Scorpio interesting, mysterious and intriguing

by Chelsea
(FL, USA.)

A lot of this is good to know. Considering how accurate my Pisces reading is.. I am taking into account what it says about Scorpio. The guy I like is a Scorpio. He's interesting, mysterious, and intriguing. I'm moving at a normal pace. As everyone should. Rushing gets you know where in the learning of someone.

I can agree with the mysterious, and whatnot.. With him. He seems a lot like a Scorpio, but also seems a little off too. But that could be because of the fact that Scorpios tend to know others before they know them.

In anyway, I'm curious to see if this works or not. Considering my age, and me being a young adult (19), or adolescent some say..I am not planing on marrying some guy for his astrology sign. I am simply interested in knowing a lot more about the compatibility between the two.

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