Does a Scorpio lie when he proposes marriage?

by biba

iam a leo woman i've met my scorpio man since 5 years and a half. We've broken up many times but yet he always comes back to me , when he comes back, i feel that iam just as if living in the heaven but it's just afterward that he goes away and this drama is repeated. However, ihave learned how to endure this temporary separation coz i could understand that he needs his space. Every time he came back , he told me that he wants me to be his wife and he said that he is deeply in love with me but he just cant make a step for marriage now .should i believe him ??? Please answer me i've refused all people who want to marry me only coz i cant imagine myself accept with him .should i wait for him or just cancel this hope from my mind ????? He was born on16th november 1986 and i was born on 16th august 1988 any suggestion will be appreciated.....

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Scorpio moon
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio moon and if i keep going back to a person i love and care for him . We get bored easily so we wont be with ppl we dont like . I thnk you should go ahead . We speak more from our actions than words watch hi body language

Y Scorpios come back
by: Double Scorpion

I am a scorpio myself and have dated several leo women . I found that I always hanged on to the relationship until I had sex . I hated leo womans dominating attitude .I went back her just to conquer her wenever I wanted . So honey just say AABSOLUTE NO TO MARRIAGE . Coz he will walk out on U anytime as if he never cared . Coz we scorpios hate leo's dominating attitude !!

Not a good match
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio and I dated a Leo (man) for 5 years and we also too talked of marriage....don't do it. Leos and scorpios are not well matched. We too broke up and got back together more times than I care to count. Each time we got back together, oh how he loved me and how he wanted us to work out and be together, blah blah yourself the heartache and wasted time.....get out while you can. RUN, and run fast. If you are the Leo, find you a nice Aries that you are compatible with, the Scorpio needs to find a nice Taurus or cancer. Get on with your life and let it go while you still can.
Best of luck.

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