone if they pull us down.

To leogirl. I missed that massage again. Don't put again until tonight because I m at work. I will check my email really quick. Wait until I putmessage here tonight then you response.

Sorry to whoever handle this site, we just want to make friends.

Talk to you girls tonight! Oh yes. I m leo too.

My motto ..stay away from scorpio
by: Leogirl

Aries. Good to call them out. We like that. . We don't like something, we speak it out loud, not like sting and poison ass. Cold showy and distance . Who cares! We are tired guessing what you want. If you have mouth then speak.

Let me tell you how scorpio cheat. They have a lots of girls on their computer. Skype is their favourist to fee d their fantasy then run. My Gemini friend got involve with them for.2 yrs. That scorpio guy still in married but lie to her...
My first ex was at, cheating and end up having baby by accident. Now he keeps calling for reunion. My guy just broke up in skype and match,fb. You think after he ever be with me and he won't play that game to feed his ego. He properly see that's i have no trust for him and let him do those things so that's the end...yeah, i don't know what's scorpio want? I walk on their head and that scare them but save me a future heart break. They are emotional player.

I live with 4 scorpio, female is faithful to the end, if you caught the male teen from.18_25 . They are pure and love hard, but the older male, the more they already break up painful with ex so watch out, their sting is really bad.. Their prevent and jars to fall in love me about this

Bei, if i answer you right away when you post then we make it at the same time. Mine is the last yahoo. I will just post theE screen name. Talk soon..they delete d myemail post today

to leogirl, aries and bei
by: Saggi!

Leogirl you are sooooooooooooooo spot on right about the age factor . my guy was older than 25 and he was an asshole and still is actually!!!! hate that bastard to the core and they desrve to burn in hell he already had suffered so much in their past relationships that they just cannot commit but what is our fault who give our best... stay since and pure and honest! .... ????? he is a jackass! i still know he stalks be and stalks me all the time ..

he deleted me from facebook and i eventually deleted him from linkedin to tell him that i dont need him in my life anymore... he was a mental torture for me ... shutting off for weeks and months !! what kind of dirty game is this ??????????????? who wants to live in the hell !!! and you are right they will live alone and die alone because no woman will take this shit of theirs!!!... and we all should be happy and celebrate that we came out of their misery before we were sent to rehab! ...

i am happy to be out of his misery! everyday crying and trying to figure out what i did wrong ! i gave my best he acted like an ass!

so all of you cheer up and watch them bite their own tail and come running back when every women will eventaully leave them! hah! that wqould be an amazing momemt seeing them in the misery they put us through!

all i get a little worried about is his come back at me? i dont know what he is capable of doing or how long he will contiue to stalk me! but all i know is that i was sincere with him and hinest to him now is the time to move on and not cry anymore!! and feel free and be able to breathe finally :P

to all you scorpio stung women feel happy you are out and what ever they have lost is their loss! we have not lost anything! just some time and energy but it could have been worse and thank God we are safe!

waiting for KARMA to sting them !!! DIE SCORPIO DIE!!!

to be fair
by: Bei

Well.. Just to be fair, I do have one gay friend that he is scorpio and he is a very good friend and always there for me if I need to talk. So I am sure not all scorpio are like that. But for those who makes us girls cry and play game with us. They sucks! They deserve to be alone if space is what they need then please think before you go ask girl out! Then make them miserable.

To Aries & Leo Girl
by: Anonymous

Let me tell you frankly, I am a scorpio born on 3rd November.(so you girls guessed correctly :) maybe u girls must have a very very bad experience with scorpio guys (the stinging type scorpios).. but that doesn't mean all scorpios are the same. there are some much more evolved scorpios who are just opposite to what you girls are thinking.

Those Scorpios will never ever cheat if they are really into a girl and thinks that she is the one. i guess both of you girls were unlucky ones because of finding the stinging scorpios :(

Pls read all your comments posted previously...only talking about the negative things about the scorpios and never talking or thinking about the good things u experienced with those scorpios.

I think, both of u were deeply in love with those scorpios but when those guys showed the cold shoulders (that we show time to time unconsciously...its in the blood.. cant help that :P ) u girls got angry and reacted very badly..

both of u girls must be thinking that u girls are over them, but are u girls?? really???

I dont think so.. because otherwise u girls wouldn't have put these much effort to make those scorpios look these much BADDDDDD....

there are many scorpios out there in the world who are living a very happy married life with aries and leos.. i know some couples personally.

I will tell you something girls, everybody have their positive and negative qualities. so please stop complaining and get on with your life. may god bless you all.

If i had offended any one of you with my words, Sorry.

Scorpion Chaser!
by: Carmen

Hello everyone! I wanted to update with what happened with me and my scorpion. I left off where he tried texting and calling and how I wasn't available for him that night, because I didn't hear the phone. After he had text me to Stop, and that he was busy, I left it at that. He ended up texting me that I went over for a few hours. I apologized to him about the situation, and he told me he wasn't upset. Since then, I left it alone without saying another word. I find myself extremely captivated by this man, yet no word to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Since he makes me feel like im just a friend with benefits, I started to have email conversations with an army sargeant in Afghanistan that my girlfriend knows. This gentleman is a Leo! I would of never pursued to meet someone else if Scorpio would have told me that he wanted us to be one on one. Why is it that a man that is thousands of miles away express his feelings so deeply and openly to me, being a romantic at heart, and the one that I wanted to be like that with me won't open up? I have found myself not paying as much attention to Mr. Scorpio! I wait for him to text me, and I don't even look to having a future with this man for I know its nothing else. I want to tell Scorpio that what we have at the moment is not what I yearn for. I want someone that knows what he wants and lets me know its only me! Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

scorpios are guys are mean...
by: virgo lady

Dear Anonymous..Well, my scoprio ( born 25 October) dumped me a month ago, i begged him to stay but he refused. I got on my feet and moved on with my life.. last week he started messaging me and asking why im so quiet?

Since im single anyway, i repsonded to his messages, hoping that he will ask for forgiveness and ask me to start a fresh relationship with him. He kept aksing me if i have a new man what iv been bus with since he left. Then two days ago he starting talking about how great our sex was etc...Mind you, he is not saying a word about a relationship..That was when i told him to FUCK OFF!

Scorpos are selfish bustards who just think women are sex machines and nothing more. I asked him if he has a another woman, he didnt reply. I know he left me for his ex ( his brother told me) mean is that?

I hate scorpio men...i understand that you say theres a good side to scorpios but its hard to see it through their rude gestures.

scorpio man cancerian women
by: Anonymous

hi im a cancerian married lady and i known a scorpio guy online for 5 months . even after knowing im married he said he loves me and so on he promised me many things and finaly we met . Was happy spending time with him but soon as he got back to his home he started changing and avoiding me.. He use to text me regularly and also chat with me online often but now after he has gone back i dont get any of this he said he need's his space and his mind is disturbed and now im so confused as of he really wants me or is this the sign he wants to break off?

My Scorpio friend is avoiding me. I didn't do anything wrong :(
by: Anonymous

One of my best friends (or so I thought!) is a Scorpio. She had a big dancing competition in a different city. I used to keep in touch with her, and I used to send her all kinds of positive messages (good luck, and the like). I thought we had a great friendship. But to my utter surprise, 4 days before the competition, I learnt (through another friend) that my Scorpio friend does not want to be friends with me anymore. I was so shocked to learn that. I mean, I didn't even do anything to upset her. The day before the competition, I receive a message through this friend that my (former) Scorpio friend will not communicate with me in the future henceforth. I never felt so horrible in my entire life. I have been trying to get in touch with the Scorpio to try to have a talk with her, but to no avail. I don't know what happened suddenly between us. I don't know how to rectify this situation :( :( :(

Please help :(

please help
by: aquagirl484

I am an Aquarius girl. I have been dating a Scorpio man for atleast a month. I am falling for him so bad. I do not like that one day every thing is great than the next I do not hear from. Him. It drives me crazy. I have been an emotional wreak for days. Two weeks ago I impulsively sent him texts for the same reason and I thought he would never speak again. We ended up working it out. I just hate all this confusion.

Scorp crazy
by: Jealous piscean

Ive been with my scorpio man for a year now. Met him nov 2011. Spent his xmas and new yr with and my son. But this year, he hasnt attended any occassions in our family me and my sons bday, my siblings and parents bday and our first anniv. I know i may seem too understnding but this wasnt a good year for him. His dad went back home from uae after 20 yrs of not hearing from him then died after a couple of months. No job. Its been a month since he last slept here but its due to a case they filed against an illegal recruiter. Well, also, we fought the other day when igot jealous when he liked a girls photo on fb. Hehe.. He got mad and broke up with me and told me that im adding up to his problems and said he didnt want to talk to me but since he is not turning his phone off, i called and called ( he usually turns it off ifnhe reallyndoesnt wan to talk ) til he forgave me and said its the last chance hes giving me. I asked him if he still loves me and said yes. Hes driving me nuts. Hes very good looking and i know theres atendency that hed cheat on me bec hes so attractive. He doesnt like to be bothered if hes doing somehting but never a day that we hadnt spoken although i always call him. If he doesnt come over for xmas and new year, id break up with him. His place is just abt 3-4 hrs travel. Its just amazing at how similar can our scorpio men be.. Driving us all crazy.. Good thind he hasnt iced up on me inspite of my chldishness. And yes girls. They are selfish but they truly can make u feel like ur a queen when ur with them..sigh... I wanna marry him..

I marrried a scorpio
by: Dana

My soon to be ex husband was a scorpio , a georgeous , dynamic, mysterious, sexy scorpio ..rewind 10 years ... he swept me off my feet in an intense, whirlwind from day 1 and was the most amazing boyfriend i had ever had ! he spoilt me rotton with gifts , silly cards , floweres , made me feel like a princess everyday !! he stalked me down and im sure now that only due to the fact that in the beggining i was standoffish is why i got him !

Anyway after about 6 months of this perfect intense amazing relationship one day with no warning he turned on me ..turned cold as ice !! he was a completly different person overnight , his voice changed , his face even looked different ! he cut me off in the blink of an eye without a care in the world ..heartbroken is an understatement !

After about 2 months of no contact whatsoever BANG he was back , more intense, more in love than ever before , i was so so happy i had my man back and my god did i love him ! this carried on for another few months , he made me feel so loved , special and wanted , so attentative , so amazing in bed , everything was just perfect , we never fought , we laughed into the early hours , we played , we kissed in supermarkets whilst at the checkout , we kissed everywhere !

Then BANG he was gone again , no warning , no signs just gone poooofff disssapeared , cut me out cold , no emotion , no sadness , no nothing ! i was deversated , i would pine , wake from my sleep crying for him , i would lose so much weight , i would feel so lost and vunerable , he was my life and without him i would want to die ! anyway this pattern carried on for 2 years ..on and amazing then couple of months withdrawing and cutting me off !

Finally i reached the end of my teather , could take it no more and when he ended it yet again one september a week before my b day i had had enough ..the usual symptoms followed , i cried and cried , i missed him so much it hurt to breathe , i couldnt eat or sleep but i refused point blank to get back with him ! i was so adament that i wouldnt, i didnt even go to any places he went to , i blocked his phone number and when he turned up at my house i wouldnt let him in ! Then one nioght he turned up crying an dbegging and pleading , i love dhim so much i caved , the very next day he flew me to Barbados , surprised me with tickets ...whilst there he proposed to me on the beach at night , he had the most perfect ring , it was so beautiful , we were so happy , we held hands wherever we went , we literally could not keep our hands off each other !

i married a scorpio.. continued
by: Dana

Fast forward a year probs , no leaving , i planned our wedding and it was beautiful , we honeymooned in the bahamas and i swaer we never in all that time even had one tiny fight ! he was now my husband and i was the luckiest girl alive !!! four happy content years passed , we had it all , the nice house , the nice car , the fairytail relationship , we looked so good together , so in tune with each others every move , then one fateful morning whilst brushing his teeth with no warning at all he suddenly blurted out ..D i dont want to be married anymore , i want a divorce !!!

OMFG i could of passed out on the floor , i had just literally started to relax and believe finally that he would never leave me again but ohhhh nooo the demon was back ! he looked so cold , he looked like the devil , i felt sick but i held it together , never show them how much power they have ! he packed and left that day and i lost it , i lost it so so bad but never showed him !! 3 weeks later he was back at my door begging for forgiveness , he couldnt understand why he had done it , he cryed he was deverstated to have done that to me , i had lost 2 stone in weight in 3 weeks , thats how deversated i was ! he was appallled at my condition and so so so sorry !

We were married so i gave it another go , but now i was on eggshells , i knew he still had it in him to leave me with no warning !!

Fast forward 2 years he does it again !! no warning , cold as ice whilst emailing a friend " i want a divorce " this time i was done , so done it wasnt even funny ! he moved out and now we are nearly divorced , he sstill cold to this day with me , i would never ever ever go there agin though with him EVER !!! 10 years of hot and cold , im so screwed up its unreal , hes destroyed a huge part of me ..i will get better i will get myself back but be warned scorpios are leavers !

I am not alone
by: Leigh

I have been getting the hot and cold treatment from a scorpio man too. I thought it was me, however it seems to just be scorpio.

I understand space is needed and people get busy, however it doesn't take long to send a text.

I wonder if we got those quick/short texts if that would be enough?

Pisces man attracted to Scorpio man... or was?
by: Pisces Guy

Okay so I met this Scorp where I work. He is from another country and would be going away. Spent about 3 days with him and things got really nice (we have not touched each other, though. It was emotional). Now he has been out of reach for 3 days. He emailed me like 3 days ago, wanting to keep in touch and Blah.

I don't know why this sudden disappearance. I am hurt. I have got rid of everything that reminds me of him. I have decided to cut him off. Really hurt but I gotta love myself, right? :( Miss him though. I will avoid Scorps. they seem so hard to forget!

In the same boat!
by: Anonymous

After reading most of the post, I am in the same situation. My Scorpio guy swept me off my feet then disappeard. I stop reaching out to him for 5 months... Then one day (last night) I caved! Only for him to reject me again but with a twist! All of sudden he's calling me "baby".... He said " baby get some sleep, and I miss you too!" this is bull to me because a mans actions speak louder than his words to me.
Anyways, emotional wreck you are not alone.. And addictive drug I can relate more than you know... However the response to addictive drug was so right! From now on I'm going to view my Scorpio man as a bad drug and go cold turkey too! ITS TIME TO LET GO!!!!
Thx guys for ur posts!!! It makes me feel better!

Scorpio Men Like to leave
by: Anonymous

I have been married to a scorpio man for 6 years and in that six years it has been an extremely crazy love match. I am a virgo. He would get extremely moody, accuse me of sleeping with people that I had barely met.He would leave, not text, or answer phone calls.He would get angry but never mention what made him angry then months later bring it up to start an argument. We have been separated longer than we have been togehter.Then 5 months ago I came home from work and he had dissapeared again.My family fears for my safety. As some of the other people that commented mentioned it is like a drug. The best sex I've ever had. I do believe at this point I have to let this scorpio go, so when he starts texting and calling I have to be strong and forget this relationship. I deserve a man who wants to be there and Would at least have the guts to say hey I'm not happy I'm leaving. This is one virgo who is a great person and deserves a relationship with a man who truly deserves the love and passion I hold.

by: Anonymous

I have a ex scorpio, we broke up a month ago.
the last time i spoke to him we had a small fight about the fact that he wants to be friends and texts me sometimes and i find it hard to have him in my life as a 'friend' and how i felt he treated me when we we're together, but i just wanted to be normal when i would see him by surprise.(small town)

the same evening I bumped into him at a bar, well bumped into him?
he covered his face with a coat...
and walked passed me and my friends without an hello or anything..

is this normal ex scorpio behavior?

btw he's 42

by: Beth

I cannot believe I found this site! I was looking up how to deal with a difficult Scorpio and here I am! Not only was I thinking it was my fault for his behavior but I was really starting to lose my sanity. I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm sooo happy to hear other stories of these difficult beings but at the same time cannot believe how much trouble other men and women are going through to figure them out. I really wasn't that big into astrology or the zodiac. But ever since this being walked into my life it scares me that they are EXACTLY TO A TEE what a Scorpio's description is! I've been dating a man now for four years, we are best friends, he adores and loves me I know that but what I cannot grasp is what Carmen you have said about meeting someone so far away who cares about your feelings and gets you. I really want to hear from some Scorpio men on why so secretive at times. Why the big change of how you use to be in the beginning of the relationship. The sarcastic remarks if someone says anything that might not be correct. Are you loyal as the say? Scorpio men help us out here are you loaners deep down but feel you need a relationship? Any women to feel free to help me out. Just can't grasp how they are sooo all the same....

scorpio's hurt
by: Anonymous

I am an aqua ,had not 1,not 2 but 3 scorpios in my life n every word written by all of u is true for all three of them,10 yrs 3 relations n I have learnt just 1 attitude for dealing with scorpio if u can't afford to loose them-show them the mirror'not once not twice but always,keep them on their toes,till u do this all will b in ur favor,the day u show some mercy-u loose.they understand the ruthless behaviour they do with people like us.I know its hard to do it wen u love sm1 but wen its a scorpio this is how the game is played.make them beg,else u ll have to do it.

Comment to bb
by: Anonymous

To bb: I loved your first reply because I'm in that exact situation now. This is our second time being together. The first time didn't work at all and I had to let him go. Now he has came back again and I decided to give him another chance hoping he had changed but once again he is acting mysterious. He pulled the disappearing act again and this was what happened last time. We have barely spent any time together in the past few days and its starting to hurt me because I don't know what went wrong, and even what is wrong with him. Sometimes i Just want to give up but i don't want to hurt him because i know he is heart broken from a previous relationship and he says he really loves me. I guess I'm just going to have to give time and a lot of patience and hope he comes around. Thank you

Is everyone talking about the man I know?
by: Shaking My Head

I'm reading through everyone's comments and stories and it amazing to me how similar they all are with each other and how similar they are with my story. Mine hasn't spoken to me since last Monday morning...a week today...because I slept out at my cousins and didn't call him, BECAUSE i fell asleep. Since then, I've sent my share of texts, calls, and voice mails. I've apologized, tried talking, asking for him to call, etc. All for nothing. He hasn't. So it's a week today and as of Friday I stopped contacting him.

This is probably the third time he has done this in our year relationship and I'm always amazed at where he finds the determination and will to do it. I'm a Gemini and can barely muster up enough will to not have that second cookie.

I'm on an emotional roller coaster and I hate it. I've had longterm relationships in the past with two cancers, a geminin and a taurus and have never dealt with anyone or anything like this.

If I call, I might be making things worse...if I don't call I might be making things worse. I don't know what to do. I go between hating him and wishing him the worst to crying because he's breaking my heart. Then I get mad at myself for crying over a man that's not worth it. But, then I remember how great things are when he's normal and how he can make me feel and I get upset again.

And you know how I know I'm really a mess? Because I'm actually looking up information on scorpio males and why they can shut people out? Who spends a day on the computer doing this? I haven't even showered today!

silent treatment too
by: Anonymous

this scorpio's driving me as nuts as some of u guys. he started the chase first and at first i was ehh about it cuz he wasn't my type. but then he started these long messages and i liked our deep conversations.

then he starts pulling away and im thinking okay normally i wouldn't make the first move but i feel something. so when i do msg him again he responds back with such a long msg and i just can't stay mad.

but what's with the long periods of silence i dont like it ><

by: Anonymous

For all you that are confused about scorpio's I am a scorpio woman and I can tell you that everything that I have read what you are writing is sad. Take it from a scorpio woman, me, I was married to a scorpio man years ago who was great guy but we were too young at the time, years later now I am engaged to another scorpio man and plan on getting married to him and I have a lot of scorpio friends and being a scorpio myself, WE DON'T PLAY GAMES AND IF HE OR SHE IS PLAYING GAMES WITH YOU END THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM. SCORPIO'S DO NOT LIKE WEAK PEOPLE! WE RESPECT PEOPLE WITH A BACKBONE!

Scorpio man is avoiding me. Why?
by: Anonymous

I wish that all you women that are involved somehow with a scorpio male that you clearly can see that doesn't want to be with you, do yourself a favor and just end the relationship with him, he will have more respect for you in the long run and you will feel better about yourself in the long run as well.

by: Ms Taurus

I am reading all what you guys have posted and am dealing with the same as you say freeze cold spells! He has been cheated on three times and had his heart broken. But will he love me we have been friends for 11 years. I can't stand this at all. Gave him an out lets be friends if your not ready but says he wants to be with me! Need answers or moving on as much as I want to stay I just can't . Any male scorpio responses?

by: Pisces~

My ex Scorpio...dang this guy would flirt witb waitresses or anybody else he could get attention from..SO selfish,i could only see him on his terms,his time . I broke up with him about aweek ago. I deleted that bastards number and did not memorize that shit......No man gets to treat me like im not.good enough on minute to even text or call,the next minutei miss you babe...its a sick game im cool being single then.

Good luck with your selfish,sweet,mental,game playing,scorps..
P.s. i havent heard from him since i broke up with him..good i gotta move on:)

Aries Girl
by: Anonymous

Ok so, I've pretty much dated like a little over half of the zodiac sign. Mind you, dated. Only been serious with an Aquarius and Aries man. (Which I will never go for ever again. -___-)

Anyways, this is the first time I've dated a Scorpio man. I have to admit that I was a little wary because of all of the negative things I've read about them.

But I guess I got lucky. Sort of. He's the absolute sweetest guy I've ever been with. And I don't think I've ever had so much chemistry with any man in my entire life. He was still sweet after we had sex. (Usually men change for the worst after you give it up) I'm not generally promiscuous either but there was just something about him that I couldn't control myself from giving in. UGH.

Anyways, a few days ago he just randomly texted me and said that he didn't want to be in a relationship and that he wasn't ready. And that we might have moved too fast. I was a little taken aback because he was the one that was already letting me meet his parents and his close friends. He initiated the moving too quickly and I was just going along with the ride.

I'm starting to wonder if it's my fault because he gave me so much more than I was able to. He hasn't met my family or friends. He says that he still wants to be friends and wants to keep in touch and hang out. I like him so much. :(

I haven't tried to contact him at all since and I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just move on.

scorpio man taurus woman
by: Anonymous

Scorpio man does the same to me. We have been talking going a month . At first I couldn't handle the games I didt understand . But everytime I'm with him he shows me how he cares . I've gotten use to him disappearing now . I feel like its harmless . I don't mind a little space either. Though I do miss him a lot sometimes . But I'm taking it slow with him . I know what I'm getting myself into. Everyone copes with things diff . Everyone has been through something in their life to make them the way they are . Nobodys wants to be hurt . Yes its annoying . Yes it can make you feel bad. But I see things diffrently .I don't mind the space . But its hard because he's the only man I think about . & I feel he is so worth the wait . Maybe ill get tired? I don't know but I haven't yet .

Emotional Rollercoaster
by: AquariousGirl

It's so crazy to see so many women in same situation as me. The cold and hot behaivior that some of us really get used to. I been cheated on a lot in my life, so when he goes cold - i assume the worse. He tells me he is out with his friend out of town (male) and I assume that it's some random girl. Pass by the bar and see he is telling the truth. So far, every time I thought that there was someone else, it turned out to be wrong on my part & made me feel silly. But, how do you trust someone when they need to pull away so far from you quite often? So here is my issue. I have read all this information too late. I believe I smothered my scorpio, but he is still around. He goes into his hot/cold, but I feel like recently he is gettinga bit too distant. His cold times are a lot more then warm... before it be a bit more balanced. I noticed that every time we have seious discussions, which is rare because he is bad with emotion. He goes into his cave and it takes him while to get out & I start thinking its over. Then he calls and he gives me world for couple of days.

My question to you guys is, do you think that I can recover from smothering my scorpio? I feel like our relationship is bit shacky currently. We been doing this for about six months now. Also, if you give in to them too quickly, is it possible for you to recover? Say if you start being less available all of the sudden & keep up with it.

I am really confused about my scorpio. Even though he makes me sad, I keep feeling like there is great potential with him. He is just so wonderful outside of relationship. He is, also, on anti-depressends and told me about 2 months in that he doesn't know if he can ever genualy love someone. However, there are times that felt so wonderful. . . it made me feel like there is hope.

Anyone any ideas? Can you recover from over smothering? Or from being too available?

Also, any experiecnes with aqua girls and male scorpios?

Best Friends, Distance, SIlent Treatment, Gone!
by: Still Obsessed and Confused

Reading all these comments is like looking in the mirror. All these scenerios happened to me! I am a Scorpio woman and met a Scorpio man online. He had been shy, but as soon as I got him out of his shell, the first few months was an immense feeling euphoria. After the first year he slowly got distant. From talking several times a day, every day and wee hrs of the weekend mornings to a few nights a week. He grew distant as if climbing back into his shell and no longer as open or attentive. One night, after our good night pleasantries,without warning, he disappeared for good. Apparently, has disappeared before, according to a mutual friend. However,I was told he had always come back in the past. Been nearly 2 years now.. Almost as long as we were close friends. I still miss him because I never had any closure. His yahoo acct has been deactivated for innactivity and his msn acct may be closed since the merge with skype. I've messaged him in his private fb acct but he is rarely on and has never replied. Still Obsessed and Confused! :(

My Story
by: Obsessed and Confused

I asked if it was me? You said, "No. It has nothing to do with you."

I asked if i ever said or did anything that unintentionally offended you? You said, "No. You didn’t."

I asked if I did anything to change your opinion of me? You said, "No."

I asked if there was someone else you would rather pursue or talk to? You said, "No. It’s Nothing like that."

I asked what was up? You said, "Nothing".

And when i asked if we were still friends, You said, "Yes, I’m still here, aint i?"

Now i have reason to worry, because you’re not here ..

and i dont know why…

by: kissex

Okay so im a Leo and basically ive been with two scorpios so far the first one was on and off he was a complete bastard but i couldnt get over him he always wanted so much 'space' for days i wouldnt hear from him he wouldnt txt me or call me and when i spoke to him he'll act like he hasnt missed me i felt like i was chasing him. He used to stand me up and play so many mind games he even admitted he was testing me and he didnt trust me we broke up eventually and he'll still call me randomly trying to win me back then disappear like he doesnt want to stop the mind games....
the second scorpio was very different and more communicative we had a good connection and physical attraction were not official but there was hope of being together but he also disappeared on me only this time completely ignoring me and no given explanation i feel violated, used and STUPID!

Scorpio man has completely iced me out
by: Steph

My scorpio guy that I've been on an off with has completely iced me out. After he emotionally abanonded me that's when I realized that he was pulling away from me. We already had some disconnect between us but that was largely on his part, even though I played a part as well. I sent him one last emotional under emotional distress,which resulted lashing out with hurtful things. He responded in a defensive manner, then I called him the same day. His tone was flat, barely any emotion. I was crying and apologized fo what I said and for all the other emails. I don't remember what his response to that but he turned to small talk. Then my phone died, I called him back and asked if we could talk later so i could charge. He said yeah we can. After hanging up 5 mins later he sends me a text that his phone is whacky bc he dropped it in the sink. In other words he didn't want to talk but I didn't understand why he didn't just flat out say that ?

Anyway so he was dealing w his daughter being sick and and being away from home * he's military and is out of state away from his kids * I'm a nurse so if there's anyone who understands illnesses it's me, but for some reason he pulled me back in letting me know what's going on w his daughter. It turned out it was good news, nothing life threatening, it's something she'll grow out of.

After a week of miminal convos other than his daughter, after thinking he has bounced back and is coming around again, he has completely iced me out. I texted him yesterday 22 oct 2013, and I asked him straight out since he wasn't responding to my emails. If he wanted to not talk to me ever again, if he wanted it to be as if I didn't exist. He replied back an hr later, said no that's not it at all.

He sad that it had been a hard 3 mos - since he moved from the area he loved and away from his kids. That he had tried for over a yr with me feeling and running. That he told me that his walls would go up.

I said ok, then he said, it was as if was saying I'm ready now jump on in, and if he doesn't, I go to an emotional extreme and distraught something.

He said it was bout being steady, and that's where trust is built.

I said how can anything develop when you shut and push me away.

He said right now, he's just looking forward to next week to seeing his friends and kids in a comfortable place, that it will be healing for him.

I said ok, you have my number, you know how to reach me. He said " Just Breathe".

WTF, All I've wanted to do was reconnect w/ him, get close again, I wasn't ready to jump. I'm just sick and tired of the lies and excuses, and the silent treatment. He said he doesn't want to shut me out for good, but if he comes back Im afraid he'll just pull this shit on me again. I don't know what to do, I forgive him but I'll never forget it.

by: Leo woman

I Work with this Scorpio, I wanted to switch departmenrd to his not for romantic reasons because I wasn't thinking about that nor him in that way.we'll as time when on he is telling his issues I give some advices, still not seeing him as anything just a coworker, so one day he asked me what would I say if he got a girlfriend, but am like your married told he shouldn't do that cuz his married,so after him asking me this question am thinking wtf, still not putting it all together he was referring to me, am like whatever, am sitting hormone night and it hits me he is referring to me I asked him later as to whom he wanted as a girlfriend. He says I thought maybe you would volunteer for that spot, ok I will say it felt good that someone sees you that way. I had given him my number he texted me and started texting each other. By the way am a one day he tells me he went to gentlemens club and there was this dancer he wanted to know and if I can help him to get her,here comes the crazy part it didn't bother me so much because we are not in a committed relationship nor sex has not happened yet. So the Leo that I am I flat out told him I couldn't deal with him because there will always be a comparison that will he will do unintentionally. Well he flipped out because I told him I don't want to do

Scorpio ...cont
by: Leo woman

i doanything with him. I told him if he wants to talk to her go ahead but you and I will remain friends, so far with him he doesn't like it when i say am leaving him alone, he has what I call a bitch moment in his own word a pussy moment.I have never seen any man flip out that way. Alright I thought I was losing it one day am on fb we had one mutual friend now 7 am thinking to myself are you stalking me, mind you all we are not fb friends I made that decision.we have made plans to meet nothing and most if the time they were legit reason, one was I didn't have my car to meet him he had gotten a room text me The room number I couldn't make it I was shocked he had did all that. He is cold and hot sometimes we can go not talking for a whole week and 3days later talking like nothing is I got tired of waiting I tested him and told him if he doesn't give me some dick am leaving him alone. Am a leo were are blunt.we'll I didn't hear from him nor see him. So week goes by he must of seen me I get a Text saying the last Text touchy me got me in trouble reason why I haven't text you lately just to let you know, I sent him a text about 4 hourd later saying ok sorry, am thinkin to myself grow some balls and stop whining.I know am not a sensitive person when you don't know what you want or you do and you want to play games. So about 3 day's later I see him and he turns his back to me. Let's go back am one to analyse a way a person may think it may not be accurate but it's right sometimes, ok remember. The crazy Text I sent I think he did get in trouble, I don't think it's because someone read the text I think it was his reaction to the Text that got him in trouble as I told you all I''ve come to righteously he doesn't like it when I say am leaving him alone. So to smooth the situation and remember I work with him, so I texted him and said there are no words to describe this crazy situation and I was thinking when sent the text am sorry for that, I can take you never talkin to me but when you turned your back to me that hurt. I got a text immediately saying he was sorry as well and would Text me later I haven't heard from him since, that's been about 2 days....whew I have never wrote this much, but I want know what yout all think.

Same old same old
by: Employee of Scorpio

My boss Scorpio he is turning 51 October 25th'He has been married 30 yrs.I'm not sure how many times he has cheated on her but I know it's been many.I have over heard him tell ladies they mean the world to him an he don't want to lose them. I think it's his line to keep them hanging on.

He claims he hasn't slept with his wife in five years. She looks like she is miserable barely speaks when hes around. The best way to love a Scorpio man is not to. The women he chases are the ones that don't give in. He will never leave his wife that would mean he had to admit defeat. Even if he did leave her she would remain in his mind forever. Scorpios can't let go of past.

Scorpio want control they cut contact as form of control. They love no one but themselves. They love you ladies that keep crawling back to him. If you want a short time fling date a Scorpio. If you want to love an grow old together find another sign.

My best to the heartbroken ladies

Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

My scorpio man texted awesome messages called every night talked for hours says he loves me and the next day dropped off the face of the earth. Have not heard a peep for weeks. I don't know what to do or think. I guess it's time to move on I will deeply miss him because I thought we made an awesome couple, but I will never go back to being on a roller coaster of emotion like I was with my ex

Confused Pisces women
by: Kitty

I'm a Pisces women and recently met a scorpio man on a dating site, he told me that he didn't have sex with women he wasn't attracted to I was resistant to his charms and sexiness and immediately intensely attracted to him from the first date. We eventually had sex on the second date which was amazing, and then he went cold and distant on me, didn't reply to my online messages, which annoyed me and stupidly found I was chasing him. Anyway hhe eventually did message me very limited and cold replies, and we met in total 4 occasions in which we had sex, he told me that he thought we were just casual, so I guessed he wasn't all that in to me, and had played me Left me feeling used and not feeling good about myself, although when he did meet me he told me a lot about his past and opened up to me, but maybe that was to lead me into a false sense of security. Anyway iv messaged him and told him I won't be seeing him anymore, because I know I'll fall in love with him and he'll break my heart, and I don't want the pain.
He is still on the dating site, in which he states he is looking for a relationship.
Just wish he'd wanted that relationship with me. Why do scorpio men play games, and are they into casual relationships? And having now distanced myself from him will he come back??
It's all left me. Very confused.......... Arrrggghhhhhhhh!!

Confused Gemini
by: Flustered Gemino

I have been dating a Scorpio man for about 2 months. At first he adjusted his schedule to see me I'm lucky if I get to see him once a week and that is only because I initiate it. He stopped just texting me on his own just to say hi. Now we don't chat unless I text him first. When we are together it is amazing but I don't know where we stand. I'm a Gemini and I need attention from the person I have a romantic relationship with...I dont know if its just a sexual thing or if her likes me more than that. I decided to not speak to him unless he reaches out to me tho.I have never dated a scorpio and this is a whole other experience that Im not sure I like. IDK what to do...

Scorpio Answer
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio man born on Halloween in an elevator. The only way to live life is by exploring the extremes of everything to fully understand and control all situations in the future. I am the lion and the lion tamer. Since I have crazy natural instincts I have to learn how to control them. That is why Scorpios need to control and if they don't they are way out of their comfort zones and know what destructive animal they can become. This struggle explains our moods. A young Scorpio is dangerous because he does not know how to control his power. It's a Jekyll and Mr. Hyde life. That is why you are all warned be sensitive to a Scorpio because we are like Jenga towers trying to keep balanced. Once he is controlled nothing can stop a balanced Scorpio. We are natural born killers in everything we do.

scorpios egos… any scorpio males here?
by: scorpio girl

scorpio meets scorpio !

Hi all, any scorpio males here?

So, i met this scorpio guy 2 weeks ago. He approached me online and as he was witty i started talking with him. Normally i don't do that but we connected really fast. I was also travelling, so after i got home we met the very next day.
He was so excited and when he saw me, he liked me more than on the picture. Anyway, i wasn't sure first what i wanted, so i decided to be with him that night and didn't care what would happen later ( even though he was willing to wait and spoke about commitments)
But I had a feeling he wasn't for me, and also told him that so, i actually acted like i was interested in only sex. I usually never do that but made an exception after few no. Still i acted mostly in my own interest, since I'm a scorpio girl and will never give my self fully in the beginning. The next day, he looked upset… not so polite like the first night. After thinking through, and knowing scorpios nature, i figured it must because i didn't show my interest in commitment . Trust me, scorpios are so insecure and wanna feel safe and they will seek a revenge. However i actually liked him, but instead of telling him that which i couldn't, i said you know "last night was just fun". He reacted on it as if he agreed. That made me angry, lol. but i tried to understand ( he had been cheated on before) and decided to get in touch again being more polite, so today i wrote it wasn't an advantage i took of him, and then before i managed to explain more, he said we didn't click when we met. I said i agreed because i never wanted anything more and behaved like that. So again we r stuck...The truth is, he really liked me and i have a feeling, he just told me that because i implied the same to him before. And now the curiosity is killing me, especially because i said all the wrong things to him and didn't show who i really was. Now, I wonder if he will contact me again or expects me to do it, or did i really ruin it. I am a scorpio girl, so in a way we think alike, both have such a damn ego and even though i like chasing game i do not like chasing a guy but he really liked me, so now what? Lets see how he will think, will he put his damn ego down ?Any scorpios males here :)

Pieces women Scorpio man..
by: Anonymous

I am a pieces women and my boyfriend well now ex resently needed the relationship with me. When we first started talking we liked each other and I started to love him. We talked for 5 months .. And then we started dating a week later he broke up with me and he had just told me he was going to stick with me cause he really likes me. We would talk on the phone for hours easily and usually till he fell asleep. Always talking to each other but once I met his family things changed. I have a baby girl. His mom wasn't a fan of the idea of him being a dad.. His family liked me. We started talking less within the week we started dating. He started to avoid me and then broke up with me over text cause he didn't have the guys to tell me in person.. I am heartbroken and he won't talk to me nor give me a real answer why he broke up with me. Do you think he will come back or is he truely over me ... ? Help please

completely devastated
by: Pisces girl

Where do I start.. I've never Been do crushed,by a man, my ex scorpio, was extremely mentally abusive, controlling, when we met it was love at first sight, connection so strong and tbd physical attraction my god, fireworks,in the bedroom, we made it a,year, I had gotten pregnant 2 by him and aborted b.c of financial reasons, he acted sad and even cried by never stopped,me or told me to keep it, from there it went downhill and I noticed him being distant, called,him out on it and tried to break it off, but he would beg me it out and hes never loved anyone like me. Then now he's disappeared and I feel like a,fool. Then.he's text me randomly, we'd get together have incredible sex, then cold again. I told him I feel used and how could he treat me like this after a yr and all we've been through? IM good enough for sex but not to work together as a,couple? Complete liar and abuser I feel, smh and we're suppose to be the best match in the zodiac my ass! It's Been officially a,week and he has stopped texting me after me cursing him to.hell, idk I just feel stupid and really low.

crazy scorpios
by: Cancerian girl

They really are bizarre creatures.My Scorpio sounds just like the rest of them. I got online looking for answers to what is unusual behavior ! I've only been seeing scorp for 2 months after talking for 1 month. He was a guy that I dated very briefly in highschool....I gave him my viriginity. He tried to date me 3 years ago after re-connecting on fb. I was going thru a divorce and he seemed like a mess. So i blew him off. Fast forward he convinced me to go out with him after talking on fb a month. First week, he dated me 3 days and told me how amazing i was. He looked at me as if i was everything he'd ever wanted and i believed him and was talking marriage. I denied him sex and he said he would wait until he could offer me a long term committment . I was on cloud nine ! Then he got his son for the summer. For 2 weeks, we didn't see each other. We just texted sporadically and I kept wondering if he was ever going to ask me out again. I thought he was fading out. Then, 4th of July weekend he spent all three days with me and his son. Then nothing for four weeks !!!! I am a strong woman and believe that a man should pursue a woman. I won't chase ANY man. I always made him text me first. He continued to throw me crumbs via text messages, and it became insulting. But, I kept my feelings to myself. I didn't let him know he rattled me. I was always polite and brief, sometimes sweet. I had erased him out of my phone twice thinking I wouldn't hear from him anymore, BUT he would always make contact : I miss your laugh...I miss your smile. I would think b.s.! You would come see my smile. One day, I finally replied I just assumed you are busy seeing other girls and sleeping with someone. He had been telling me how he was intellectually attracted to me and had NEVER felt that with any other woman. He always told me how beautiful and smart I was and wise lol. He told me he wanted to see me and talk in person. I waited 2 days and he still had not made an attempt to see me. I finally delivered an ultimatum because he had been talking futuristically with me and using strong language bordering on love. I told him, If you have genuine feelings for me and are CAPABLE of having a relationship, then prove it. If not, go away. I MEAN IT. I am nobody's plaything ! That put him in a tizzy. He said i changed how he looked at women and that lack of sex was not a deal breaker. He began taking me out and making more regular contact for 2 weeks. He blew off a our plans 2 days ago and has not contacted me since. He's never gone longer than 3 days without contacting me. I always play it cool....sometimes, I act indifferent. When he does contact me again I'm going to blow him off. I read that Scorpios do the push and pull to establish emotional control over women. Each time they push them away and bring them back close it deepens the woman's level of attachment. He is building a web around me, so to speak. He is very very good looking with a 6 pack. He has his own business and works a lot, but I'd be a fool to believe he's waiting for me like he says ! I thought his personality was kinda lame initially, but I got so sucked into the game ! I had never seen anything like it. I was more attracted to the game than him. I was married 14 years and have very little dating experience at 37. I will stay away from Scorpios in future.

Scorpio Man Making me CRAZY
by: Disapointed

OMG..... I'm sorry to hear all these stories.. BUT-it means i havn't lost my mind!!!!! I thought i must really be thick,as i don't understand the moods?? I have been friends with my scorpio bf for 20yrs... My ex 10yrs ago and he were friends and we went out with him and hid gf at the time.I strated training at his lil gym and his brother always trained with me.We would meet for drinks and id go home as we were just friends.Then 4 1/2yrs ago he kept txtin etc.and wanted to get together?i kept saying we were friends..He finally said"are you gona get with me or not cuz i can't take much more of this"?Well,of course i did..And like all the other stories it was WONDERFUL... Finally thought i;d gotten it right,,Then he bought a pub and asked for my help..Again,i helped.1st 5mths for free,then for 70 quid all for 60+hrs a wk,I'v gotten fed up and walked out and said i was quitting wks short term.I'm now making 100 quid and only do 30hrs a wk.But he's indifferent to me and always having a go.Sex or anything for that matter stopped 6mths ago.Then his dad died in Jan.and the last part of last yr would cry etc to me.Then after his death he doesnt talk to me about that.If i say anythin he says to stop being silly!!Then whn yet again i'd had enough he said "dont leave me i want you i need you i'm just sad at the moment don't think i'm a waste of time.Since the he is hardley civil to me.I DO NOT WANT TO BE AT THAT DAMN PUB ANYMORE.....But he says i'm letting him down.And as a Pisces woman i dont want to do that.But i am slowly losing my mind.I want to say somthing but you KNOW they are always right!!! He is making me ill.But,it's always help me,do for me,blah blah bloody blah.He said i had to much"GOB".. lolol Yea whn i defind myself.The only ansewer to my problem by reading al the other posts is-to gid rid i think...I know i need to but somthimg about it scares me?
Ummm well sorry for so long. Any help if you manage to get thru all this would be really greatful..

Drop that relationship and move on
by: Anonymous

Best advice I can give you, drop that relationship and move on with your life. I have read a majority of the responses and my story is very similar. My Scorpio, in my opinion, was a total psychopath that needed some serious psychological help. I got tired of the hot and cold, speak today ignore you tomorrow, friend and unfriend you on FB every time he got mad, and he would do spiteful and petty things to you. I got to the point that life is too short for this bullshit. Just told him one day that we could no longer be friends and I walked the hell away from that nightmare friendship, relationship, whatever the hell that experience that was. Life is too short to put up with that nonsense. Let him take his trauma and drama somewhere else and go be happy. There are plenty of people in this world that are not bat shit will find a good one that will treat you the way you should be treated without all that nonsense.

Met Scorpio online
by: Anonymous

I met my Scorpio online, we chatted for awhile then we texted. He texted me several times a day for several days. Then we had our first date. He is the most charming, best looking guy I've met plus he has a sweet/salty no bs (so he appears) kind of personality which I like. There was so much heat and intensity from the moment we met, I've never experienced anything like it. We kissed and it was like I was drawn to him and just melted. He said I know how you feel it's mutual. So he walks me to my car, texts me on the way home to let me know there's ice on the road and to be careful then he texts me to make sure I got in ok. He texted me Monday and a little Tuesday but it seemed to peeter off from all the texts he was initially sending me. I asked if he wanted to hang out Saturday and he said yes but on a very flirty way. I didn't hear from Jim until I texted him Friday to see where and what time he wanted to meet. He said he has a busy weekend, I asked if Sat was still ok and he said we will make it work not sure what we'll do. So I have no idea what we're doing until Sat night. Then we finally meet up and its nothing but chemistry, intense stares lots of affectionate touching and flirting. I told him I liked him a lot, he said don't like me too much but laughed and said he liked me too. He was walking me to my cat and a couple of guys walked past and said hey hot stuff and he got so jealous. He said are they talking about you and he literally growled. I'm not going to lie I loved it, he is into pda too. Then he mentioned maybe seeing me Monday and said let's do this again really soon with one of his smoldering looks. So it's Monday and I haven't heard from him. We didn't have definite plans but I thought I would hear from him to say hey tonight won't work. I like attention and making plans ahead of time, he obviously doesn't. I can't tell how into me he is. He said I'm the only one he had gone out with from online dating but when I've gone online he is online even right before our date. I was too to show someone his pic and I check it because I don't want him to think while he is looking up girls I'm sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. I kind of want him to see I'm online too so he might realize hey she has other options so he may want to text more or something. I've never had someone get under my skin so much, I feel like it's a competition and I have to win this great man. I'm a Leo in case that wasn't obvious. I see different posts about how Scorpios are really sensual do you could hook them with sex others say he will lose interest if it's not a challenge. Help!!!

i am confused
by: Anonymous

Ok on September 16 this hot guy let me spend the night at his house and I was amazing we started out giving each other massages and whenever he would give a massage he would suit on my ass and pull up my shirt and give great back massages. Then I started laying on my back and he pulled me to him my legs were open (I am not a slut or whore plz I am serious) and then he kinda like grinded on me and asked if it was ok I said yes. Then I joked about his dick I quote " how small is your dick this small" and I spread my finger two inches to refer to his dick size. Then he should me his dick which is pretty big about nine inches. Then he wouldn't talk to me for about five minutes then he said I'll talk to you if you lick my dick . I dint but was little scared. But after that he doesn't talk to in about months. HE stares at me every time we are on the bus and I have a crush on him for almost a year then he gives out little signs but he is a Scorpio so it must mean something I really think I love him and whatever I did I didn't mean to offend him at all and I really want him to know that . Then when ever our eyes meet it is amazing but I always break the stare first please help me

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