How to seduce scorpios


If you really want a relationship with a scorpio, here are the rules:

1. make sure he is GENUINELY single - if there are two words which are tattooed to a scorpio's incorruptible shell, those are FOCUS, FAITH, LOYALTY. if you're trying to seduce a scorpio who is committed even though you know you're hotter, sexier, more intelligent than his below averaged face valued big boned girlfriend, there's a 98% chance you'll fail. the 2% is out of slim chance. he/she could either be a swinger or someone whose faltering in trying to hold on to a failed relationship. the former one is a rare occurrence, which consists of 0.00003423% of the 2% when he/she commits to a cause, to a friendship or to a loved one, it's nearly impossible to get them out of it. as what a scorpio friend of mine said, "you earned my trust and i will do my best to keep our relationship. if i failed you and you lose your trust in me, i'll will do whatever it takes to get it back."

2. make sure you are GENUINELY single as well.

3. just be yourself...don't lie - just be the normal you. don't go on fussing on them by researching on them and trying to know what they want and wear that costume. they will like... or should i say LOVE and be OBSESSED on you if they set their eyes on you. if they find you a nice catch, they'll be drawn to you like a magnet. they would easily smell dead rats inside your closet and you would easily now if they're suspecting you if they start to tilt either their either their left or right side of their jawbones away from you and crosses their arms or their eyes starts to wander somewhere else. if you see these signs, it's a hopeless case. you'll know if they're interested in you if they forcefully does eye contact with you. otherwise, forget it as you really have nothing in common.

4. don't expose yourself - don't give them all the information they want. give it to them bit by bit. they love solving puzzles.

5. be a good listener - what i noticed about my scorpio friends and suitors is that they always give you a pop quiz just to test if you're lying (which is related to a previous post) or to know if you have been listening to their tales even if they've told the story 6 months ago. their strategy would be to randomly ask you an open question about a topic (which you definitely have talked about in the past). they won't tell you right on if you're lying or if you've forgotten what he's said but if you don't pass, forget it. there was this instance where a scorpio talked me into a theory of love by so-and-so psychologist and he asked me about it a month after by asking if i have read a book by so-and-so. good thing i remembered and then he replied back, "so you really are listening"

so there...

i have a lot of scorpio friends and i've been with two

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by: Anonymous

Excellent writing. You have us pegged. Kudos :-P

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